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2,584Ashlea StreetMoose jaw, SaskatchewanI look in his eyes and see he is telling the truth. He could have ran and didn't and his emotion shows that he wants to find the truth even if it's not him or it punishes him. I put myself in his shoes and being interim ages and to last as long as he did probably would've put done even me especially when you have promises made that the police will help you if you say this and that.
2,583Wenda RussellLangley, BCA confession gained that way should be thrown out. There is more evidence the confession was coerced, than there is Barry Beach had any connection with the murder. eg. plaid shirt, telephone calls between investigators during the time the questioning and confession was being written. What a terrible scar on the American justice system.
2,582Richard CasidaySulphur , LaThe bloody palm print on the door did not match Barry or Kim. This is proof that someone Was involved. Also the testimony of the 10 year old about Hearing the girls that night certainly Gives me a doubt about Barry's guilt.
2,581Randiel de la PenotiereStratford, OntarioHis confession was clearly manipulated out of him.It is quite common in young or simple minds to be easily coerced into saying just about anything. The Montana judicial system is clearly looking out for there buddies in robes,no matter how much the evidence shows that he is innocent.They should all be impeached and then put charged with obstruction of justice.What they are doing is a crime!
2,580Jen BurtonSurrey, BCThere was absolutely no evidence against Mr. Beach aside from the coerced confession. This is not uncommon. How often are we hearing of these type of convictions? This is a very real thing where people are intimidated into confessing just so they may be permitted to go home? They need to look into those girls to find the real killers. This is not justice-free Barry Beach and find the real killers.
2,579chad mitchellmossyrock, Washington1. No evidence from crime scene points toward Barry being guilty. 2. His confession should be thrown out due to the history of false confessions from same police department who forced and bribed barry to confess. 3. New witness who said she heard girls yelling and screaming at the murder scene during time of the murder.
2,578Terry LozoSylvan Lake, AlbertaEvidence of Barry's innocence is over whelming. As long as justice is blind then the true perpetrators are free and not being recognized and punished for their actions. Without the true perpetrators being sought and proven, their is no justice for the victim. Time to move ahead and find those responsible.
2,577Carina GerowPorter, TXI believe he is an innocent man
2,576Morgan JonesCharlotte , North CarolinaPolice are evil and did a terrible thing to Barry like they do to so many people.
2,575jeanne bollwegwebster, nyHave seen all dateline shows &the new evidence, it seems to me that I can say it shows reasonable doubt. If I can see that & a judge can, maybe a jury could if given the chance. Justice these days let murderers out because the prisons are full but they can,t give this guy a chance after the promise he showed after letting him out for a time? Justice is a "funny" thing nowadays........
2,574vicki BykonenRudyard, mt
2,573Randy SonjuRudyard, MontanaReally? Because this has been horseshit for 30 years we all know the truth and the injustice
2,572Julie QuinnHelena, MontanaI believe that this man is innocent. He has paid more than his share of time. The truth will come out I believe once he is out.
2,571Annette Woloshen Montreal, QuebecThere is absolutely no evidence that would incriminate Mr. Beach, other than a forced confession. This man does not belong in jail and must get a new hearing in the federal court.
2,570Susan GilleranNovi, MINo forensic evidence pointing Beach to the crime, but rather a group of girls (which was supported by testimony from several credible witnesses). I've never signed a petition like this before, but am so convinced of Beach's innocence that I have to do something. It's heartbreaking that an innocent man has spent 30+ years in prison and someone has to take action to undo this travesty. PLEASE!
2,569Mary Ann WallsNovi, MINo forensic evidence linking Mr. Beach to the murder. Hand & foot prints at the scene didn't match.. Credible witnesses testified they had heard from women who admitted involvement in the murder. A third female testified that she had heard screams from only female voices. I'm sure that Beach was browbeaten into a confession by an interrogator set on proving him guilty to close the case.
2,568Pamela Pearse Victoria , B.C.He has given 30 + years for a sentence that is highly debated. Let him have his last period of life free.
2,567Mona Williamstacoma, Washingtonbecause he is innosent!! If Ilived in Montana, I would vote your so called govenor OUT OF OFFICE!!! hes an idiot
2,566Joan M Turner-RiffenburgLondon, OntarioAn innocent man is paying someone else's price. Take the resources needed to find the real killer!
2,565Willa Buck GrayHawkPoplar, MTI believe he did not commit the crime, he was wrongly coerced in to a confession, and he has sat more than long enough for a crime he didn't commit. He was given freedom once, and he proved he is an upstanding respectable citizen of society. Free him now!!!
2,563Nancy SatterleeWarr Acres, OklahomaBarry Beach needs to be set free, we all know he didn't do it, but even if he did he would have been released by now. Why don't you sit down and talk with him man to man and you will know he didn't do it.
2,562Brenda HoughJeffersonton, VirginiaHe was a young man when he confessed and young people are easily talked into anything especially by very hard nosed interrogators. His legal team are very respectable men who won't give up until he is free again.
2,561Crystal GrafCape Coral, Florida
2,560Cindy JohnstonMcKinney, TXAll too often, young people give false confessions because they don't know enough NOT to talk without an attorney and succumb to horrible pressure after grueling hours of interrogation just to get away from those hammering away. Justice isn't always justice in America. It is now about winning the outcome the law believes is true whether it is or not.
2,559isabella ChiarotCaledon, Ontario he is innocent. his confession was not real. it was forced.
2,558Carol-Ann SaulnierMississauga , Ontario With all the evidence that were presented, justice was obviously not served. This is an innocent man that does not deserve to be in jail. Please release this innocent man.
2,557Chris ThurmanUKIAH, CaliforniaBecause he didn't do it ! If justice Is blind how does the wrong men repeatedly get convicted as the guilty go free !!!!!!
2,556Sarah PalmerMankato, MinnesotaAll evidence in the case indicates that someone else committed the crime. Barry Beach is innocent and it breaks my heart that he is living in prison.
2,555janet garnermulga, Alabamahe has served his time. he was forced to confess by twisting the truth. he has proven that he can survive in the public life without problems.
2,554Stephanie PottsDundee, OhInnocent.
2,553Robert PottsDundee, OhioHe's innocent
2,552Brenda SheetzRowlett, TexasAn innocent man is locked up. Free him.
2,551Tammy PottsDundee, OhioNot enough evidence to prove he is guilty. Reasonable doubt. NOT GUILTY PLAIN AND SIMPLE
2,550marlene ellisonBillings, Montana
2,549Carol J. OehlPrice, UtahIf there were even a small chance that the girls might have committed this crime, there should have been a retrial at the very least. I think too much focus was placed on his confession when he was so young and I believe the police did supply information to him and lied to him. It seems to have come out that these same officers had used this method in the past on quite a lot of other prisoners.
2,548Tracy AngelSanta Barbara, Ca
2,547Brenda HillLondon, OntarioThe evidence is self explanatory. Please find it in your heart to re evaluate this case. Just the factual evidence, not circumstantial will prove to be enough. I believe that a terrible injustice is taking place and Mr. Beach deserves to have the right to a fair trial. He has always been an honest, reliable, responsible citizen. He has never varied in his account of what happened. He deserves it.
2,546Joseph RohringLake Grove, New YorkThe current evidence would appear to clear Barry. The least that should happen is a retrial. There appears to be enough evidence that the man's right to a fair trial was violated. Why not let a jury decide. What does the state have to hide? Let's get all the witnesses involved under oath & tell their stories. To deny a new trial is unconscionable.
2,545Mary Ann GilusoIndependence, LouisianaBecause he is an innocent man!
2,544Vicki ScimecaSan Antonio, TexasFrom watching Dateline, and him already serving 30 years, he NEEDS to be released! The real people respinsible have not served their time for the crime!!
2,543Gayelynne ShannonOklahoma City, OklahomaI believe if there is reasonable doubt, the suspect can not be convicted., at least in Oklahoma it is. There is so much that needs clarified and there ls enormous reasonable doubt in this case.
2,542Linda WaverickSurrey, BCI watched Dateline about this gentleman and can't understand why he has not been released.
2,541Tarah GrewalBeachville, OntarioThere is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Multiple witnesses testified to that. The one judge who prevented his release needs to pray to God instead of playing God. Pray like King Solomon for knowledge and wisdom. I will pray for the Barry family and for Barrys release.
2,540Lisa McgheeLake city, TennesseeNo proof of him being there.
2,539Jennifer Cashvilas, ncAfter watching this story on Dateline, there is no possible way this man could be guilty. He was obviously cohersed into admitting to guilt the night he was interrogated in Louisianna.
2,538Geralyn Ackerman Rahway , New JerseyI have just seen the documentary "Reurn to Poplar River" and believe there has been a miscarriage of justice in this murder case.
2,537Penny EdwardsDewey , AzIt's obvious Barry is innocent . I believe the court system is too proud to admit they made a mistake. With all the evidence and witness testimony it points to females. I pray God would intervene on Barry's behalf
2,536duane tingleyvictoria, TexasI just watch, and listened to the story and thought if it was me or somebody I knew. HE NEEDS TO BE FREE. Praying
2,535Maria Tarpinianpalatine, IlI put much weight on witnesses that were young at the time of this murder and then when the witnesses grew up and matured they realize that the truth can set you free. I believe their testimony, and feel this man should be set free. Yes it may be embarrassing for the original investigators but with DNA and other advances in investigations. The real killers should be found.
2,534Pamela BonfiglioliQuincy, MAIt is obvious that Mr. Beach deserves at least a new trial. He should be released from prison now. Think about all the terrible criminals out there and this innocent man is locked up. Please do the right thing now.
2,533TARENA FURRLexington, OklahomaThere are too many false confessions given to police who have gotten the confessions by questionable means. This case also has too many people (women) who say they participated who really need to be looked at. Too many questionable actions by many. The least being Mr. BARRY BEACH.
2,532stephanie priestaphanover, ontario canadaI watched a program on Mr Beach I think that the confession that he gave was forced and not true and I believe that a group of females have done the murder and that Barry should be released.
2,531loretta lawlerhaslett, MichiganI watch the dateline show that covered the story it's absoulty sickening that this guy was falsly convicted
2,530Brenda MinyardSeneca, SCI just watched his story on Dateline. There is no physical evidence linking him to the crime, and false confessions happen quite frequently due to police intimidation and their ability to lie to the person they are trying to convict. I sense this is about ego and politics, not justice, for if it were about justice, he would have been released long ago.
2,529Sandy MurrayFord City, PennsylvaniaI saw the Dateline show and I believe that he is innocent. People make false confessions all the time due to strong police interrogations. He proved himself while out of jail and could have run but didnt! Free BARRY BEACH!!! 0
2,528Xavier DietrichCambridge, MA
2,527JANIS VIRENBILLINGS, MontanaThere doesn't appear to be enough evidence against him, and new witnesses have come forth to give more credence to the alternative story of high school girls killing Miss Nees.
2,526Cameron myers portland, OregonThis man is obviously innocent. His case is a perfect example of the justice systems failures, from curupt cops forcing false conffesions to the unbelievable outcomes of his appeals. Things like this and the war on drugs are why we imprison more of our population than any country in the world
2,525Lora Thomaswinter park, Florida
2,524JaNee LeibrandBillings, Montana He spent 30 years in prison already. Prison is to reform a person. He was out, became a citizen of billings. He did great, started his own business and was well liked. People get sent away now and never stay in for that long. Give the guy a chance!
2,523Juliane AubertineWatertown , New YorkThere is more than sufficient reasonable doubt in this case. The lack of evidence is not undone by a coerced confession of a immature mind. May God have mercy on anyone willing to continue this injustice. Kim deserves for her true killers to be caught.
2,522Lori OswaldLa Quinta, CAI believe that the confession that Mr. Beach gave at the age of 17 was coerced. I truly believe that he is not guilty. He's been in prison long enough.
2,521Brian DistanceGreenwich, CTI listened intently to the Dateline broadcast. Other than a confession, which had to be coerced, there was no other evidence, physical or otherwise, which linked Barry to this crime. There were other fingerprints at the scene but none were Barry's. This is a travesty of justice.
2,520Troy MacDonaldAugusta, MainePeople can change and can be with his family for the holidays and spend time with love ones and he will change and be a good person the his of his life. and have 2nd chance.
2,519craig kellemjersey city, new jerseyUnjust inprisionment!!!
2,518Elaine DanielsElk Grove, CaliforniaEvidence obtained and from the errors in Barry's description of the crime that he did not commit it. The women who have lied about being in bed at 11PM. They were drug addicts. From my experience with drug addicts, they are never in bed at 11 PM. They were seen later at a bar. It is too bad the police officers cannot admit that perhaps an error was made. Barry has served 30 years. Enough!
2,517Sandra MarshallKenmore, NYBarry Beach has spent almost 30 years in prison for a crime that recent evidence clearly shows he did not participate in any way in. This is not the America that I respect and choose to live in. I strongly encourage that Mr. Beach's case be reconsidered and Mr. Beach freed immediately.
2,516Robert OBrienNorth creek, NyWhen ego is in the way way innocents are convicted, we all know confessions can be bullied out of a person. Prisoners freed with DNA after years in prison that confessed are proof enough. Time to put the ego away and let lady liberty be something Americans can be proud of again. As of now it's a shame.
2,515Hernan Sanchez M. de Pinillos, Ph. DColege Park, MDAfter studying the case in several documentaries and listening to the accused of the 1979 case of Kimberly Nees brutal murder, I´m convinced of Barry Allan Beach´s innocence. Several witnesses have testified that the murderers were girls jealous of the victim. Hence, I´m convinced that two horrible injustices have been committed.
2,514Lauren CalderaHamburg, NJUpon hearing the story and reading all of the evidence Dateline uncovered, I've never been so unbelievably upset with the complete and utter failure of our justice system. I have a well-rounded understanding of American Law. proving murder beyond a reasonable doubt is the only way to make a conviction. This case is nothing BUT shrouded in doubt. Release an innocent man.
2,513Trish RandallVancouve, WACoerced false confessions are far from an unknown or rare phenomenon. One way to test a confession is to compare it with the physical evidence. In Mr. Beach's case, physical evidence - lack of his fingerprints although fingerprints of other people on the car, and the victim's shirt not being plaid (as he said after the interrogator was given that incorect info on the phone)
2,512Erik BratlandPortsmouth, VAThere is no physical evidence pointing to him. The confession was coerced by someone known as a "closer" (that is suspicious).
2,511Antoine ThompsonChicago, IL
2,510Megan JacksonLa Crosse, INThere was no evidence linking Barry to the crime. False confessions happen way too often in this country and the police needs to be stopped from continuing this outrageous behavior. Barry's entire life has been lost as a result of being young and naive and bullied by police. It's a horrible miscarriage of justice. It truly sickens me.
2,509Diana ReganTujunga, CaI'm tired of law enforcement who prey on young people by lying to them, and force them to give a false confession. There needs to be a requirement that minors can't be interrogated alone. What's worse is that there was no evidence that Barry was involved. The confession didn't even match the crime scene. The new witnesses who came forward fingered the murderers, so why are they free?
2,508Gary COLEHoliday, FL - FloridaNot enough viable evidence. Subject to duress while undergoing interrogation. Need more proof or viable witnesses to the crime to convict anyone. He should be free until proven guilty if the state seems to think that he is then PROVE IT. A
2,507Maggie FarahLincoln park, Michigan Because he is a good man that was forced at the age of seventeen to confess to something he didn't do
2,506Michelle BellinVenice, CaliforniaPolice lied to him! Coerced the confession! Shame on you!
2,505Tori MockCastle rock, CoI am always wary of news coverage and its bias, however, Datelines coverage of this story cannot be ignored. It's astounding that he was not released just by the fact that his story about what happened did not match the evidence, the questionable morality of the officers that got the confession, the other casual confessions and the 10 yr old girl that said she heard it. Her emotion was real.
2,504Janet JonesSalem, OregonThis is so obviously a rush to judgment of this young man. I don't understand how this injustice can be allowed to continue. Please FREE BARRY!
2,503Alex Marrerowinter garden, FloridaIgnored evidence that provides reasonable doubt as to the authenticity of truth in his confession. To disregard new evidence on the grounds of not being reputable is an outrage considering there is no standard for coming to such a conclusion. I do not know the facts, but neither does anyone. A mountain of evidence should overrule a single confession not one of us can say wasn't coerced.
2,502Mary LentzJacksonville, AR
2,501Ria DerryberryAmarillo, TXFrom all that I've seen about this man and his case I believe that it is a travesty of justice to continue his imprisonment. I believe that evidence proving his innocence has been disregarded in order that law enforcement and persons in the 'legal system' might save face. Mr. Beach should be released and his conviction vacated. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself.
2,500Tammy ShihSan Antonio , TXNone of the evidence matched his profile. The interrogators used lies and deceit to obtain his confession. He has been wrongfully imprisoned and I urge you to return him to freedom.
2,499Pamela Hoch Kerrville , TexasBarry Beach should be released based on the new evidence and on his good and honorable behavior. This is a stain on the reputation of the great state of Montana
2,498Michelle HimmelsteinGaithersburg, MD
2,497Kristina FuerstAnaconda, MontanaI believe he is innocent, and should not spend another day in jail.. This has been a miscarriage of justice. Sad that's Montana's good ol' boy system. Unreal
2,496Rinat ChaseBellevue, NebraskaHis voice says so.
2,495beverly honeycuttfortville, IndianaWitness testimony clearly provided doubt as to his guilt. Barry was obviously over wrought when he pleaded guilty , a 17 yr old scared kid would confess to anything if he believed it would get him out of the interrogation room.Officers used his naivetie to get a confession, . I believe there were numerous errors in this case.Release Barry even if it is as time served. Send Barry home now .
2,494Tonya FaggCookville, TxBecause he was coerced into confessing as a child to a crime he did not commit.
2,493Crystal Hardingalesburg, MIBarry beech is innocent!
2,492Soraya ScottSaint Paul, Minnesotawatching all the new witnesses come forward & explain how they heard 1st hand from some other females who had claimed they had killed her. One man claimed his own sister was at the crime scene.The 10 year old who was on the bluffs & heard the murder take place was overwhelming evidence that Beach was not at the crime scene that night.The confession was obtained by force from a scared youngster.
2,491Lavada ShafferAnderson, InI don't believe he is guilty of killing that girl. How long do you need to be in prison for being stupid and confessing to something you didn't do?
2,490Mina FaulknerLongview, TXThe fact that there are No prints of his anywhere and the young lady hearing all the yelling and screaming voices of women, In my opinion Barry should be released. Also did they try to match the prints of the young women of this school? Also more than one person said these women confessed to getting away with murder. What about the police car going by the crime scene? Mina Faulkner
2,489Leila WillettHoward City, MichiganPer the evidence Date Line has shown, and total lack of physical evidence, proof the the arresting police department coerced false confessions from other people AND witnesses testifying of the murder being committed by girls. One girl even testified that a police car pulled up after the murder and then slowly drove away. It sounds like someone is being protected...and it's not Barry.
2,488Kimberley Barnes-DiGrandeE Vallejo, CaBecause he has been unjustly convicted. False confession, Zero physical evidence just take a look a the facts ! This is a cover up for all the errors made upon his conviction and it's absolutely ridiculous that he should pay for a crime that these Drug Addicted Girls most certainly committed.
2,487Stasha Massey Chelsea , Maine I believe his confession was coerced. He was 17 at the time and easily influenced by police. He has spent over 30 years for a crime he hasn't committed. People get less time for crimes they've actually committed. When he was let out awaiting a new trial etc he was beyond productive. Let this poor man out already.
2,486Stephanie RichardsonAsheboro, NCNo consideration was given to a bloody print at the crime scene that was not Barry's or Kims. Barry at no time admitted to having anyone aid in the crime. Whom ever made that print was there. That alone gives reasonable doubt.
2,485Pamela A GoffSalem, Illinois From arguments detailed during TV program I watched today, it seems to me that Mr. Beach was wrongfully convicted to begin with and should be exonerated completely. Then the girls originally implicated should be thoroughly investigated.
2,484Joanne DeniousCuyahoga Falls, Ohio
2,483Amanda deyoBradenton, flI watched the dateline show and in watch millions of shows like this , and I believe without a doubt berry is incoent . why where these people that came forward not giving lie sector test to see if there staments were true . why would a woman's own brother come foward. I think there's a lot more the state can do , why wrongfully accuse someone and let the killers still be free. Very sad .
2,482Tammy ChaneyGlendale, AZI believe in Barry's innocence because of recently watching his story. I believe in my heart after looking in his eyes that he did not do it. I pray that the women who were suspected of this would come forward and no longer live with the guilt.
2,481wayne nakatafitchburge, MassachusettsI listened to the evidence and the confession is nothing police use tactics that should be illegal he's not the first innocent man to confess to a crime he didn't commit he is innocent and i were a member of the jury i would find him not guilty.
2,480Ron GrattonLouisville, KentuckyIn the name of justice, afford Barry Beach another FAIR trial.
2,479Bonnie SimpsonSanborn, NY
2,478Joan PetersonCocoa , FloridaThe witnesses have no reason to come forward now and lie. I believe the pressure from the police made him confess. It's wrong to see an innocent man in prison.
2,477Mary KelloggMeridian, IdahoBarry was framed ...
2,476Shonda WittkeVance, AlabamaSo sad that a good man has been robbed of his life, his family, his freedom because of some horrible crime that someone else committed. He did NOT do this crime!!! The state needs to reopen the investigation and find the real killer. That should have been done years ago! Free Barry Beach! Let him live the rest of his life in peace!
2,475Gentry Teesdale Laurel, MontanaWrongfully imprisoned. Wrongfully accused. Give him a chance to live the rest of his life free. Sadly, the real killers have been able to live free all these years. But they do have to live with their demons and look at themselves in the mirror every day... that has to hurt.
2,473Diana RussellSt. Regis, MontanaFree Barry! 30 years! After following his case for many years this is a injustice. He is not a serial killer or a mass murderer. Come on Montana. Listen!!!!!!!!!!
2,472Becky VanattaAda, OHbecause the overwhelming evidence that he is not guilty and the people that are keeping them in their better remember that on judgement day they will be judged and they need to do the right thing and I am a phlebotomist that's my profession I've been to college on my age is 52 and I believe 100% that he is innocent exit
2,471Phil CoxBillings, State
2,470Bret RichardsonPolson, MontanaReading that Mr. Racicots lack time and concern did not allow for an appropriate review. I do not believe this man received a fair shot at justice.
2,469Bryce Currybozeman, MontanaAfter reading the evidence on this site as well as many others the case details simply do not add up. Through meeting people who have dealt with Louisiana interrogators I do believe that Barry Beach falsely admitted to the murder and only did so out of fear of being killed in Louisiana. The fact that a judge found Beach innocent in 2011 goes on to prove his innocence.
2,468Stan CelmerKamiah, IdahoThe evidence.
2,467Anna GoldenPolson, MTEvidence is clear that he is innocent I believe he was bullied into confessing and he was just a kid.
2,466Desiree Meagher Bigfork, MTHe is innocent!!!!
2,465Karen RichardsonElk Grove, CA
2,464Dan GreerFlorence, MontanaHe at least deserves a new trial. I believe he has a constitutional right to a fair trial. Which he has not had. What are the cops worried about ??
2,463Ken RichardsonPolson, MontanaI have followed this case for about 8 years after watching a TV special of his false confession. The lack of evedents at the seen; had no attorney present during the interrogation or confession. Despite the detectives’ false testimony that Beach repeated his confession in the presence an attorney (Paul Kidd), Kidd has submitted a sworn affidavit that he was not present. To many years in prison.
2,462Alex SchmauchFrenchtown, MontanaHe is innocent!
2,461Rebecca RichardsonWisconsin Rapids, WisconsinHe is innocent. Plain and simple. The evidence should be reexamined. If done, Barry Beach would be a free man!
2,460Sandy RichardsonPolson, MontanaI have followed the case against Barry Beach for many years, I believe that as a young man, he was coerced into pleading guilty. I plead with the Governor to release him so he can return to his community & live life free.
2,459Katie MoharMissoula, MontanaMy mom knows berry beach and knew him hen the murder happened we know he did not commit the crime he is innocent. This is discrimination
2,458Samantha BassaAlamogordo, New MexicoThis is a case of police, detectives, and prosecution that refuse to admit that they made a mistake. They elicited a false confession under extreme duress. Barry Beach is innocent and we all know it.
2,457Denise CopelandCoraopolis, PaI believe there was beyond a reasonable doubt of his guilt. As a 17 year old his confession was cohorts. 30 years and no one wants to look at the other possible suspects and witnesses. Why won't Montana allow him another trial??? I believe Montana has taken too long in making the right decision to allow a jury to decide. Barry needs to be shown some compassion.
2,456Deborah SkiltonRenton, WAI believe there is sufficient evidence of his innocence to constitute more than a reasonable doubt. Please overturn this gross injustice.
2,455Fiamma BlantonArvada, ColoradoZero forensics place him at the scene. False confessions are numerous. It is an embarrassment that Barry Beach is still in prison.
2,454Alex HoggBecause of the 10yr old witness, because of the other false confessions fr the detectives, because of the real confessions of the real killers to friends in the the town. This is a good good man and deserves his freedom.
2,453Karen WankeCudahy, WisconsinInnocent people should NOT be in jail for 1 day, much less for 30 years! It is so obvious none of the evidence points to him. Please, please free him ASAP!
2,452Brooke LeeLaurel, MtHe is innocent. Plain and simple. The evidence should be reexamined. If done, Barry Beach would be a free man!
2,451Kathy SeibertFranklin, OhioHe's innocent,and has been falsely inprisoned.
2,450Kim FeltyWaynesville, OhioI watched Dateline and believe there has been a major injustice here. Why weren't the women that may have been involved interrogated? It makes more sense that it was a group of girls, and his fingerprints were no where on the truck. Was the fingerprints of these women checked against the fingerprints at the crime scene. Seems the detectives in this case took advantage of a scared 20 yr old.
2,449Beverley ThomassonTyler, TexasThe evidence is so clear that other people heard the screaming and yelling of many female voice saying Get her...etc.....
2,448Mari DominguezMiami, FloridaBecause I have read a lot about his case and I am convinced of his innocence. The evil Stepmother probably wanted him out of her house and out of her husband life. Do the right thing Montana admit that you are wrong and free the man that lived an exemplary life while he was free. He does not pose a danger to anyone.
2,447Jackie DeArmondCarlisle, PennsylvaniaI am an attorney and have reviewed all of the evidence available. There is absolutely nothing that incriminates Barry with the exception of the initial confession. It is well established that many confessions are flawed simply because of the coercive measures often used to obtain "so-called" confessions.
2,446Cheryl AndersonWest Jordan, UTI watched a TV show about his ordeal and he was so genuine and honest. The new DNA tests have proven him innocent and after being released from jail and being ordered to return after having had freedom, again, it's unfathomable to me that he didn.t just run.
2,445gwenn WardLakeport, CaliforniaHe'd done enough time!
2,444Kiersten RogersOklahoma City , OkThe confession was coerced and how many witnesses statements make it obvious he is innocent. This court system is a joke.
2,443Kathy TaloffAuburn, CaliforniaIt is beyond comprehension that this innocent man is still in prison! How can these prosecutors live with themselves? I just don't understand it.....
2,442Lee MarshBoynton Beach, Florida
2,441Andrew WrasmanDelphos, OhioI watched The Specieal on ID Channel and this man is a good man who could have ran but he walked back to his 100 plus year jail time , if that dosn't say he is innocent i do not know what will and look what he did when he was out for the short pierod of time he did GOOD THINGS! This is a GOOD MAN!
2,440Bryan Larson Sun Prairie , WIHe is innocent.
2,439L E Williamson Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
2,438Melissa MorganCanyon Lake, CA
2,437Faye WithersBenicia, CALack of evidence against him. He was a young kid when he falsely gave phony confession. There is more evidence from the people that he was not involved in any way. He is a moral man, deserving freedom from the corrupt judicial system.
2,436Nestor MoralesHialeah, Fl1- huge reasonable doubt at first trial 2- cohorted confession 3- all new testimony as presented on tv program 4- I really think that this case has been tinted since police interviewed Barry for first time. 5- Look at the EVIDENCE 6- JUSTICE CANT BE THIS BLIND...
2,435Joseph SanfordEncinitas, CAI believe he is innocent and should be returned to society.
2,434Lori DeanEverett, WACruel punishment...unlawful inprisonment in regards to new testimony...the state is basically saying that those women are lying...the state needs to do more background work regarding this new the very least a new trial!
2,433stacy davidgrand rapids, michigan He was just to scared an way to young to be put threw his interrogations on the day after the murder.He also proved there is no evidence that puts him at the sceen. so what he partied there are a lot of us who were young and partied hard,We are not murderers,An the girl who testified that she heard the girls screaming at the time the young girl was killed should prove his innocence!SO LET HIM GO!!
2,432Chantelle MoralesSan Antonio, TXThe DNA evidence found does not match the confession. Blaring holes in confession. The cruel investigators harassed and bullied a confession out of a scared young man. It is very clear that Barry Beach has spent too much time believing in the what the justice system was created for only to let him down.
2,431Jason WhippleLaguna Hills , CaliforniaI am a licensed private investigator licensed by the state of California and have followed this case closely. I can tell you based on 20 years of experience as an investigator, Barry Beach is not guilty. This is an absolute travesty of justice and Mr. Beach should be set free and completely exonerated. The people of state of Montana have made a terrible mistake in this case!
2,430Hidalia FosterBakersfield , CA
2,429Joanne Sutton-SmithNew York, New YorkEvidence of the eyewitness and the Women who talked about their role in the murder.
2,428Brad GreenSiler City, North CarolinaEven if Barry is guilty, he has already served more time than many who are much more clearly guilty. His time has been served and he is capable of making the world a better place outside of jail than on the inside. If Barry's not guilty, all of those who knowingly contributed to his wrongful imprisonment must have unwavering faith in God's mercy.
2,427Anne LuthiJacksonville, OregonI truely believe that Barry is innocent and that that the "girls" were the one who were the killers! They got away with murder and have let an innocent man do time for something that they did. He deserves to be released. Enough is enough. Most certainly dose not belong in prison another day!!!!
2,426mike lovepampa, Texasjust look at the evidence and listen to the witnesses, theres no way he did it. any sane person would at least have reasonable doubt. there are too many innocent people in our prison system. most due to politics.
2,425Jenna KeenerClarksburg, WVI think he should be released simply because there is not enough evidence, and I do truly believe he is an innocent man! They need to investigate the women who were talking about the murder and who were obviously heard by a witness killing that young girl! I believe they should release him until they actually have proof!
2,424Alicia KennedyChina Grove, NCHe is innocent
2,423jay arendondostuart, Floridahis confession of the crime was coerced by police lies and threatening interrogation tactics of a scared young innocent suspect.It is not legal to use this piece of trash confession.The evidence of multiple prints on the truck and multiple footprints at scene prove that the witness who heard the girls commit the crime is the whole truth.
2,422Ana MangusBaisden, WVI believe he has spent enough time in jail. I don't believe he done it. And if he did I know people that has been found guilty of murder and not spent that much time in jail. I just don't think he did it. Let him Free he has done his time.
2,421Derek JohnsonRichmond, VATo my understanding, there is no physical nor circumstantial evidence that points to Barry Beach as the guilty party. The entire case was based on a questionable confession by a scared 17 year old, the details of which seem to be contradicted by the evidence. Confessions are too often false to be the sole basis of conviction, particularly when they don't fit the evidence.
2,420leanne mckeeMorris, AlabamaI have seen the story several times and I can see all the evidence and just don't see how u can not se how plain it is that the girls killed that young ladies.
2,419Pamela AltmanVerona, PAAfter watching the Dateline special about Kim Nees' murder, I felt that there were so many inconsistencies between the evidence at the scene of the crime & Barry Beach's confession. That combined that there was no physical evidence linking Barry to the crime makes me believe that Mr. Beach is innocent, i.e., no matching footprints.
2,418Kimberly AdinolfiEast Haven, ConnecticutAfter watching Mr. Beach's story on t.v. I believe him to be innocent because he was 17 at the time of confession and I believe he was coerced into confessing...I also believe that the new witness's are telling the truth...fear sometimes hinders people to do the right thing immediately.
2,417Erica AnelloPompano Beach, FlHe was very young when he confessed to the murder. Many younger people confess just to get out of the unfortable spot they are in. I just watched Dateline about the case and I believe , based on the evidence, that Barry is innocent. He deserves to be with his Mom.
2,416Jeffrey BrownKyle, TXThe Montana Police do not have any physical evidence that actually ties this innocent man to the crime. Have they ran the finger prints found on the truck to any one of the girls that may have been involved? Release this innocent man! The State Attorney General is to proud to say they have wrongfully convicted a man! Keep your head held high!
2,415Linda CovertMinden, NevadaAmong the reasons to free him are the following. DNA evidence lacking to implicate him. Confession made under extreme duress. Evidence lacking to implicate him. Freeing him is the right thing to do.
2,414Peter BanksButte, MontanaHe should be released because he's innocent. There is overwhelming testimony to that effect. Are people blind and deaf? This is unbelievable. Where is justice
2,413Robert BeattyClarksburg, West VirginiaI do not believe that Barry did it. I believe that the man should be set free. My question is did anyone fingerprint any of the other women that were Accused? I have been interrogated myself and it is a bunch of nonsense That they put you through!!! Free Barry Beach!!!
2,412Nancy KinneyKennewick, WA
2,411rhianna phelpsImperial Beach, caEvidence needs to be reevaluated . Footprints, palm print on door, and testimony of girl that overheard a girl being beaten to death.
2,410pam taylorLONG BEACH, MississippiThis guy was only 17 and probably was lead to believe that if he confessed the police would release him....I believe he is innocent.
2,409Jennifer Frates San carlos, CaNo fingerprints were his None out of many no shoe prints at crime scene were a match young Indian woman eyewitness ! Forced confession
2,408Carol BlackburnFALLON, NvI believe in Mr Beach's innocence.
2,407cynthia bushnellsouthington, ohThe preponderance of the evidence presented proves he had NOTHING to do with this murder.
2,406Arlene BlessingGreat Falls, MT.Because he has already paid the price for something that is un-proven that he did. He was young and was forced in to a guilty confession. He has already proved that he could live a stable life outside of prison There is something very "strange" about the political views from this case!!!!
2,405Nathaniel SchaldackGlasgow, MTafter seeing lack of evidence, its a pure travesty to see crooked politics to have taken it this far
2,404patty bimlerWolf creek, mtHe has spent too many years in prison for something evidence do Ies not support.
2,403joe Amatohavre, mtwrong assumptions were made and now is the time to make things right. May they find peace in their souls when Barry is set free.
2,402Jori NebelGreat falls , MTI've followed his story & can't believe he is still incarcerated. At the very least, he deserves a new trial.
2,401Lisa DonovanBigfork, MontanaThere is NO physical evidence linking him to the crime, and yet there's a plethora of evidence that clears him. Prosecutors don't want to admit they made a mistake and that they put an innocent man in prison. It's time to admit fault and do the right thing! This kind of injustice makes me ashamed of my state and the Montana Supreme Court for not pardoning him.
2,400Patty Onealclinton, moI completely believe he is innocent.
2,399Christine LogueMORRISVILLE, NCHe was a teenager at the time the murder took place, and there is strong evidence that his confession was coerced. Moreover, there is significant evidence pointing to a group of girls committing the crime. Overall, there is a preponderance of evidence coming together to create reasonable doubt. Barry should be freed on time served and call it a day.
2,398deborah lee hatjesGlendale, ArizonaTo Whom it may concern: I am writing to Implore you to Release Mr. Barry Beach simply because it is obvious he is Innocent, and he has been Unjustly imprisoned for these many years now. It is simply not Moral to hold an innocent man to justify your reprehensible mistakes and miscarriage of True Justice....Shame on all of whom have allowed and enabled this thus far, where has Lady Justice gone
2,397Britt TeterCumberland, MDI watched Barry's episode of Dateline and it is obvious that he deserves to be free or at the very least, should be allowed a new trial!
2,396John ChristiansenRockford, IllinoisI believe he is innocent.
2,395Michelle BielskiRockford, IllinoisBecause I believe he is innocent!!!
2,394james wiegandFairbanks, AKLike Leonard Peltier, Berry was convicted on cercomstantial evidence. I totally support the new law given the Governor the the authority to commute an unjust conviction.
2,393Daniel MirandaMaspeth, New YorkInnocent Human being spending time for a "crime" he dos not commit. Deserves freedom and be reunited with loved ones
2,390Judy MooreGarland, TxI believe his confession was coerced.
2,389linda sullengerflint
2,388Arlene KamphIone, OregonThere is not a shred of evidence against him This case should shame those who are responsible for convicting him
2,387Kelly Mcdonald West palm beach, FL I read over the case after watching the Dateline special. I believe he is innocent.
2,386Patsy BeaverWinston-Salem, NCI don't believe he was guilty in the first place. It's a pity they can't admit when they make a mistake. I pray you will be released very soon and get a full pardon. Good luck Barry, and may God Bless and Keep You!
2,385Sara GeerRancho Santa Margarita, ca There's not enough evidence against him not to grant him a new trial. There's a huge amount of " reasonable doubt". Plus, he had been a productive member of society. Ideally they should let him out and just leave him alone!!
2,384Sara GeerRanch Santa margarita, CaSaw Dateline story. There's not enough evidence against him, not to grant a new trial and him be out on his own recognizance. He had been a productive member of society. LET HIM OUT!!! Ideally he should be freed and they should leave him alone.
2,383Ginger KingPlainville, GANot enough evidence!! = Reasonable Doubt!!? Those were NOT his fingerprints & NO DNA from the scone matches his!! Let him out!!
2,382Amie GressettSurprise, AzTechnology and the process in which evidence in found and processed has changed over 30 decades. Sometimes time itself can bring forth new evidence. When dealing with crimes that involved adolescents I believe that new found information WILL surface as the individuals involved mature. This case deserves retrial.
2,381Dave LattaLargo, FloridaI thing he should get a new trial I am very hard to change my mind after seeing very thing on date line had I do believe that those offers told him what to say and Wright and love cops hallway wanted to be one and hate criminals but sad to say some cops are bad and think this one screwed Berry. I don't no him. Well that's all I Ave to say. Thank you
2,380Gaby MirandaJackson heights , New York He should be released because is unfair for some one to be in jail for something that is proven by the that he is innocent.
2,379Mario MartinezHouston, TXAn innocent man was manipulated and incarcerated by a broken system.
2,378Karen SargentLong Beach, CaI saw Dateline and was impressed with the way he discussed the issues. Should at least be granted clemency.
2,377Kenneth FalcoHouston, TXI saw this case today (June 8, 2015) on ID Dateline. The evidence shows that that there were more than one suspect because of all the clues left on the crime scene, specifically the bloody palm print, more than 10 different finger prints, several foot print marks on the scene, from the female testimonial witness, and so many other facts. Keep your faith strong and God will prevail your innocence.
2,376Melissa FowlerLittle Rock, AR.Because of all the new evidence and the fact that his confession was not related in any way to the actual crime scene. Meaning his details of what might have happened to what actually did happened. The fact that the court will not even allow a new trial says it all. When your interrogated for many hours without a break your body and mind cannot cope. It's bull!@$"!!!!!!!
2,375David MunsonWest Hollywood, CAI watched with an open mind the dateline program. A confession given by a 17 year old boy to police, no arm twisting there.. The judgment of a "HARD" Judge, and then a 4-3 State court. Justice is supposed to be blind, this isn't justice just BLIND!
2,374Laura AllenSt George, UT
2,373David VosgerichianWest Hollywood, CaliforniaI watched with an open mind the dateline program. A confession given by a 17 year old boy to police, no arm twisting there.. The judgment of a "HARD" Judge, and then a 4-3 State court. Justice is supposed to be blind, this isn't justice just BLIND!
2,371EDWARD D HEDERMANCRESTWOOD, ILThe arresting police officer is corrupt and there is no evidence whatsoever connecting him to this crime.
2,370candace mickeyColumbus, Ohio
2,369Frederika VillhardSt. Louis, MissouriI believe he did not commit this crime!! Wrongly accused!!
2,368Dianna CruzPowell, OHBarry Beach should be released because his confession was coerced. The manner in which the confession was taken, over 2 days, was that of unusual and cruel punishment. The DNA samples have been mishandled, and to say, lost. The footprint evidence doesn't match, and none of the fingerprints match that of Barry Beach.
2,367Matt Kozlowskivancouver, waThe original confession that is relied upon is suspect; and none of the evidence at the crime scene ties Mr. Beach to the scene. They need to find a match for the bloody palm print and the other prints in the vehicle. I believe Mr. Beach fell victim to false promises by Investigators in Louisiana whose methods had been questioned and criticized. Civil liabitlity fears drive recent legal decisio
2,366Lonnie HamelFt Worth, TXHave you ever tried to prove you DIDN'T do something? Isn't it obvious the woman drug addict is lying? He was 17. The courts habitually let extremely violent juveniles simply walk. People who have mile long rap sheets are released over and over and simply continue in crime. But this man was obeying the law the entire time he was released. He even kept his word and turned himself in...
2,365Kathryn TaylorVan Buren , ArkansasI think more times than not when there is a horendous crime such as a murder, police departments tend to zero in on an individual too quickly. By focussing so closely on Barry Beach, spending their limited resources in that direction, the real killer(s) have gotten away with a horrible murder. This happens more times than not. It is a tradgedy for the girl who was murdered, her family.
2,364Susan WestStafford, VAThere is no real evidence against him, and much evidence that others did the crime. He has done nothing but good in his like.
2,363Rebekah Searsbrunswick, gabecause he is INNOCENT of the crime that he was found guilty of
2,362Kristy TransueMuncie, IndianaI have followed this story since it first aired on Dateline and I truly believe Mr. Beach is innocent. I don't know how this injustice could have gone on for so long.
2,361Edward StuperLakeland, FloridaI believe that this man is innocent and should be released .His confession was coerced!
2,360Miranda StefanieCorona, NY
2,359Stephanie BroussardYoungsville, LouisianaI've watched Dateline, read countless articles about this case and you would clearly be a moron to NOT know, without a boubt, that this man is innocent. The judicial system has failed horribly....
2,358Lisa ChamberlandPinellas Park, FloridaI just watched the Dateline show about him. Even with my little mind I can tell he is innocent.
2,357Susan BennettMonona, WIFirst of all I believe he is innocent. Secondly, he was 17 when the crime was commited.
2,356Vincent FerlitaColumbus, OhioTheir is a history of coercion present among those who took his confession. There is NO physical evidence. An alibi (non-neutral but it's there). I'd say that is reasonable doubt. Weigh the evidence in your mind on both sides. This tips the scales easily. People hate to admit they were wrong.
2,355Bethany LehmanAustin, TXI believe that Mr. Beach was coerced into a confession. I believe at the very least a jury in a new trial would find him NOT GUILTY. I also believe that while he was released he proved himself to be a viable citizen.
2,354joyce schulterdeshler, OhioI just spent the last hour watching about him I really believe in my heart he should be granted a new trial. Over and over for hours I believe people can be corhearse talk with them women!!!!! Who's palm print is that???? GOOD LUCK
2,353Kristen Stephen Ambler , Pa Because I think Berry is innocent and under distress Barry might of said or Gayven confession that he did something that he did not do I think there he should be set free and that he is innocent of any wrongdoing
2,352Youn KimParamus, New JerseyBecause he's wrongfully convicted.
2,351Peggy BurklundBillings, Montana
2,350Sandra CoryDesert hot springs, CaliforniaHow much more evidence does the courts need to prove that he's innocent
2,349Liliana MartinezGreat Falls, MontanaBecause He is innocent man and it is obvious that he was convicted by coerced confession.
2,348Martin FisherBillings, MTI believe that this man should be freed and believe that he would be a great citizen to our society! I believe Barry is innocent because the evidence does not support his guilt but actually supports his innocence!
2,347Bonnie CookBillings, MtJust read the facts, minus any emotions, he is totally innocent Wikipedia is one of the sources I went to.
2,346Daniel Sullivan Billings , MtI do not believe he is guilty.
2,345Esther AtsattBillings , MtHe didn't do it!
2,344Jade Sullivan Billings , MTHe's innocent!
2,343Angela KochBallantine, MT
2,342murlene Calhounharlowton, MtIt is strange why he was released at one time and then retried again. There has been worse that have been sent free. it is like they want to pick on this man. He is a hard worker and kept himself out of trouble. Why did they let him go if and then decide oh we made a mistake we have to put you back in prison. By what I seen on ID he was free on evidence. Do not lie about him.
2,341jill sparkmanbelgrade, MTIt appears that he is innocent. And EVEN if he DID it, he would have been released long ago by now.
2,340Sabrina PerlmanNew York, NYI have no connection to the defendant or his case other than an extreme aversion to injustice, which is what I believe is taking place. I was shocked to read about how the justice system in Montana operated in this case. Not only should this man be released, but the loss and damage to his life should be acknowledged and compensated.
2,339mary mcculleypray, mtNot only should he be released, the entire Montana Justice system needs to be overhauled!
2,338Melissa GasketCatonsville , MdMe and some other people watched the story on Dateline and I think he is innocent along with all the other people that watched it with me. Reason: all the facts and the way he acts.
2,337Jared Brown Baltimore, MdHe should be released with pay. The facts are (to the prosecution) that he confessed to something he did do but the truth is that people have been pressured into confessing to something they did not do. They're probably stereotyping him? You can easily think he is guilty by the way he looks. I heard all of the story on Dateline and I agree that he is innocent and doesn't deserve to be in Prison.
2,336Sarah Meints Burnaby, BC
2,335kayla carlsonboothwyn, paI have been following the case since it first aired on 48 hours .The evidence doesnt match up he is a innocent man . He already missed out on half his life give this man a chance, he already proved he is a good citizen to the community . My heart broke when i saw they realeased him and then threw him back in jail, this is the worst injustice ive ever seen . Please release this innocent man.
2,334Pamela CayerLambert, MTBecause he is innocent. There is no evidence against him and evidence that actually points in a different direction. He confessed to 3 murders. 2 were obviously false confessions. Why is this 1 confession deemed valid when the other were false also? This makes a mockery of the justice system in our state.
2,333Bernadette LindquistReynoldsburg, OhioBarry is innocent. He is a good and faithful man who deserves to be free!
2,332Rose PorterDenver, ColoradoI stayed with the Beach family the summer this happened and I believe I know for a FACT that Barry is innocent and was a home the night Kim was killed. I was also harassed and BEATEN by the very girls accused of this and I know they were VERY capable of murder!
2,331ashton smithanaconda, MontanaBecause he didnt do it!
2,330Georgette QuillinEast Helena, Montana
2,329Gary D LingerAvinger, TxI feel that the case was a rush to judgement and Barry gave a confession that did not add up to the details of this case. Witnesses have come forward now to bring reasonable doubt that were not given the chance all those years ago in the first trial. Also, a cover up seems possible because evidence collected somehow can no longer be found. This case is not open and shut. Free Barry.
2,328Rebecca KentBronx, New York
2,327Anna CoeChesterfield , MOThe people of authority who believe Mr. Beach is guilty, keep going back to when he admitted to the detective 30 years ago that he killed Kim. They say, "Why would he confess if he didn't do it?" At that time he was a very young man, who was being questioned for many hours. He was most likely scared and just wanted it to be over. So he lied about killing Kim.
2,326Bruce TurnerGreat Falls, MontanaHE IS INNOCENT. There is no evidence against him. There is a woman in Wolf Piont that said she did it and got away with murder.
2,325Glenda WolfeSunbury, PAI was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of Mr. Beach's innocence after watching a recent television documentary. However I was aghast at the prosecution's stand which essentially stated that since they found him guilty before, he was still guilty. If this isn't a case of the state not wanting to admit to a mistake, I don't know what is!
2,324Bobbie WrenHartford, WISCONSINBarry was forced into making the confession. Can someone please tell me where the evidence is? You have none. I think they are just trying to pin it on someone Barry has lost so much of his life because of this. Everyone knows he is innocent. I hope you can change the cycle and let him free how would you feel if you were put in prison for something you didn't do and lost most of your adult lif
2,323Dave CromleyCheyenne, WYI'm disturbed that adult men can't believe that confessions can be coerced and be false.
2,322Caroline PolstonMooresville, INI feel confident that this is an innocent man!! I believe he was lied to and coerced into signing a confession by the Louisiana police and that confession should be thrown out completely, instead of continuing to find him guilty because of it. I believe a new trial is in order and would exonerate him as there is MORE than reasonable doubt that he committed the murder of Kim Nees. This is a travest
2,321James DeGolyerfredonia, New York
2,320Holly DeGolyerFredonia, New York
2,319Sam EnsignBillings, MtClear nepotism, and sad it happened over the loss of 2 lives. One was unjustly lost by the side of the river and the other in a cell. Hard to imagine this happened with such inadequate evidence.
2,318Rachel TippetsBillings, MTInsufficient physical evidence, extensive evidence tampering.
2,317Terrill AndersonWoodburn, OregonBecause Berrys right to a fair and impartial trial was disregarded . Evidence with held , contaminated , witness's denied opertunity to testify. it the biggest reason , false confession under duress/ threat of loss of life , and then that being LOST. .
2,316Melody Clemons Newport, Ky
2,315Bonnie ChambersSandpoint, IdahoSaw this on Dateline. Please re-look at this. I believe he is innocent.
2,314karen stonecrown point, IndianaI have now watched Dateline twice on his story. I don't think there was enough evidence to prove he did it. I think the confessions from friends of the girls involved need to be looked into further. Also, the witness who claimed to hear it all has seemed to be ignored . There is absolutely no forensic evidence to prove he did it and how many times are innocent people forced into admitting guilt.
2,313Gloria BinnsColumbia Falls, MontanaThe evidence that I have seen presented justifies at the very least the right of Barry to have a new trial. He has shown that he would continue to be a productive member of society. I thought that prison was intended for rehabilitation. How much more rehabilitated can Barry be??
2,312Kathy AdkisonLibby, MTI feel that a grave miscarriage of justice has been perpetrated on Mr. Beach for far too long. The preponderance of the evidence shows that he wasn't the one(s) that committed this crime. Please free him and let him have at least a small portion of his life.
2,311Cathy LobdellChelsea, MIBarry was treated unfairly and questioned improperly when he was apprehended.
2,309martin boscohigganum, ctI believe he is ibbocent
2,308Janette Monashkinjupiter, floridaMontana can NOT place him at the crime scene with forensics or fingerprints.His confession should be thrown out as there were many discrepancies, we all know they can be coherst by the police and even that was proven.The witness that was 10 years old at the time said she heard girls (more than one) and witnessed the crime. Also multiple footprints at the scene how can you explain that. None were B
2,307Patricia LattaHarrisonville, MissouriCoerced confession from Detectives who have been known for this. Also no real evidence that points to him being the murderer.
2,306Susan CampbellNew Port Richey, Florida
2,305Michael GodlesL.Compton, Rhode IslandBecause the evidence doesn't support his alleged confession.
2,304William KleinPort Ludlow, WAThere is more than a reasonable doubt that he should have been convicted in the first place based on the evidence. His confession was coerced by the authorities. I think his actions after being released demonstrate that he is a responsible and ethical member of society and should be set free at once.
2,303Renee LaPlantBrowning, Mt
2,302Susi AmiranCoronado, CaNo evidence,
2,301Delano LucasLake Geneva , WI.There are so many stories across this nation of murder convictions with overwhelming evidence in which the perpetrator serves less than ten years. How can it be that a man convicted under questionable circumstances be in jail all this time? Montana .... I will never go there again for business or pleasure.
2,300Cynthia FletcherHayward, CaliforniaIt is so obvious that Barry Beach was coerced by police to confess to a horrible crime he did not commit. This injustice against American people needs to stop! During his brief time in freedom. Mr. Beach proved to be a good citizen and a hard worker. A drug addicted woman admitted to "getting away with murder" in this case. Please free this innocent man.
2,299Lari ReedPort Angeles, WashingtonHe is innocent
2,298kelli brownCanton, MichiganBecause it is OBVIOUS he did not commit the crime. I am outraged. There is no trace of truth, Justice or honor on this planet and this case here proves my point!
2,297teresa hedegaardbillings, mtIt's very simple...because he didn't kill Kim. Period!!!
2,295Pam Geiser-DanleyHilliard, OhioBarry's confession was illegally coerced by Louisiana police. Many details in Barry's confession didn't match nor was there physical evidence left at crime scene by Barry. No motive to kill the victim. Barry had someone who corroborated his alibi, the women suspected of the crime had witnesses that impugned their alibis. The women also had confessed to people thru the years as to their guilt.
2,294bobbijo krammnorwich, ctThe details of this case shows clearly this man is innocent! She was NOT wearing a plaid shirt, NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE connecting Berry to the crime at all, and despite being ripped from his freedom NOT once but twice he has continued to be the same honorable man (IN AND OUT OF PRISON)!
2,293Christine L YoungBrentwood, CaHe was a scared kid who confessed to something he did not do. The police tricked him into this confession . This is an outrage act by the police of Montana. Set this man free!!!
2,292Kenneth Hinklefraziers bottom , wvI believe Barry was coerced into confessing. It is a proven fact police have done this before and will continue to coerce suspects into making false confessions just to solve the case. Barry was young, scared, and very vulnerable. This is simply the Montana Judicial system refusing to admit they were wrong. And with all things in life, money is a factor(lawsuit for 30 years restitution).
2,291Margie PrineClinton, MississippiThe decision to throw out the judge's ruling for a new trial is wrong. The new evidence is compelling and the witnesses have nothing to gain. The decision, in effect, calls all these people liars and only a jury trial can determine that. It is a misuse of the power of his office. This is not the way the justice system should work!
2,290Anne CornieaSt. Paul, MNI believe there are witnesses who were very credible who described the situation. I believe there were others who bragged they did the murder which, substantiated other evidence. I believe the confession was coerced by the law and that Barry was lied to by those detectives. I finally think the Montana attorney general and prosecutors are not interested in justice, only in covering up the mistakes
2,289McCartney JamesSt. Thomas, North DakotaI believe Barry Beach should be granted a new trial or to be released. Montana's supreme court's decision to disregard the new evidence is unjust. If new evidence is available, it should be put before a jury for them to decide.
2,288April BurgFort Myers, FloridaThe evidence said it all. He was cohorts into a confession. It's a complete failure of the justice system for him to spend another second, another day, another year incarcerated!
2,287Jeff PrenticeChelsea, MIWatched the story on dateline Id and it's beyond belief that any court could not find that their is reasonable doubt that he committed this murder. Our justice system is so injustice like this scares me and should scare every law abiding citizen. If I lived in Montana I would issue a recall on all 4 of those supreme court justices who sent him back to prison without another trial!
2,286James ProvinsWestmoreland , TennesseeA confession that doesn't match the crime and witnesses that know he's innocent.
2,285Eden LivoriJasper, GeorgiaThe confession elicited from Barry Beach was extracted through coercive means. He was kept for houra and was led to believe that he would be helped to clear his name. Also there is no physical evidence to tie him to Kim's death. How is it possible, even if all of the current forensic knowledge was supplied to him, would he have been able to remove his and only his fingerprints?
2,284Chris FreyerFlower Mound, texasby the evidence I saw a reported on dateline. And by the God given discernment I have.
2,283Jennifer HammondCarnegie, PennsylvaniaHe is innocent
2,282Lyndal FronekAustin, TXAny reasonable person can see there is more than enough reasonable doubt to make his conviction a miscarriage of justice. Obviously, the officials in Montana have ulterior motives for keeping Barry in jail.
2,281Suzanne Ramirez Vernon hills, Illinois He has been convicted with a false confession. NO VALID EVIDENCE A MULTITUDE OF WITNESS TESTIMONY STATING WHO REALLY COMITTED THE CRIME.. I'm sick of people going to jail because of shanty police investigations, I'm sick of detectives who can't put there EGOS aside and who cannot admit that they got it wrong .. It's police like this who make it bad for the real good cop the ones who take pri
2,280Randy cramerakron, ohioI believe that the "confession" this young man have many years ago was coerced out of him by police bullying him. Those officers had a history of forcing false confessions out of other innocent parties by duress. Along with inconsistencies regarding his confession, there doesn't seem to be any substantial evidence that puts him against him. This is a classic case of police abusing their power.
2,279Julie SmithGrand Rapids, MichiganDateline did an incredible job on this story, certainly leaving reasonable doubt as to Barry Beachs' guilt based on evidence of not only a coerced confession, but witness testimony as to evidence of confessions from other suspects. This is a horrible miscarriage of justice, Montanna law enforcement should all be on trial.
2,278cristine huckabyelkland, moIts very simple...he's innocent.! Its a horible injustice and scary to think this can and does happen in the USA. Put yourself in his shoes! God bless you Barry..
2,277Ernie NelsonLongview, TexasI believe he was set up by the Louisiana prison system and is innocent. He should be released immediately. If necessary, the governor Montana or the president should pardon him.
2,276Sherrie SullivanJoshua, TexasThere are some very big holes in the confession contrived by Montana. And the murders of that beautiful young woman will never be caught because of lazy police & distric Tyorneys work . He has stayed a good honest man all this time & while in prison, they dont want egg on their faces even if a fine gentleman has to pay the price.
2,275Debbie MooreSpirit Lake, IdahoI do not believe he had anything to do with the murder of that young girl. It is so obvious that a group of 'bully' girls did it. I'm old enough to say that "Bullying" went on even back in the 60's +. I watched every detail about him (Barry Beach). I was emotionally shocked that he was put back into prison. This country is becoming awful due to prisons being overly full !!! Decietful. Free B
2,274Dan SchulteHartland, WiBecause of the evidence and the false confession!
2,272Lisa SchulteHartland, WIAfter watching an episode of Dateline and listening to the evidence presented I believe Mr. Beach is innocent of these charges. On top of spending 29+ years in prison for a crime he did not commit when he was released for a brief period he led an exemplary life. Our prison system is overcrowded as it is so release those who should not be there in the first place.
2,271Ed JarosLincoln, NebraskaA man guilty would have ran. When he made the confection he was a young kid under the influence of drugs. To many things point another direction.
2,270Debra JarosLincoln, NeWhat a horrible unjust verdict Where is the common sense?????
2,269Caron VaughnSacramento, Ca.The evidence is weighing more towards his innocence than any guilt. I feel an injustice has been made in his case and the lack of honesty from the interrogating offers pushing mentally and emotional for a confession, has been proven to be wrong! Let him go!!
2,268Rayn DuganCamas, Wa
2,267Patricia Churcheverett, washingtonHe is!! I am not an expert,but just a regular person and i have the smarts to figure out that the Montana justice system has failed this man and they won't come clean and admit they were wrong, the evidence speaks, This goes to show that the good old boys still exists , The person or persons who did this will have to answer when it is there time. The persons who convicted Barry are living a lie.
2,266Keith JonesMomence, IllinoisI believe he needs a retrial because he is innocent. He also needs to be compensated if found innocent!
2,265Mary LeonardHolland, MichiganThere is such injustice done here- from the supposed confession that was manipulated by police and their unwillingness to look at other suspects and the evidence to witnesses that have testified to hearing the murder; what was that police car doing at the crime scene anyway? They need to be called to account for what they did and the real killers need to be arrested and tried for the killing.
2,264Elizabeth DavisMelksham , Wiltshire Because his "confession" obviously isn't valid. The Police Officers who interviewed him TOLD him to describe how it would have happened if he was there and they TOLD him to confess and that they would help him afterwards. They tricked Barry in to confessing, maybe so they could pin other murders on him. The later evidence and witnesses seemed way more credible than the forced confession alone.
2,263Rebecca DavisFayetteville, OHI believe Barry Beach was coerced into a false confession. If Barry Beach acted alone in murdering this young victim, why doesn't the bloody palm print left at the scene belong to him? Why doesn't any of the numerous footprints left at the scene belong to him? How could there not be one single piece of physical evidence left by a teenaged inexperienced murderer? This case is not solved!
2,262Sarah MerwinPhillipsburg, New JerseyI believe there is no hard evidence that points to him as her killer
2,261Maribel GarzaSacramento, CANo evidence against Barry. No DNA evidence matches his. False confession.
2,260Sharon WilliamsNashville , Tn
2,259Karen CargillSilver Springs , NevadaMany people have signed confessions to things that they did not do that goes without saying. Look at the evidence for the truth. He is an innocent man while the true killers walk free this is an unacceptable injustice. Free Barry Beach.
2,258Dianna odomE. Peoria, Illinois
2,257Rosemary AlvarezWhite Lake , MichiganI believe there is more than enough evidence to suggest he did not commit this crime and no physical evidence that says he did. Especially with actual physical evidence that had to be someone else. The only evidence is his confession, in which some of the details did not match the crime scene. Our elected officials care more about their ego than justice.
2,256April MeckleyYork, PennsylvaniaAll of the evidence screams reasonable doubt and as for his *so called* confession, it does not support the evidence at the crime scene.
2,255Kim KentBrunswick , GAFact of confession was coerced from Barry Beach by same officers that had same officers that had previously lied about other confessions coerced. Those officers never actually investigated the crime properly by others. This happens to too many victims in that area. The police dept itself should be investigated to see why that case hasn't been reopened. Mr. Beechs rights have been blatently be
2,254ken reedgalt, caI believe because the police destroy the evidence in this case and the fact that the confession was coerced and there was so much evidence that showed that he did not do this crime I believe that he should be released and I believe that the process should be reviewed from the police that originally took the confession and also the Supreme Court in Montana needs to be reviewed by a higher court
2,253Nadine HendricksonIron, MinnesotaAfter watching Barry's story on Dateline ID, it's pretty clear that he did not commit this crime. You would think that Montana Authorities would want to know the truth!
2,252Hayleigh Fornaciari Whitman, MaThere is absolutely no physical evidence to prove this mans guilt. The only thing holding him in jail is his 30+ year old confession when it is clearly statistically proven that false confessions occur all the time under intense interigation. This conviction is abseloutly REDICULOUS!!! JUSTICE FOR BARRY!!!
2,251connie bushongpanama city, flaI believe in Justice for all and I have read all I can find on this matter ever since I got a computer and there are other people incarserated that do not need to be due to they are innocent I had a cousin die in prison for a crime he did not commit and Barry is not Guilty he has proven that by turning himself in when the determined him Guilty a 2nd time Please let this man go home!!!!!
2,250Sharon PhelanMarble Falls, TXNo evidence against him. A confession of a scared young man who was trusting law officers during interrogation does not prove his guilt. It proves he was too trusting and frightened. Let him go.
2,249James FreemanPompano Beach, FLTo me Investigation Discovery covered this man case and revealed facts the DA had no idea. Plus he was forced into a confession at what age 20? he was under too much pressure to say he did the deed. This man is obviously innoce.. and the Monantaq justice really needs to look at from a new perspective without their preconceived ideas. I
2,248Julia WhiteWinston Salem, North CarolinaI believe if nothing else you should give him another trial. With all the other evidence for him how can you ignore it. As far as the confession, I have seen people in work places convince other people they did something so they would not get fired and guess what they confesses and was fired. Take the bully sheriff that declared he would see him fry in the chair then tell him he would help him if
2,247William SlackMount horeb, WIIt is very obvious he is innocent with zero evidence against him. What a disgusting display of justice.
2,246Jeanne ByrnesMesa, AZIt seems very obvious that there is no evidence except a coerced confession and he has proven to be a productive member of society. If I were a member of the Montana Supreme Court or their law enforcement, I would be ashamed that this has been allowed to continue.
2,245Rochelle ReedGalt, CAWe watched the show on Barry Beach after listening to the facts we believe he should be released immediately! he does not deserve life in prison, he should be released for time served he has already served too many years for this crime that he did not commit do the right thing and release him immediately!.
2,244Ernesto ArayaSan Juan, Puerto Ricohe deserves another trial with the new witnesses that came foward. i believe he is innocent.
2,243Holly StauderLubbock, TexasI believe him so many people have given false confessions there needs to be more then just a confession the fact that all the evidence conveniently disappeared the fact none of his prints were found the fact that none of the footprints matched Barry this is a case where the state does not want to admit they are wrong so they just stick with Barry instead of finding justice for Kim this is so wrong
2,242Barbara WheatonFlint, MichiganI believe that his confession was coersed by officers who gave him information that he was required to write down. When they had him frightened that he would be executed , he signed a confession. New witnesses have come forward and his fingerrints were not found, but others were. At least he deserves a new trial. Especially because we all know that there are law officers who will do or say anyth
2,241delilah hennenValinda, CaliforniaThere is no evidence found against, Barry Beach. He has spent 30 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. It seems to me, Montana police department wanted to point the finger at someone. Barry, was scared and tricked into a false confession.
2,240Robin HammParis, TennesseeBesides the fact that Mr. Beach was a juvenile without representation when being interrogated, it is my belief that he was coerced into confessing to a crime he did not commit by using age-old intimidation techniques. Fatigue and just plain old fear tactics on a 20 year old BOY is nothing new. Looks to me like they played dirty to increase conviction numbers. Especially since 2 of them were in
2,239christine carlsonPhoenix, ArizonaI watched the story on time life. He should not be in prison. Don't those people know when you are young the law can be so scary. I have the same thing in my life with my son. it is so wrong. I will pray for this man.
2,238Maria ConleyRobertsville, MOLack of evidence.
2,237marlene waltneromaha, neI've watch dateline twice now, I think the public has come to understand how someone could give a false confession. And I truely believe this man is innocent of this murder!
2,236Melissa James35645, ALThis man is innocent!
2,235Jeanne LeinerSouthington, CatAfter seeing the story on investigation discovery and hearing what was presented, the late testifying witnesses, the lack of fingerprints, etc., it believe he couldn't have gotten rid of his fingerprints while leaving the other fingerprints on the scene. Why haven't the police gotten fingerprints from at least the two girls who supposedly discussed they did it to determine if they were there.
2,234Jaime RobbinsPocatello, Idahono evidence of him being there or doing the crime. Why isn't there an investigation going on with the evidence they have?!
2,233Jennifer BellHopkinsville, KyThe evidence doesn't support his conviction.
2,232Julee MayFresno, CaAfter watching Dateline I do not believe he committed the crime. Besides 30 is more than many do who have committed murder.
2,231Suzanne Schwartzwestminste, Colorado
2,230Jeri Lynn HershbergerLakeview, MichiganBarry has served long enough for a crime he did not commit.
2,229Jeanne HallNew Castle, PaI watched this on DateLine on ID. It's time to set an innocent man free. Sometime our justice system finds it hard to own up to it's own mistakes. Barry's case is one of these.
2,228Phyllis FarmerStockton , California
2,227Kara MercadoEmmaus, Pa
2,226John GoodeTili Island, TexasI firmly believe that the man is innocent.
2,225Aquilla SimmonsLehigh Acres, FlaBarry has been unfairly incarcerated; correct this injustice and free him. The state of Montana and the justices of the state should acknowledge the persuasive evidence that he is not guilty of murder and set him free.
2,224Dana SmithSparta, Michigan
2,223Tammy YoungVero Beach, FLExtreme Reasonable Doubt.
2,222beverly turnerlexington, KentuckyThe evidence! !!! People get way more time in prison for drug offenses let this man be free to continue what he started during his brief release -live a law abiding life
2,221Dallas KuceraBillings, MontanaThe justice system has become a money making institution and does not care about the truth. I believe it is time to stop the injustices created by a corrupt and broken legal system.
2,220Allen HolbrookSeeley Lake, MontanaI believe he is innocent. There was gross mishandling of this case, a coerced confession, many other issues that would or could have proved him innocent, IF the authorities had looked for the truth. They needed a conviction and wanted to close an open case. How can things happen like this to an innocent person? If this can happen to the Barry Beaches of the world, it can happen to anyone of us!
2,219Cory CarrNew Haven, Indiana
2,218peter martzoak park, ILFrom the information I've seen in the media, I believe he was unjustly convicted of a crime he didn't commit.
2,217Sarah McIntoshRegina, SKI just watched the Dateline episode on Barry Beach. I am appalled at the injustice here. He has done his time (although wrongly imprisoned). Almost 30 years seems to be enough time to be served - look at him, when on the outside he was a contributing member of society. Second chances are a good thing. No wonder the criminal system is the way it is in America!
2,216Kim Zureich Spartanburg , SCHe was tricked into signing the confession by the police in LA!!! This is an atrocity!!! His DNA or prints aren't even at site!! He is INNOCENT!!
2,215Keri GrossPlacentia, CAI believe Mr. Barry Beach was force fed a confession, believing that law enforcement would help him - he was a 20 year old kid. He does not deserve to be in prison another second. Looking at the respectible life he led while out of prison for a brief time is a rarity and I truly believe he is not a violent person and didn't commit the crime he is convicted of.
2,214Julia IskowitzKingston, New YorkThis man is unlawfully and unethically detained in prison without sufficient evidence, or viable reason to confine this man to the horrors of prison life. I have watched the Dateline Specials, and completed my own independent research. I am also a former inmate myself who has learned through experience that incarceration can be a blessing in disguise. But this man belongs FREE!
2,213Eugenio CisnerosSan Juan, PrHe confessed under deress. Theres no finger prints, no dna at the location of the crime
2,212Kristen CointmentWalker, LaIt is a known fact Police in Louisiana are crooked. No fingerprints or DNA at crime Scene. Nothing more than a Confession under duress.
2,211Danielle MaxwellSt Petersburg, FLBecause is there any more of an injustice than to incarcerate a man for something he did not do while the real murders live their life based on words Barry said 30 years ago and not on actual evidence.
2,210mark pigeaultniagara falls , ont, OntarioThere is no physical evidence to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt , no finger prints , foot prints , eye witness, DNA nothing!!!! The justice system wrongly convicted this man and now won't admit they were wrong , they are the cowards , they are the ones who should be in prison , they made a mistake and are to in-barest to admit it so now this innocent man must pay for it with the rest
2,209Ken CliftonColumbus, GAI watched a Datekine TV show about Barry Beach. It is obvious another trail is in order. You got it wrong the first time around. Give the man a chance to prove his innocence.
2,208Cindy Battesholly pond, AlabamaPlease do right by this man....
2,207cheryl dunnemeridian, IDThat whole trial is messed up and feels crooked. why aren't they checking into why a cop drove up after the girl was killed. I know what it's like to be bullied by a cop. People find themselves admitting to things they didn't do out of fear of the police officers with guns on their hips. He is to genuin of a guy to have done something so heinous.
2,206Frank Avallonenew haven, ConnecticutI watched the dateline interview several times and am sickened by the travesty of justice I observed.Not only should Barry Beach be vindicated of the charges against him,but based on the new evidence AND the 'mysterious' disappearance of the initial evidence and DNA we should look much more closely at the detectives who 'TOOK' his confession and those who bumbled the evidence...FREE BARRY BEAC
2,205Lisa HauriEl Cajon, CaliforniaIt's only obvious that he is NOT guilty and should be FREE. There are women that are KILLERS walking free. I will NEVER visit Montana again as long as you have an innocent man in prison and you KNOW it!!! You are a sick sick state! I want JUSTICE!
2,204Danny GagneSalem, New YorkBased on all the evidence I have seen I believe he is innocent. I would vote him innocent had I sat on the jury for his trial. The Montana Court is holding him on a confession he was coerced to give out of desperation. I believe with my whole heart he is NOT guilty of this crime and that the court is disregarding the true evidence brought out by his last trial.
2,203John JacobsenJulian, CaliforniaNo evidence supporting conviction...substantial evidence of others' guilt...17 years-old at time of interrogation without the presence of attorney.
2,202Debbie SquierRed Deer, AlbertaAfter hearing what the (then ten year old) witness had to say about hearing many people yelling and the victims screams, added with the fact that the police arrived at the scene, and left within minutes, says the police didn't put much interest in the case. Maybe the officers (at that time) who were getting all of the guilty confessions, including Barry's, should be investigated as well.
2,201Candy PooleRoxboro, North CarolinaI do not believe there is any physical evidence to convict Barry Beach- nor a motive. I believe if he were to receive a fair trial he could not be convicted.
2,200michael wilsonbutler, inseems like invidence was ignored or covered up since the 3 women weren't investigated more, is ridicuolis that murders today can kill 1-5 people and get a life sentence of 20-25 years which is a joke in itself, but to convect on his admission when he was young,and coisiced, or what seems to be montanas why of convicting anyone with along someone guilty or not.
2,199Laurena MouacdieWest Nyack, New YorkI have seen many reports on how people are provoked after hours and hours of interrogation to admit to a crime they never committed, this happening to young scared "boys" who are literally lied to, because the police departments want to say "we got the confession". However the 'evidence' and confession don't match. It is my opinion that the police department can't humble themselves and
2,198linda schmittpeoria, Illinoisthe confession should be thrown out. The police were wrong.
2,197alietha vososhawa, OntarioI believe the evidence reveals he is and here in Canada our justice system requires the evidence to suggest one to believe "beyond a reasonable doubt" and this evidence reveals significant doubt and therefore he is innocent.
2,196stephanie mackKansas City, MissouriThe evidence or lack thereof speaks for itself. It amazes me that people who truly commit murder serve less time and are set free. The man is innocent. It's time to do the right thing and let him live his life without looking over his shoulder.
2,195Sandra BilodeauOttawa, OntarioBarry Beach is an innocent man, who lost nearly 30 years of his young life for a murder he obviously did not commit. The judges who overturned his release and sent him back to prison should be ashamed of themselves. The handprint and all fingerprints found on the truck, are not his and it should be re-examined. He was forced into that plee of guilt, Release him now!
2,194Cynthia TomaszewskiBlack Mountain , N.cBecause I believe he is innocent and police detectives have a way of scaring innocent people into saying things that aren't true.
2,193Jerry YoungGrand junction, Co Because it is what is right! Don't we all want a world that lives for what is right? This is very clear that the evidence points in the other direction,yet the system is allowing a man to not live his life when they all can see right from wrong. I think that president Obama needs to see this and pardon this innocent man!
2,192elizabeth williamsdickson , tnThere are too many unanwered questions . Evidence doesn't lead to him . Would they listen to the witnesses if it mean't convicting someone ? God will realease this man and I only hope that one of the women will relieve their concious and come forward . They will stand before God one day and have to answer for what they have done . I believe Barry and I believe the story of the girls . Jealously
2,191Kris McKarnsStow, OHEvidence & witnesses have shown that Barry Beach is not guilty. He has spent way too much time in prison already. Time to let him out.
2,190Linda Kroegerpleasant Hill, CAI believe this man or boy at the time was bullied into admitting to crime he did not committ. This is further proof that jutice system wants a conviction more then justice.
2,189Jessa LaFavreEl Paso , TX There have been multiple cases of people admitting to crimes they did not commit commit due to intense questioning from interrogators. It doesn't take a genius to know the man is innocent.
2,188lester caldwellpenn yan, New YorkI believe he is innocent
2,187Joy CastleMllington, TennesseeWhen you have testimony from others that heard the confessions of the young ladies and the witness that heard the murder, and the fact that the same police officers had cohearsed confessions on 2 other murders... the dought is there and it is a shame that this kind of justice exists.. you wonder why this world is going to hell in a hand basket.. why should we trust the legal system when you have
2,186Angela KlyneBay Roberts, Newfoundland 1)His confession does not fit the evidence 2) Not 1 Finger Print however a multitude of other prints including a bloody hand print NOT HIS 3) the proven fact of issues with the questioning officers in the case who took his confession 4) the witness statements Barry Beach is innocent
2,185Michael BaughmanVidalia , GeorgiaMr Barry should be released because he is definitely innocent because I would have been scared into saying I did it as well but my prayers go out to Mr Barry Sincerely Skyler Baughman
2,184Jonathan BeattyColorado Springs, ColoradoThis case is beyond unfair. Time to correct the mistake of taking a man's life away.
2,183Pam BeattySt Cloud, FloridaI have followed this case for several years. It is time for someone to do the right thing and give this man a chance to live his life.
2,182Fred WaltonBillings, MontanaDNA found at the crime sceine did not match Barry Beach's dna. FBI already cleared his name. The evadence room look had been broke and tampered with by an officer.
2,181Sarah KawaleskiCalgary, AlbertaBecause there is reasonable doubt that he committed the crime. Despite his confession, there are credible witnesses that are certain that he was not the one who murdered Kim.
2,180Dara HillOrlando , Florida
2,179Linnda EdwardsSchofield, WisconsinThere is NO physical evidence tying him to the crime. How could a person remove ONLY his fingerprints from a scene but leave dozens of others? What about the testimony of the Indian girl? Since when is becoming govenor more important than freeing an innocent man? This is/was such an obviously political hot potato that no one with any judicial power will stand up for Barry. Shame on Colorado!
2,178JD AndersonSchofield, Wisconsin There is nothing I've been shown tying Mr Beach to this crime. Dozens of finger prints, a bloody palm print on the truck, not his. The lame coerced confession contained errors fed to Barry by police, that "only the killer would know." Laughable, if not so tragic.
2,177Anthony SpeenaNaples, FLAfter examining all the facts, I was not able to determine where anyone had said if they finger-printed any of the women-- to check for a match to the fingerprint on the car. Was this ever done?
2,176debra gregstonstephenville, txBecause it wasn't HIS palm print on the truck and the testimony of the girl who was ten when it happened. I believe the girls did it.
2,175Lisa JordanSpring, TxMr. Beach was deceived and mislead as a naive and trusting 20 year old by unscrupulous law officers of no integrity who exhibited complete laziness in not fully investigating the crime. Mr. Beach has exhibited himself to be a man of his word with moral character and integrity. It is complete injustice for prosecutors for the state of Montana to continue to prosecute/persecute an innocent man.
2,174Renae LattinPower, Montana
2,173Dan BeaverNashville, TNfrom Dateline it seems very clear to me that there are some folks in the small town where this murder took place that have daughters that they are protecting. Also the 10 yr old girl said a cop car showed up and left suddenly that speaks volumes ..i have never seen a cop not use his/her flashlight in the dark when approaching a vehicle so why didnt the cop call it in when he/she seen blood?
2,172John FrenchMissoula, MontanaI personally spent 15 years in prison for a crime that never happened. Like a dummy, I never did anything about it - just kept my mouth shut and did my time. Barry is a good example of "there is no justice, there is just us."
2,171Joann JonesBillings, MontanaDNA doesn't show Barry Beach as Kim Nees killer.
2,170Anne HarrisBillings, Mt.
2,169Allen & Melanie Bowkerculbertson , mthe is not guilty
2,168Sharon KoerberBillings, MontanaJust let him out for heaven sake ! He has served time for his crime ! His life is half over, and he has paid his debt to society for the crime he committed.
2,167Warren Gammel St Paul, MNHe's an innocent political prisoner.
2,166Beth DubblePort Orchard, WashingtonOther fingerprints on truck (not one of his is on truck), witness heard females yelling at crime scene, his confession did NOT patch the actual crime, Montana conveniently loses DNA evidence, women seen with murder victim the night she was murdered, these women told other people throughout the years that they committed the harassed by officers for a confession that 'they would help pr
2,165Enza ZabonasMaple, OntarioINNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2,164Hollie ChadwickOdessa, FL*Original accounts at the time of the murder was that a group of girls committed the crime.*Multiple witness accounts to confessions by girls involved in the murder.*The woman/witness who was 10 years old at the time heard the crime being committed and the voices were girls!*Details of Barry's coerced confession are not even accurate.*NO EVIDENCE/WITNESSES LINKING HIM TO CRIME/CRIME SCENE &etc
2,163robert bowenwaukesha, wiBecause witnesses came forward and stated it was not him, it was other females her age that murdered her.
2,162MaryEllen LewisAlden, NyThere is no evidence to prove his guilt...none
2,161Janice WarhankGreat Falls, mtThe proof is in the FBI Reports!!
2,160Gary GoettelGreat Falls, MTBecause I have read the recent investigative report from John Cameron and believe that he has correctly identified who really murdered Kim Nees. Thank you.
2,159Tammy RyanEast Helena, Montana
2,158Chris kellylouisville, kyhe is innocent
2,157Michele kellyLouisville , KyI watched the Dateline investigative report on the ID channel and it's clear that at s minimum there's reasonable doubt this man committed the murder, but I personally believe there's enough evidence to find him innocent. Please do the right thing and set this poor man free. He's spent more time in prison for this crime than most guilty criminals would have served.
2,156Caroline HorningCentreville, VA
2,155Richard DixonTaylorsville, KentuckyThere is MORE over whelming evidence to prove that this man is innocent vs ONE (false) confession made by him when he was a young scared 20 year old man. Police, many times use too much aggression and drive to just to get a confession whether it may be the truth or not! There is a reason in our judicial system for a Judge and jury and the interrogation room is NOT the court room!!!!!
2,154judy lindeBillings, Montana
2,153J StierWilmington, DEThere is no evidence! The confession was coerced. The 10 year old (witness) who heard the screams of multiple people when the murder took place - women. There were fingerprints, a handprint, but were ANY of them his? What did they have other than the forced confession of a young, scared man was told he would be helped once he 'admitted the truth'. His confession didn't match the evidence.
2,152Freddie Scott Las VegasI have seen the full story on Barry and based on everything I have seen and heard there is no way he can possibly be guilty and needs to be set free NOW.
2,151gillian blakeneypacific palisades, CaliforniaHaving watch the dateline documentary, I believe he deserves a new trial to prove his innocence
2,150Elizabeth griffithdecatur , AlNew witnesses have come forward and confessions can be forced on frightened and exhausted people. It happens often. The police just want to close cases not find the true answers. You can see in Barry's eyes he is telling the truth. This is a terrible, cruel, injustice!
2,149Tyler KolesarWinnipeg, ManitobaI watch Dateline all the time. 99.9% of the time when someone is convicted of murder, I agree with the verdict. In Barry's case, it was LAUGHABLE, that they found him guilty. The evidence, witnesses etc don't point to Barry Beach. It points to exactly what the rumours around town were, and have been since... that a group of girls did it. The cops forced a made up confession, and they know i
2,148marc lamoureuxoakbank, Manitobahe should be released because hes innocent. there has been so many coerced confessions made in history and this one falls into that same guideline. it appears that the Montana judicial system to proud to admit mistakes and rather than fix it they will just barry him. pardon the pun
2,147Annika VannanGlendale, AZ
2,146Anke VannanGlendale, AZBased on the testimony of others there is reasonable doubt. The fact Barry Beach made a confession as a young man is sadly enough no proof for his guilt, as many people have been coersed into confessions. Barry Beach has also proven that he is a law-abiding citizen who will be a productive member of society.
2,145Christopher PrattGrovetown, GAAfter reviewing all the information on the murder of Kim Nees I feel, without any doubt, Barry Beach did not kill Kim Nees.
2,144brett synekcharlotte, North CarolinaThere is enough evidence to nullify his confession. He already spent 30 years in prison and while he was out he was an upstanding citizen.
2,143Adriane SlighGreenville, Sc
2,142file adamlos angeles, caI believe sufficient new evidence has come to light to at least have the case reviewed.
2,141Laurie HerbertSanta Rosa, CAHe should be released immediately! Look at all the new witnesses and evidence! How can this man still be incarcerated! He is NOT GUILTY! Please set him free! He's a good man who should not be punished for a crime he never committed!
2,140Andrew RotelloRockford, ILI watched the documentary about Barry Beach very intently. It appearred to me that the only "so called" evidence the prosecutors had was a very flimsy confession. I beleive he should either be let out of prison or at the very least be given a new and fair trial.
2,139Michele ForrestMyrtle Beach, SCI completely believe that Barry is innocent! Just look at the evidence and disregard a confession from a very scared young man. At this point, those cops just want to be right and do not want to look like the crooks and fools that they are. Shame on them!!! They scared him into that confession and now because of there sick ego's, do not want to admit they were wrong. LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE!
2,138Ava SchweitzerMadison, Indianahe is innocent....! One of the toughs judges in the state believes in him.
2,137Sandy RobertsUnionville , ConnecticutI have witnessed sheer injustice like no other for my own cousin who has been wrongly accused and behind bars for years. After watching this story and researching it on line I can clearly see that this man who was a scared teenager at the time was wrongly convicted. I always wished to be an attorney till I have witnessed how unjudged and flawed our system is. God Bless Barry
2,136Gayel Easonwinter haven, flWatched 48 hours and there is DEFINITELY reasonable doubt in this case. LOT'S of people make confessions when pressured by police that want to close a case and are young and scared and actually BELIEVE the authorities who seem to not care they are possibly ruining innocent people's lives. It's sickening what police are capable of doing with their power. ALL interviews should be filmed!
2,135Michele SullivanBoston, MassachusettsThere was no evidence that he was at the crime scene and commited the crime, a woman testified in court that she heard the murder taking place and all the voices were the voices of females; the confession that he gave was given under duress; a judge already released him once for over a year, a woman's brother testified that she confessed to him she was among other females who commited the crime.
2,134Diana EllisCanoga Park, CaliforniaWhile free, Barry lived an exemplary life, starting a business, buying a house, making friends and earning the trust of those who hired him and knew him. He gave his word to turn himself in if his case went back to court. He did just that. A man who lives "his word is his bond" means it.
2,133Carol BurnsteinLas Vegas, NevadaI feel the new witnesses who came forward, told the truth, and NO ONE deserves to spend his life in prison for something he did not do.
2,132katie haugendallas, texas
2,131Nari KannanHerndon, VA
2,130Audra Eubanksoxford, ga
2,129Wayne BrownArizona City, Arizona Given the fact that there were fingerprints all over the vehicle (that did not belong to Mr. Beach), the unidentified palm print, stated by the FBI to belong to the murderer, (also not belonging to Mr. Beach), as well as all of those shoe prints around the vehicle, is enough physical evidence to exonerate Mr. Beach, by itself! That alone tells me he is innocent. Then there is what is obviously to
2,128Dan SambaCumberland, Rhode IslandTens of thousands of people have falsely admitted to crimes they have not committed! With the number of witnesses that said Barry Beach did not commit the murder, that would seem to immensely overide his false guilty plea!
2,127TERRY SNOWDENFLORISSANT, MissouriThe evidence does not match the confession. If he had taken the "new" evidence (the young girls testimony of hearing the murder occur) to the "Federal Supreme Court" instead of the State Supreme Court he would have been released. Now the evidence is lost forever. Everyone could learn a lesson from "Hurricane Carter".
2,126Nayda Hedgepath Livonia , Michigan No evidence at all. No recorded confession just transcripts. He was threatened and had no choice but to confess for something he didn't do. Let him free. He's served enough time for something he didn't do.
2,125jamie lundiepetersburg, VirginiaI do not believe Barry beach is the killer of Kim. There is no evidence what so ever of him being present at the time of her murder. His hand print did not match that of which the one that was left on the door of Kim's truck. Also the foot prints found around the truck did not match his. The only thing they have is a confession from Barry which I believe he just wanted the interrogation to be ove
2,124renee robinsonhelena, Montana
2,123Melissa KengMemphis, Tn
2,122Darlene HentschelRay Township, MichiganBarry Beach has spent nearly 30 years in Montana prison, despite persuasive evidence that he is innocent of murder, and now it is time for the State of Montana to free him to be a productive citizen in our community. If something is not done now, Barry will spend the remainder of his life behind bars.
2,121Mike Smithorlando, FloridaI too was wrongly acused of trying to shoot a maintenance man at a apartment complex in 1976 and trying to break into a apartment with two girls inside . The maintenance man identified me aud later when shown a picture of me the two girls said that was the guy . As it turned out the real guy was the maintenance mans friend and one of the two girls boyfriend they were trying to protect .
2,120Nikole BoissettHOLLYWOOD, FloridaBecause there is no evidence that he is guilty, because the interrogation method used against him was abusive, because he deserves to be free, because seeing a case like this makes you feel insecure about living in a country where anybody is in danger of being wrongfully convicted
2,119LTC (ret US Army) Raymond A SchuetzeGainesville, GeorgiaI am convinced it is the right thing to do considering all the evidence.
2,118Robert TiptonMaryville, Tnbecause I watched the story on Dateline after which I went on line to read everything I could find on Berry Beach ,I read a lot and there is not way anyone reading the facts can not have reasonable doubt at the very least but I believe he is "INNOCENT"
2,117Terri WestPataskala, OHAfter hearing and reading the facts (and so-called facts) of the case, I believe one would have to be a moron (or a past prosecutor or judge trying to cover their behind) to believe that this man is guilty of the murder. How did he leave three sets of footprints down to the river where her body was dumped? The bloody palm print--not his. There is no evidence that shows this man is responsible for
2,116Rhiley ThompsonAshland, OhioI just watched dateline about this story. This is a prime example of why the justice system fails the people of the United States not just in Montana but all the states. District Attorney's would rather plea bargain out child murders and other criminals than admit they made a mistake and let an innocent man go free. I pray those woman are somehow caught and he is free to be with his family soon.
2,115Kim SorensonTrenton, MIIf not released he should be given a chance for another trial. We know he is the only person that has ever committed to a crime they didn't do. I just watched Dateline ID and I believe that there isn't enough incriminating evidence against Mr. Beach. Since being released for that period of time Mr. Beach has shown he is an up standing citizen. I believe he should get another trial.
2,114Justin SimmonsSandsprings, OkThere is only one word needed for my signature ....... "Innocents" ... The truth "should" set you free Barry Beach..... Weather it will or not when you get the the heavenly gates there will be the only judge that matters ..... And he doesn't JUDGE ...because he already knows the truth !!!!
2,113Ronald TravisMesquite, TxAfter seeing the points in the case, Barry should at least recurve a new trial. There are serious questions O have about his guilt. At the same time the real killer(s) are getting away with murder.
2,112Ashley SenaRoswell, NMI just watched the dateline episode about Barry and omg it made me cry! how awful that something like this could happen to him, its pretty messed up that cops can pursuade innocent ppl 2 give false statements about crimes they didnt commit & this is exactly wat happened here! i hope Barrys conviction is reversed & he is set free. hes proven he can b a productive member of society & hes a good man!
2,111julie millerfriedens, paDeserves trial to hear all evidence. It seems that confession was coereced
2,110Michele DavioSouth Grafton, MAAfter watching Dateline I am convinced that Barry Beach did not commit murder on this poor girl. I have seen time and time again where jealousy plays a huge role in murder. The witness that testified that when she was 10yo she heard what happened and her testimony was very convincing. Even the judge that heard the witnesses testimonies was convinced. I am convinced it was a group of girls.
2,109Shadow RobbinsTownsend, MontanaJust because the police coerce a confession under false pretenses, like they do often. Giving their "hypothetical situations", is completly disgusting when a mans life has been ruined when, and more recently, his innocence has been prove. Heres what i am for, freeing the innocent!! No one gives a fat shit crap about anything or anyone that is involved with not only holding an innocent man forev
2,108Patricia WendellFairport , NYAfter watching Dateline NBC, I am 100% convinced of Barry Beach's innocense. My prayer is that those who are in the position to reverse his conviction take the time to really look at the facts of this case and give Barry Beach the freedom and justice he deserves.
2,107Misty CreelCullman, AlabamaI believe he is innocent and I believe he was coarser into a confession by the police. It breaks my heart that he was released, became a productive member of society. Then had his new life snatched away. It's so hard to think that any of us could be arrested, then scared into a confession. He does not belong in prison.
2,106Linda SandersRochelle, TexasBecause he is innocent. Facts prove that he did not kill that girl. If the State of Montana had not of lost the DNA evidence, he would already be a free man and would not have been convicted in the first place.
2,105Karen MartellFairfax, VermontAfter watching the episode on Dateline- there is plenty of evidence to prove Barry's innocence. I truly believe the police coerced a confession of a young man in a very vulnerable situation. In this day and age of DNA and lack of the defendants at the crime scene it's sad to see this man wrongly imprisoned. Compare the DNA of the women who have confessed to others over the years.
2,104Sheila BullockReidsville, NCI believe he is an innocent man who was framed to some point. I also believe the testimony from other witnesses proves than he is not guilty! Set this man free!!!!
2,103anita priceOAKMAN, Alabama
2,102Donna EdelenOklahoma City, OKHe is innocent . . There have been several young, vulnerable people that have been manipulated to give false confessions with promises after several hours of being broken down to emotional exhaustion . . he was one of them . . there are also several accounts from dozens of people that mention others involved in this murder, excluding Barry Beach. The state is unwilling to admit to injustice.
2,101Alicia PergoliniRoswell, GeorgiaIt's ashame the only evidence they have against Barr Beach is his confession. With the over crowding of our prison system we are letting convicted murderers and career criminals out who are far more of a risked to our society. I can't believe the the supreme court had denied his chance to prove his case at least. I believe he's innocent after seeing the overwhelming evidence and the witnesses.
2,100Dennis GroceWilson, NCAfter viewing "Return to Piplar River" on Dateline on ID, I am convinced of Barry Beach's innocence. His confession 30 years ago I belive falls into the category of those large number of false confessions that occur, and in his case, he even got the facts wrong. I believe that after the police obtained this false confession, their efforts to look further for the real killer(s) ceased.
2,099Katie FechkoWashington, DcIt is wrong to imprison innocent people based on coerced confessions.
2,098Racine DowneyBedford , OhioI believe that everyone should be entitled to a fair trial. I do not believe that Barry's confession was valid. I do believe that some confessions are coerced and that Barry was never tried fairly. I would like to see Barry tried in front of a new jury and giving fair chance at proving his innocence.
2,097Anita PriceOAKMAN, AlabamaI feel had I been a jury member in his retrial I would have had no doubt in hearing the Eagleboy testimony of his innocence. I am signing this petition for the immediate release of this innocent man with a clear understanding that justice has Not been served to the girls who killed the girl at the lake.
2,096Elton BanfieldBronx, NY
2,095Don Shortman JrWorcester, maMultiple people heard the "bad girls" admit guilt. One girl heard the entire event and it entaikled a group of girls. FREE BARRY BEACH. I think all americans should boycott vacationing there. This would get the electorate on board as Montanans feel the squeeze.
2,094Madeleine BachmannSan Diego, CaI have watched two television specials on this case and think that there was a terrible miscarriage of justice. Mr. Beach in my opinion, was mislead into apothesizing an event... postulating how he thinks it may have occurred. The detectives promised if he just admitted to this postulation that they would help find the evidence to free him. In my opinion he was young, he was set up and mislead.
2,093Wairiuko BanfieldBronx, NYHe is innocent.
2,092Angela Williams Las Vegas , Nevada It was clear to me that after hearing all the witness come forth stating what was told to them by the real killers and the witness who testified with tears in here eyes of the sounds of girl voices and screams that night it left no doubt in my mind he was framed. How many police departments down thru the years have coached and forced people into false confessions
2,091Chad Shipleypittsburgh, PaBarry deserves the right to a new trial to present new evidence.
2,090Kilolo ThomasNewark, NJI believe there is more than enough reasonable doubt to give Mr. Beach a new trial.
2,089Dan RussoLakewood, NJToo many reasonable doubts. I thought our justice system was based upon "beyond an unreasonable doubt". If that's what our Constitution states then in this case our justice system is speaking out of both sides of our mouth. FREE THIS MAN NOW
2,088amber mellentineShelbyville , IndianaI have read all the articles , watched dateline which is why i came to this page.. how in the world would anyone think that he killed kim.. he deserves to atleast have a chance at another trial!! Especially with all the new technology! FREE BARRY!!!!
2,087Sharon StatenPoplar Bluff, MissouriI do not think he did it.
2,086Julie ParkerVallejo, CAHe is a good guy, served time and is clearly changed. There are too many good men locked up in Jail. People repent and change and God grants forgiveness, should we follow his merciful example? Many women do not have husbands because our judicial system does not rehabilitate them properly.
2,085Danielle Bass Melville, NyINNOCENT SIMPLE AS THAT
2,084Linda MahnkenCanton, GATime to reverse this and release this innocent man after 30 years
2,083Katherine KuykendallNash, OklahomaHe did not kill Kim Nees! She was killed by the girls!
2,082patty coxmount juliet, TNthat innocent man did not kill that girl. Them girls should be brought to trial that did kill her and justice should be served!!!!! bless his heart barry you are in my prayers
2,081Mary Anne PaulPittsburgh, PABarry Beach deserves freedom!
2,080lisa arpkingsport, Tennesseebecause all of the evidence proves he didn't do it & I believe his confession was out of intence interrogation.
2,079Jenifer PreeceUniversal City, TexasI have watch the dateline episode about Barry Beach's case and I fully believe he did not commit the crime he is serving time for. It is sad to know that this happens to so many many kids. They are pushed into confessing to a crime they did not commit!!! Our justice system is flawed beyond belief and it makes me sick.
2,078Michelle EngelGrand Blanc, Mi
2,077Nicholette MoradoHouston, Tx
2,076Kandy Sevaldsenmesquite, Texas
2,075Tammy Walter Cape elizabeth , MeIt's obvious he's innocent. Dirty cops dirty confession a 20-year-old who isn't properly represented. All kinds of witnesses showing that something else happened that night. He's out of prison and does nothing wrong. Give me a break let the guy go. This is injustice if ever I've seen a case!!!
2,074Christine WilnauBillings, MontanaHe was wrongly convicted. He is innocent and keeping him locked up is a travesty to justice.
2,073Enza ZabonasMaple, OntatrioAfter reading everything about this case I am absolutely convinced Barry didnt do it!
2,072Susana GutierrezFort Worth, TexasThere is no DNA that links him to this sad and horrific crime. This investigation was botched up from the beginning, to hear a witness that actually heard the screams of the victim but never saw Mr. Barry. It is unfortunate we have law enforcement officers that will do anything to get a conviction, as it appears in this case. Police failed to do their job that night.
2,071Karen HorowitzLos Angeles, CAHe is innocent.
2,070James KolyvasSan Bruno, CaliforniaAll the evidence painfully proves, without a doubt, that Mr. Barry Beach is innocent. Kimberley Nees and her family will never receive justice when an innocent person is incarcerated for such an evil crime while the guilty ones are NOT pursued and brought to trial.
2,069Jennifer WieboldOmaha, NebraskaSo much reasonable doubt! This is ridiculous!
2,068Regen PlaceBozeman, MTNo physical evidence exists linking Barry to the scene.
2,067Missy MillerCourtice, OntarioHe is not guilty
2,066CONNIE HUNTHODGENVILLE, KentuckyThe decision should stand as dictated by the higher court. He should have received a new trial based on new evidence. Actually, he should never have been convicted in the first place as there was NO evidence at all proving he killed anyone. The parole board should never have so much power as evidenced in this case; I am surprised there aren't 5000 signatures on this petition. God bless you Barry
2,065Jeannine ClarkRonan, MTIt has been proven that he is innocent. It is because of politicians trying to save face why he is being kept in prison. Stick to the facts and get the politics out of it.
2,064Sierra LindeHelena, MT
2,063Amber PoolePittsburgh, PaI believe his innocence and and I believe that he was wrongfully convicted. There is doubt that he has committed this crime and evidence that points to other suspects. He has served most of life in prison and its hard for me to grasp sending someone back to prison after being released when he has been nothing but an outstanding citizen.
2,062Michele Houston Falls Creek , PaBased on the eyewitness that was 10yrs old at the time clearly heard women attacking that poor woman Kim she was scared at the time. Because she seen a police car and they did nothing as usual. I believe he is innocent and his confession was forced!!
2,061Allen FrantzLuthersburg, pennsylvaniaBased on the eye witness that heard the murder take place. I think that his legal team should check into a pokice unit being in the area of the murder that night that would prove that she was there and make her story a lot more believable.
2,060Floyd CandeePoplar, mtFrom the evidence now and then sayes he didn,t do it. He has spent enough time in prision already for not doing it.
2,059Kelly MontgomeryEdmonton, AlbertaThere is absolutely no evidence (DNA etc.) tying him to the case, and Centurion Ministries has proved this. His facts about that night were made up and incorrect because he was persuaded to do so (he was young and easily persuaded by authority figures) and was promised that his case and his innocence would be reevaluated if he plead guilty. False promises by authority figures! Misleading & unfair!
2,058Sandy CottonLafayette, IN1) I believe Barry's confession was coerced by corrupt law enforcement in Louisiana; 2) There are finger prints at the scene that do not match Barry's; 4) There are no finger prints from Barry at the scene; 5) There is a bloody palm print on the truck that doesn't match Barry's; 6) The new witnesses that have come forward are believable.
2,057Cody Hubmanbozeman, mt30 years for a sentence is enough alone. If the evidence as well points that he was innocent then it should be an outrage and he has taken the decision lightly. This man has fought for his freedom for years and I think it's about time that he earned it
2,056Ginger SackettGrants Pass, ORBased on testimony received from very credible witnesses and by the conduct of Barry Beach in his one year plus as a free man, why should he be in prison? Mr. Beach was young, naive and lied to by the police. I think this is one of those times they just don't care about truth or justice. I believe he is innocent.
2,055kristie champagneleicester, MaThere is absolutely reasonable doubt in this case. The reasonable doubt alone should clear Barry Beach's name.
2,054Peggy PierceFenton, MichiganJust watched Dateline,and it is sooo obvious that Barry Beach DID NOT kill anyone. The police officers who first interrogated Barry and excepted his confusion should, after all these years, come forward and stand behind this innocent man. The judge who set his free for a year and a half did the right thing and its a shame that our justice system is so screwed up...keeping an innocent man in prison
2,052Lisa Sharpe AllenSan Jose, CaliforniaThere is a significant amount of evidence that at least merits Barry a new trial. I don't think the State is viewing the evidence objectively. I don't believe they want to admit they made a mistake.
2,051Mary Lynn SimonToronto , OntarioThere is certainly reasonable doubt that Barry is guilty - he was young and inexperienced when interrogated under questionable tactics. Certainly he has demonstrated that he is a man of his word (by turning himself over to authorities after the decision to retry him was overturned). He demonstrated the initiative and the ability to be a valued and contributing member of society. Free him!
2,050LaVerne FieldsAmherst, OhioThere was no physical evidence connecting Barry Beach to the fact...all the evidence points directly away from him. During his time while out of prison he has proven himself to be an upstanding citizen worthy of living in our society.
2,049Norma PetersonLawrence, MassachusettsEven a blind person could see Mr. Beach is an innocent man...where is the outcry?
2,048Maria MurrayFresno, CaliforniaI have watched this program on Dateline on ID , I am so sad what has happend to Barry. I know in my heart that Barry did not kill that beautyful girl. I just know, that Judge Philipps did the right think. I would like to thank him and the the Leagel Team for all there hart work. I am praying every day for Berry so he will be free again and see his lovely mom. Berry be stron! Sincerely, Maria.
2,047Deb PoirierVictoria, BcHe is innocent,his mom needs him and he needs his mom
2,046Virginia qureshiTulsa, OklahomaThis man is innocent does not need to be in prison, a lot of innocent people go to prison and there is evidence to prove this !
2,045Jonathan HeeCumming, GAanyone who reads the facts,,, will realize Barrys confession is a lie and he was forced into making by that piece of shit sheriff
2,044margot SpiessForest Lake, MNThe evidence clearly shows his innocence. I believe he was set up.
2,043aleta yutzysaucier, msOmg I jus watched this program. There is such an injustice done here. If there is absolutly No evidence of Barry committing this crime, he should not by any means be in prison. How can they beleive this. Please allow this man freedom. Test all bloods dna an run fingerprints with todays technology.I cried when they ruled agaknst him an sent him back after his sweet freedom. God bless him an his lov
2,042Liz NellisBuffalo Grove, ILI saw the Dateline story and there was sufficient evidence to prove Barry was innocent. The evidence more likely pointed towards those "girls". Barry was out for over a year and proved his place in society. He should not spend another day or minute for a crime he did not commit. All to often elected officials ignore the truth to save face and close a case. Time to end this nightmare for Barry Be
2,041Mary BriscaFairfield, CTI believe there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Barry Beach is not only innocent, but that he is a model citizen whose incarceration would be a loss to communities nationwide. In just 18 months he helped and inspired hundreds of people in his state, and his words have since been heard by thousands. GIVE HIM BACK. We love him.
2,040geraldine KellyPhiladelphia, PATHERE WAS NO EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM. All evidence indicated several persons involved. Detectives who extracted confessions seemed to have a history of doing this with other innocent men. Plus all the people who finally decided to tell the truth. I truly believe he is innocent.
2,039Pam BairdLakewood , COThere have been so many instances of false confessions that were later disproved through DNA evidence that it is just plain wrong to give Barry's more weight than than the new evidence. When he returned to prison, he proved to me that he is afar better person than I or those who have ruled against him will ever be.
2,038eric wojciechowskiwest allis, WisconsinInjustice! Absolute injustice!
2,037Cynthia FrischSaint George, UtahWatched the 48 Hours segment this weekend and the report seemed to be very fair to all concerned. This is the time to do the right thing, regardless if anyone ends up with egg on their face. Justice needs to be served. Thank you.
2,036Angelina Del RioAlbuquerque, NMWhy cant they get a warrant to test the women suspect's DNA against the blood on the truck?
2,035Priscilla RomeroPhoenix, ArizonaState didn't meet it's burden of proof in this case, new evidence in this case is substantial and warrants a new trial, and his immediate release OR while waiting for a new trial.
2,034Ann WilliamsStaunton, VAHe is not guilty.
2,033Samantha Behannahouston, txThere is evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he didn't commit the crime. I have seen so many cases where people have confessed to crimes they didn't do because of the actions the authorities took to obtain a confession. This man did more great things in his year of freedom, than those jealous insecure women who have become nothing. Especially the one who is a drug addict. She sho
2,032Susan GrayColorado, ColoradoClearly the evidence does not come close to convicting this man. If not released directly he should, at the very least be granted a new trail. And why haven't the police taken palm prints of these women who have been talking about getting away with murder all this time? I think 30 years in prison is a travesty of justice and all the money in with world won't make up for Barrys' imprisonment.
2,031Melissa Bandalong beach, California
2,030John McClainMonticello, WIHe never fled like a guilty person would have done when given the chance. I honestly believe he is innocent, and I'd really be interested in knowing who was in the police care that appeared on the scene shortly after the murder. Friend of one of the women who actually DID murder her I'll wager. Would certainly explain why they threw Barry back in prison! I pray to God he will be released!!
2,029Laurie BacaOakley, CaliforniaI watched Dateline last night, 10-18-14, where the story on Barry Beach was featured. After watching, I felt that Barry was innocent. Female witnesses came forward during the last trial, that cast doubt on Barry being guilty of the crime. (Especially testimony from the woman sitting on the ridge that heard the crime being committed.) Police have been known to force confessions, as in this case.
2,028Elizabeth BauerLebanon, New JerseyI strongly believe that false confessions happen often - it is so clear to so many people that Barry made a mistake by confessing under duress during an interrogation. There is no evidence to support his guilt and alot of evidence leading elsewhere. Look Barry in the eye and you can see he is true and honest. Please help him be the productive member of society he should be.
2,027tara whitejenison, miThere is reasonable doubt, no proof. Whose fingerprints are on the car? Crooked police chief that enticed a confession. There is reasonable doubt.
2,026Gigi SullivanWinchester, CaliforniaThe evidence did not match the confession. The finger prints of another were not identified. The confessions of others were dismissed- What a grave injustice! Please make this right!
2,025Michelle FellonAntelope, MontanaNot enough evidence to support the case, doesn't seem to me that the police really made a effort to find the true killer or killers. From what evidence I have read about it doesn't seem like a male even committed this murder, my opinion is that it was jealousy of other girls toward Kim. The confession in Louisiana by Beech seems forced and a scared young man is a good scapegoat. I grew up 90 mil
2,024lor marvinjenison, micircumstantial evidence. There is doubt.
2,023Curtis MorelandPost falls, IdahoI watched dateline!!!! Free Barry!!
2,022Faryal SilvaHouston , TexasWhy doesnt anyone match the finger prints of the 2 Ladies with those dozen that were found in the car?
2,021tina coxmaidens, vathis is ridiculous if he was a black man he would have been exonerated you guys have no evidence other than a source story that they made him say you had people that said that he didn't do it and there was two other people they did do it I think it was mostly politically charged and you guys are just ridiculouspretend he's a black man who killed a white man I guarantee you he'll get exonerated
2,020Troy Williamstellico plains, tnthe man who spent 30 years of his life in prison and you had two people that were confessed this is ridiculous this is part of the good ole boys system you don't let someone go free and then turn around and put them back to make yourself look better
2,019Chris StroudNew Iberia, LAI am convinced by the facts of his case that he is innocent.
2,018janet kerpanwest vancouver, bcI have researched this crime and do not believe he committed. There is no DNA evidence nor tapes of the police interviews. As I have gone through a 3 week trial, not for a criminal charge, I saw first hand how lawyers and witness can outright lie and twist the truth. This is a travesty he should be free to live his life. The murders have gotten away Scot Free for 30 years, there is an eye witness!
2,017Chad HarperPhoenix, ArizonaBecause he is innocent!! He just is.... "Justice is blind" a principle of our supposedly fair and balanced legal system, seems an ironic idea in this case. The only way an injustice of this magnitude could happen, is if those in our justice system are veiling their eyes from the law and the truth. If this could happen to this man, it could happen to any/all of us!!
2,016joan turnerkamsack, SaskatchewanHe is an innocent man. They have a witness to prove it wasn't him. The 10 year old native girl at the time has told them that she heard the girls telling one another to hit her. She has had nightmares ever since. Free Barry Beach he is innocent.
2,015Sharon O'Brienfresno, CaliforniaAfter watching Dateline, and listening to the Judge; I ask myself these questions: Why wasn't the eyewitness to what she heard considered credible.? Why wasn't all that fingerprint, and palm print gone over again? And last : how does a person get convicted with absolutely no evidence? A confession is not evidence. Even his confession had holes in it.
2,014Peter TiffanyLos Gatos, CA - CaliforniaAfter watching both NBC programs about the Nees murder and most particularly the testimony of the Native American girl who was 10 the night of the murder. Her testimony was so heartfelt, you could hear the sincerity in her voice. She heard a group of girls committing the murder, and I believe her. Plus Barry Beach while he was free demonstrated that he is no killer. Let the man go!
2,013kristie heiseclarkston, washingtonNo physical evidence! Only evidence against him is confession and I truly believe it was ccoerced! He deserves to be freed!
2,012Jeanne CarleyWoodside, CaliforniaClearly given credible witness testimony and virtually no forensic or DNA evidence connecting this man to the crime he should be released immediately. It should not be so difficult for law enforcement to acknowledge an error. Their job should be to discover the truth and not to hold on to positions that are no longer credible (if they ever were).
2,011Susie A LaraAUSTIN, TXBecause of DNA Testing Refusal by the state and understandably so, since there is nothing left to do DNA testing with. All and everything pertaining to this case has conveniently disappeared or has been thrown away. The justice system despite of the state it is from is very well aware of any coercion they do to get their man, even if the man is innocent, but for a few moments of "Glory", detec
2,010Mary HouseMerced, CaliforniaWatched Dateline and there are to many questions that don't have answers. He at least should get a new trial. And what about the witness that heard the girls? I'm all for a guilty person staying in prison but we must make sure to the best of our ability that only the guilty are in prison.
2,009Laura FissingerNew York City, New YorkHis confession, such as it was, was given in response to a false promise. The old and new evidence all points away from Barry and toward the unknown females heard by the witness up on the bluffs. He proved himself to be a standout citizen of Montana during his months of release. I believe Montana hangs on to Barry because admitting they have been wrong all these years will be humiliating.
2,008Jerry KollyNiceville, FloridaThis is the perfect example of lawyers and judges being obsessed with the letter of the law and forgetting the primary purpose is to serve justice.
2,007Joseph SummersLincoln, IllinoisThis man has been served the largest plate of injustice I have ever seen. I believe he deserves his day in court with the new evidence that has been produced. They need to compare the bloody prints to that of the woman who have told numerous people they done it.
2,006Jenny DrefsEdmonton, AlbertaBarry's confession contained numerous incorrect details as the officers asked him to tell them hypothetically how the murder would have went, there is no physical evidence linking him to the crime, witnesses backed up his innocence. I feel justice was not carried out and an innocent man is spending his life in jail. I cannot believe he is still incarcerated. FREE BARRY BEACH!
2,005Brandy CliftonBatesville, ArkansasNo man should live his life in prison when there is so little evidence. I believe this man should be free, without a doubt, after I heard his story! Free Barry Beach until you can actually find more proof (which I don't think you will).
2,004Raquel SanchezVan Nuys, CaliforniaJust saw the episode of his trial. I believe he is innocent& the sheriff p pressured him into that confession.
2,003Glenda StumpSpringfield, VirginiaThey had no real evidence proving that he killed her.
2,002Maria Eugenia GonzalezEl Cajon, CAI believe that Mr Barry Beach deserves his liberty. I cannot describe to you how sad and shocked I was for the "reasons" the Judicial System ruled in his last trial, even after he's proved that he is able to bee a productive law abiding citizen in his community. As a productive law abiding citizen that I am, I peed to you to Please give Mr Barry Beach his freedom back..
2,001Gabriella Nguyen69 William St, NJ
2,000Robin GatesDallas, TexasThe evidence is circumstantial and does not support his guilt. Coerced confessions under duress are very common and are not enough for this conviction to remain in place. A new trial is the best option for him to prove his innocence.
1,999Jenna ArcherPeshastin, WashingtonThere is a clear lack of evidence to convict him in the first place. His "confession" should be void as it was coerced from corrupt Police Officers. This sort of good ol' boy hand of "justice" needs to end. It's time for a change. The fact that this innocent man has wasted most of his life behind bars already is a travesty. There are far worse people in the world living free.
1,998Gretchen ChidseyPonte Vedra, , FlWhere do I start & who is looking at the DNA? Police corruption and cronyism possibly reaching to the state supreme court. Evidence tampering, lack of evidence against Mr. Beach, and erased confession (seriously????). A drug addict's word & her cronies are more believable than a man, Barry Beach, who has proven to be a productive, law abiding citizen with massive support from the community?
1,997Debra ScruggsAbilene, TexasI believe the officers coerced him in to a false confession......and they had no physical evidince...
1,996Peter MunozBrookfield, WisconsinClearly Barry's conviction was based on his confession. The investigators who forced the confession did also from other innocent defenders., Obviously Barry felt compelled to confess in horror of being executed in that state. The testimony of a credible eye witness who saw the real killers should not be disregarded. Barry has already paid for a crime he did not commit. He should be freed.
1,995Lindsay DrakeBurlington, OntarioI watched the show on dateline on Barry and you can just tell how humble and down to earth Barry is we are in the 20th century and have so many ways of being able to tell who the real guilty people are and there is no way that Barry beach is guilty of murder there were countless witnesses able to testify that he wasn't and they provided information about the girls that were the actual guilty one.
1,994Thomas MeighanForty Fort, PAI sounds like his confession was coheres and no DNA or finger prints were found. This man deserves a new trial ASAP!
1,993Cindy RumblePortland, OregonI feel strongly that Barry Beach is innocent. There was no evidence ie: finger prints and you have more than one person testifying that there had been confessions of the murder. Barry beach deserves a fair trial!
1,992Wei JinWeehawken, NJ1) None of the many finger and palm prints in the car was Barry's. 2) Barry's words and demeanor trustworthy. 3) All the witnesses' testimony that other then girls committed the crime seem believable. 4) The Louisiana police officer's history of presenting falsified confessions.
1,991Catherine NicholsonMission, B.C.There was a witness that said that it was acouple women that she heard not a mans voice.
1,990Kymberly HolyHattiesburg, MSTis man has already spent 30+ years incarcerated for a crime he should never been convicted of to begin with. So many facts and evidence were withheld from the jury. There was and is a preponderance of reasonable doubt. This case stinks of conspiracy and coverup . Barry Beach has been used as a sacrificial scapegoat. This isn't justice its a bad joke. For the love of God, this is a man's life.
1,989Dewayne BridgesPlano, TxThe only evidence implicating Barry is a confession coerced from him from lawmen that have BEEN PROVEN just 3 months later to have coerced false confessions from others. The courts are ignoring compelling evidence from a witness as well as others that have heard confessions from other possible suspects. The courts are also overriding the judge with the most intimate knowledge of the case
1,988Mahala SweattAndalusia, AlI believe he is innocent because of the evidence and due to the witnesses. I believe Barry is a genuine person. I do believe justice will prevail. He should have already been set free.
1,987Joanne SevignyEdmonton, AlbertaWhy is it that convicted rapists and sex offenders and violent domestic abusers, are let out of prisons and giving free for all while a Barry Beach is returned to prison ? I believe that the former prosecutor and detectives NEEDED a conviction of the murder of a young lady. Shame on them and the wrongful conviction of an innocent man. I am sorry and hope you get to see your Mom again! I will pray
1,986Gene WaymanNiceville, FloridaI feel the confession was a "false confession" coerced by over-zealous law enforcement personnel. The confession should be thrown out in the face of so many witnesses who testified that other women confessed to them and that one witness testified that she heard the killing as it occurred. It is a travesty that justice for this man has not been done.
1,985Amanda LaufferMineral point, PaBecause he is innocent! I think it's a small town cover up! Was a police officers teen daughter involved? Sure seems like something is very wrong here!
1,984Janene BarnhartEaton, OhioThere is definitely reasonable doubt about this crime. His confession made under pressure and false assurances.
1,983Barbara AtkinsPowhatan, VaAnyone who heard the testimony would know Barry did not commit the murder. Just as testimony was believed in the first trial, one must also believe testimony in the last hearing should be believed. My goodness if the Judge in the last hearing felt he was innocent, why is he in jail now? What is wrong with the people in the Justice system? Are they stupid? Or do they just like to keep innocent peop
1,982Sarah McElroyParis, TXI think the police railroaded him back during the initial investigation, investigated sloppily, and neither they nor the Montana Justice system has been willing to admit the mistake. That must change!
1,981Lynda CrawfordReno, NVIt seems impossible that any intelligent person can believe this man is guilty. I totally believe in his innocence and as a person born and raised in Montana, I am embarrassed and appalled to see what an injustice the legal system of the State of Montana has inflicted on this man and his family!
1,980Vanora SchoenwaldAlmonte, Ontario
1,979barbara austinwalton, kyit is plain to see ,the man is innocent and should be free!!! Find the real killer but set this man FREE!!! when this happens, why aren(t the ones responsible ,sent to prison for taking his whole life away? Also taking away the life of his mother! May God Bless them both! PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING AND FREE HIM!!!
1,978George MeyersPaola, KSHe is innocent.
1,977Bethel ShambachSunbury, Pa.I just watched the tv show, and I just can't believe that Mr. Beach did this. I think they really need to re-examine this.
1,976Eric GravesBoothbay, MaineThe evidence I have viewed to prove his innocence is overwhelming. His confession as well as thousands around this country should have been thoroughly investigated by internal affairs. This man should not spend one more day, one more hour in prison. You know this an the courts know this!
1,975Hailee AnnaWindsor, OntarioThere is no evidence that he did it!!! wheres the proof? How can you you convict someone without evidence! if he didnt make that stupid confession because he was a terrified young kid he would be free! An innocent man is sitting in jail while the murderer walks free. Shame.
1,974Richard HervieuxRosemount, MinnesotaBarry is obviously a victim of proscecuterial misconduct. Everyone know how cops, especially rural ones in a small town, will hammer someone into confessing under the guise that they will help them out etc. All in an attempt to make a name for them incompetent, immoral, untrained selves. It is a crying shame that they do it at the expense of someone's life. And while they screw around cover
1,973Warren LongBatesville, ARThe overwhelming factor for conviction was the confession; in this day and age we are beginning to see why a person would give a false confession. This is especially true of a young person who is scared and likely very ignorant of their rights. I cannot say that Mr. Beach is innocent, but I can damn well say there's big reasonable doubt...a notion I thought our legal system is rooted in.
1,972liz wilsonburlington, OntarioBarry was forced into confession by police who do not want to admit wrongdoing. too many witnesses point others to the crime. no DNA of barry at crime scene
1,971Margie CaseDarrington, WA - WashingtonMost of us have gone thru that 'young and dumb' stage in our lives. I'm conveniced he was in that young stage of his life when he said he did the murder, and also, trusted the officials that told him they'd help find the real killer. The lady who was 10 when she heard the commotion across the river was sincere. She had been harboring the knowledge for many years as seen in the pain she could f
1,970Lyn VincentWorcester , MaHe was so young and manipulated into a false confession!!! He had no clue what could happen. He made a mistake. The evidence is NOT THERE. HE SHOULD BE TRIED AGAIN!! There are other suspects! There is an eye witness testimony!!! AN INNOCENT MAN IS IN JAIL!! What an injustice!!!! SET HIM FREE!!!!!!
1,969COURTNEY SharesBoston , MaI was very moved by Dateline's portrayal of this case. I feel strongly that he deserves justice.
1,968sara fatahimississauga, OntarioBarry was forced into confession by police who do not want to admit wrongdoing. too many witnesses point others to the crime. no DNA of barry at crime scene
1,967Susan BarberMurfreesboro, TennesseeThere is overwhelming evidence that Barry Beach is innocent of the crime of murder of Kim Nees. Please do this man justice and FREE him!!!
1,966Elaine YuenToronto, OntarioHe is innocent and has suffered needlessly. He is such an inspiration. Bless his soul,. I hope that justice prevails.
1,965Gianna LocastoBrooklyn, NYIt's clear he's innocent and his confession was coerced.
1,964Somayyeh AhmadiGlendale, Ca
1,963stewart wilsonoakville, ontarioBarry was forced into confession by police who do not want to admit wrongdoing. too many witnesses point others to the crime. no DNA of barry at crime scene
1,962kerrie AnteloKalamazoo
1,961Cheryl McLoughlinJohnston, Rhode IslandThere is not one bit of evidence against Barry Beach!! Not one single bit! How in America can you keep a man behind bars for over 30 years without any evidence? This happens when those in charge don't want to admit they are wrong! This is justice? Whose fingerprints and palm print are on the truck? If not Barry's, and they are not, he should be released immediately. I am outraged!!
1,959Deb NugentSugar Grove, PennsylvaniaI watched the dateline show. It is obvious to me that the new testimonies more than create reasonable doubt in the case. Along with the fact that this us not the first time confessions have been made under duress. I myself, could imagine admitting to something after hours of questioning and just wanting to put an end to the interrogation. I believe, with all my heart & soul that he is innocent.
1,958Linda BotzChanhassen , MnA 20 year old young man was coached and prodded into making a false confession. These same officers had a reputation for bending the rules and acting outside the law. There is overwhelming evidence that a miscarriage of justice has happened in this case.
1,957Bette WilsonIndianapolis, IndianaHis conviction was due to coerced confession by officers in another state without their further investigation.
1,956Kareen WebberLondon, OntarioThe star witness testimony sinply proves he's innocent!
1,955Terry MatthewsDoral, FlConfessions should be vetted out prior to conviction. If this was done, the confession would have been discredited based on the gap between confession detail and crime scene.
1,954Frank ThompsonPascoag , RII just watched the dateline show about Barry . I feel that he should not be imprisoned and should be released. He should be giving a new trial and freed until that time .
1,953janie rodriguezLos fresnos, TexasHe is innocent.
1,952Gregory Hampton Corning , ar.Because there is no evidence and the testimony of the woman that heard the death happen! Free himand let him live!!!!! He served 30 years what else do you want....
1,951Cate SawersBurlington, OntarioI believe the evidence has proven him innocent He's innocent As a guilty or innocent man 30 years later 'This' man has spent life behind bars
1,950Courtney RobertsonPoint Pleasant, njBecause he is innocent of this crime.
1,949Heather ArmstrongManchester, MissouriThe evidence is clear to me, at the very least he deserves a new trial. Please give this man a chance to live free!
1,948Sonya ThomasLexington, KyHuge injustice! Proof that our system does NOT work. Very sad that prideful courts do not care about a mans life. Where is the empathy?
1,947Robyn RandolphChuckey, TnHe is an innocent man
1,946Kathleen BassettCleveland, ohI watched Dateline and those other bogus confessions that those police officers had coerced. There were no prints of Barry and his confession did not match the evidence.
1,945Araceli ReyesAustin , TxBerry is obviously innocent. He has strangers coming forward to tell the truth and be witnesses on his case. He deserves at least another trial, this is so wrong to have him in jail. Please give him another trial, he is innocent!
1,944cathryn christensonlas vegas, nvno evidence. reasonable doubt
1,943Kimberly VasquezCheshire, Connecticut
1,942Jacquelyne ChampagneSilver City, MSother evidence should be considered especially the 10 yr olds testimony. I pray justice is served for Barry Beach.
1,941Robert SwiedaPensacola, FLORIDAThe Dateline show. I do not know how ANY BODY could still think this man is guilty!
1,940Mostafa ChrichiSacramento, CaliforniaI watched Dateline show and all the evidence does not support his conviction. I just have a gut feeling that he is a decent man and he proved it when he was temporarily releasexd
1,939Britta SlopiankaJacksonville, Floridatoo many doubts, no evidence...
1,938Arlene BlessingGreat Falls, MontanaThe conviction was not accurate. Justice was not served.
1,937Charles Prescott IIIDublin, GAHE IS AN INNOCENT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1,936Patrick FrasierAshland, MTcause he didnt do it.
1,935Bobbie WrenHartford, WIPlease free Barry i truly believe he is innocent. Look at the investigation that was done. We are to have faith in our judicial system show us that we can believe in it. This is so outrageous this is happening to him. He has lost over 30 years of his life because of crime he didn't commit please free him!
1,934Louise NovakAnchorage, AlaskaBeing very young at the time, I believe he was coerced into a confession by the police, thinking he would be let go. He needed legal coucil while being questioned by police, his rights were violated.
1,933susan zieglerlaurel, mti know he is innocent
1,932Karen SmithMarietta, Georgia
1,931Gabriele ObkirchnerManchaca, TexasIt is incomprehensible to me that the authorities gave Barry his freedom for less than 2 years, only to put him back in jail. What a horrible thing!!! Barrys case hits close to home. Here in Round Rock, TX, a man was wrongfully convicted for murdering his wife about 25 or 30 years ago. After new and undeniable evidence turned up, he was released. And he is a most graceful and wonderful man without
1,929James HigginbothamBillings, MontanaAt the least he should be allowed a new trial. If not, with the evidence available, he should be paroled.
1,928Lisa PerryPoplar, MontanaI was the freelance reporter and photographer at the TRIBAL NEWSPAPER WOTANIN WOWAPI FOR 5 YEARS FROM 2006. It was during this time that Mike Longtree asked me if I wanted a good story. He was going to tell me who really killed Kim Nees, but because there was a distraction, he never finished saying who did it. I told all this information to Centerion Ministeries as well. Plus he is a family rela
1,927Stephanie PhillippiCarrboro, NC
1,926Stacy StacyDeer Lodge, MT
1,925Gloria BobbittHouston, TexasBarry Beach is an innocent man. Barry Beach did not murder anyone. Barry Beach is a good man. Please free Barry Beach immediately. Shame on the state of Montana. Thank you.
1,924Susan ColaizziPittsburgh, PAI heard the testimony, I believe there is reasonable doubt that her ever committed the crime he is accused of. He has proven he can be productive person in society. I would have no fear that he would ever be a criminal once set free. I believe we have an obligation to search for the truth; that hasn't happened. Too often we find law enforcement focusing on one suspect, thereby ignoring possibilit
1,923Kimberly Dibella West Hartford , Ct After watching the dateline special, I believe Barry is not only innocent, but that he was intimidated into a false confession. I am a mother of small child and am all for keeping the "bad guys" locked up, making the works a safer place, and I believe in justice. This is not justice. The wrong person is in prison wasting his life paying for someone else's gross act. FREE BARRY!!!
1,922Garnet JonesGreat Falls, MTI believe he has paid for his confession with many years of his life. During the time he was released he did all that he could to prove he would be a productive member of society and those closest to him; employer, friends, sponsors did not want him to be imprisoned.
1,921James RauschWest Chester, OhioThere's serious doubt given the evidence, especially if the original jury had all the evidence, and besides he did 30 years and has proven to be a good citizen.
1,920Greg MacklinSan Juan, Alabama
1,919David RauschMeridian, Idaho
1,918Patricia BanksBivins, Texasno good evidence
1,917Joelle Georgelouisville, kyBarry beach is an innocent man. There is so much evidence that he is not guilty that I believe he deserves a new trial at least.
1,916Lisa DiekhansGreat Falls, MT
1,915Maura StraczekCharlotte, north CarolinaI believe the girl that witnessed the crime was telling the truth. I don't think that he did the murder. I think that the police were dishonest in obtaining his confession.
1,914Jason SpidelNoblesville, IndianaHe is NOT GUILT and should be freed!!!
1,913Tony & Karen RauschGreat Falls, MontanaThe way they obtained his confession, it should never have been allowed. If Judge Phillips ordered a new trial; why did the state not allow one?
1,912Fontaine TamrakManchester, MoIn August of 2013 I watched the Dateline episode regarding Barry Beach. Much to my own surprise and shock I actually believe that this man is innocent of this crime. This was the first time that I have believed in my heart without a shadow of doubt that there is definitely reasonable doubt that has come out with new evidence. He has already paid dearly for the past 30 + years it is time the th
1,911Christina SwanBates CityI believe he is innocent, and shoukd be released, or allowed a nee trial.
1,910Linda HabeckerYuma, AZWitnessess' have come forward, so there is a doubt...Also, you can just tell by someones demeanor, and I saw this man with REAL tears running down his face...He is NOT guilty...And he has been in jail 30 yrs..A sentence that should be good enough if you are not sure of a mans guilt!!! That confession was cohersed, and how many men have been "freed", with a so called confession. FREE HIM NOW!
1,909Leslie GuzikBrunswick, OhioBarry sits in jail while the real perpetrators of this murder shamefully enjoy their freedom without guilt. Disgusting and pathetic people!
1,908Morgana Rose SeaySumner, WashingtonThe evidence does not support the court findings. His (coached?) confession is the only evidence and is refuted by the lack of supporting evidence. There is more then reasonable doubt.
1,907Tara SanonHempstead, NYAfter watching the Dateline special I was able to conclude that this gentleman is innocent. I watch his eyes and listened to his words. I listened to the people he worked and lived with. He lived his short time of freedom as a role model. Please please free the man. He doesn't deserve to be in jail. It is a shame to know that the real killers are out there...... living their lives.
1,906Abby MaurerDunlap, ILThere is no physical evidence that puts him at the scene of the crime. A woman told another man she got away with the crime, so why not look more into that? People make false confessions all the time Look at the Amanda Knox/Meredith Kurcher case. Amanda confesses to killing her, served four years and then the conviction was overturned. This man did not commit the crime. A blind man could see that.
1,905Henry EvansDouglasville, GaThe lack of evidence us clear! No DNA. Fingerprints all over - but NONE were his. The Montana legal system is showing its cowardness. Montana is unwilling to admit to the illegal and wrongdoing of the officers who initially obtained a false confession under duress. Was the interrogation and testimony filmed? Free this innocent man and find the true killer (s).
1,904Marcia EvansDouglasville, GaNew witnesses came forward with compelling information. The lack of crime scene evidence (none of his fingerprints or DNA discovered !) is overwhelming. I believe the confession was forced - he was a 20 y/o scared young man over 2000 miles from home - and was given false hope of freedom if he falsely confessed. I feel the state doesn't want to bear the tarnish of the mistake that they made.
1,903meri asarostudio city, CaliforniaAfter story on Dateline, I believe he signed a confession to quit the nightmare and pressure he found himself in, this man should be freed and the real murderers arrested. Did anyone pay attention to statement made by lady who was 10 at the time, the screams, the girls, voices, most importantly the cop car driving by WHO WAS THIS COP? Any relation to real predator/s?
1,902Amanda WallaceSouth Williamsport, PABarry Beach never would have been convicted if the women had testified to the truth about her being beaten with the tire iron and the lady who heard the screams when she was ten years old. All of that evidence would have created reasonable doubt for the jury. He should be released immediately and get a new trial.
1,901Dan BrunerSecane, PA
1,900gina buffaoebirmingham, alafter watching dateline and reading about his case, a new trial is deserved IN THE LEAST
1,899Megan GormanSecane, PAEnough evidence was brought forward to create a reasonable doubt in a juries mind. They let him go and now they want him to serve based on a nonsense confession! Crazy. Let him GO!!!
1,898katherine chopindallas, gaI believe Barry Beach is innocent because due to the overwhelming evidence that says he did not do it. I think there is a cover up by the state of Montana to keep this innocent man in prison. The short time he was freed he showed to be a valuable member of society he belongs at home with his mother what is wrong with this parole board. Free Barry Beach!!!
1,897mike evegensacworth, Georgiaenough is enough
1,896David Hall Albuquerque He's innocent and needs a new trial
1,895Judee nortonSnowflake, AZThe bloody palm print, his failure to know the details of the crime, but only what was "fed" to him by his interrogaters, the footprints at the crime scene, the woman who heard the crime happening, the witnesses who have heard the real perpetrators speak of the crime, the lack of barry's fingerprints in the truck among the many that were there, all speak to his innocence.
1,894Lindsey WeinbergerPark Falls, WisconsinI believe Barry Beach is innocent. I believe the investigators coerced him to sign their false confession, and he was then wrongly convicted. I pray that the facts of the case are set forth again and honestly reviewed, and the truth sets Barry Beach free. Let justice prevail, though the Heavens may fall.
1,893Kristina MoyaHouston, TXIf there is doub, he deserves a chance like anyone else. Especially now with the technology available to us today.
1,892Tina MillerMt Tabor, NJHe already served time for a crime he didn't commit. He has proven he can be a productive member of society. Keeping him in prison is cruel .
1,891Dennis FreemanBoca Raton, FloridaThe Dateline show, and the evidence presented for and against clearly indicates that there is beyond reasonable doubt that he committed this crime. What we are dealing with here is simply protecting the ego's and reputations of those who wrongly handled this case from start to beginning. It's truly a significant and deep blemish on the Montana legal system.Tourists should avoid visiting.
1,890Doris Washington Baltimore , Maryland Mr. Beach should be released because there is serious doubt as to whether he committed this crime. I have watched the television specials about this case and I believe there is very reasonable doubt about his guilt. I personally do not believe he committed this crime and that his so called confession was made under duress.
1,889celia sawyerslick creek, kyBecause me and my mom read the story watched dateline and weighed the evidence shown. Girls were jealous even a judge belived he was innocent. Its an outrage. Police strong-armin a confession. I read the story and watched to many of these shows.
1,888Lisa BoggsWilloughby, oRelease him or give him a new trial. It is completely unjust to do otherwise!
1,887carolann dean-gleasonauburn, maWith so much eyewitness testimony and a mountain of evidence supporting Barry Beach's innocence, and the judge who had the integrity and courage to free Barry, the later court's decision to return Barry to prison in an abomination to the quasi justice system as a whole. Free Barry Beach.
1,886richard Fieldsso chas, West VirginiaIt is unacceptable for him to spend another day imprisoned
1,885Marivone MarquesMarlboro, MassachusettsI believe Barry beach is innocent simple because all the evidence and testimonies .. He is a productive citizen and a very sincere man and do not deserve to pay for something he did not do.
1,884deanna PembertonLebanon, tnI've watched the stories I've read all that I can get my hands on. He should be free.
1,883Elizabeth FordEasley, South CarolinaBecause the evidence is not certain. A person should not be locked up for life if there is reasonable doubt. He seems to be a stand up good citizen for society. You got rapists, child molesters, drug thugs & murderers that get off all the time. You can tell without a doubt he is a good person.
1,882Jennifer TaylorEugene, OregonAfter watching Dateline and listening to the facts of the case, I believe, as a former police Detective, Barry Beach is innocent.
1,881kimberly luckeygatlinburg, tn
1,880Greg BoggsWilloughby, ohiI believe his confession was coerced and he should be given a new trial.
1,879Rebekah NeighborsArlington, TexasHe's innocent! And they just sent him back to jail without looking at the case or anything!!
1,878Leanna DawsonVirginia beach, Virginia
1,877Connie GilnessGoose creek, ScOur prisons are for the guilty, not the innocent.
1,876denise ouilletteoscoda, MichiganBecause there is so much more evidence that he is innocent, he needs to be free, many prayers that this will happen.
1,875Ann FoxAlvaton, KyI believe he is innocent!
1,874Janet SpanPlainfield , IllinoisI feel he is innocent and evidence is overwhelming
1,873Jennifer PoehlmanWaterford, MiHe is innocent. Keeping him in jail is wrong and there is a murder walking free -no justice for the victim Kim Nees. Let him go and find the real criminal.
1,872Lily SwannReedville, VirginiaAfter seeing and reading much information about this case I feel the evidence is clear and compelling in Mr. Beach's cavorted. It is a travesty that he has spent a quarter century in prison when the obvious suspects walk free. The ultimate injustice was having had his freedom restored by an unbiased and fair judge only to have it revoked again by a seemingly conspiratorial prosecution and State.
1,871Traci BaileySpring Lake, MIBecause he is innocent! Coerced confessions are sickening!
1,870Pat OnderdonkLittle River, SCIn my heart of hearts I KNOW he is innocent. What in the world is the Parole Board thinking? They'd rather leave an innocent man in prison because THEY don't want to lose face? They should not only lose face, they should be terminated immediately from the prison system. This is our problem with our justice system ... sometimes there is absolutely no justice given.What can we ALL do? Thanks, Pat
1,869mandy hogfeltchicago, ilI watched a documentary on this case and believe he is innocent.
1,868cheryl alessandradepew, nyI come from a police family and am a very law abiding citizen. I am convinced that not only is Barry innocent, but that the girls that killed her are so obviously guilty. Also, the detectives and the State Attorney General are more concerned with their reputation and careers than admitting that they coerced his confession. It is disgusting and I will never visit that state until he is released.
1,867Katie ShaheenBaton Rouge, La.An innocent man has spent more than half his life in jail. There is compelling evidence that his confession was coerced but what really amazed me is that you have a witness to the actual murder that has come forward (the woman that was ten at the time and heard women shouting and screaming) . Other people have sworn testimonies that they have been told by the women that actually comitted the crime
1,866Mary MontesKingwood, tx
1,865Nicole HencieChardon , Ohio
1,864Alana GrannisRedondo Beach, CAThere is no evidence to proof he committed this crime. They just want to hold someone accountable and since the police have no one else they chose to keep him locked up. This happens all the time. All of the DNA evidence being lost/destroyed doesn't sound like a conicedence to me.
1,863Michael PaviaChicago, IllinoisIts fairly obvious that there's reasonable doubt regarding his guilt. I'm amazed that the state supreme court overruled the initial judge's decision.
1,862Daniel LeatherwoodChicopee, MassachusettsAfter all I have researched about this situation, it really saddens me to know their are guilty individuals walking free while Barry Beach does their time. No true investigation was ever done by detectives and his conviction was based on assumptions.
1,861Erika LeatherwoodChicopee, MassachusettsI believe he should be released because I just watched Dateline on his story and the evidence the "wonderful" cops have and Barry's confession DO NOT Match!!!
1,860Cindy DorstenCarthage, IndianaI have just finished watching the Dateline coverage of Mr. Beach's case. All if the evidence (or, lack thereof) clearly point towards his innocence. I believe that the investigating officer undoubtedly used cohersive methods in trying to extrapolate a confession from a highly impressionable youth. What youth at that young of an age. Just because he was manipulated into giving a confession d
1,859Kerry FrancoGainesville, GaNone if the evidence points to him. If I was on a new jury I would find him Not Guilty. Whose palm print is that? Why haven't they located some of the female students and compared their prints? This guy didn't do it. Turn him loose. There's fingerprint evidence all over the truck of people who probably know what really happened. I don't get why they aren't pursuing that.
1,858Aubrey KinzieElkhart, iIAVery simple....he is an innocent man.
1,857kristi schrockperris, ca.I remember when I was a twenty year old woman and I know how I had more trust in Police and the system of government at that time,foolishly believing that they have every Americans best interest in mind. I feel that those corrupt men in Louisiana took advantage of Barry s vulnerability as a young man. Also,that Native American woman who was ten at the time,I think she would not have been believed
1,856Helen NicholsBillings, MontanaHe did not do it !!!!!!!!
1,855Karleen LindseyKirkland , ILIt is an absolute wonder how detectives and a prosecutor can take a case to trial when the confession doesn't hold water. The facts contained in the confession do not match the physical evidence at the scene. How can this happen in the United States? They were so interested in closing a case that they didn't do what was RIGHT, they did what was EASY. Shame on them!! Free Barry!
1,854Jonathan WoodMadison, ALThe footprint, palm print, and blood evidence, as well as the multiple murderer weapons, make it obvious that more than one person killed Kim Nees. The testimony of the female who heard multiple girls killing Kim should be heeded. The forced confession from Mr. Beach is a common occurrence in our country, even after videotaping interrogations became the norm.
1,853Phyllis CraunLima, Ohio Because of the statement the woman who was ten years old made. I felt watching Barry's reaction to thsee statements,was overwhelmed that someone was there that knew firsthand that he didn't do it along with him. I can only ask God to show him favor and set him free and bless him and his mother with many years of happyness.
1,852Sharon TurnerManalapan, NjI truly believe in my heart that hours & hours of being interrogated & fed information on a case the alleged perpetrator would confess due to fatigue, exhaustion & becoming delirious. It's happened so many times in so many cases - especially with kids 25 & under. I don't think the cops acted fairly. He's been in jail longer then lost actual killers. Time to get him out & free.
1,851Bill AndersonGrand Rapids, MIThe evidence the state has , does not support the case against him. How do you explain away a witness who was 10 years old at the time, who sobbed at his second trial??? She heard girls fighting, sitting on a bluff & still has nightmares to this day!!!
1,850charkes basssupply, North CarolinaI think he is innocent. Looks like DA's office was trying to clear case and now do want to admit they are wrong.
1,849Ron SteeleKenilwirth, NJWrongfully convicted
1,848Mary SwinehartFort ayne, Indiana
1,847Frank GuzmanEl Paso, TexasMr. Beach is clearly not guilty and was coerced and coached to confess!!! Injustice to one is injustice to all.
1,846Linda ParkerNorristown, PAI believe Mr. Beach is innocent as no scientific evidence shows him guilty of participating in this crime whatsoever.
1,845Savannah SteeleElgin, South CarolinaI think he's innocent. The evidence proves that, even if there is confession (which I think was coerced btw). A confession that got many details wrong. I don't know what's wrong with the Supreme Court in Montana but I guess they are either dicks or just really stupid for not realizing the same thing.
1,844Raini GilmoreLivonia, MichiganI believe that Barry Beach is innocent and the only evidence that convicted him of murder was his confession which was unfairly and unjustly manipulated/coerced by over zealous law men who cared more about closing a case than solving it! Please, do not take another day of freedom from Barry Beach's life! The evidence proves there were many murderers and these women need to be prosecuted!
1,843jimmy johannesenhavre, mtwe didnt do this look at the class mates there is evidence barry no part too it this is unjust
1,842Suzanne HolleySandy, UtahThe number one reason is the bloody palm print on the truck. If he did it then how could there be a palm print in blood of someone else? It's not his or the victims. How could it be there if he was the one who did it. Can't be. Secondly, 2 other women spoke to others about the killing and how they were involved. Of course they deny it now but they confessed.
1,841Laurie ButlerOnalaska, Wisconsin I just watched the Dateline episode about Barry . It infuriated me beyond believe! I was so happy that Dateline mentioned the Internet petition. Barry is an amazing person and inspired me. You will continue to be in my prayers. The edvidence against those girls are so damming!!!!!
1,840Stacey StowellRiverside, CAConfession does not match the evidence. No evidence is connected to Barry Beach.
1,839Alissa Neumayerroyal palm beach, flThere is overwhelming evidence of his innocence.
1,838Melissa NielsonBountiful, UtahHe is innocent
1,837Melanie FairmanSalt Lake City, UtI believe with all my heart that Barry is innocent. Please release this man! Go after the women who killed the young lady.
1,836Darlene LapeereIndio, CAI have followed the news and TV reports since day one and I feel he is not gulity and the MEAN girls are the ones that killed her.
1,835Karen PorterWest Chester, PAHe is innocent - this is a gross injustice!!
1,834Heather MeadorWalkersville, MDno physical evidence, no dna
1,833Cassondra RokerLas Vegas, NevadaI just watched the Dateline on ID showing of what happened to incarcerate Barry Beach and I am horrified at how he was so savagely convicted by a justice system that appears to be flawed and corrupt.
1,832Dawn GatlinBatesville, MSThe evidence clearly shows that he did not commit the crime. What has happened to our justice system? Why are we so eager to convict any person of any crime when there is clearly not enough evidence to prove guilt. I thought you were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty! Where's the proof?
1,831Susan Berkeley Arlington, VANo physical evidence connects Barry Beach to the murder of Kim Nees. He confessed because he was told that was the way to get back to Montana and get his name cleared. He was tricked by the cops - they do that often just to get a false confession. The cops need to find the people who killed her.
1,830Tamara BartonLas Vegas, NevadaI just watched the whole story on dateline and I don't understand how our judicial system can behave do corruptly, I am so dissapointed in a system that before this show I thought if could do the right thing would. A person wit the cappabilities to murder would certainly not turn himself in after so long in prison I feel he is an honost man and has proven his character .
1,829Cathryn EckertSanta Maria, Ca.I believe he gave a false confession out of fear. I believe others were the culprits of this horrible murder of the young women many years ago. Please look at all of the evidence and all of the statements made by people that have information related to this crime. Please do what is right. In this case. What is more important than getting to the truth in this matter.
1,828Michelle MillerFlagstaff, AZI believe this man is innocent. I believe he was coerced into his confession, as many people have been proven to be. I believe there is enough reasonable doubt that he should have never been convicted. I believe he did not get a fair trial. I believe this to be a gross miscarriage of justice. The women who killed that poor girl have gotten away with murder.
1,827Sonia HintonWhite City, OregonI just watched dateline. After seeing this episode I believe an innocent man is in prison for a crime he didn't commit. It bothers me that the real killer or killers are still out there. The police didn't do justice for that town. They were so interested in Barry instead of doing there job an finding the killers. I pray that his mom will be able to hug her child an spend her last moments with hi
1,826natasha mooreHermitage, TNIt has been proven time&time again that people have confessed to crimes they didn't commit when being interrogated by law enforcement. After watching the story on dateline I find it absolutely ludicrous that anyone could/would believe Barry Beach is anything other than an innocent man wrongly convicted of the murder of Kim Nees while the killers remain free.there isn't enough space for my reason
1,825Mark PalluccioPlymouth , MassachusettsAfter listening to the new evidence I too was convinced that Barry was wrongfully convicted. I don't believe that the prosecutor is seeking the truth which sickens me. Their job is to seek the truth no matter what their personal beliefs are. It's time to set this man free and if the governor has any decency in his heart he'll release Barry now!
1,824Erin WeinschenkBrooklyn, NYAll evidence points to Barry's innonence. To keep this innocent man behind bars, is an egregious act of misjustice .
1,823Frankie CunninghamFlorence, AlabamaI believe he is innocent!
1,822Jane StevensMidway, GeorgiaThere has been no evidence to support this injustice.
1,821angie saunierDeland, FloridaI watched Dateline on ID and i looked in his eyes, listened to the information provided. I believe he was a scared kid and would have said anything to get outta Louisiana. Its sad for the young ladies murder, her family deserves the truth. Mr.Beachs mother deserves her son. God willing this will help.
1,820laura goncalvesclearwater , flCommon sense tells me this man is innocent his guilt was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt what is wrong with the justice system and their inability to admit to mistakes.This is a mans life
1,819Edward BowdenWest Lafayette, INHe's obviously innocent. What a waste of a good man's life to imprison the innocent, and Montana's courts should be ashamed of failure to deliver justice.
1,818Ariel AvizaBridgeview, Illinois
1,817tina halawithmelrose park, Illinois
1,816MaryAnn AquilinoRochester, NYBarry Beach is innocent based on the not release him is a great miscarriage of justice.
1,815Cynthia ChristiansenKirtland, New MexicoI believe that Barry's confession was coerced. Also there is to much evidence to the contrary. If you weight the pros and cons you have a bogus confession in one hand and no finger prints, no DNA, no evidence whatsoever to back up a confession that was grilled out of a naive young man who went through TOO MANY exhausting hours of manipulation. Its injustice like this that can a person ashamed.
1,814mary RussellHarrison township, MichiganReasonable doubt, I think it's absolutely disgusting what he's been through.
1,813Patsy MullinsRutledge, Tn.He is innocent ! Look at the testimony of the witness' s in trial. Go over the evidence with new honest interest and determination to do justice.
1,812Cindy Sue McCartneyWashington, PennsylvaniaHe was a baby held for 2 days in an interrogation room. He was afraid of being electrocuted in La. All witnesses testimony says not him. The confession matches nothing. No proof of him being there. No DNA or forensic evidence. Let him out before the prison takes what life hhe has left. He is innocent. His mom deserves to be with her son.
1,811David SmithFort Mill, SCIf there really is justice in this world then this man should be dree.
1,810Charissa HarperHugoton, KansasTheir is no evidence connecting him to the crime that I have heard of to date. I have seen this story on Dateline & to me it looks as if the law gave up on the victim of this murder. My thoughts & prayers go out to both of the families involved with this case along with everyone that is seeking justice for Mr. Beach. May God bless you all.
1,809Ronald HaiglerVacaville, California
1,808michelle HeavnerWalkersville, mdThis is a travesty! He is innocent and was coerced into a false confession! There is NO evidence to support the states case. What a bunch of bullshit!
1,807Summer TorresSan Antonio, TxI have watched Barry's story 2 times on dateline. I truly believe he is innocent. The evidence is there 3 set of foot prints found at the crime scene didn't match Barry's. Those girls who have told other witnesses that they did it, for one girls can lie and lie good. I think the confession that was recorded and there is no record of it also proves to me he didn't do it. This man is innocent.
1,806Irena KoskiVancouver, WashingtonI don't think the "new" witnessess should have been ignored. The "confession" is what should be ignored. Everybody knows how corrupt the Louisiana police can be.
1,805Troy DavisNew Holstein, WisconsinThe system is junk! It is suposed to be based on evidence. Not a cohurst confession! I have heard of this many of times! Frankly poor, lazy (shitty) police work! Exactally how did these judges miss that fact of justice for the victim in this case! It does not take 4 yrs college and extended lawyer schooling! To see the evidence! Barry is INNOCENT! LORD BLESS
1,804Lisa FreelandLa Grande, OregonMany youngsters admit to something they didn't do when they are tired. They really don't know the consequences. Barry was questioned for 22 hours before falsley admitting to the murder. Seems like Montana is afraid they might have a lawsuit on their hands if they overturn the conviction. they probably sit in a room and talk about that. Those witnesses that came forward weren't lying. Why would
1,803Don HolderCleveland, TNSaw the Barry Beach segment on Dateline on ID Discovery and strongly believe in his innocence.
1,802Kenneth DostScappoose , Oregon I cannot possibly identify with what this man has one through although i can appreciate the strength and determination of person who, against government and court adversity, never gives up the fight against some wrong. Mine is much too long of a story but in short, the short part after 13 years bank fraud, 5 of the past 5 years doing my own investigation, I can now prove with 40 bankers boxes of
1,801 alisha parsonsnocona, txI believe the evidence proves his innocense
1,800Tisha GoffCleveland, TennesseeSaw the segment about Barry Beach on Dateline on ID Discovery believe in his innocence.
1,799Jennifer NevilleLenoir City, TNHe didn't do this horrrible thing and the fact that he is behind bars is atrocious. The only thing he is guilty of is having faith in Almighty GOD to lead him through this dark season in his life and trusting that He will make a way for him to walk free again in this life.
1,798Jemma WinstoneMarin, CaI feel a innocent man is in jail.
1,797Maria BardinoCoral Gables, FloridaThis gentleman is innocent based on the lack of evidence and witness testimony. Furthermore, the fact that the evidence disappeared mysteriously, and the connection between the police and the girls under suspicion is more than enough to create reasonable doubt.
1,796Michele SmokeMemphis, MichiganBarry is not guilty of murder. Several witnesses testified that a group of girls killed her. No dna or finger prints lead to him. He should have been released years ago! Free Barry Beach!
1,795Jeanne PughAustin, TexasHe is obviously innocent. Many young people can easily be intimidated into signing a confession. This case needs to given a closer investigation...and where did the DNA evidence go...whose bloody palm print was on the truck door? There are way too many problems surrounding this case for it to closed at the cost of a human life, who by all probabilities is innocent.
1,794Terrie ThompsonDallas, OR
1,793Jennifer CookMooresville, NcHe has been proven to be a productive citizen .the new evidence should at the very least should be heard by a new is a true injustice to keep this man in prison !
1,792Margaret rodrigomanhattan , KansasBarry Beach has spent nearly 30 years in for something he is wrongly incarcerated for.
1,791Christi KingeryMount Ayr, IowaI believe its another case of police bulling someone into a confession !
1,790Carrie GonyeaMalone, NYThe evidence speaks for itself. Scientific research shows confessions are often not true. For example, the Central Park murder which put more than one person in prison,,,,wrongly.
1,789Catherine DoyleSan Luis obispo, CaThere is so much evidence from witnesses that the girls murdered her. And not Barry beach. You cannot get that many people to lie with the same story!
1,788Anthony RussellMemphis, MichiganHe's not guilty, a group of girls murdered her. Not Barry
1,787Candice LommelOakdale, CaWe think he is innocent... Release him!!
1,786KellyAnn McCannScotch Plains, NJAfter hearing about this case for the 2nd time while watching the tv show Dateline, I was outraged by the obvious miscarriage of justice. I am the daughter of a NJ State Police officer, I was raised to be suspicious of everything & everyone. In this case, I am suspicious not of Barry Beach but of the very judicial system we are supposed to trust. Shame on any official involved in this injustice!
1,785Karen PattersonCedar Hill , MOThis man is innocent. The evidence tell it's own story. How in the name of all that is right, you can allow him to remain behind bars, is beyond me. Free him.
1,784Heidi FisherSunbury, OHIt does not appear there is any physical evidence to convict him.
1,783Connie WoodardLehigh Acres, FloridaThere is enough evidence that Barry Beach is innocent and for the justice system to continue to ignore this evidence is immoral and unjust.
1,782Edward BouvyPittsburgh, Pa.It is a travesty of justice that Barry remains behind bars. There is no credible evidence to link Barry, despite bloody hand prints and foot-prints, found at the scene, none belong to Mr.Beach. The so-called confession was coerced from a scared, confused young man by over zealous police officers, who simply wanted to wrap things up.
1,781Wanda PrevityBoise, IDI think the Police was quick to find a culprit in this crime and a young man was accused innocently, kept in prison even after some girls confessed to having done the crime. People serve lesser time for murders they have really done. Let Barry free!
1,780Kathleen McGinnisPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaBarry should not have been denied the right to a re-trial given that new evidence is available.
1,779Wilhelmina SomersHarrisburg, Pa
1,778Kelli Massingillpflugerville, txthe evidence is overwhelming that he didn't commit this crime. I think he has suffered way more than long enough for being young and naive and listening to that lying jerk (sorry excuse for a law enforcement officer) in the sherrif's office in Louisiana. No he shouldn't have confessed to a crime he didn't commit, but that is all he's guilty of. He shouldn't have to spend his life in prison f
1,777Diane JirusSilver Springs, NV
1,776mary stuckeyvvColumbus, OhioThe evidence clears him. The police are liars and for some reason are protecting those girls who were jealouse of the victim and the witnesses heard. The group who worked to exonerate him were correct in their evidence. The police and justice system are wrong and I believe corrupt
1,775Charles MackBrownsville, PennsylvaniaWe just saw this on Dateline and I truly believe Barry was coersed into making this confession.
1,774josh baurhillman, MichiganThe girls told numerous people they done it and the testimony of the woman that was 10 at the time was very compelling. I could not convict him with 100% certainty and I don't believe anyone could.
1,773Tammy TrandumCamdenton, MissouriThe new evidence that has since come to light is more than enough to cause reasonable doubt plus his confession to me sounds like it was spoon fed to him by the the police in the room. They told him details he did not know them otherwise.
1,772Gina YatesAlbuquerque, New MexicoThe evidence in this case strongly points to reasonable doubt. This man has already proven himself capable of being a productive member of society. It is a well-known fact that false confessions can result from the demoralizing intimidation of suspects. The fact that this obviously innocent man might spend the rest of his life in prison is an atrocity and makes me ashamed of this country.
1,771JT Rowseyhuntington, west virginia
1,770Sherre MensinkCarl Junction, MOthere was testimony given that, although given by different,unrelated witnesses, all collaborated the fact that it was not him! There was no personal gain to be had by the witnesses
1,769Linda DurandDevore, CAI am convinced of his innocence. I just watched his story for the second time on Dateline. I think those women killed her. He was young and coerced into confessing.
1,768M. M.Glendale, AZI saw the evidence presented in the show ID and I am convinced he didn't do it, and we the people are the ones who pay for seeing justus. Give this man freedom. You can not prove that he was even there at the scene.
1,767mark kehrbaumbellmore, New YorkHe's innocent there is no evidence and the eye witness heard it was other females who did it. Free him
1,766Patti ShannonSt. Petersburg , FlHe's INNOCENT
1,765Diane Johnson-WashburnSanta Fe, Texas Theirs not any evidence that makes him the horrible person that did this horrible nurder to that sweet young lady !
1,764Carol Orlikowski Grand Rapids, MIJust saw the Dateline show detailing yet another 'false confession' made under duress by a 20 year old kid! All of the evidence that Dateline provided, the Ceturion group & all of the people who testified must be wrong, according to the Supreme Court??????? I will pray every day that this man is freed- God bless him for suffering such a horrible wrong!
1,763Christopher NixJacksonville, FLPlenty of reasonable doubt. If you think that cops dont make confessions happen then yer dense and have never been on the opposite side of the investigation. Its unruly what they say and the tactics with no food sleep or drink until you confess. Evidence doesnt support the facts. Witnesses. Why have them in court if you're not gonna listen to what they say? This case is a travesty of justice. H
1,762Wendy AdamsLas Vegas, NVThis man has already spent 30 years of his life for a crime he didn't commit! This is such a sad story for everyone involved especially his mom that is not getting any younger. .he needs to be home with her! !
1,761Dale Rowseyjacksonville, fFloridaI seen this on Dateline and you can clearly see this man is innocent. I wished I lived close to him I would go visit him in prison. So sad he is in jail.
1,760Emily TeskeBelgrade , MTConfessions can be coerced and so many witnesses have come forward with a very similar story that the murder was committed by girls. There is no evidence against him (other than his "confession") and I believe reasonable doubt exists that he did not commit this crime. I believe more can be done to further investigate the women who most likely committed this hanous crime. Set Barry free!
1,759MONICA DROUINMANTUA, NEW JERSEYThe evidence againsthim just does not add up., however, the evidence of his innocence does. WHY does political and judicial grandstanding get in the way of what CLEARLY needs to be done ?
1,758Marcela LourencoMiami, FloridaI watch Barry Beach's case twice in DATELINE. I believe in him, for all the evidence that was not him. It is a revenge of that Sherif/police in the beginning and last DA. everything is political. they don't care about people. I know very well about it. Because it happen to me and D.A. was paid for the person wanted to see me underground. I DECLARE HIS INOCENT. I BELIEVE IN HIM.
1,757Diana SaillantGoose Creek, SCThere is no real evidence that he killed her. At 20 years old he was intimidated and forced to say that he was guilty.
1,756connie meadowsbardstown, KentuckyBarry Beach has spent nearly 30 years in Montana prison, despite persuasive evidence that he is innocent of murder, and now it is time for the State of Montana to free him to be a productive citizen in our community. If something is not done now, Barry will spend the remainder of his life behind bars. It is unjust and unacceptable for an innocent Montana man who has recently proven himself as a l
1,755Arie BakkerVero Beach, FLThe evidence or lack of, speaks for themselves. Since when does Montana accept a false confession from a Louisina Parish?
1,754miss alba farinaphiladelphia, PennsylvaniaSeptember 7, 2014 hello apparently, Mr. Barry's 'confession' was False Also apparently, jealous young women Killed Miss Kim
1,753Diane WilsonWorcester, MassachusettsThere is absolutely NO evidence from the crime scene that Barry was involved in the murder. All they have is a confession 30 years ago that was given under coercion by the police. Everyone knows that there are thousands of cases where an innocent person has confessed to crimes they did not commit. I believe Barry is innocent and should be released, never mind another trial.
1,752Kendra oehringel dorado springs , moThe evidence and witness statements prove he didn't do it. It's horrible that the detectives are not following up on the new leads
1,751Donna FlattCookeville, TennesseeAll the evidence proves he is innocent. Why not go after the real killers?
1,750David GlassNew Philadelphia, OhioHe is clearly innocent and the word of cops who have cheated the system in the past are the only word that has been considered in this case. US citizens deserve justice!
1,749Terri ViselNiles, MichiganI believe he's an innocent man.
1,748Tomie RussomPueblo, ColoradoNot enough evidence to keep him in. Coercion is not the way to solve anything.
1,747Melanie Williamszephyrhills, fl
1,746Kathleen Clark ClarkMetairie, LA ABSOLUTELY!!! This is another example of police, judge and improper confessions. Just like the West Memphis Three. I do not know how these people sleep at night. I would be honored to know such a wonderful man like Barry Beach. Free is INNOCENT man!
1,745Krystina RomeroBuffalo, New YorkIts better to have a guilty man free than a innocent man in jail.
1,744jessica OlansingHe is an innocent person.
1,743Dan SkyeRoosevelt, NjThis is a travesty Bureaucrats tu ring a blind eye and choosing thier reputations over a innocent mans life
1,742Shawna WalkerSt. Petersburg, FlLook at the evidence he's obviously innocent. Even if he did do it it which he didn't he's done his time.
1,741Heather GaskinsJacksonville, Florida
1,740Angela NixJacksonville, FLThe evidence does not support Mr. Beach's confession. I believe it is a false confession. If I were on a jury i could not convict due to reasonable doubt. Set Barry free!
1,739Linda JonesMobile, AlI think it's clear his original confession was made under duress. I think the judge that granite the new trial was correct. There were too many other things that don't make sense. As a juror I would find reasonable doubt.
1,738Cheryl ColeTavares, FL His confession was improperly obtained. A state judge ruled he should be re-tried. The original forensic evidence does not support his guilt.
1,737Connie Duguebeaumont, texasI watch a show on tv about this case and to me it his confession didn't make sense and it seems that he was not given a fair trial
1,736Elizabeth PetersonJasper , TNBarry Beach is innocent. This injustice has gone on long enough. Free this man!!!!!
1,735Elizabeth ArnoneWest Chester , PennsylvaniaI believe his confession was coerced by police- and there is no evidence he committed the crime except for his confession which he has since recanted. And there are witnesses that say a group of girls committed this crime which has never been investigated!
1,734Carol CopeSurfside Beach, South CarolinaIt is not Mr. Beach's handprint and the woman who testified that she heard the murder happening said it was girls talking and screaming, not boys. There are two women who have confessed to the crime, not even with the police interrogating them, just bragging about it to other people. Why are they not handprinting all the girls who were there at the bar that night and left together? Could one of
1,733Becca KnowltonWest Hollywood, CAJust watched Dateline. The only evidence is a forced confession. ALL reports say women. He was ALREADY released. COME ON! Release him!
1,732Elizabeth HoltPalatka, FloridaI have read and gone through all of the information made available and I was so stunned to find out that he was in prison. My heart just cried when he was told that he would have to go back to prison. With so much wrong with this world, this is a perfect example.
1,731elena gonzalezNew York, New York
1,730ellen chowlanham, mdThere is no physical evidence, no palm prints match, foot prints match. He should have a new trial.
1,729Taylor AddiePortland , OregonInnocent men shouldn't be caged.
1,728Neil MorrellBillings, MontanaI don't think he is guilty.
1,727Valerie TraeholtBillings, MTThe prosecution has the burden of proof of every fact necessary to constitute the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt. Constitutional law provides that criminal procedure must make it difficult to convict, lest the government convict one innocent man. Cases can and should be heard again as more evidence and witnesses become available. And, for the love of God, the people who hired you are dem
1,726C.L. FlemingEmigrant, MontanaThe shameful chapter of American history about corrupt police and courts should have ended by 1983, even in Louisiana. I don't know Barry, but understand enough about law to realize his conviction doesn't pass the smell test. It should require more than a sketchy confession to prove murder, regardless of the defendant's character.
1,725Katherine ONeilBillings, MontanaBecause he is innocent! Evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not commit this crime! This is a tragedy of truth & justice to keep this innocent man in prison!
1,724monique alpontetucson, azno evidence against him, but lots of evidence it was someone else: specifically the bloody hand print his confession under duress at the age of only 20 yrs old through coercion and fear in interrogation proves he did not even have the facts of the case correct, especially the plaid blouse. also the victim was not raped, that along with testimony points to the girls murdering her in jealous rage.
1,723cheryl plumbManvel , TxI have been watching and hearing about this case for some time now and it saddens me so that a man who is obviously innocent in still behind bars. What if it were YOUR son?? wouldn't you do something about it? Just THINK...and please let him out.
1,722Angela davis Villa Rica , ga
1,721Tiffani Jones Jacksonville , FloridaBecause he's innocent.
1,720Nigel MItchellCumming, Ga
1,719Tiffany Cheese Atlanta , Georgia
1,718Tiara anthonyMilwaukee , WisconsinI strongly believe that Barry Beach should be released on so many levels, where do you start? He is so wrong and cold hearted & it's killing our race mainly males. It's letting history repeat itself and letting our youth believe this is how life is and it's simply wrong smh.
1,717Brian KellyDouglasville, Georgia
1,716Kevin AllisonMableton, GeorgiaHe needs to be released because the state of Montana did not do ther job in inveterate ing this case its time this man get back to his life and make the city of Montana pay for this mans 30 years of struggle.
1,715Brian ThompsonRuskin, flshe not doing justice for all people protect and police officers treating them like the above the law we need somebody beer in office to fight for everyone right
1,714Angela Curtidjonesboro, Georgia
1,713Chiquita Jamison st.Louis , moJustice
1,712Shelley WarnerHarwood, TThere is just too much conflicting evidence. If a "bloody" palm print and a barefoot print (impression) do not match Barry or Kim, obviously someone (others) were clearly present. I am just a common everyday person that has enough common sense to know when things are off. Especially if you have a law enforcement officer, that clearly knows the law pertaining to the evidence room, and is so la
1,711Marsha Gronottelacey, waThe proof of his not being guilty
1,710ANIA MARIA REGAN OLSENParis, FranceThe evidence speaks for itself. No match to palm print. No DNA evidence. Women who spoke of having participated in murder of Kim Nees. Forced confession of a young man of 20 by police. An innocent man's life sacrified. A lot of people know the truth. It's incomprehensible to see this good man locked up for life. Shocking sense of injustice
1,709JoAnn JohnsonFort Benton, MontanaI believe Law Enforcement dropped the ball. The crime scene was not processed to the extent it should have been. Evidence was compromised, even stolen. I do know Law Enforcement can intimidate and even lie. I Sincerely believe Barry Beach is INNOCENT!!!! AND SHOULD BE RELEASED FROM PRISON.
1,708Cynthia GawlikPortland, TexasThe judge said he needed a new trial and then locks him up again.
1,707Shalane HicksAustin, MNAfter following the new reports and case findings it reflects that Mr Beach should be a free man. Why not give a new trial to see who is the guilty party? Montana wastes tax dollars now on a corrupt parole and pardons board. Are those involved in keeping Mr. Beach in prison afraid the corruption and lies would come out. The Montana Justice system is broken. The lies will come back to haunt.
1,706Janet MacDonaldStoneham, MassachusettsBarry Beach is obviously innocent. You have kept an innocent man incarcerated for almost 30 years! How do you sleep at night?
1,705Misty DeckerGreat Falls, MTHow can you continue to hold Barry on a murder that has no hard evidence. He needs to be freed and given the chance to live the rest of his life as a free man
1,704Marlaina MacKayCalgary, AlbertaThe evidence proves he is not guilty however he is still In jail? You would keep a innocent man in jail when he is not guilty but you give probation to child sex offenders to walk free on the streets. Go figure only in the USA this would happen!!!
1,703Rita MacdonaldThere is absolutely no evidence tying hi. To this murder! He was a youth that was coerced to plead guilty! Nothing ties him to the murder! No footprints nor finger prints! The judicial system is disgusting! Please give him another chance! Let him free! He's innocent!
1,702Barbara KarstLaurel , MTKnowing Barry as I do I do not believe he committed this murder. The people in Poplar know who did it and some have said so. Barry provided himself when he was out for those 18 or so months and is a good, upstanding citizen that would do a lot for any community of which he is apart.
1,701harry robinsonsan diego, ca.Barry should be released because in America we should not incarcerate innocent people.
1,700Kathy SkaggsMissoula, MtThere is no evidence to prove he did this and there is much evidence that someone else was involved
1,699Angela Gaffnerwilliston, North DakotaThey are the most crooked people in Montana, they will let the innocent go to jail or prison everyday and let the criminals free. Its takes a real human being to apologize. God will judge all of themthey will have there day
1,698James MoldenhauerMaple Grove, MinnesotaThere exists no reasonable doubt that the confession, the only evidence against him, is false.
1,697Amber HendersonCut Bank, Mtthere is no evidence that points to him and I find it disheartening that an innocent man has been behind bars fighting for his freedom!
1,696Brunhilde DirkGreat Falls, Mt
1,695sharon wyattBoca Raton , Florida after watching the CNN documentary and doing other research on the internet I believe Berry Beach innocent and deserves to be released from prison. I believe the least he deserves is a new trial.
1,694Brittany OlsonGreat Falls, MT2 reasons, Mark Roscoe and the facts. It is now proven that under duress a Psychological breakdown can happen and people admit to a crime they did not commit. I am a young Great Falls citizen and I am ashamed by Tim Fox's words saying keeping Barry in jail is the "correct" thing to do. That is not okay.
1,693Chance HousleyBillings, Montana
1,692Carla fantozziOrlando, FloridaI have been following his case from the beginning and it is clear to me he is innocent. I am so bothered by the fact that prosecutors are so eager to put innocent people behind bars just so they look good and don't want to admit wrong. I have no problem convicting cases where it is completely evident that the person did the murder. Why can't we as a society convict the guilty and free the innoc
1,691Susan DesmaraisVirginia Beach, VirginiaThere is NO EVIDENCE linking this man to the crime. The state of Montana is an absolute disgrace to our justice system as well as our country.
1,690Tom FarrenkopfConrad, MontanaAt this point in time, those who have been bothered in their souls about their involvement in the crime have spoken. The least we can do is test what they have said in the court room. In the mean time, Mr. Beach should be allowed to watch. Not as an inmate but as a free man.
1,689DeeDee LockardPlains, MTTo be honest, i do not know him personally but i have read thru the many different articles concerning his case and i also know several people that know him personally and i do believe that this man is being unjustly punished for something he is not guilty of.
1,688Barbara StevensGreat Falls, MTAt the very least, Barry should be granted a new trial as recommended by Judge Phillips. His life has been sacrificed by those with power at the highest level in the state of Montana. It took the Federal intervention to clean up some of the corruption in Illinois and start putting those responsible in jail. Maybe it's time the Federal government took on the task of exposing whatever it is tha
1,687K Strausashland, va I am deeply saddened that the justice system has allowed this to happen. This man has lost 30 years of his life and all the information proves "reasonable doubt" in this case. He should never have been convicted in the first place. I hope/pray that one day that all the cases of the detectives handling this case gets reviewed. How many more innocent people have they sent to jail.
1,686Glenda ManweilerLaurel, montanaThere is no evidenance to convict this man. You have to have evidence to convict this man of a crime that he did not commit. I believe that somebody is covering something up to protect the real murderer of this crime.
1,685Judith LeeSarasota, FloridaPersuasive evidence that he did not commit this murder and coercive tactics by law enforcement resulting in confessions that he could not possibly have committed.
1,684Denise NewmanRoundup, MontanaI have read about this case and this man should be released.
1,683Virginia RadovichGreat Falls, MontanaThere is no evidence linking Barry with this crime. Our 'justice system' no longer exists, it's pathetic at best, we need new people who can perform their duties, they should all be replaced. Marc Racicot jumped the gun here and people in the justice dept. are seeing fit that he doesn't have to eat 'crow' at Barry's expense. I was under the impression that one was innocent until proven guil
1,682Karen VosenGreat Falls, MTFrom what I have read on this case, I have doubts Mr. Beach committed this murder. Even if he did, 30 years in prison is enough time spent behind bars. What kind of a society have we become? A vindictive one? When Mr. Beach was freed from prison, he proved that he could be a "productive, law-abiding" man, and I strongly believe he should be given that opportunity. Freeing Barry Beach is the rig
1,681Carla GibsonMissoula, MontanaBeach is not a threat to society. Information that has come to light since his original trial, as well as research on false confessions, create significant doubt about the original conviction. It is a travesty to keep him behind bars at this point.
1,680Cara AuchBillings, MTI believe its a waste of tax dollars to continue to lock someone up who may be innocent. Is he? I dont know. What I do know is people can be rehabilitated, and clearly, he is a gentleman.
1,679Barbara ShoopJoliet, MontanaI remember when this happened and there were stories going around back then that Barry wasn't the killer. I don't believe a confession based on extreme coercion should be allowed. He has served enough time and should be pardoned by the governor. Anyone can look at the real evidence and see Barry is innocent.
1,678edward ruddBelgrade , Montana He didn't do it what more do they need
1,677Deborah MortonSan Jose, CAOther than his obviously coerced confession, the prosecution had no concrete evidence. Thus, Barry is jailed on a coerced confession, while other freely given confessions and testimonies are disregarded Whether you believe him or not, he's already served 30 years with all of the evidence to show he was innocent. Yet violent child rapists are often let out after less than 10 years. There are sev
1,676Shelley OtoupalikMissoula, MontanaThe evidence does not support his conviction and continued incarceration. I believe as long as there are friends and colleagues of former governor Rocicot in positions of power Barry cannot get a fair trial because those people will protect Marc from embarrassment. I believe Mr. Rocicot is a good man, and the evidence that was presented at the time led him to believe Mr. Beach was guilty, howeve
1,675Karen Ranum Santa Barbara, CA100 year sentence is cruel and unusual punishment and therefore unconstitutional.
1,674danielia kotlerhamilton , mtthank you for your hard work on this case...a good man is in prison under false pretenses and the family of Kim Nees still does not have the truth.
1,673LISA BAKERBILLINGS, MTI haven't heard of any evidence that would prove his guilt. We are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.
1,672Amanda JourdanBillings, MontanaMany reasons. Look at all the facts....
1,671Lisa WamsleyHelena, MontanaThere is so much evidence that exonerates him and this is purely a cover up to keep an innocent man in jail and keep many who are guilty free.
1,670Garrett AngellLovell, WyomingThe man is innocent. The facts don't add up and I believe he was coerced into saying he did it.
1,669Connie TrumbullColorado Springs, ColoradoBesides the fact that he did not do this crime, the injustice of the way that laws were manipulated just so that egotistical men could preserve their childish pride is the real crime that was committed in this case.
1,668Cheryl BlaquiereBillings, MontanaI firmly believe Barry was coerced into a confession and is serving a prison sentaance that belongs to someone else.
1,667Michelle Suttonfroid, MontanaI was a little girl who lived in Spokane, and remember my uncle who is from poplar, mt. tell me this story of a girl being killed. He told me those girls were the boogie man and to run the other way if I ever saw them. Never knowing the case except for what my uncle told me I knew the details, my uncle was killed 2 years later set on fire in an abandoned home in poplar.
1,666Connie SchauerSedro Woolley, WABecause he's innocent! There is no proof that he is guilty!
1,665Juanita SlossBrowning, MontanaThis man is innocent. It's just not right tht he got thrown back in prison. It's time the state righted this wrong.
1,664Crystal Bearharlem, MontanaThe only reason needed "because he is innocent" Montana justice system should be ashamed of its self
1,663jo modicaglendora, caMay the Lord bless Barry Beach.
1,662Peter AspinwallHelena, MTI think that Barry was accused falsely and that he has been imprisoned unjustly. Please free him now, he will be a productive citizen in whatever community he chooses.
1,661Deborah l AspinwallHelena, MTI don't believe he is guilty of the crime of which he was accused. I believe that he has been unjustly imprisoned for all these years. It is a shameful situation.
1,660Zelinda HartBillings, MtUphold justice. Free this innocent man. Do the right thing NOW, regardless of past mistakes in convicting him.
1,659Christina BretzGreat Falls, MTThe EVIDENCE!!
1,658patti prevostlambert, MontanaHE DID NOT DO THIS!!!!!! SET HIM FREE!!!!! TERRIBLE COVER-UP FOR THE REAL KILLERS!!!!!
1,657Schertz TrishBillings, Montana
1,656jeanne casesuperior, mtIt seems as if someone or some organization has the power and ability to keep Barry Beach in prison. There does not seem to be proof of his guilt or innocence. One thing for certain, is the fact that he has served his sentence and should be allowed to go free. His debt to society has been paid.
1,655Chris YerkesKalispell, MTThere is not a shred of physical evidence tying Mr. Beach to the murders. All of the physical evidence points to another person(s) being the perrpetrator(s).
1,654Linda PrescottGlendive, MTRe: Clemency for Barry Beach. The time has come to either release Barry Beach or give him a new trial. I grew up in the Poplar area and it was well known what a farce this entire sad incident was. That Kim Nees was murdered is tragic. If an innocent man is serving the penalty for it is tragic also. All of the true evidence needs to be addressed. Let him out or give him a new trial.
1,653Connie BuchananApache Junction, AzThere is no evidence that proves he did the crime.
1,652Lyssa FlesherClancy, MTBecause I do not think that the justice system is 100% fair and doesn't leave much freedom for people that get set up by officers or even everyday people. We need more truth and real justice in our state!!
1,651claudette howickbillings, Montana
1,650kasie sutheimerHelena, MTHe is an innocent man. They're is enough evidence to prove that!
1,649Tamara FaulknerDickinson, North DakotaI believe he is innocent!
1,648Connor DomonoskePlentywood, MTHe was manipulated into the confession way back when.
1,647Denise HalversonScobey, MTEvidence did not prove him to be guilty. I believe a lot of the evidence was overlooked or ignored. Politicians egos should not have been a factor in the decision to send him back after he was released.
1,646Ashley OlsonDickinson , North dakota
1,645Lynne NevrivyMala, Mt i do not belirve he killed the girl.
1,644karin kavonplentywood, mt
1,643Joel BjorgenPlentywood, MontanaIt's time for the people in enforcement and the justice systems to set their egos aside to let the system work as it should, to be a good example of the system rather than look as a scab on a sore that will never go away.
1,642kim dutcherOutlook, Mt
1,641Sheila BeckerPlentywood, MontanaBecause I think he is innocent and that the people who originally put him in jail have only kept him there because they didn't want to accept that they were wrong for doing so.
1,640Brent HovlandHighmore, South DakotaHe was innocent from the start. He has been incarcerated way to long.
1,639Madena RicePlentywood, MontanaHe is innocent! I should stop here, but I feel the need to give some supporting information 1) there is NO physical evidence 2) false confessions exist and Barry was coerced 3) what evidence they did gather was mysteriously stolen 4) If Marc Racicot had not been the original prosecuting attorney, this case would have been over-turned a long time ago!!!
1,638Mike GarrityHelena, Montana
1,637cherie JamespaI believe he is a innocent man. And not a killer our justic system is unfair and the real killer is out there not berry beach
1,636noni askclinton, mtbecause i do not think he committed the crime.i lived in Poplar for 2 years and know first hand how e vil those wonmen can be
1,635MICHELE MATHOTHELENAComplete lack of evidence to convict him.
1,634V. AbramsMissoula, Montana I have NEVER signed a petition of this sort before but I am so convinced of Mr. Beach's innocence that I am compelled to let my voice, be heard in this matter. And even if the board are convinced of his guilt, Mr. Beach has shown he is capable of being a productive citizen in a community where he has the support of that same community. If not commutation , then parole. It' time.
1,633Tracy ClingingsCoquille , OregonI believe that Barry Beach should be released because he is not only not guilty but is innocent and I think that he has more than proven that...beyond any reasonable doubt.
1,632chris kilsdonkculbertson, MontanaHe was framed from the beginning!!!
1,631Cheryl WillitsGreat Falls, MTHe is not guilty.
1,630Rhonda BestJoliet, MT
1,629Sue SmithGreat Falls, Mt
1,628Matthew DavisElmira, OregonI am a medical doctor and with all my experience and knowledge of how the judicial system works I believe with all my heart that he deserves a fair and just new trial. Law enforcement has a way of intimidating normal citizens into saying things that we shouldn't say in false beliefs that they are there to protect us. It is unjust and wrong.
1,627Cyrus StoryLouisville, KYThis situation goes beyond the disgusting treatment of citizen Mr. Beach, this is a blatant offense to our justice system. The very practice these corrupt law men site as their guide. A mockery. Completely disregarding the appeal that found a new trial was warranted. Extremely rare that a case is even ruled worthy of this consideration, then even rarer that this re-examination recommends one.
1,626Donna FisherHyannis, MAEvidence does not show him to be at crime scene.
1,625Gayle HuberLos angeles, CaHe is obviously innocent and his release is being thwarted by a corrupt judicial system. Too many innocent individuals are suffering due to with held evidence, false identifications, corrupt DA's, etc. It is frightening!
1,624Brenda SextonGreat Falls, MontanaIt's obvious that the former governor M.R. screwed up and you will never get him to admit he "might" have been wrong. This man needs to be free! When are they going to find who the bloody handprint belongs to?? SET HIM FREE
1,623Brittney SorensonAurora, COI believe that ALL the evidence proves beyond a doubt that Barry Beach was not the killer and should not be sitting in jail for this crime. He has done more time than people who plead guilty and should not have been there in the first place. Besides the travestly of an innocent man sitting in prison, the greater injustice is that murderers have been free this entire time. Please Free Barry!
1,622Gerald Soderquist Billings, MyBased on the evidence presented both at original Trial and subsequent appeal I believe there is sufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr.Beach did NOT comitt. The crime for which he is currently incarcerated for .
1,621Preston RandolphCody, Wyoming
1,620Tre' DeserlyHavre, Montana
1,619Nashae BauerHavre , Montana
1,618Donna FrazierGreat Falls, MT
1,617William BenzelDillon, MTWith all the additional evidence available, it is obvious that Mr. Beach should be granted a new trial. If he was guilty (which I do not believe is the case!), he has served 30 years, has proven he is capable of being a respectable and productive citizen. Put a stop to this injustice!
1,616Lisa BenzelDillon, MTWith all the additional evidence available, it is obvious that Mr. Beach should be granted a new trial. If he was guilty (which I do not believe is the case!), he has served 30 years, has proven he is capable of being a respectable and productive citizen. Put a stop to this injustice!
1,615Jeremy EcholsGreat Falls, MTInnocent people should not be subject to live their lives in the prison system. Justice should prevail, and he should be released.
1,614Chris LawsonHeath, OhClearly, he is innocent... I'd be willing to let him live with my family in Ohio. Barry was framed and he (and Kim) deserve justice.
1,613Juanita JohnaonBaton Rouge, LAThe socalled confession in Louisiana does not hold water, just like the confession to the three murders in north Lousinana did not hold water. 30 years of this man's life has gone by. Why deprive Barry of his freedom and what is left of his days on earth , just because the system wants to save face?
1,612susan cantrellmemphis, tn
1,611Julia Nolannew orleans, LouisianaAfter watching the Dateline episode on Mr. Beach, it is clear by evidence and witness statements that this man is innocent. The fact that he has already spent 30 years in prison for a crime he did not do is truly sickening and reflects poorly on the American justice system. I believe in his innocence and the episode had me in tears after I watched it. FREE BERRY BEACH!
1,610Jeanie FisherGreat Falls, MTNew evidence and a false confession. He is innocent.
1,609Ryan JaroszArlington heights , IlHe did not do it
1,608Lindsey MaxwellWinder, 30680
1,607Carol FlammondCut Bank, MontanaIt is obvious by the evidence he is innocent of this murder.
1,606Joshua DownesBillings, Montana"If you're neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor"
1,605Nora TaylorW.Sacramento, California
1,604Stephen WebersOrlando, FloridaHow about lack of evidence, a forced confession and some very compelling testimony in favor of the defense. Release this man at once. How can Marc Raciot and the Montana Supreme Court sleep at night!!!
1,603Terrie YouroskiTustin, CaliforniaWhy? DNA there is none on him at all, have you taken DNA on all others that knew her? Evidence was all lost, what are chances of that happening? Plus simply he didn't do this crime He was out for almost 2 years time, he could have fled but he didn't. He wants justice for Kim do any of you? Her own Aunt knows he didn't do it. Plus another thing Nobody gets that many years he was a kid. His story
1,602Candy Ostermillerlaurel, mtINNOCENT..... IT'S ALL A SET UP...
1,601Eric Sturhangreat falls, mtHis time has been served and only God can judge him now.
1,600MaryAnne BassemierEvansville, IN
1,599Janet SmockEvansville, IndianaThere are so many things wrong about this case that I hardly know where to begin. The prosecutor failed to disclose information, that was helpful to Barry Beach's defense, to Beach's attorney. There were numerous people who had knowledge of other suspects that were involved in the murder. The bloody palm print did not match Barry Beach. The police zeroed in on Beach and didn't look any furt
1,598Kristi MoodyBillings, MontanaI don't believe he did it.
1,597Karen BuehlmanWaterloo, WisconsinJust watched Dateline. Barry's innocent.
1,596Pamela JordanMorehead, KentuckyBeyond all the factors leading up to Barry's release, I believe it's imperative to take into account the fact that he was RELEASED and did so well! It's cruel and unusual punishment to then incarcerate him again! How many have been released and then within a year have not only committed another crime yet committed a felony that includes killing, maiming or raping?!? This man does not fall into
1,595John BuddClemmons, NC
1,594Christina Amdahlankeny, iaWhy wasn't the story of the one lady who heard the scream and saw a police car show up right after the murder. Seems to me there is something wrong with the justice system
1,593Lisa BennieAustin, TXNo physical evidence + questionable confession from a 17 y/o = he never should have been convicted in the first place. Judge Phillips was right. At the very least, Barry deserves to have a new trial. I never, never, never believe cons that say they're innocent, but I truly believe Barry is.
1,592KIM RED CLOUDROCKLEDGE, FLBeen following this story for years. He is CLEARLY innocent.
1,591james willitsfort benton, mt.Let's just start over with ALL the facts.
1,590Arlene BlessingGreat Falls, MontanaHe has served enough time for a crime that involved potential framing and also bullying regarding a supposed confession. Enough is enough ! Many guilty hardened criminals have gotten away with more then this innocent prisoner has.
1,589Ebbie BlissGreat Falls, MTI believe after reading the evidence and all the things that don't add up in this case you are incarcerating an innocent man. Ebbie Bliss Great Falls, MT
1,588Susan ConellGreat Falls, MT He has served more time than many convicted for murder. The victims' own family believes he should be freed. Enough is enough! It looks like previous governmental politicians are placing their weight on this! Its okay to change your mind!!!! Let him go.
1,587Doris JenningsGreat Falls, MTI believe he is innocent.
1,586JAN FISHERGREAT FALLS, Montanaenough is enough. Let him go and leave him alone.
1,585Carol FisherGreat Falls, MTI think he is innocent. Even if he isn't, he has served enough time!!
1,584Russell JacquesGreat Falls, MTTime served in incarceration is to punish and rehabilitate an offender. My observation is that Mr Beach has met both and NO longer poses a threat, even IF he were guilty for the charges others have admitted to.
1,583Robert WillitsGreat falls, Mt30 years is too much, release Barry!
1,582Linda SayGreat Falls, MontanaBecause it is the right thing to do,
1,581Beverly BrownHarlem, mt.I believe he is innocent by the look in his eyes but he is crucified just like jesus set him free. someone else done this awful murder not him. by innocent eyes.
1,580Bettie ByrdBillings, MontanaI believe he is innocent, He should have the right to another trial to allow new evidence be heard. And, even if he was guilty, he has served more time than many who did worse. Time should be considered served.
1,579Kathy FitzgeraldGreat Falls, MTI believe Barry is innocent and has definately served enough time to warrant freedom. I believe the victim in this crime was beaten to death by angry girls.
1,578marna hayesmanitowoc, wiHe should be released just like he was before. What evidence is there? He was forced by authorities to say he was guilty.
1,577vera cracknelllincoln, englandNo evidence to link him to the crime. He is innocent. Whilst a free man for 18 months he worked, started a business, bought a house, and paid his taxes. He got on with his life..... now it's been taken away again - unfairly. It's obvious to many people there has been a miscarriage of justice - FREE BARRY BEACH - NOW.
1,576Lanette ClarkWolf Point, MTHe's Innocent...It all adds up...He didnt do it.
1,575Shanley SwansonArlee, Montana
1,574Lance JohnsonSt. Catharines, OntarioThere does not appear to be any physical evidence tying Barry to this crime. It would appear that old school wild west tactics by the police force got their confession, and the cowards do not want to own up to their misleading procedures. There are too many stories out there of innocent people in prison, especially in those days when closing a case was more important than getting it RIGHT.
1,573Bridget SawyerAurora, Coloradoafter watching the show on Dateline how could anyone not realize that this is a man who has been wrongly convicted.
1,572Judy AndersonCape Coral , Floridatestimony on record reasonable dout
1,571Deanna KingRadcliff, Ky
1,570Adam MouselChippewa Falls, WII saw Barry's story on Dateline. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see this man is innocent. No one should stand by and let this injustice happen to such a good person.
1,569Sabrina AccettaMedford, New YorkThis man's life has been stolen twice, all because the legal system just can't admit they were wrong.
1,568Chris CachoGainesville, FL
1,567Liz Magee-DavisVancouver, British ColumbiaHe is innocent and should be released
1,566Patty Desmond
1,565Rick & Beth CottinghamHelena, MTBecause mistakes were made in the past, it is no reason not to do the right thing now. Mr. Beach didn't kill that girl, it is quite apparent, and he has suffered injustice long enough. Let's all start doing the right thing here and now!
1,564Marsha PriceBillings, MontanaHe needs to be free...the situation is absurd. Please do the right thing and release Barry!
1,563Karen WeissMorrisville, PABecause I believe that Mr. Beach is innocent and has more than paid his debt to society. During his recent freedom, albeit short, he exemplified that he is a hard working, honest man even turning himself back in after his release was WRONGFULLY overturned. Don't let politicians decide this case, let the facts be heard and release a man who has already lost so many years of his life.
1,562Rudolph StockHelena, Mt.Mr. Beach is probably innocent and at the very least deserves a new trial. Remember, judge Rice is running for re-election and his vote is responsible for keeping Mr. Beach from getting a new trial. Lets vote Rice out of office.
1,561Benjamin VaillancourtLibby, MTIf there is evidence Barry did not commit the crime, he should be free.
1,560Lynn KellerGainesville, MissouriI believe he is innocent.
1,559catherine emondcalgary, AlbertaIt is quite obvious, after viewing all the details of this case that this man is INNOCENT !
1,558Alison BridgesElk Grove, caThis miscarriage of justice is shameful and has gone on far too long. In the name of God, free this man! He is innocent!
1,557Ted FredrichParon, Ar
1,556Kirsten FredrichParon, AR
1,555Shane EchoEast Helena, MTBecause an injustice was done in this case and Mr. Beach at least deserves a new trial with the new witnesses involved. Something just smells rotten on this one and that is not the way I believe that the U.S. Justice system is supposed to work.
1,554Jereen SwanSanta Cruz, Ca. I've researched all information I could obtain off the internet and have watched tv programs on the subject matter. I'm 48 yrs old highly educated and have come to realize that people like Barry Beach Being in prison has nothing to do with authorities believing they're guilty, I believe it's all about politics and selfish pride. Hurray! For the judge who did see the truth.
1,553Cary WadeSomerset, KentuckyThis man is clearly innocent, our justice system is broke. Start fixing the system now, Free Barry!
1,552beverly grayglen oaks, ny
1,551john phillipsbillings, MontanaBecause at only 22 you would sign anything to get that big blowbag sheriff off your ass.
1,550Rachel SeysMankato, MnHe is innocent!!!!!
1,549Duffy MullenCarmel, INI watched the dateline show about this and appears to me that his confession was forced upon him by the police in Louisiana. This man should at least given a new trial.
1,548Terri CecilSan Antonio, TXThe evidence doesn't support his guilt. A group of middle aged women (now) are getting away with murder. I believe in his innocence so much that I am willing for him to stay at my home if he needed a place to go! PLEASE don't let our country become a repressive regime where innocent people lose their freedom.
1,547SHEILA JACKSONBATON ROUGE, LAI feel like there it to much evidence proving Barry's innocence. All the wittnesses cannot be wrong. There is not one wittness that says Barry commited this crime. Plus anyone that is being held by police for such a long time under so much pressure may crack and say whatever police want to hear just due to being exhausted and scared. Police should not be able to constantly drill poeple for 2
1,546Sandy ChaimowiczPlano , TexasNo physical evidence! A coerced confession from a scared 17 yr old. This isn't justice. And now, an innocent man is rotting in jail for a crime he didn't commit. While thousands of convicted murderers spend 10 or 20 years in jail for murder, Barry was sentenced to 100 with no chance of parole. Where is the justice? For Kim? For Barry? For the good people of Montana?
1,545Melanie VillanuevaLos Angeles, CAThere is no evidence that he was even at the place where the lady was killed.. He's been in jail for something he DID NOT DO!!! He deserves to be free.
1,544Debra JoyDeerfield Beach, FLBecausse of the testomy of the witness that say they heard a woman scream by the lake and girls yelling. Also i believe his confession was false and he was scared and bullied into giving the information that the police fed him.
1,543Sharon McCarthySwansea, N.S.WNo evidence....this man had nothing to do with awful murder. Please give Barry Beach his life back now he is innocent.
1,542Denise SweeneyNewbury Park, CaliforniaThere were so many witnesses that were credible at the end. Also, he was obviously using info like the color of the blouse the murdered girl was wearing, he reported that because he heard it said, and that wasn't the blouse she was wearing. You could see he was a good guy, he was released and was a contributing member of society.
1,541Eric SweeneySherman Oaks, CAI watched the Dateline program about Mr. Beach's story .There is enough evidence to show reasonable doubt that he commited the crime, just as the judge who let him out of prison thought. The state convicted Mr. Beach based solely on his confession which was later proved to be inaccurate. There are many witnesses that support it was not Mr. Beach who committed the murder.
1,540william goodbirdwapato, Washington
1,539nancy barryEvergreen, COWhy would these people not look at the evidence and know something was never right about this case. This is a miscarriage of justice, and I hope and pray that all of the hard ass jerks that made the decision to do this will suffer from KARMA and have their child, grandchild, or someone close to them end up like Barry paying for a crime they did not commit.
1,538yesenia stevenslong beach, Californiafrom what I've seen and heard, it seems the police just wants to have someone convicted of the murder so they can have the case closed/solved and unfortunately they have convicted Barry an innocent man...The police and some judges are fixiated on his confession and nothing else, as it seems that the evidence they found at the crime scene is different from what his so called confession states!
1,537Mike MckittrickHardyville, VaHis confession does not match evidence recovered at the scene
1,536Lori Abdel-ghafourBillings, MtFalse and coerced confession Reasonable doubt No evidence Unscrupulous medical examiner Politics are keeping him imprisoned He has served almost 30 years ( false imprisonment) already
1,535T Dudley Atlanta , Georgia No physical evidence. It's a no brainer.
1,534Tara ClarkLake Mary, Fl
1,533Karin JohnsonCut Bank, MTI am certain that his alleged confession was coerced out of a scared young man. If a good DNA verification of the bloody handprint were done it would put many minds to rest. He has served a long time for something he was wrongfully convicted.
1,532Linda LardisLaurel, Montana
1,531Kimberly RobertsNorth Palm Beach, FLThe evidence showing a false confession, such as the detail of the plaid shirt. Also, the state needs to have the palm print run thru the federal database.
1,530Jami KautzmannBillings, MtI believe someone else did it and he should not be imprisoned for something he did not do
1,529Carolyn McFallsSevierville, TNI beleive Barry Beach is innocent! As such, he should be released!
1,528Lori HenkeGreat Falls, MTThere is a lot of people who believe Barry is innocent, me included. Even still, he has shown his character while he had a brief respite from prison. He needs to be set free.
1,527Rhonda GilmoreRosamond, CaliforniaRead the very words below...the man is innocent, and this has been a double tragedy. Two innocent lives shattered; one murdered for no reason, the other falsely imprisoned despite overwhelming evidence that he was railroaded. I once trusted the police, but who will be next? Someone you love, or even you yourself could end up with life behind bars for a crime you didn't commit. This must stop!
1,526Attika ToumiParis
1,525Priscilla MorenoEwa Beach, HawaiiAfter watching the episode on Date line I don't feel that justice has been served for Kimberly Nees. I feel that his confession was forced out of him by law enforcement. I also feel that there is lack of evidence. If the finger prints aren't Barry 's then who's prints are they from? Have they tried comparing the finger prints with the 3 other women? Over all I believe Barry Beach is innocent
1,524Kelly MilnesPrinceton , IllinoisBarry Beach should be released simply BECAUSE HE IS INNOCENT!
1,523Tammi KingHigh point, NCEvidence ...... Police did a poor job
1,522Brenda HoustonDecatur, GAI have followed the story sine Dateline covered it. It is apparent thay the state does not want to find the real killer. This is a tragedy. Unbelievable. He was a young kid when they integrated him. They coerced his confession. This is not new. The justice sytem is embarrassed so they would rathe see a innocent man in prison for something he didn't do.
1,521Morgan Brownlos angeles, caGuilty beyond a reasonable doubt is a necessity for conviction. There were witnesses that gave testimony, that gave reason that Barry did not commit the crime. The case should be brought to federal court and tried again. Judging by interviews in his community barry seemed to be more of an asset rather than a liability. He poses no threat to society and should have a fair chance.
1,520Adam Secorevenice, CaliforniaGuilty beyond a reasonable doubt is a necessity for conviction. There were witnesses that gave testimony, that gave reason that Barry did not commit the crime. The case should be brought to federal court and tried again. Judging by interviews in his community barry seemed to be more of an asset rather than a liability. He poses no threat to society and should have a fair chance.
1,519Melissa JamesDenver, COThere was no physical evidence tying him to the murder, and there is lots of evidence his confession was coerced.
1,518Michael TranIrvine, CAI truly believe the state of Montana put an innocent man behind bars. Nothing at the scene of the murder does not match! The killer(s) is/are still out there. Specifically, if the bloody palm print don't fit, we must acquit.
1,517Candyce DormizziTrabuco Canyon, CAThere is reasonable doubt that he didn't do this crime. There is not enough evidence to convict him if he were allowed anew trial.
1,516Luis ArayaOakalnd, 94612I do not think any explanation is necessary. The case speaks for itself.
1,515cathy higbeeegg harbor township, njFrom the articles I have read and transcripts available, it seem there is no real physical evidence against this man, Barry Beach. There is a witness who claims to have heard the altercation that night, stating it was only female voices heard. Others have claimed to know of the females involved. It seems the police knew who it was and were on the scene when it happened but covered it up.
1,514Ashley OlsonAntelope, Montana
1,513Leanne HueninkPlains, MtThere is no reason to keep Barry Beach in prison. There is no physical evidence against him. His confession was cohersed. Why would the state of Montana want to keep an innocent man in prison for the rest of his life. Please release Barry and find those responsible for the murder of this young woman. Give her the justice she deserves.
1,511bridgette campbellMiles City, Mt. He has served enough time for this crime. There is enough questional things in this case that Barry should be let out with time served. He proved himself as a model prisioner and as a model citizen when he was free. He was young and deserves a chance outside of prison. Find it on your hearts to give him a chance to prove himself in society.
1,510Joyce RinkenbergerJoliet, IllinoisI saw the hour long segment about his innocence. I believe all evidence and "lost evidence" by the state, shows this man has been locked up unjustly. If he is innocent the people who keep him imprisoned will one day be accountable for every word and deed to God. Look it up, it's in the Bible. Maybe Barry himself can show you where it is. This man is not even asking for compensation of time serv
1,509Rhonda TolbertO'Fallon, Missouri
1,508Daniel LasantaMiami, Florida No true evidence (physical) to convict. Unreliable confession.
1,507Linda EvanoffDavie, FloridaThree words: He is innocent. Go after those women who really killed that poor girl. They got away with murder.
1,506Shelley BlanfordWildomar, CaBecause he is INNOCENT!!!
1,505Chris Korchak Kansas City, MOI believe in his innocence. At this point, he has become a victim. It needs to be rectified.
1,504Jona Gottlieb Casper, wy the evidence has shown that he didn't do it at least he should get va new v trial
1,503Kara PembertonMinneapolis, MinnesotaThe confession was coerced and should not be admissible. He was 20....he had no motive to kill her. The evidence or lack thereof and the convenient loss of physical evidence that could prove his innocence makes this while case against him a sham. The whole thing is preposterous. Drop the charges and set him free.
1,502Ray CurryFlorence, OrHe is innocent. The girls who killed her have admitted to others when they were drinking. Even Sissys brother admitted this
1,501lori knappgreat falls, montanaBarry has done more prison time for a crime he did not commit, as opposed to guilty men who do a lot less time. He needs to be free and once again become a full fledged member of society.
1,500Cody DrewCircle, MontanaOur justice system is based on the innocent until proven guilty concept, and the only way to find somebody guilty of a crime is that it must be proven and the guilt must be proven "beyond a shadow of a dought" I believe there is room to reasonably question the guilt of Barry Beach. First the car load of girls seen with the victim have never been fully investigated, second the confession isn't g
1,499Christine HegerOmaha, NEBecause he is innocent... God help you for keeping this innocent man in jail, while those that are guilting are running free!
1,498Peggy WangsmoLaurel, MontanaI firmly believe this gentleman is 100% innocent! there are scores of people believe he is innocent. There is way to much evidence that was not allowed to be entered into his trial. I am usually not this vocal about people in prison and convicted of such a horrible crime, but after watching dateline and the evidence he is not the guy who committed this crime.
1,497pat rowsebillings, mtHE IS INNOCENT, has served too much time and has proven to be a productive member of society..
1,496Miranda CarlsonNine mile falls, Washington Evidence says not guilty!
1,495Allen DusablonDaytona, Florida
1,494Evelyn Hernandez Simi Valley, CABarry Beach has spent nearly 30 years in Montana prison, despite persuasive evidence that he is innocent of murder, and now it is time for the State of Montana to free him to be a productive citizen in our community. If something is not done now, Barry will spend the remainder of his life behind bars. It is unjust and unacceptable for an innocent Montana man who has recently proven himself as a l
1,493Georgette ColeBillings, mtHe is innocent, and when they questioned him, they used thier Bullsh*t tatics to force him to confess to a crime he did not committ! There was a witness that came foward and proved his innocents. He was set free, now they took it away! Get your facts straight! There is new technology now, if forensics knew how to do thier job..Barry would be free! Get your crap together! Your wasting your time.
1,492Dana CavinessBrowns Summit, North CarolinaI have followed Barry's story for years. With everything I have watched through the years, my opinion of his clear innocence has never changed. He has been wrongly imprisoned and deserved to be released and serve not a moment more. Something has to be done for Barry Beach.
1,491Randi CaseSherburne, New Yorkwrongful convictions are happening all over and a lot of it is do to prosecutorial misconduct and not looking at all of the evidence. Give this man a chance.
1,490Brenda BernardBox Elder, MontanaThe evidence alone should set this man free . He should have never been charged corrupt and sloppy police work. Barry has spent 30 years in prison over a life time for most people, he has been robbed of his youth an can ever give it back,.YEs FREE BARRY BEACH. 2014
1,489Lisa SigsworthMetairie, LouisianaBarry is innocent of the charges. He has been incarcerated for many years for a crime he did not commit. Please let him out so that he can enjoy his life and continue with his work with the tribe and church. I was Barry's friend in Louisiana when he was arrested. Mr Via should be ashamed of himself and one day will answer for his negligence in this case and others which he has been implicated.
1,488Julie StewartStevensville, MtI was point blank told by the now ex husband of one of the girls involved , the women lost jobs due to pill addiction ,could not sleep due to nightmares of the screams. The evidence clearly proves his innocence. Centurion Ministries,came to speak to said women,she flipped,refused to talk to them and very soon after moved away. Barry is innocent and everyone involved knows it!
1,487John narbercape coral, Floridaits really simple, according to the evidence, the man is innocent!
1,486Susan DuivenvoordenFaro, YukonMaybe because he is INNOCENT...
1,485Kathy FrenchCheshire, OhioThere was absolutely no proof he had anything to do with this!
1,484Brittany RogersDixon, MTIf there's enough evidence of his innocence, there is no reason to keep him locked up! Too many people have been wrongly put in prison. No one should have to pay for a crime they didn't comment. It's bad enough he's paid 30 years for someone else's crime.
1,483Laura VeronicaToledo, OhioThe evidence seems to more than show that Barry is an innocent man. You have taken enough of his life away. Swallow your pride and let this man out so he can live the rest of his life as the productive citizen he has already proven he can be. He already lost his father while behind bars. Give him and his the mother the peace they deserve before he loses her too.
1,482Leah TravalineCarstairs, AlbertaBecause he is innocent!
1,481ANNMARIE NARBERCAPE CORAL, FloridaI am appauled that our justice system operates in such a manner. I have seen it over and over again, the guilty ones walk and a man like Barry Beach are confined, set free, then confined again?!! Where do we live? This is disgusting, this man may have ''confessed under duress''but there was NO evidence of his involvement in this crime> Shame
1,480Stephen HallBillings, MontanaA lot of evidence to prove he did not do it
1,479peggy bisardFranklin, vaI believe with all my heart,that he is innocent!
1,477alberta bertschdixon, mthe is innocent, should never have been convicted with the lack of evidence
1,476Susanne EvansWoodburn, OR
1,475greta caldwellsherwood, arkansasI believe in his innocence 100%.
1,474My-Lan To-NguyenHuntington Beach, CAI feel that an injustice has occurred. With so many new witnesses that have came forward, it is only fair that he is at least given a new trial if not set free. It is highly possible to have a coerce confession. Please reconsider this and at least give Mr. Beach a new trial.
1,473Patricia SanchezOakdale, CAI absolutely believe Barry Beach's story. I think the police are lying. Barry was a young adult who should have had a lawyer present during the interigation. The police bullied him. The justice system doesn't always work and that is true with this case. He at least should have had a new trial. I personally think he should be set free. I find this case very upsetting.
1,472Joan BraunbergerSechelt, BCHis innocence comes thru the TV screen. One can see it in his persona, his actions and the testimony of those closest to him. God bless him, his mom and the group who are sticking with him. Thanks to Dateline for keeping it relevant.
1,471Monica WarrenDavis, CaliforniaWhen I heard he was interrogated for several hours too many. It is well known in recent years you can be manipulated into confessing to crimes one did not commit. I believe the law now requires interrogations must be at least recorded and/or video taped in its' entirety of that interrogation. Without that confession it sounded as though they had no other evidence. I pray Barry will get justic
1,470Taylor Rachel Arroyo-NoaEscondido, CaliforniaI have been convinced that there is a huge injustice here. We have heard multiple times before, and even since, of stories concerning police brutality and zeal in extracting false confession. I cannot believe these officials and judges are so out of touch, that they would not even CONSIDER this as a possibility, especially since it is determined his "confession" doesn't even match the evidenc
1,469Gordy GeurinkEau Claire, WiHis confession was coerced. He was wrongfully convicted. He also has spent almost 30 years in prison. The evidence against him is paltry.
1,468midge crizereaston, MarylandI believe complete lack of evidence to prove that Barry did the crime and the testimonies of many who tell what they have heard over the years from others that implicated them in the crime, plus the young lady who heard the crime being committed and heard all female voices should be considered. If the original decision cannot be overturned (which it should) then a new "fair" trial should be give
1,467Cynthia RedfearnNorth Bend, WashingtonAfter watching the Dateline broadcast about this case I think it is such and injustice that has taken place. The problem with our justice system needs to be looked into extensively. I have heard about other cases that seems that it does not matter what proof has to ones innocence except DNA cases which have shown that our justice system can be wrong!
1,466Thomas KinseyWest Covina , CaAfter watching Datline's story about the conviction of Berry Beach, I decided to read more about his case. It seems to me that there is enough evidence to warrant a new trial. It is odd that the state of Montana refuses to give Mr. Berry a new trial in light of the new evidence. Being that the original prosecutor in the case is now the Governor, it looks to be a politically motivated decision.
1,465Alexander Agramonte San Leandro , California Multiple witnesses were called to trial during the airing of the Dateline episode of Barry's story. Those persons called state similar information, that a group of women were responsible for the murder. Along with this the DNA evidence used in Barry's original trial is no longer in existence. Free Barry now!
1,463Aaron PrewettLas Vegas, NevadaI believe that Date line made it very clear that this man is innocent! A cold blooded killer doesn't turn himself in. I think that what's being done to this man is so wrong! A ton of reasonable doubt in this case! I'll never understand how the district attorneys, judges and cops in cases like this can live with themselves knowing that the real killer or killers are still out there .
1,462Wendy LiggittLakewood, COI am a police agent and pride myself in putting guilty people in jail. This situation is an embarrassment to law enforcement. They need to do what is right and either give Barry a new trial or set him free with time served. Do what is right...
1,461Michael McCarrenHarveysburg, OhioIt's not an easy thing to admit when your wrong, especially when it involves the pressure packed &inherently difficult job detectives are asked to do on a daily basis. no surprise to find an occasional error has been made. But when examining the track records of the detectives involved in this case, & given the percentage of people that DNA has exonerated,a new trial should be given, at the leas
1,460marsha bluehebron, Indianathere was absolutely no evidence of barry beach being at the crime scene of kim, the woman that came forth and testified that she heard girls yelling get her get her and heard a girl scream please dont and then silence,the women was 10 yrs. old when she heard those terible words,did they ever give barry a lie detector test?They sure should and let this poor innocent man go free.
1,459Carolyn JonesManassas, Virginia
1,458Michael BradfordDelaware, OHAfter seeing his story on TV and researching the case as thoroughly as I possibly could, I thoroughly believe in his innocence.
1,457Eric HuthLouisville, KyThe cops who convinced him to confess would have gotten any 18-21 year old kid to confess to this murder. It's a travesty that this man has been in prison for 30 years and was put back in prison after being released.
1,456Brad TurnerLancaster, KentuckyNot enough evidence to convict him. It is widely known that police have a way of forcing confessions out of innocent individuals. One of the witnesses also stated that a cop car had been to the area shortly after the screaming of a group of girls next to the river. Why has that sheriff not been cross examined. Seems he has something to do with the cover-up. Sounds like a cover-up.
1,455Jennifer BurlingameBuffalo, MNHe is innocent, period. If the judges aren't making the right decision because of politics, maybe they need to step down.
1,454Penny LaRoccoAbilene, tI do not believe he did this crime, I Believe the men that had him, That mad him sign a confession. Was Just trying to score points to solve a crime. I Think everyone of the woman that were involved that night, need to have a lie detector test. I Do Not Believe He Did This Crime
1,453Barbara HomerJacksonville, FLHe was wronlgy convicted based on a forced confession. The Governor was the prosecuting attorney the time??
1,452Penny GaylordGreene, NYThe twists and turns in Berry Beach's trials are only that of the incompetent legal system. Montana Supreme Court chose a judge that was known for toughness to consider new evidence in Beach's case. The Court's lack of support for Hon. Phillips decision is an outrage. They should reexamine those who sit at the Supreme Court bench.
1,451Shellie StrainAiken, ScHe did not kill that helpless girl. There would be a piece of DNA at the scene.
1,450Laura JudyEndicott, MyA judge already set him free... Political bs put him back in jail... He is an asset to the community and a victim of an imperfect system, albeit a good justice system, not a perfect one.... And signs of cover-up, political bs, and bad court decisions make this tragic
1,449Elizabeth BeasleySaint Cloud, MnI believe Barry to be not guilty of the murder of Kim Nees due to the fact that he was not the last one to be seen with Kim the night she was murdered. The palm print in Kim's blood that was found on the outside of the truck door was not Barry's and has gone unidentified. None of Barry's finger prints were found in or outside of the truck while prints of others and blood where still present, e
1,448Hugh ZackheimHelena, MT
1,447Kathy UlrichJerome, PennsylvaniaI have been following and researching Barry's case for years, there is absolutely no doubt that Barry Beach is an innocent man!! He should be released NOW!!
1,446teri campbellKnotts Island, North CarolinaThe American justice system will NOT ever admit to making a mistake. Having SOMEBODY in prison for a crime makes them feel like they've done a good job. Meanwhile, the REAL killer walks among us. It's time for a huge change, prosecutors who knowingly withhold evidence need to go to prison, detectives who badger false confessions out of innocent people need to go to prison.
1,445Gaelle VoltaireValley Stream, New YorkInnocent men shouldn't be kept in prison, there is more than enough reasonable doubt to overturn his conviction. The fact that he was was sent back to prison absolutely disgusts me.
1,444Mellissa SaldanaSquaw valley, CaPlain & Simple, Everyone knows that Barry is innocent with the exception of the ;people that put him there & made a scapegoat of him. Whats wrong with those people that have no conscience? You self servers Will answer for yourselves on judgement day of the Highest court for the irreversible damage & hardship you have caused this man & his mother. Its not to late to right this wrong but I wouldnt w
1,443Anna FajardoPalo Alto, California
1,442Gail BudnerColton, caThe man is clearly innocent. I cannot believe the police are satisfied with a coerced confession that clearly is not what really happened. He was out for 2 years and has proven himself in that time.
1,441Sherry PackerSanta Rosa, caI saw the story last night on Date Line. OMG. I can't believe they locked him up again instead of at the very least, commuting his sentence. It is SO obvious his confession was coerced and hand fed to him by the detectives. Witnesses, no DNA, no blood evidence, how can they convict him? It is obvious numerous people touched the vehicle and left foot prints who were they if not the real killers?
1,440Martha MunozDowney, CA*several witnesses have come forward with evidence he did not do it - including a girl who was only 10 years old at the time. *he was only 20 when he's confession was coerced. *DNA??
1,439Alicia GravesHighlands Ranch, COI believe he is innocent, I believe that he should be free.
1,438Katherine SearsMissoula, MontanaYou can only be convicted of a crime if there is 'beyond a reasonable doubt' that you are guilty. There is reasonable doubt in this case! The bloody palm print on the truck was NOT Beech's.
1,437karina olsenslagelse, denmarkThe evidence is nonexisisting and the real killer/s are free!! he could have run but he is a man of intregrity!!
1,436Danny HarperGrand Praire, TexasI have read all the info on this case and there is no evidence putting Barry at the scene. -Danny L Harper
1,435Tracey ColeHuntington Beach, CAI believe he is an innocent man that was coerced and tricked into a confession. I also believe those women who have confessed on numerous occasions committed the crime. I was convinced when I heard the 10 yr old girl's testimony. Free this man, and give him the justice he so deserves!
1,434Ashley SabourinEncino, CABarry Beach is 100% innocent! It's a sin to keep that man in jail one more day longer!!! Free Barry Beach already! It's an injustice to the women murder and to the innocent man behind bars! Unbelievable! No evidence, except for a jaded confession which any person with a brain could see right thur it! Do the right thing and free Barry Beach!!! Sincerely, Ashley
1,433Randall KnowlesGreat Falls, MTEven if Barry did it, which I do not think he did, he has served his time AND there is still time for him to finish life with a positive addition to society. I have been wrongly persecuted by the Montana Supreme Court and understand completely how innocent people can be found guilty. I understand how politics, the legal fraternity, and legislature are inter woven. The Supreme Court Justices are
1,432Leticia JimenezIrvine, CaI think the new evidence is compelling and his release should be considered.
1,431Wash LivelySan Francisco, CaliforniaReasonable doubt.
1,430Gail MaggiSan Jose, CaThere's so much proof that say he "did not do it" then just the words of the confession 30 years ago. Times were different 30 years ago, you didn't hear about crocked cops like you do now eventhough they obviously did exist so of course he thought the office who was questioning him would help him and was doing what "authority" said I do to help himself. Free Barry or at least another fair t
1,429carli jimenezirvine, ca
1,428claudette novotnyoakley, Californiaif i were a juror and heard the evidence...i would say not guilty. i believe too much weight was place on his statement of guilt, during his questioning. i was employed by a police department in California and i have seen individual's give up statements of guilt, due to the stress and need to make the questioning stop.
1,427Paulina Kehoeoakland , CaliforniaThere is not sufficient evidence to convict; and evidence for female perpetrators having killed Miss Nees.
1,426Priscilla Lyon-FairOrange, CaliforniaI believe Barry's confession was coerced and there is absolutely no other evidence that implicates Barry in this tragic murder.
1,425Marsha GronotteLacey, WABarry Beach and his Mom are amazing human beings with a strong faith and honesty. He is innocent of this horrific crime. More needs to be done to catch the real killers of this innocent young woman. Barry Beach was railroaded as a young man and continues to be incarcerated. This is a HUGE miscarriage of justice. I have been following his story for years and like he and his mom and the people t
1,424Robin HallWhite Springs, FloridaI have followed this story on 48 hours and cannot believe that the pride and embarrassment of the authorities who will not admit their errors will keep this man unjustly jailed. This is a travesty. Sad that in the greatest country in the world, a country based on justice and fairness, Barry Beach is still in prison. Shame on those who would block his release.
1,423Candace Ohligvancouver, waClearly this man did not commit this crime despite the "confession" There are too many factors that point to another scenario that evening-not the least of which is a 10 year old girl hearing the whole thing.
1,422Justynne MeismerMissoula, MT
1,421Nathan BallardSan Rafael, CaliforniaIt is clear there is no physical evidence to link him to the crime.
1,420Benjamin HeitzmanSeattle, WashingtonIt's a no brainer for a seasoned police officer to extract a false confession from a 20 year old person. This parallel's the Amanda Knox case out of Italy and many, many more! Other than the coerced confession I have not seen or heard of any evidence to implicate Barry . . .
1,419Ursula HildenbrandWoodinville, WAIt's CLEAR Barry Beach didn't kill the girl and he was railroaded into "admitting guilt". What part of the girls who confessed hearing the murder wasn't clear? He's given up a good portion of his life and it's time he gets out and has the privilege of being a citizen of society again. I didn't hear 1 person say anything derogatory about him or that his character is anything but upstanding.
1,418Tanya McCritePortland, OregonI have watched the information gathered in this case many times. The evidence clearly shows he is innocent and was naive and coerced into making his initial confession. If he was guilty, he would have run while he was free and not willingly walked himself back into prison. The court system just does not want to admit they made a mistake. They need to do the right and just thing and let him go.
1,417Megan JoyceNovato, CA
1,416Laurie GallienSan Francisco, CA
1,415Howard HowlandMoorpark, CaliforniaANYONE released from prison after nearly 30 years and re imprisoned by a higher court on appeal is, in my opinion, a victim of cruel and unusual punishment, a clear violation of Amendment VIII to the Constitution of the United States. The prisoner should, in my opinion, be released immediately with the court's apology.
1,414Debbie Lambdes moines, waEvidence seems to be solely based on the confession of a 20 year old CHILD - a very young man who lacked the life skills to handle such a situation and who was frightened, exhausted and manipulated. Good GOD! Can you imagine this happening to yourself?
1,413Jeremy Baileylake forest park, waIt appears that he did not commit the crime that he was convicted of. At least one judge believes his case should be heard again.
1,412Leslie AverillPasadena, CAIt is well known that being interrogated for hours can make someone confess just to get the questions to stop. There are new witnesses that need to be considered and Barry Beach needs to be set free
1,411Kelley NyboSouth Prairie, WAThere is no evidence to prove that he committed this crime. The palm print clearly shows it is not his. The footprints clearly are not his. There is no evidence that shows that he is guilty. There is evidence that the police in Louisiana clearly were corrupt and forced a false confession out of Barry. He is spent too many years in prison for crime he did not commit, he deserves to be free.
1,410Patricia ScupienEagle Point, OregonI'm a pretty good judge of character and just seeing the Dateline show convinced me of Barry's innocence. He says he word is his bond and I truly believe that. How could this judge send him back to prison? Can he not see that an innocent man is serving time for what someone else did? It's so clear. The truth that is. This man needs to be freed immediately. You're killing his mother.
1,409Helen CiaramellaAnderson, CaliforniaAll the evidence that I have seen on the Dateline special is overwhelming convincing that he did not commit this crime. It is evident that the detectives cohered him into a confession. You have a drug addict brag about getting away with murder, a 10 year old girl hearing the murder as it was happening and still the Supreme Court puts him back in jail. What a travesty.
1,408Kathleen AielloSanta, CaliforniaThere were too many footprints at the crime scene to think only one person was did this crime. Though the original detective interviewed numerous individuals there was no evidence that he took the individuals footprints and/or match shoe prints. Also the finger print on the car did not match Barry's. Also there was no evidence that his footprints/shoe prints were at the crime scene. Also too ma
1,407Carolyn FrameVista, CaI just finished watching Dateline featuring Barry Beach. I am so disappointed in our legal system and feel that in light of the new evidence of witnesses testifying, he should be set free.
1,406karen PeeblesDeland, FloridaAfter corresponding with Barry for several months, I have befriended a man who ceaselessly praises God in the midst of his imprisonment, a man who is an inspiration to others instead of a discouragement, one who shares joy, who blesses others instead of searching out blessing. The God who spoke all of creation into existence will move in this situation at the time that He is ready.
1,405Nancy FoleyPortland, OrAll the witness. The one lady that was accused of being there couldn't look Keith Morrison in the eye. Forced confessions, he not the only one sent to jail for a forced confession. I have first hand knowledge of someone lying and being sent to jail. Good Luck Mr Beach
1,404Sara TateWhitefish, MT
1,403Dianne MillerSan Diego, CaliforniaI watched a ,program on NBC and I cannot believe Barry Beach was returned to prison. The justice system failed.
1,402Shelly MacDonaldSurrey, BC
1,401Ronald and Elizabeth AhlgrenFort Mohave, ArizonaIt is as obvious as the nose on your face: he did not kill the girl, all of the facts in this case point to a group of girls killing her. Imprisoning the wrong persons denies justice to the victim! I am sorry to say I have seen and heard the injustice in Montana courts. I heard a Hamilton, Montana judge tell a courtroom full of people "Moranda Rights do not apply in Montana!"
1,400Elizabeth DircksenStockton, CAI am certain he is an innocent man.
1,399Stephanie CarrollCarlsbad, CA.The officers in Louisiana lied to the young man and coerced a confession from him. The Indian girl, Steffy Eagleboy, heard the murder and only heard girls voices. Sissy Atkinson told several people she was involved and so did Joanne Jackson, her accomplice. The judges should be ashamed of their close-minded decision.
1,398Rachel WardWright wood, CaHe is an innocent man who was bullied into a confession! The authorities didn't do a proper investigation.
1,397Alyson DavisMilwaukie, OregonDateline NBC. No evidence and no motivate!
1,396Elizabeth VintonSan Diego, CAAbsolutely no direct evidence that he did it. Ignorance is manning the Montana courthouse. And they have the power.
1,395Jennifer FrazierNewport Beach, Ca
1,394Lauren BennettBremerton, waI strongly believe that the lack of forensic evidence against Mr. Beach and the testimony given by the eyewitness who heard the actual murder take place and stated she heard all female voices that night, that he should be released!
1,393Gerald JendreasLas Vegas, NevadaPure power hungry investigators and politicians trying to make a name for themselves.
1,392Carina JendreasLas vegas, NevadaBecause former investigators and District Attorney lied to make a name for themselfs.
1,391Michael Greenberg Valley Village, CaliforniaAfter watching Dateline and listening to the evidence, it is easy to understand the motive was jealousy by her classmates, and that they killed her. The drama effects from the show might have led the audience to this conclusion, however, there were numerous and logical reasons he was innocent. The false confession led by this egomaniac officer, and the clear motive by the gang of girls.
1,390Kai SprayPittsburg, CaIncorrect details in his so-called "confession" and the numerous witnesses that came forward later, in addition to the fact that he didn't run or try to escape being re-arrested after the stupid Supreme Court overturned the favorable previous ruling.
1,389Leigh HillLos Angeles, CAI feel his confession was coerced, but moreso the fact of the evidence, particularly that of the woman who was 10 at the time and heard the screaming. Also the lack of his fingerprints to me makes this a no-brainer in terms of his innocence. I believe egos are involved and that is what is causing this miscarriage of justice. Barry should be released immediately. That is the right thing to do.
1,388Jacqueline AndersenBurlingame, Ca.There is more than "reasonable doubt" that he committed the crime for which he is imprisoned. I believe he was wrongly convicted. I also feel that it is very probable that the original interrogation that led to the "confession" was malicious and motivated by selfish objectives.
1,387Kathy DavisVancouver, WAI believe whole heartedly that Barry Beach is innocent of this crime and therefore should be released from prison and allowed to lead a quiet, peaceful life as a free man.
1,386Julie Lipeltwoodland, cait appears that a confession was coerced from him. several witnesses have come forward with evidence that places reasonable doubt. it appears that law enforcement would rather put an innocent man in jail tgen admit they made a huge mistake.
1,385Allison EngstromRedding, CAThe information he provided regarding the murder was incorrect with what evidence they did find and he was obviously scared and distressed during his interrogation leading him to confess to something he did not do. People have come forward with information about the real killers and no evidence has been found tying Barry Beach to the murder.
1,384June RaderRichmond, CaI watched the Dateline program. It is quite clear that he is innocent. The evidence supports my belief and many more people who have looked into the case also believe he is innocent.
1,383Gail KniselySeattle, WashingtonBarry Beach continues to be incarcerated while the courts have refused to acknowledge considerable evidence, including fingerprint and DNA evidence (or lack thereof), that may prove in another trial that he did not commit the crime of which he was convicted.
1,382Bree ZimmermanSan Francisco, CA
1,381Dylan NewmanHood River, OR
1,380audrey AshfordDavis,, caBecause he is innocent. i grew up in louisiana. Everyone there knows the police are ignorant evil cretins...and shame on montana...the same state that allows teachers to rape children.
1,379Gregory MaasLebanon, OregonI believe that it is the job of the police and district attorneys to get a conviction no matter what it takes, and even if there is evidence to the contrary they try to convict anyway. Not in all cases, but in some. In this case, I believe he is innocent. Set him free. God Bless You
1,378Jennifer Masonriverside, caIn viewing the Dateline episode on Barry Beach, I have come to the unpersuadeable conclusion that he is innocent!!!!!
1,377Jeremy Reynoldsolympia, WashingtonIf a person like Amanda Knoxs can be persuaded to give false information after multiple hours of interrogation I think it is totally possible that Mr. Beach could have been coerced into a confession. I believe the confession should be thrown out and a new trial should be commenced immediately.
1,376David JosephCanyon Country, CaliforniaSeeing the story on Nightline tonight, I see there is an extreme amount of reasonable doubt that Barry did the crime, per witnesses. He was under extreme duress when he confessed and very young, and the information he gave on the murder was incorrect per the nightline story. He also contributed a lot to society when he was released and proves he is easily fits into society as a productive person.
1,375Don ThompsonBronson, FLThe evidence - including the collusion between detectives and law enforcement officers in Montana and Louisiana raises more than a reasonable doubt about Barry Beach's guilt. This case joins hundreds of others where people in positions of power over-stepped their rights and authority in prosecuting a case. This man deserves freedom and those who stand in the way are more dangerous than he is.
1,374David TeddsSanta Clarita, CAThere is no physical or DNA evidence connecting Barry Beach with the murder of Kim Nees. Barry was wrong on most of the points he confessed to regarding the murder.
1,373 Maxine WilliamsMill Creek, WashingtonI watched the Dateline show. I feel like I already know Barry Beach. Clearly, the interrogators need to take a lie detector test. No physical evidence! Witnesses very emotionally having the courage to speak out! All you have is a fake confession that was fabricated by narcissistic bullies. Please stop the corrupt cowards from teaching young adults , that dishonesty, wins.
1,372Shannon StarkPalm Desert , CAJust watched Dateline and this man is obviously innocent. He was intragated/mislead at the age of 20 to admit to this crime. All the evidence proves he is innocent. This man needs to be set free and go after the girls that actually committed the crime.
1,371Margaret BischoffPortland, OregonThere is no physical evidence that places him at the crime scene. The inconsistencies in his confession and the actual physical evidence.... ie the door by which Kim left the truck, the kind of shirt she was wearing... not plaid... etc. and the fact that the confession was obtained after questioning for 7 hours with no food... and the track record of the interrogating officers: Unconvincing.
1,370Silvia CurielNorth Hollywood, Ca
1,369scott budnercolton, Californiahes innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!! ----- another travesty and embarrassment for our justice system !!!! -- absolutely pathetic decision to put him back behind bars !
1,368Sequoia BrownSan Francisco, CAI believe that while the state has consistently focused on, Mr.Beach's "broken" confession, they have wasted a lot of time NOT even acknowledging the mounds of evidence & witnesses that sprung up during the re-trial. True Enough the amount of time it took for these witnesses to finally come forward, is,questionable in itself, but why not dig a little deeper? Besides He could have ran....but did
1,367Karen RossmanVictorville, CAI watched the episode on NBC's Dateline about Barry Beach and I think the lack of evidence against him speaks for itself. Barry had nothing to do with the murder and he should be a free man!
1,366kimmi goffupland, CaliforniaBecause HE IS INNOCENT.
1,365Jamie TraceyRedding, CaThe evidence shows there is more than enough information to give reasonable doubt!! I would find him innocent!! Montana has too much pride to admit they were wrong and to admit they coerced a young man with fear and lies!! Shame on you Montana law makers! You disgust me!!
1,364Julia WatkinsSeattle, WAI saw the dateline episode return to Poplar River. Why can't he get a new trial? It is a horrible injustice that he is still in prison.
1,363Cindy RosecransSalem, OregonThere is so much obvious evidence that proves his innocence. It is absurd that he has served so much time in prison. It saddens me deeply. Let the man go !!!
1,362Eric BaronMission Viejo, CAA coerced confession in Louisiana that was coached by Montana Law Enforcement is more than enough reason for doubt. The AG, Mr Fox should lose his job for this injustice...shame on him!
1,361Allen HillAcme,, WashingtonAfter viewing the show on date line about this trial and the evidence brought fourth at later trial dates I feel Mr. Beach should be exonerated and freed immediately. I know many times that police can drive one to a confession by continued exhausting interrogations. Sometimes this leaves one to just give in to have it all just go away. Further witness comments show a definite doubt in his guilt.
1,360Cathy DelormePort Hueneme, CaliforniaAfter reading everything I could, it is clear that the new evidence shows that Barry Beach did not commit the murder; and in fact that new evidence clearly points to those who did, two by name and others whose names could probably be found. Montana has a duty to give him justice!!!!!!!!! Do it now before his loved ones die.
1,359Mitch MartineauCampbell, Ca.
1,358Rory BalmerTwin Peaks, CaliforniaThere is a high level of reasonable doubt. I don't understand how the prosecutors and judges can live with themselves.
1,357David QuijanoLos Angeles , CA.I believed the women that testified infavor of Berry.
1,356Lisa ThompsonOcean Shores, Washington Coerced confession, lack of forensic evidence, eyewitness to the crime; Mr. Beach has spent too many years serving a sentence based on flimsy evidence, and in the short time he was free he demonstrated his value to society and to his loved ones. Former Gov. Racicot should personally, thoroughly reinvestigate this case.
1,355Assad MoayedFolsom, CaBarry is innocent. He served almost thirty years of his life in a prison based on inconclusive reasons and evidence. They scared him to confess and that is all they have against him. He did not have to go back to prison, but he did. He is innocent.
1,354Wynn GrahamLacey, WaIf the Dateline NBC piece is truthful in its portrayal, I believe the prosecution is guilty of a classic case of CYA. This man, regardless of his guilt, has demonstrated that he is an exemplary and productive member of society. Is that not what we are trying to do, encourage every member of society to be productive? Many free people are not nearly as productive as Barry. Set him free!!
1,353Maverick ProctorOrange, CADateline proved to us tonight that he is innocent. We disagree with the Montana Supreme Court and urge the State of Montana to set him free.
1,352thelma moltersanta clara, CaliforniaI believe he is innocent
1,351Eric JohnsonBrooklyn Park, MNIt seems a horrible injustice that Barry is in prison while the killers continue to walk free. It is relatively easy to force a confession from someone, especially a young man. It appears that if one ignores the confession, there is nothing that points to Barry. Furthermore, it is very troubling that one of the "witnessess" of the crime believes that the police are somehow involved. I don't
1,350andrea meyerssanta rosa, caHis confession should be deemed inadmissable in court. He is not guilty.
1,349bryan fitzpatrickPort Orchard, WaI just watched a whole documentary and the question should be is why I think he is guilty. There was a single piece of evidence that pointed to him. His confession was obviously pushed.
1,348Anderson Pamelaburbank, CAI watched 48 hours and I believe there is reasonable doubt.
1,347Jamie CoateOrange, CADateline proved to us tonight that he is innocent. We disagree with the Montana Supreme Court and urge the State of Montana to set him free.
1,346Gerald OrcholskiPasadena, Ca
1,345Carol MaasLebanon, OregonBecause he was wrongly accused, after the new evidence was found. The police bullied him into the confession.
1,344Tracy HigginbothamSan Jose , CAFrom watching the program it does not in my opinion show he is guilty.
1,343Karla MonroySan Francisco, CAHe was a victim of an overzealous prosecutor and his case ruling should be revised and the outcome should result in his freedom. Persecute someone that is guilty, we see so many guilty people get walking around and this man can't??
1,342Daniel JimenezIrvine , CAThe lack of evidence and the group of new witnesses justifies him to be released.
1,341Samantha HarrisRedlands, California
1,340Nikki TestaiLas Vegas, NevadaThe palm print didn't match Barry Beach's palm print, his confession was coerced, girls killed Kim and an innocent man as spent too many years locked up
1,339Joel AckermanCulver City, CAThe evidence and testimony proove his innocence.
1,338melissa morrisnewport beach , CaliforniaI believe he did not kill the girl because of the 2 other girls who are possible suspects. Also the confession of the young girl who heard the murder happening. Those other girls should be in jail and I don't know how they sleep at night knowing there is an innocent man behind bars.
1,337Kevin JohnstonVictoria, BCBarry is an innocent man. He is truly inspirational and a role model,someone who should be admired. In fact, he IS admired. God bless you and I pray justice is served.
1,336barrett bellemanKirkland, WashingtonHis confession was a result of police misconduct, there is no evidence implicating him and to much of his life has already been stolen from him.
1,335cynthia bellemanfederal way, wabarry beach is innocent. No physical evidence no finger prints. Only a confession from a scared young man manipulated by police
1,334Tony StrizichNewbury park, CaTo many holes in that case I studied it I think he is innocent not sure why he confessed he didn't do it
1,333Heather KalchbrennerHelena, MTBecause of the evidence saying he is innocent as do witnesses. And I hope the state will soon see this as well.
1,332trudy arndt woksahermanNo physical evidence - co-ersed confession
1,331marylee ericksonosseo, mnbecause there was none of his dna at the scene
1,330Robin GoodrichNatick, MaHe is innocent.
1,329Derek ThrushMissoula, MontanaI believe Barry Beach should be released, because there is no credible forensic evidence that ties him to the scene of the crime. Also, the circumstances surrounding his 'confession' are suspect. The way he handled himself while he was in or out of prison are that of a productive member of society, working to make the world a better place. Not only that, but he was granted another trial by a
1,328Pamela ValemontNorth Tamborine, Queensland
1,327Terry FrischHelena, MtThis is supposed to be a nation of justice that believes in the constitution. I believe the charges against Barry beach cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt. I believe he is innocent. Please free Barry beach.
1,326Jonathan HopkinsBozeman, mtFree Barry! The man is innocent!
1,325Lisa HardimanGreat Falls,, MT
1,324David FlickingerMinneapolis, MNThere is NO EVIDENCE Barry did it. FREE BARRY!!!
1,323James MathisSavannah, Tn
1,322Kyle PaulsonWolf Point, MTIt is obvious the confession was coerced. Initially, I was convinced of Beach's guilt because of the confession, but after getting into the West Memphis Three case and the false confession there, I decided to look into this one since it happened so close by. Wow! Free Barry Beach!
1,321LINDA HOFF-HAGENSICKEvanston, IllinoisDateline presented compelling evidence of the innocence of Barry Beach...Barry Beach himself is credible by virtue of his life.
1,320Sandi EllisNorth York, OntarioI first saw this on Dateline many many years ago & I believed then he was innocent & I still do. He needs to be home with his family again.
1,319William DevineBillings, Montanaeidence
1,318Jill PetersonBillings, MontanaAs evidence has proven time and again that it does not match what the prosecutor, at that time, says happened. Anyone can be coerced into a confession so they can breath again. Barry was forced into the confession in Louisiana. But to also know that the Sheriff's daughter, at that time, was placed at the time of the murder at the scene. It seems to me that it is a cover up to protect her.
1,317henry boeblack eagle, montanaour justice system do not want to have another 'Tucson four story",in 1983 the tactics of interrogation must have been ruthless,against a young man who couldn't defend himself,we all deserve justice.'NOW'how could this be 32 years later? prove him guilty or let him go.
1,316Kelly HusoBillings, MontanaThe evidence shows that Barry is an innocent man. Every Montanan should be outraged and embarressed by this travisty of justice. The officials that have incarcerated Barry are the ones who should be in jail, and I believe this is some of the reason that Barry is behind bars. I for one am no longer going to sit in my comfortable house with my comfortable life and do nothing while Barry is continuin
1,315Timothy TeachoutBillings, MontanaBarry is totally innocent of this crime. If the evidence that has been so contaminated during the initial investigation was preserved and presented to a jury today, Barry would be a free man. It is a grave injustice that an innocent man should be locked up for so long and Barry should be freed immediately.
1,314Mike KerriganMedicine Hat, AbI agree with the judge that freed him. They should at least give him a retrial. The evidence now proves he's innocent. Best of luck Barry you should be free!
1,313Laura JonesAustin, TxBarry is clearly innocent. This is a travesty of justice.
1,312Misty HarrisBillingsThis man is innocent!! He deserves a fair trial!!
1,311Charlene AraujoEl Paso, TexasThe police were abusive towards Barry Beach and the forensic evidence does not connect Beach to the crime. This case is outrageous and Beach has suffered tremendously.
1,310Teresa LeeGreensboro, ncBecause he is innocent
1,309Sheila WardGreensboro, NCThere is no evidence that Barry Beach was present when Kim Nees was killed. There is a lot of forensic evidence from the murder scene, but none matches Barry. He "confessed" after being railroaded by police and tricked into believing that they were going to help clear his name. The details that he gave during his "confession" are not correct, because he did not know the facts. During his t
1,308Karen CorbettLongview, WashingtonYou tell me why you want to keep and INNOCENT man in prison for a crime he did NOT commit. Does your political office mean so much to you, that you would let such a blatant miscarriage of justice continue?! Isn't it time to admit the wrong man was sent to prison and right a very egregious wrong?!! Makes no difference how the sheriff"s office or the local police try to spin it, wrong is wrong!!!
1,307Michael TuckerGrand Islnd , New YorkNew witnesses provided clear testimony to exonerate Barry. Confession in LA was obviously coerced.
1,306Scott RicksonSpringfield , MAWhere is the physical evidence placing him at the scene
1,305Jonathan hopkinsbozeman, mtThe man is innocent. Enough!
1,304Jean NilsonBillings, MTHe Did Not Committ the Crime. Keeping Him in Prison Is Not Justice
1,303Ronis BollingerAbsarokee, MontanaBarry Beach is innocent. His confession was coerced!
1,302Matt Ragsdalemissoula, mt
1,301Judith LorenzBillings, MTHe is innocents, & should be free.
1,300Jennifer RucinskyGreat falls, MtIsn't a man innocent until proven guilty? I don't understand how there is no physical evidence against Barry but yet he is in prison. The physical evidence proves his innocence but yet he still sits in prison. Our system has failed him.
1,299Antonio lopezwalla walla, WaHE IS INNOCENT!!!! Nothing else more to say!!!
1,298Jazmin Piercewalla walla
1,297Vickie ReicheltCarter, MTThe testimonies and evidence I have seen/heard indicate a serious error in his prosecution. He has also served more time than others convicted of similar crimes. He proved to be a contributing member of society and his return to prison should be considered "cruel and unusual punishment".
1,296Holly Woodgilbert, azThe case, if presented in court, wouldn't even make it to a trial. There is no evidence. It is ridiculous. Not one shred of physical evidence. Isn't this the United States?
1,295Mary Grace GuillemetteHelena, MontanaAfter Barry was released, I was blessed to have lunch with Him, his mom, my uncle, and my father. A man who was so excited, about life, and sharing God with the world, too help others. I met a man, who did not speak adversely about a single person. Barry only wished, anyone and everyone, Gods love. He was kind, not bitter at all. He has done more time, than a PROVEN guilty man. God bless him
1,294Susan Boydclarkston, waAfter watching Dateline, it is clear that this man could not be convicted beyond a reasonable doubt I believe that he is innocent.
1,293Donald DicksonLewis Center, OHI know it's only TV, but it's obvious he is not guilty. Dozens of witness state they were told the girls killed Kim Niece. At least retry him. This is a travesty
1,292Christene WagnerHarrison, MTAt 20 years old many people could be coerced into saying things that weren't true just because they were frightened. I would think the courts should be concerned with justice, and give him a new trial with ALL the evidence presented. That is probably the biggest injustice in our courts today - that even though they have facts to prove someone innocent, they are not required to present them.
1,291Heidi AndersonGreen Bay, WiI believe barry has proven himself innocent over and over again. There is no physical evidence tying Barry to this crime. This is a gross injustice.
1,290Judy McCartneyShepherd , MtThere is no physical evidence against him. Confessions can be coerced and several other murder convictions have been overturned where confessions had been obtained. I believe that he is innocent and that Montana judges are just afraid to say that they have made a mistake for the last 30 years in not allowing a new trial.
1,289Glenda SowdersBowling Green, KYBecause I believe evidence continuously shows he is innocent and has spent enough time erroneously in prison!!
1,288Kelly Brownbilliings, mtI firmly believe Barry was coerced into confession.
1,287Deidra HughesSpring Hill, TNHe is innocent... and this system was founded on the principle that you are innocent until "proven" guilty. It has never been PROVED that Barry Beach is guilty.
1,286Elaine HooleyRichey, MontanaFor the reasons cited in the petition
1,285Rex HooleyGoshen, INI have watched two documentaries on his case, and read extensively about it. This man is innocent. Montana cannot have this on their conscience. Robbing an innocent man of his life is a CRIME !
1,284hal slemmerbillings, mtnot guilty
1,283Dr. W. David Herbert ESQBillings, MtI have represented 300 inmates before the California Parole Board and do believe that Barry's confession was coerced. I had the opportunity to speak to him in person when he was in Billings. I think it outrageous that he was refused a new trial by the Montana Supreme Court.
1,282Linda Parksst. marie, MontanaBarry Beach is innocent and Marc R. knew that he would make a name for himself if he hurried and bullied his way through this trial, because of the popularity it was getting. Marc R. seen this opportunity to make a name for himself. Now we know the truth! Marc R did a horrible injustice. And I am a repuplican.
1,281Ronda WalterBillings, MTI believe he is innocent!
1,280Eric WellsBillings, MTThere is strong evidence supporting he did not do this crime. Why wouldn't the state consider this? Give the man a new trial with ALL the evidence and testimony!
1,279DE BrunoLady Lake, FloridaI do not doubt his confession was coursed by the detectives in Louisiana. Free the man now, embarrassment to the great state of Montana.
1,278Marnee ColeHelena, MTI believe Barry is innocent of these charges. I don't understand how people who are sworn to uphold the law can close their eyes to the injustice done to Barry Beach. It seems to me those concerned are more worried about the fact they may have made a mistake then in trying to correct it.
1,277chester walterbillings, montanaThe sheriff in La. that got Barry's "confesion" was notorious fo getting " phone book confesions" that is when you are beaten through a phone book lots of damage and pain no disernable marks. Also in Keith Morrison"s piece, Rosciot"s former secretary said that Rosciot spoke with that sheriff more than 50 times leading up to the "confesion".
1,276Marta BurgmanBillings, MTI feel and believe Barry needs to be let free to continue to be a hard worker, living a productive life, and to continue to carry the message to all the places he was asked to speak. A very busy life. The one he dreamed of and was doing just that, and bang the doors of freedom were closed. I visited with Barry a few times. We met through a mutual friend. Our conversations were based on spiritual
1,275Heather CisnerosMonrovia, CAI believe that that Barry did not commit the murder of Miss Nees based on the lack of fingerprint, DNA or shoeprint evidence implicating Barry - as well as the testimony of the 10-year-old witness and others implicating a group of girls actually committed the murder.
1,274meglena wahrlichbillings, MontanaI've worked with Barry and he is a great person and a great coworker! I know he does not belong in prison!
1,273Phyllis Runsthrough-SpottedwolfFrazer, MontanaI have been reading and watching the news concerning this case, the evidence shows me that Barry Beach is innocent of this crime. All involved parties that know information but were not questioned, those who tampered with the evidence, and the individuals who walk around free telling of their involvement with this incident should be dealt with according to the law. I heard numerous times since I w
1,272Christopher FieldBillings, MTNo DNA evidence. A coerced confession from lazy unprofessional detectives and sheriff. Previous witnesses have since recanted their testimony. Many signs pointing to a gang of girls who didn't care for victim's stature in school and future opportunities.
1,271Lynn SchneiderBillings, MTIf you just read everything from the original trial; he should never have been convicted in the first place. Too many things don't add up.
1,270Franklin FarwellBillings, MTI am sad to see the justice system has failed a man after serving around 20 years of his sentence, be released only to get sent back less than 24 months. Very frightening to know that our corrupt political system can decide the fate for one good, honest man
1,269Paul FinnOakland, CaliforniaThis man has proven his value to society, and no one has proven otherwise. Someone in a position od power needs to have the courage to stand up for what it right and free this man
1,268Deanna KoepkeGreat Falls, MontanaThe evidence shows reasonable doubt that he committed this crime.
1,267Caren HoferHighlands Ranch, ColoradoThere was not any physical evidence of Barry being at the scene of the crime. He was a scarred kid when he was co-hoarse into his confession. Authorities often frame an innocent YOUNG person that THEY think is despensible so that they can easily close a case. This makes them look good. They don't care if he was a good kid, just that he was a troublemaker. REALLY SAS JUSTICE SYSTEM!! FREE HIM!!
1,266Alan PickrellCalgary, AlbertaIt is evident that Barry Beach is innocent and that he was one of many in this world who has been wrongfully interrogated by sheriffs to be forced to confess out of fear and manipulation. It is clearly true that the unfortunate, horrible murder was sadly committed by the group of girls as evidenced in the court of appeals and as stated by the many witnesses who heard the details of the murder.
1,265Joan McDonoughOak Lawn, ILI strongly believe Barry Beach is innocent based on the testimony of the then-10 year old witness about hearing screaming of a pack of girls yelling and one screaming in pain. I also believe that the "confession" of Barry Beach was coerced, that he was scared, alone, and trusted the police when they said "they would help him." Also, his fingerprints don't match those at the scene. Also, th
1,264Mariah CampbellVaughn, MontanaThere is insufficient evidence against him. He has paid an awful price for a crime he did NOT commit.
1,263Leanna CampbellVaughn, MTThere is insufficient evidence that the man ever committed the crime. Not only would I like to see him freed but I would like the state of MT to look at the new evidence in hopes that the guilty would be convicted.
1,262james campbellvaughn, mtThere is new evidence which has shown that they should at least have a new trial. Nothing links him to that place at that time.
1,261Henderson WendyTrenton, OntarioI believe that Barry Beach should be released because the evidence overwhelmingly points to his innocence as well as the fact that he has proven that he is a productive member of society as evidenced by the time he spent as a free man. Please end this grave injustice now! Don't let this typical story of the broken US justice system continue one more day.
1,260Carolina HatfieldPortland, ORI believe that Barry Beach should be afforded a new trial given that there is new evidence.
1,259Billie PotestioJohnstown, COSimple...because he is innocent!!!
1,258Lisa Blackmon Madison, Alabama
1,257Laura WeaverOlathe, ks
1,256Janice BuehlerBillings, MTThere is too much evidence that he did not murder Ms. Neece. There was no forensic evidence tying him to her murder. I think he was a frightened 17 y/o boy who would have said anything to get away from the LA police who were questioning him. And my understanding is the Centurions do not take cases unless they are convinced the person is innocent of murder.
1,255Patty Roberts CollinsGibsonville, NCAfter watching the segment on Dateline, there is NO WAY that Mr Beach committed this murder! Anyone with reasonable intelligence could only come to the same conclusion, after hearing all the evidence. Returning this man to prison, for a crime he clearly did not committ, is a blight on the entire judicial system of Montana. They should be ashamed of themselves!
1,254Helena SloaneFernandina Beach, FloridaI saw Dateline and it convinced me thjat he is innocent.
1,253Brian DrakeTehachapi, CaliforniaIt seems the facts speak for themselves. A multitude of eyewitnesses implicating a group of women committing the murder is enough to create reasonable doubt that Mr. Beach would have been guilty.
1,252Linda Honey Tehachapi , CaliforniaThis man is innocent.
1,251Doretta HoflandHelena, MontanaI strongly feel Barry Beach was never given a fair trial. He was railroaded into a confession. There has been too much political hanky panky going on.
1,250Donna NutterAurora, Illinois
1,249Ginny OBrienAnaconda, MtI have watched a couple of documentaries on this case and believe the man is innocent.....He was released once and was punished again by sending him back to prison
1,248Stacey SnowGreat Falls, MTI do not believe he is guilty.
1,247Gary PollardGreenview, Ca.The evidence that is available does not point to him, just the confession they manipulated him into signing by promising him help to show his innocence. The confession didn't even compare with all the facts. The 10 yr. old girl, at that time, actually heard the murder happen and then a police car shows up. She was afraid and didn't know what to think. He would have left if guilty.
1,246Candy TaylorBillings, MTI have seen the reports on his case and I do not believe he murdered that girl. Also, if he was guilty why didn't he run when they wanted to lock him up again? He deserves a new trial and he deserves to be out while he waits for it.
1,245Jennifer PristashRoswell, GeorgiaI believe it is ignorance to ignore the current evidence of the existence of false confessions.
1,244gloria nipperglendale, ArizonaI believe he is innocent. Anyone can confess if harassed enough. And the younger the person is the quicker law enforcement can confuse him into a confession of a crime I do not believe he committed. The lack of hard fast evidence does not exist. All you have is a confession from a very young boy at the time and he was confused.
1,243Cheryl TaftOmak, WashingtonThere is no evidence that Berry committed this crime.
1,242George StormCorona, CaliforniaEvidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1,241Deanna StanleyWest Covina, CAFrom what was presented on Dateline it seems clear that this man was not involved. The 'mean girls' seem to be the ones who should be locked up and the State owes this guy his freedom and allow him to continue to be not only a productive citizen but a good son and role model to society as a whole. While he should be angry he chose to use his story to instill hope which, in itself, is admirable.
1,240Christy BrightBlanding , UTAfter watching Dateline I believe the evidence against Barry is flimsy at best. There seems to be more to this story and the truth deserves to be heard.
1,239Tammy McBrideChristiansburg, VaWatching this story on Dateline broke my heart for this man and his family! What kind of blind justice system do we have that it can justify keeping this man in prison! He is very clearly innocent! This is horrifying! If it could happen to him, it could happen to any of us! Very scary.
1,238April DinardiBillings, MT
1,237Audrey SohLos Angeles, CAI truly believe he's innocent given all of the evidence from witnesses and there is no physical evidence linking him to the crime scene.
1,236Ashley SchoneweisLos angeles, CaThe deputies were told by Beaches step mom about him being a suspect in the crime. Otherwise he would have not been questioned again. The detective "the closer" forced 3 known false confessions, isnt it likely that this was the case? The audio witness was 10 very young to be brave enough to come forward. There were no fingerprints from beach and conveniently lst DNA which leads to my curiousity.
1,235Cindy JohnsonBoulder, MontanaThere are to many unanswered questions. No hard evidence, that was stolen from the evidence room. As a registered voter in Montana, I say enough.
1,234thomas rodgersmanito, Illinoisthere is more than enough evidence for reasonable doubt. looks like Montana supreme court is looking out for their good ole boys and trying to save face. very frustrating and sad
1,233Kimberly NaylorToronto, ONBecause I believe he's innocent!!!
1,232Tina BoxfordOklahoma City, OklahomaI am crying as I write this. BB is innocent and should be released. He should not have to spend another day just to save face for the people who originally prosecuted this case. Their are so many credible witnesses and no physical evidence. This case is one of the saddest cases around. Please look at this case and may God intervene.
1,231Barbara BellLong Beach, Ca#1 You can see the innocents in his eyes. #2 Innocent people are pressures and forced to admit to crimes they didn't commit all the time. Our system is corrupt. #3 you have to listen to all of these people coming forward with the SAME story about the women that actually confessed as well as that poor woman that heard everything when she was just 10 yrs old.
1,230Monica ColganYakima, WaBarry was 20 years old when the police manipulated him into a false confession. This is corruption at the highest level here in America. I am praying someone will listen to the real evidence in this case not some ego driven plan to keep Berry away from his home and mother. Thank you. Monica Colgan
1,229Enid KenneyFord, Washingtonthe two other that the Louisiana cops got to confess to crimes they didn't do, they scared Barry into a false confession, and there was evidence at the crime scene but it did not implicate Barry Beach.
1,228robert KohlmanFord, Washingtonno physical evidence linking him to the crime but their was of others. witnesses stating she heard girls hollering saying get her.
1,227Clara KohlmanFord, Washingtonwatching this on Dateline I believe Louisiana officials bullied in and Mark Roscoe is an idiot to have not seen the truth. the evidence clearly shows Mr. Beach is not guilty, he is innocent. Shame on the court that made the determination to again take his freedom.
1,226Sandra ShaferBraselton, GeorgiaAfter watching Dateline, I believe him to be an honest and decent man. In my mind, the girls murdered Kim, and he was bullied into his confession. Please free this man, and give his mother her son back...soon. He needs to be a part of society, as he is a law abiding and hardworking honest man.
1,225William BurnettGlendale, AZFirst of all the only evidence in favor of his guilt was his confession and I believe that confessions are false approximately a quarter of the time.Factor in the suspicious nature of his confession matching the police transcription from Montana(including erroneous portions of his statement)and I believe you have a strong reason to doubt the credibility of that confession.The 10 year old witness!
1,224Gia DesLauriersMinnetonka, MN
1,223Terry UllomGreat Falls, MTI believe Barry was coerced into making a statement. I also believe that there are several women still walking the streets who were involved in the murder for which he was accused.
1,222Stephanie RewisPhoenix, AZThe fact that so many witnesses have come forward exonerating Barry makes it ridiculous that Montana has put him back into prison. While I realize the fact that many of these witnesses came forward "late," the fact is that those witnesses heard from people involved in the incident AFTER the fact, and that is likely related to the reason they're "late." This is unacceptable. It's a man's lif
1,221Danielle ShortLas Vegas, Nv
1,220Lori EikeTempe, AZHe was convicted on false confession!!!!!! He should be released immediately. He did not commit this crime!!!
1,219Elizabeth carterChicago , Illinois That man did not do this your town needs to admit they were wrong and let Barry beech go home come on you have not lost one innocent life but two please let him go
1,218shauna malloyaudubonI believe he is innocent of the crime for which he has been imprisoned.
1,217Elana SuzanneBristol, CTIt is archaic to say thirty years ago a confession of a young man should stand. it has been proven many times over that to do what the detectives did, drilling him hours to get the confession, I believe he would say anything to get them to stop. What he confessed to does n't even match the crime. I don't believe he is guilty after watching Dateline. He deserves to be free.
1,216holley biorsethenglewood, Floridait was clear that his confession was made under extreme duress and deceit by the louisiana police department,also with statements made by the citizens of Poplar Montana to his innocents,and the evidence at the crime scene that place other persons finger and palm prints at the crime scene and no evidence to implicate Barry Beach other than the louisiana confession made under highly "questionable
1,215Tom Van LandinghamHuntsville, AlFar too many people including a Judge who listened to two days of evidence believe this man deserves a new trial. From what I have seen I believe the state should save the money and release this man and begin to look again for those responsible.
1,214Dawn PalmerNew Bern , NCI truly believe Barry is an innocent man!
1,213Mary Ann Faglie north augusta, s. c.I believe jealous girls did it,and no evidence to show he did it.
1,212Michelle FranklinPeoria, AzThe new evidence is the reason and a very competent judge took it so far as to release him pending new trial. So you don't have faith in your own judges? Let the truth be decided in new trial then!
1,211Dolores McLaughlinMissoula, MTEvidence shows he did not commit the crme of which he is accused.
1,210Todd and Carol MurrayRed Lodge, MtInnocent people don't belong in jail.
1,209Sharlene HartseGreat falls, MtNo evidence that was Barry's. Evidince was stolen by the father of Maude Greyhawk who was one of the Indian girls rumored to have been the real killers. People testified they heard Sissy Atkins brag that they got away with the perfect murder.
1,208Jeff GogoStoney Creek, OntarioFor what has been done to Barry, it has been described as being a travesty. Truer words were never spoken! Barry is innocent! Innocent men should not be imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. Unfortunately, Barry is one of those MANY unlucky souls! BARRY BEACH NEEDS AN ACQUITTAL!!! FREE HIM NOW!!!
1,207Tina GogoStoney Creek, ONBarry is an innocent man. Guilty or not, he has served what is considered a life sentence in some states and provinces. He has proved his worth and is an exceptional member of society. This is COERCION! If detectives were as motivated to find the real killer(s) of Kim Nees as they are to get a conviction, Barry would not be in prison serving a life sentence for a murder he did not commit! FREE HIM
1,206Katie GogoStoney Creek, OntarioWith extensive knowledge of his case, I strongly believe in Barry Beach's innocence! It's a FACT that some people, under extreme pressure from interrogators, policemen and/or detectives will admit to doing something they didn't just to end the torture brought on by them! This is a classic case of coercion! Sadly, Barry is just another innocent person swallowed up by the U.S. INjustice system!
1,205Jessie MorsetteBox Elder, MTI have been watching this case for years and I believe there is overwhelming evidence that he is INNOCENT and should be freed.
1,204Vanessa ArenasMaywood, ILHe's Innocent!
1,203Heather CollinsMagnolia, TXI have seen to many bad interrogations. People can be broken down after a lot of pressure, especially a 20 year old. Please look at the facts and release Barry! New trial.
1,202Stephen ForemanSan Diego, California
1,201Cecily HiattMaple Valley, WashingtonClearly his confession back in 1979 was coerced. He has said that he was afraid, hurt and tired and would have said anything to make the police stop harassing him. When a crime occurs the only thing the police are interested in is a conviction, and they will push until they get the results they want. His character is honorable, release this innocent man.
1,200John HalvorsonGreat Falls, MontanaI believe he was wrongly convicted of the crime, and all the other evidence was not brought forward of other people involved in the murder. I believe he was a young kid and was scared and that's why he said he did it, the police just wanted a conviction regardless if he did it or not.
1,199lorene JohnsonBillings, mtSteven Greyhawk was one of arresting police offers and he is a rapist he raped my mom. shows he corruption trying to protect His daughter who is a drunk and admitted to it. barry beach is innocent and was cohered and its sad that the world has come to this
1,198Elizabeth ShayneBillings, MontanaI have read a lot about this case and I believe Barry was convicted without a preponderance of evidence to show he was guilty. I believe others committed the murder and that he is innocent and should be freed immediately.
1,197Dorothy TittsworthBuckner, MissouriI believe from the Dateline episode there was evidence to prove his innocence or enough doubt for a new trial.
1,196margaret morellilivonia, mithere is not excuse in this day & age that an innocent man is still in prison because some redneck law efforement rushed to judegement 30 yrs ago. That is what is crimial
1,195libby thomsonRapid City, SDHe is INNOCENT!!!
1,194Dennis SmallHelena, Montana
1,193Andrea FlowersEdmond, OKThe evidence is extremely weak and would cause a fair jury to have reasonable doubt. At the very least he should get another trial.
1,192ken TooleCascade, MTHe's innocent
1,191Karlyn JaroschMissoula, mtBecause he is INNOCENT
1,190mary caferrohelena, mt
1,189Kathy CampbellAlbany, KYEvidence presented overwhelming exonerates Barry.
1,188Jo WrightMorgantown, KentuckyThe evidence does not implicate Barry Beach, nor does his confession. I believe an effort should be made to correct the injustice, perhaps in the form of a new trial, with further evidence presented such as test results from the towel, an attempt to locate the person who left the handprint on the truck, and the testimony of witnesses who have stated they are willing to come forward.
1,187nancy oplandst.anthony, minnesotaI have seen all the coverage on dateline and it is obvious barry is innocent.
1,186Angela Icazasterling, vaI believe that Barry's confession was a coerced confession. There are credible witnesses that have come forward with evidence to clear him, including the Judge's decision to overturn his conviction. The Supreme Court Judges then overturned that decision despite the credible testimony of these witnesses. Barry's confession was coerced. Please free this innocent man.
1,185Jaime SpeelmanNewberg, ORI have watched the Dateline and A&E episodes regarding the case. I have also read many articles about this. I feel he us innocent and deserves to be free.
1,184Karen CarsonTampa, FLI am not a professional "anything", but I have been following this case for years. There is no evidence that he commited that murder. I just do not believe he did it. If I had been a juror at his trial, I would have voted "innocent" of all charges.
1,183Theresa YockimDeer Lodge, monThe Montana Supreme Court IGNORED new evidence and witnesses for THEIR OWN GAIN! FREE BARRY BEACH!!
1,182Alicia HernandezBronx, NYAll the evidence points to his innocence. The State of Montana should be courageous enough to admit they made a mistake when they convicted them and right the wrong by setting him free.
1,181gary pembertonpaaco, waBy the information from dateline and the witneses who came forward
1,180Brian HarrisGoose creek, Sc
1,179carrie harrisgoose creek, scThere is absolutely no evidence against him.
1,178Leslie SWainOak View, CaliforniaOther than an obvious pressured and fake confession, there is no evidence. I wonder if the jury who sent him back to prison had their minds made up years before.
1,177Johnelle HowanachGreat Falls, MontanaEveryone knows Barry Beach is innocent. The only evidence against him is a faulty false confession with holes so big that anyone could figure out that it was false. Other women in Poplar have openly admitted to being involved in the murder and now a credible eye witness has come forward.
1,176Marianne KillianPalm Bay , FlOmg the evidence is obvious. There are no fingerprints footprints or any DNA of Barry. Set an innocent man free
1,175Julia MarbleBillings, MTHe has done due time and in addition does not appear to be a guilty man---why do we pay for his imprisonment when there many others who should be imprisoned walking around!!!
1,174Jennifer McCulloughAcworth, GANo physical evidence points to Barry; only a false confession. Find who made the hand print and you'll find one of the murderers. I believe it was more than one person and that Barry had nothing whatsoever to do with it.
1,173Sarah EsmiPrinceton, NJ
1,172Betty YoungConrad, MTNo evidence (fingerprints/blood) ties him to the murder, the coerced confession, and admissions by Maude Grayhawk that she only kicked her in the head, as well as the two co-workers from Missoula saying Joanne Jackson admitted to being at the scene when Nees was killed. Plus the fact Steffie Eagleboy's testimony that she heard female voices. That is something you don't forget as well as the f
1,171Ronald LorenzGreat Falls, MontanaThe man deserves a new trial and as anybody awaiting trial bail should be offered. Mr. Beach has proven his trustworthiness by turning himself in by just asking, would a guilty person turn himself in or RUN?
1,170Stephanie FosterGreat Falls, MTI am a person who believes those people who commit the crime need to do the time. Barry Beach has done the time for a crime he did not commit. Barry Beach needs to have a commutation of his sentence. He has proven himself to be a hard working and dependable person.
1,169Travis BosBozeman, MTHe is innocent
1,168Jeannette FitchZanesville, OHI've been following this story closely since hearing about it for the first time on Dateline NBC in 2008. I was troubled that this young man was put into prison with absolutely no physical evidence at the crime scene. I believe his confession was false and there was not even any evidence of it except a transcript; the original tape of the actual confession had conveniently disappeared. Barry Beac
1,167Debra TolbertDeville, La.The evidence!
1,166Milinda KeeferNescopeck, PAIt is an incredibly sad thing in this great country of ours that so many like Barry remain behind prison bars when there is evidence of innocence. There is evidence that calls into question his conviction, if ignored leaves a stain on all who look the other way. Free this man who will be an asset to society.
1,165Charles DouglasCentennial, COBarry Beach is innocent and has been wrongly imprisoned.
1,164Christi CrowleyPortland, OregonAs a native Montanan I have followed Barry Beach’s story with great interest over the past few years. I was appalled and outraged to learn the facts of this case and of Beach’s wrongful conviction and imprisonment. My pride in our state and our justice system upon Judge Phillips’ ruling, ordering Beach’s release and a new trial, was immense. What a shock and disappointment it was when the Monta
1,163Melissa SpencerMedicine Hat, AlbertaThere is definitely a chance for reasonable doubt. He deserves a fair trial.
1,162Beverly BuckleyBrowning, MontanaI lived in the Poplar area and managed a Barber Shop for several years. The people coming in and out knew things they were not bringing out because of the political pull they would lose. and the political pull these girls have . in that town if you don't have the right political strings you have nothing . your expected to go with the flow.everyone has heard some evidence but is afraid for their j
1,161Terri HuberAlbuquerque, NMBarry Beach should be released because evidence has shown that he is innocent. How can this happen in a civilized society? Why are we holding him in prison when it was proved that he is innocent? This doesn't make any sense at all and he needs to be released and allowed to live te rest of his life as a free man. Most of his life has already been taken from him, he deserves his freedom.
1,160Robert LaskowskiMelbourne, FloridaHis being sent back to prison is a travesty of the American justice system. How can you not believe eye witnesses.
1,159Dawn UzaSeattle, WA
1,158Bill ZimmermanSidney, MTHe has served long enough regardless of his guilt or innocence. Besides, I believe his confession to the crime was probably coerced.
1,157Susan ZimmermanSidney, MTI know the reputations of the girls and believe they were probably the perpetrators. Regardless of that, he has already served a longer sentence than most others for a comparable crime.
1,156tina mcandrewsreedley, Californiai believe that he is innocent, and at the very least served his debt to society and that he poses absolutely no threat to society.
1,155Valerie Lewis-SturlaugsonBismarck, NDI was born and raised in Poplar Montana for 12 years. I have no doubt that a group of girls could have killed Kim Nees. My father would have to watch my sister walk home from school due to the capabilities of Sissy Atkinson. She was extremely mean and many girls feared her. I work in a prison and can not believe that this man has not been given a second chance. This was a young man confessing
1,154Amanda TeddickLincoln, ND
1,153Dennis ClevelandForesthill, CaliforniaThere is to much evidence that his initial confession was coerced. And much evidence that someone other than he committed this crime.
1,152Siegfried Irsara39100, BolzanoBecause there is not enough evidence to keep him behind bars.
1,151Kimberly Perry Tehachapi, CaHe is innocent and needs a new fair trial. Get the girls who really killed her.
1,150Danny HarperGrand Prairie, TexasI have seen the outpouring of help and love for Barry. I have read every article and researched everything I can get my hands on, and I can see this man is not guilty of this crime. he has paid dearly and now it's time to let him live his life. Danny L Harper
1,149Jennifer NaritoAiea, HIJust saw the dateline report on tv. Barry at least deserves a new trial if not his freedom. It is obvious he is innocent despite his confession 30 years ago. Go after Sissy and her gang of murderers.
1,148Jeanette KochLaurel, Mt#1. I believe he is innocent. #2. I believe the State of Montana has lost so much of the evidence that they are embarrassed to re-try him. #3. He received an unusually unfair sentence and has served and lost 30 years of his life. #4. I believe he is in prison for political reasons. #5. His so-called confession was given under threatening circumstances. #6. The man has paid a huge price for w
1,147Sharon WestonSt. Marie, Mt.HE IS INNOCENT!
1,146Minka FoxHouston, TXAfter watching NBC Dateline, I sincerely believe he is innocent.
1,145Amanda CookEllijay, GeorgiaHe is innocent!
1,144lindsay mcbelfast, uk
1,143Kelly ButlerNaperville , il
1,142John EsplainRio Rancho, NM
1,141Henry ArmstrongGeraldine, MontanaBecause of the manner of interogation by Southern police officers. It seems to me Beach should have been just held then returned to Montana for questioning. After he admitted to the Nees murder the other two Louisianna murders were immediately dropped . To me that was a set-up.
1,140lynn bushtaFactoryville, PASo many new witnesses have come forward...there is NO WAY he is guilty!!!! Police often intimidate suspects into false confessions. Free him now"
1,139Fiona MartinezPortland, ORI saw the story of Barry Beach on Dateline. If the rest of the world can see that he is innocent of murder and served 30 years for a crime he didn't commit, why can't the state of Montana? I am praying for him to be free.
1,138Jean RichardBillings, MtEnough is enough! Barry has served longer than he should have. I believe that this crime was committed by those who had no alibi, or recanted on previous statements that they had made. They were given a free "get out of jail" card, while Barry has had to return to prison. He led a productive life in the short time that he was freeand proved to be a responsible citizen. He should be given im
1,137Rhonda UnderwoodTopeka, KansasIt is VERY apparent Barry is innocent, and the confession was coerced!!! There is no DNA evidence to link Barry to this crime, and the detective (Via) has serious problems' in doing his job the way it's suppose to be done...his credibility in relation to this case is SHADY!!!! An injustice has happened, and the State of Montana needs to RIGHT THEIR WRONG, and FREE BARRY!!!!
1,136Dillon KosmachKent, OhioLack of proof
1,135Brittany DeitrickMentor, OhNo evidence proves his guilt beyond reasonable doubt.
1,134Jason Kurtzfruita, coMontana lost the dna evidence? A witness heard the murder? Thank God i dont live in Montana or Louisiana.
1,133Sandra ZelenskyMilford, DEBarry was just a kid when he "confessed." I believe it was coerced by the police in both locations. Evidence points to others, not Barry. He was "fed" info for the confession.
1,132Michael ZelenskyMilford, DEI believe his confession was false. He was coercied in giving the confession he gave. None of the physical evidence implicates him.
1,131Anita MoonHelena, MTBarry has already served more time for his alleged crime that most criminals would have. He has proven himself behind bars and as a free man. Barry Beach would be much more productive in the free world that he is behind bars. I believe this has become a political issue to help those that wrongly convicted him save face!! Free Barry Beach!!!
1,130tony Worsnopfletcher, NCThe apellate court felt too much credibility was given to multiple witnesses for the defence and not enough from the confession of a young kid. In addition, he already served 30 years which is longer than many guilty murderers! There is no equality of sentencing.
1,129Carol JonesMadisonville, Ky.I believe he's innocent and it's been proven!
1,128Teresa LindemulderEdmonton, AlbertaI believe Barry is innocent, his confession was coerced. I believe the girls killed Kim Neez.
1,127Sarah BrodenCoeur d'Alene, IdahoI definitely feel if this were newly tried the jury would have ample reasonable doubt. Not only is there witness testimony but also physical evidence that points to someone besides Barry Beach. That right there makes me doubt his guilt & a bloody palm print is certainly reasonable.
1,126Dick KloppelGreat Falls, MTI believe Barry Beach is innocent of the crime for which he is serving time in prison. There is a preponderance of new information that has come forth that warrants, at least, a new trial, if not outright release. I question what the State of Montana is afraid of in granting him a new trial - Judge Phillips saw enough reason to allow Mr. Beach to be released. Mr. Beach deserves that, at least.
1,124Carla Thomas Ventura , CaliforniaAfter watching Dateline I am confounded as to why a court would not believe witnesses but would take the word of a scared young man officers lied to and questioned for hours until he would say anything just to make them stop. Practices like these and convictions like these must stop in America.
1,123Tammy MorrisonMarshalltown, IAI recently watched Barry's story on Dateline. I am outraged by the actions of our so called, "Justice System". It would seem that it is more of a "Conviction System"........As long there is a conviction, who cares about justice. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!
1,122Christopher MorrisonMarshalltown, IowaThe Dateline episode clearly showed more than enough reasonable doubt as to his guilt . It would appear that some involved in the original conviction and continued persecution of this man have an agenda other than seeing justice served for either the victim or Barry himself!
1,121Nancy ParksWestminster, CaliforniaI believe that he has served three decades because of a confession that was coerced from a frighten and exhausted kid from very unethical and arrogant police officer or officers. Also, I believed the testimony of the Native American woman who was a young girl at the time of the murder and witnessed what she heard took place on that night. Because Mr. Beach was sent back to prison I was compelled t
1,120Robina SlizeskiDavis, CaIt is a travesty -- those who clearly committed the crime are free, and a man who was once a young, gullible citizen, was convicted under unprofessional circumstances. This seems like the classic case, where, rather than admit to having made mistakes, those in power are more interested in saving face, than letting the truth lead to a proper sentence on the guilty parties. Bravo DATELINE!!
1,119Carmen PinheiroCincinnati, OHConvincing evidence that Barry is innocent.
1,118Sharmen WrightOverland Park, KSHe obviously did not commit this crime. No physical evidence supports his conviction!
1,117Dorothy MorandRodney, OntarioI watched the special about Barry Beach and what he has gone through. I find it unbelievable that the police and detectives are so narrow minded and can't admit that there was a terrible mistake that took place 30 years ago. It IS unjust and unacceptable!
1,116Josie LeverettBillings, MT
1,115Kathy MoormanWashington, DCBased on the evidence presented, I believe that he is innocent.
1,114Linda ColeTool, TexasIf there is new evidence that the jurors never got to hear and it is possible he would never have been convicted then he deserves to be released, he has done enough time for a crime he may not have done.
1,113Yolanda HeitmanLongbranch, WAI believe the accounts of the people who testified in the retrial that women were responsible for the murder. I especially believe the account of the woman who was on the bluff and heard the screaming. I believe the State of Montana rearrested Barry Beach because state prosecutors and the State itself can't admit they made a mistake. They arrested the wrong person for the crime.
1,112Claudia AndersonLancaster, TX
1,111Kimberly ArnoldBurbank, CAPolice shouldn't frighten young kids into confessing. It happened to Amanda Knox in Italy, but I believe we should do better here in the US, if we are supposed to have such a wonderful justice system. Barry should be freed and given restitution for the decades of his life that he lost. There is no evidence against him.
1,110Susan VaughanPerris, CaliforniaIt has been proven that he is innocent and the courts should release him.
1,109Penni KolpinBozeman, MTThe state of Montana has stolen 29 years (and counting) from Barry Beach and his family. As a Montana citizen, it is appalling and embarrassing that that amount of time wasn't enough for them -- Montana has to steal even more from him. This is a complete travesty at all angles.
1,108Mike BerryLaurel, MTNO physical evidence showing he was at the crime scene. NO id on the palm print on the door. Allegations of coersion at interrogation...and the tape has disappeared? NOT to mention alll the other evidence that has disappeared!! WOW!! that is not realistic, even 30 years ago. Lets get the "unanswered questions" answered and the truth will be known.
1,107beth wrightnashville, Tennesseejustice needs to FINALLY be served here. there seems to be a preponderance of evidence that this gentleman is INNOCENT. please right this wrong while there is time to yet do so. thank u.
1,106Susan SheltonLas Vegas, Nv.I am outraged that this innocent man and his family and friends have had to suffer this injustice. He deserves freedom and a million dollars.
1,105Lisa ArthoHereford, TexasI believe the confession was coerced. Even if it wasn't, he has received enough punishment.
1,104rhea schwartzkingman, az/ushe is innocent of this crime, should not be in jail, all the evidence points to his innocence. So disturbing to see and listen to those intent on keeping him in jail for nothing. He has done wonderful things for so many over the years. enough is enough.
1,103Chris ClarkLindon, UtahOverwhelming evidence that he is innocent!
1,102Debbie HuntFort Walton Beach, FlWhere is the proof that he committed the murder of Kim Nees? He is a hard working man and had already spent too much time in prison. Let the man out!!!
1,101Amy WeinbergAlameda, CA
1,100Debra NaujoksDelta, BCHe was forced into a confession. how can anyone believe these women who bragged in the past were innocent. In his short moment of freedom he proved himself a productive member of society, loved and respected by those who cross paths with him. Why would anyone confess to the murder now? They know they'll end up in jail. Time for him to be set free!!!
1,099Elizabeth MaddenLivingston, MTThere is just not guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in this case. Please, as Judge Phillips wanted, at least give Barry Beach another trial, a fair trial.
1,098Shannon LedfordSellersburg, IndianaBarry Beach should be a free man. The judge who released him heard the truth through the witnesses. Barry had made a new life for himself after his release. Only an innocent man would be so vocal about his innocence and work so hard to be a productive member of our society. Free Mr. Beach!! It's the right thing to do.
1,097Mary Ellen KerrCanandaigua, NYI was disturbed that the Supreme Court overturned the findings of a Judge who had listened to the evidence for anew trial and even granted Barry Beach freedom and two years later decided against him and put him back in prison without affording him a fair trial in this our legal system. This is disgraceful and should be corrected.
1,096CEIL CHRISTENSENLEESBURG, FLI believe Barry was falsely convicted, was fairly released & resentenced unjustly. I believe he has proven himself as a law abiding citizen during his release & deserves to live out his life as a free man.
1,095Betty MyersHoffman Estates, ILThe only things keeping this man in jail are egos and obstinance by the authorities involved. How could any reasonable person, yet alone, seemingly educated powers that be defend the atrocity that happened to this man? Shameful for all.
1,094NAnnette KeilsWilloughby HIlls, OhioReview of the evidence and circumstances prove Beyond A REasonable Doubt that the State prosecuted and convicted the wrong perpetrator of this crime. It is time to right an absolute wrong on the part of the State's prosecution! A travesty to our justice system!
1,093Andrea GerroneCleveland, OhioAfter watching the dateline story about Barry Beach I feel very strongly that this man was wrongly convicted for a crime he did NOT committ. How anyone in good conscience can sit back and watch this man serve a life sentence is beyond me. How much more evidence will it take to clear him?? Yes, he may have confessed at a young age while under duress, but if you are not in the man's shoes and you d
1,092Daniel GreenBelmont , Nc There was no physical evidence linking him to one bit of her murder. He is innocent and please do your jobs and instead of wasting tax payers money on an innocent man use them to convict the real killers! That's right "Killers"! Women killers!
1,091Amanda Ortiz Belmont , NcThere is nothing connecting him to her murder!
1,090Sondra Rae KellyJackson, WisconsinI believe with all my heart and by the love of our Lord that Barrys confession was forced and the information in that confession did not match the crime and that he is 100% innocent. What an inspiration he is to keep fighting for what is right!
1,089Savanna CashionSpartanburg , SC
1,088Andy RogersAtlanta, GA
1,087Marilyn POrem, UtahI have been following this case and it is so obvious that he is innocent!!! it is a travesty when our court systems cannot ever admit they made a mistake!!! please let this innocent man finish out his life In freedom. Or at the very least, grant him a new and FAIR trial. it is absolutely shameful what the Montana courts have done in this case.
1,086Denise Thomkent, waHe is innocent.
1,084Marilyn MaysDover, DEAfter watching Dateline's story on this man, I cannot believe that the courts are so stupid. I believe the guilty parties are the girls. In fact, when the story began I said to myself, "that sounds like a bunch of girls". The other guilty party is "the closer" at the police station. We have all heard of the detectives who will bagger a suspect so much that he finally confesses.
1,083Ligia CabreraVancouver, British ColumbiaBarry is clearly a victim. Reasonable doubt has been presented and would now result in a not guilty verdict.
1,082Cassandra CookeBlountville, TNThe lack of any evidence other than his own confession that included wrong details communicated via the police from Montana, to the police in Louisiana that ended up in his confession and it was incorrect!! He has served 30+ yrs already, was more than a model citizen than most only to not be granted another trial is abhorrent. Not use all common sense and giving freedom to him is tragic.
1,081Dawn BoltonRichardson, TexasI watched the Dateline story, in light of the new witnesses coming forward and also considering the officers who took his confession having a history of false confessions, there SHOULD be another day in court for Barry Beach.
1,080Kerri-Anne KleinRegina, SKIt is clearly evident that Barry is an innocent man. There is a lack of evidance to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Barry was the assailant in this horrific crime. At the very least Barry deserves another trial with all the new evidance taken into account.
1,079Joseph FloresPhoenix, ArizonaGod bless Barry Beach and please God set him free. The women who murdered her will face the ultimate eternal conviction.
1,078Annette St JohnSaugus, CABecause he's innocent.
1,077Lindsey DillardRock springs, WyBarry beachs evidence shows that as a young man he was scared and coerssed into giving a confession.when he was released for a short period he showed that he was an upstanding citizen who only wanted to resume his life. The people against him are focusing too much on a confession that is not valid.
1,076Robin WatkinsWalnut Creek, ca
1,075Melanie Cottonmilwaukie, orThere is a lack of evidence that he did it. Just because he confessed is not proof enough he did it.
1,074Heather WatsonPrince Albert, Saskatchewan, CanadaAfter watching the "Dateline" programs and reviewing the evidence I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that Barry A. Beach is not guilty.
1,073nicole parkercenterville, utahThere have been so many false confessions that have happened and I feel that the situations surrounding his confession seem suspicious on the part of the law. I feel that he has not had a fair trial and also would be a contributing member of society. Also it seems that alot of the evidence has not been taken seriously. There was no proven dna or fingerprints etc. to prove he was at the scene.
1,072wendy malekGreat Falls, MontanaLack of evidence.
1,071JODI MONGEONTEMECULA, CAHe obviously is a very upstanding citizen and no business being behind bars.
1,070Barbara FinnellPlacentia, CAFurther review of the evidence supporting Barry not being present yet others being present at the crime would be a judicial and effective use of resources. I urge you each to consider what it would be like to be serve time for a rime you didn't commit. Thank you. Barbara Finnell Professor of Education California State University, Fullerton
1,069Sara NelsonFields Landing, CAThere was none of his dna at the scene.
1,068Amy McCannBangor, Maine
1,067Chris Brasslett Garner, North Carolina
1,066Joyce BrasslettGarner, North Carolina
1,065Bianca ValentinOviedo, Florida
1,064Dale Hanson Chuluota, FL.
1,063Betty RooneyAugusta , Maine
1,062Kaylah HansonChuluota , FL.
1,061Annajean ArbogastSan Diego , CaHe is absolutely not guilty! The shameful police brutality and cover ups, to protect teir own is disgusting! Rview the evidence, talk to the man! My brother served 27 yeas for a crime he didn't commit! Police hid evidence, just like this case!! FREE BARRY!!,
1,060Katherine HansonChuluota, FL.After all the evidence, there is not a jury that could convict him without reasonable doubt. Our system is seriously flawed, someone like Casey Anthony can walk (even though her daughter was missing for more then 30 days) without even a minimum charge of child abuse, and George Zimmerman gets charged for protecting himself. It's all about the politics. I believe the same thing happened in this ca
1,059Sandra OrrickRockledge, FloridaThere is no evidence of guilt in this case, except a coerced confession. He has already proven to be a productive member of society, even after all he has been through. This is a complete injustice! The State of Montana needs to do the right thing and set him free!
1,058Deb DerksRockford, MichiganHello, I strongly believe that Mr. Beach is innocent. There is no DNA linking him to this crime, and many witnesses that also indicate him having no participation in this crime.
1,057Stacy HaysAustin, TXEven if you do not believe the testimony of those who say others have committed this crime, no one has ever been able to say whose hand print is on the car IN BLOOD. That is enough evidence for me to question this conviction. Not to mention that I know first hand how mean girls can be, and I do not put it past girls to have done this.
1,056Megan Lynn CondonJohnston, RIHe needs to be given the chance to prove his innocence. Is there a way to prove whose palm print was left in the truck? Send someone to surreptitiously gather the suspected girls prints?
1,055brynn fromknechtchicago, il
1,054Lynne HornickRaleigh, North CarolinaThis entire situation is a travesty. As a young man Mr. Beach was tricked by a so called officer of the law into believing he would help him. Are there no people who can right this wrong courageous enough to do so? A young girl witnessed the truth and had the courage to come forward. Please learn from her example. Exonerate Mr. Beach. mr. B
1,053Dianne KohlfeldWeldon Spring , MOIt's an injustice that his is in prison.
1,052Karen GrovesSt. Peters, MOHe is innocent.
1,051Colleen LattinGreat Falls, MTI believe he is innocent and that the authorities are too proud & bull-headed to admit that they could have made a mistake in finding him guilty. It is pathetic that the authorities can consciously turn their heads on this & just leave him in jail. (My opinion is to leave God out of it though.)
1,050Frankie BlankBillings, MontanaHe should be released because there is no forensic evidence showing he did it.
1,049Alicia BlankBillings, MontanaI did a research paper for my forensic psychology class on this case. I even wrote the governor and he actually responded. In my heart of hearts I believe he is innocent. If anything he should be released because there is more than enough reasonable doubt.
1,048Elizabeth LeodlerLeslie, MichiganBarry Beach deserves to be free because he does not pose any threat to society!! In fact, he was an incredibly productive citizen in the time justice was served when he was out. You can't prove he committed this alleged crime and he AT THE VERY LEAST DESERVES A NEW TRIAL. Shame on you!! This makes you look much worse than giving him a chance for justice now.
1,047L MartindaleSt. Thomas, OntarioThe evidence is absolutely staggering supporting Berry's innocence....especially when the woman who was 10 at the time witnessed as well as heard the women committing the crime. It's so sad to see another case where the justice system has failed. I wish Berry all the luck in the world and hope for him and the ones dearest to him that he will be home as a free man soon!!!
1,046Linda HaikerColumbus, OHIt appears to me that the evidence leans towards his innocence and the only thing holding the prosecution case is his confession which has been proven in numerous other cases to be coerced by the police. I'm a supporter of the police in general and law enforcement but they too are human and make mistakes and Barry is an innocent man! Please listen to the judge who thought there was doubt!
1,045Tami BellmanSt. Louis, MissouriThere is a PREPONDERANCE of evidence pointing in another direction entirely! The only thing they have is a coerced and illegally elicited confession of a young naïve child who was probably thinking of a cheeseburger and just wanted to get out of there any way he could. Injustice at its finest!
1,044Sharon Stevensenglewood, Floridai dont see enough evidence here, there is reasonable doubt. Set Barry free!....Such a sad statement on a justice system and politicians who do not care!
1,043Samantha MelloSacramento, CaliforniaFalse confessions are so easy for police to get out of scared, tired, and confused young people. It happens all the time. The evidence so clearly points away from Barry Beach as the murderer. He has lost so much of his life being in prison. This is a serious injustice, he did not commit this crime and must be freed.
1,042Diana HolladayNorman, OklahomaThere is NO evidence proving he was even at the scene! His "false confession" does not even match the actual crime scene! NOTHING points to him being guilty and from the evidence seen it looks like a full blown cover-up!!!!
1,041Sandra BollesClinton, MT
1,040paul duperryashland, mainethe evidence speaks volumes. a confession from a 20 yr old, nervous kid should NOT be taken as evidence. false confessions have happened many times over the yrs. at the minimum, there should be a new trial issued. please let this guy go, our court system has proven very faulty over the yrs...
1,039Sterling FairbanksMagalia, CaMr Beach gave a false confession that did not even match the crime. How can these lawyers and judges give more credence to a false confession, given by a 20 year old in custody of crooked cops that have a history of coursing confessions from innocent people, then to a real eye witness statement. This is an outrage and this man should not spend one more minute in prison!
1,038james leevancouver, BCThe only evidence that he is guilty is a confession of a scared boy. It's ridiculous. There is more evidence showing he's innocent. At least give him another trial to prove it.
1,037Jamie MatteucciDundee, OregonThe convincing evidence of his innocence and the shaky evidence of his guilt.
1,036alison vicklloydminster, alberta
1,035Amanda McMillan Cincinnati , OhioAfter watching dateline and the evidence shown. Me and my husband who is a police officer truly believe what we heard that this man is not a murderer. It's sad when police do not do their jobs correctly. They pinned an innocent man but allowed the true murderers walk free on earth. Truly sad and depressing!
1,034Karen GriessSacramento, CA Where is the DNA/ or any evidence that this man committed the murder? Since the police department has a repetition of using great pressure to make people plead guilty to a crime they did not commit, this man should be given a new trial. Is this justice??.. or is this a political move to keep this man in prision?? Everyone should be outrage for the lack of justice in the State Of Montana.
1,033Lori LochnerCherokee, IABecause I do not believe a confession without proof that he was at the scene should be held over his head, especially since he did not have a lawyer present, it was coerced if they are asking him to put himself in place of the killer(s), and he has proven he can be a law-abiding, productive citizen of the state of Montana or whereever he chooses to live. His sentence was the same as others who ha
1,032Robert PriceKirkland, Washington
1,031David BeatyFort Myers, FLBarry Beach should be granted the new trial based on the evidence. Coerced confessions by law enforcement do not equal guilt beyond reasonable doubt with no physical evidence of the crime. New witness testimony should be looked at with as much weight as any confession, especially when law enforcement involved has any history of unjust tactics of fear mongering with suspects.
1,030Ellen HaasMiami, FloridaI call upon the state of Montana to commute the remainder of Barry Beach's life sentence. I believe him to be actually innocent. Other innocent people have been freed based upon new evidence across America. None of us is perfect and mistakes were made in this case but we are not here to point fingers...we just want to right a horrible wrong. Free Barry while his mother is still alive.
1,029MaryAnne KoltonCuyahoga Falls, OhioJustice demands that he be released. . .
1,028Mason GrowMedford, OregonBarry Beach is innocent!
1,027Kimberly OpsahlRedstone, MTBarry is an innocent man and should never have been imprisoned to begin with.
1,026Kristi MayersGonzales, LaThe evidence is overwhelming that there were others involved. The physical / blood evidence proves he was NOT there. His "confession" is inconsistent and the sheriff who obtained it has a history of obtaining false confessions that were overturned. One Montana Supreme Court Judge decided he deserved a new trial (at the bare minimum ~ I think he should be exonerated). I think the attorney gene
1,025Amanda Bond-ThorleySpringfield, VirginiaIt is totally perverse that a man has spent 30 years of his life in jail when there is zero evidence that he committed the crime. No DNA and no witnesses. It is equally perverse that the justice system is not even willing to give him a second (and fair) trial. Please end this travesty now. I have ZERO faith in the justice system having seen what happened to this man.
1,024Dawn UzaSeattle, WAMr. Beach, a victim now, as well as the murder victim, both deserve justice. Follow the evidence! Give him a fair trial. That is what this country is (supposedly!) all about.
1,023Angie LandGreer, SCI think he did not commit this crime
1,022Cynthia HarrisAbilene, TXThe evidence does not support his conviction. The state just does not want to admit it made a terrible mistake.
1,021Leslie Breenhollister, CaliforniaI believe Barry should be freed based on the lack of any evidence, the new witness testimony that has come to light, the fact that a officer was caught tampering with the evidence or at minimum breaking into the chambers it was held in, the Louisiana officer who obtained the confession who has been forced off the force for history of using inmates to give false testimony in court of law. Innocent
1,020lori eastmanvashon, waOther than a co-erced confession there is no proof that Mr. Beach is guilty. There is overwhelming evidence, however, to suggest someone else is. Something stink within the State of Montana justice system. For whom or what are they covering up?
1,019Barbara FletcherLivingston, MTThere was compelling evidence initially that he didn't commit the crime but Roscoe ignored those issues and took Barry's plea because they wore him down & got him to plead. Out of state, no less, by officers that should not have done the interrogation. After he was sentenced additional evidence appeared that led to his release. The judge that released him relied on that evidence and made a rul
1,018Sara WebbSpringfield, ORTo hold a man for a crime, his guilt must be proven BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. There is reasonable doubt in this case. This is a travesty to our nation's justice system.
1,017Sharon AveryWolf Point, MT1. Article I of Montana's Constitution States the United States has jurisdiction on ALL Indian land In Montana therefore has no jurisdiction within the exterior boundaries of Fort Peck Indian Reservation of where Kim Nees muder took place. 2. The FBI who does have jurisdiction cleared Beach of Nees murder 7-12-1979. 3. The adult enrolled members of Fort Peck have NEVER voted to consen Kennerly.
1,016Colette GoetzSedro Woolley, WashingtonHe is an innocent man! He needs to be released and the real criminals be locked up!
1,015juanita randalllivingston, Montanado not think he is guilty.
1,014Shari WaldnerGlasgow, MontanaHe is innocent and has proved it with witnesses and facts.
1,013Sharon HarrisMandeville, LaHe has already served many more years than most. He is wanted by the residents in his community. Nothing positive will come from his incarceration. (In my area, New Orleans, most people convicted of murder only serve 5 years in actual prison)
1,012Arlis VannettDillon, MontanaFrom the evidence I have heard/read, I do not think his case was handled justly. I believe he was innocent. When he was out of jail, he was a law abiding citizen who worked for a living. He deserved fair treatment and to be released from prison.
1,011iris mortimercreston , british columbia canadathere is no evidence , nor has there ever been,,, why was this innocent man ever put in prison ?? He is a good hard working citizen of the United States.. to put him back in prison after being free for one and one half years is totally disgusting and unfair !! what a joke the U S legal system !! I wont call it the justice system because it has been proven there isn't one there in Montana ..
1,010Karen DisneyLewistown, MTbecause I believe he is innocent
1,009Melanie WilliamsKountze, txBarry Beach has spent nearly 30 years in Montana prison, despite persuasive evidence that he is innocent of murder, and now it is time for the State of Montana to free him to be a productive citizen in our community. If something is not done now, Barry will spend the remainder of his life behind bars. It is unjust and unacceptable for an innocent Montana man who has recently proven himself as a l
1,008Jacquie StricklandGreat Falls, Mt.I believe Brry Beach should be released because there is much evidence showing his innocence. Such as others admitting to committing this particular crime.
1,007Elaine FallangFairview, Montana1. I believe evidence put forward should absolutely be called into question. Besides Barry's "confession", there doesn't seem to be much. Louisiana law enforcement is notorious for their underhanded ways of doing business. That should be considered. 2. Barry has proven himself to be a very productive member of society. I believe him to be innocent. I don't say that lightly. Thank you.
1,006Shannon SkiffWenatchee, WashingtonI do not find sufficient evidence. In fact quite the opposite. Sickening!
1,005LeAnne TrippLolo, MontanaI believe they do not have the evidence they need to keep him in custody. At the very least he deserves a new trial! I believe the Montana Supreme Court Justices are covering up for a very poor job of prosecution from the very beginning. Where is the evidence? Even the news has reported that the sheriff in LA has a reputation for coerced confessions!
1,004Susan HagenScvobey, MT
1,003Carol McCrawGreensboro, NCBarry Beach is an innocent man and Kim Nees deserves justice!
1,002Laura ScottPetawawa , OntarioI watched Dateline NBC and feel there is not enough evidence to convict Barry, So many witnesses came forward and even Sissys brother and a co-worker had said she was bragging about it, the only thing the police have against Barry is that he agreed/signed papers that he had done it but other than that there is nothing linking him to this crime, the police prob brained washed him into confessing
1,001Brenner FlatenWright, Wyoming
1,000kathy moorebillings, montanaThe confession does not match the crime scene evidence. There is not any evidence that he commited this crime. Not one person saw Barry that night. I knew nothing about this case untill 2008 when I watched Dateline and seen this story. I believe alot of wrongs were commited and an INNOCENT man is in jail paying for a crime someone else commited. I am in total disbelief that this has happen to Barr
999Nathan OwenLake St. Louis , MOThe only real evidence against him is a confession. More and more, false confessions have shown to be common. I would say not only is there reasonable doubt, but there is actually more evidence to convict a number of the girls in question than Barry Beach.
998Vera StepanovichBrookfield, Il
997Trace ArdreyLancaster, OhioThis man deserves to have a new trial. I think the confession was given in the hope of what they had promised. I think he was a scared boy. I am from a small town in Texas and I have seen first hand the corruption that goes on in small towns. I think that there is too much evidence proving that he was not there and not involved. Please find a way for Barry to have his own justice. Thank you
996Alexandria ReidHarrrow, Middx
995Marge EmeryVictoria, British ColumbiaAfter watching Dateline there is no doubt in my mind that Barry Beach is innocent. The forensic evidence clearly proves he is innocent. How could he have erased all of his finger prints from the crime scene? Who did the palm print belong to? A child witness is often the best because they don't have any other agenda. I truly believe he is innocent and should be released from prison now.
994Cassidy ReddyAbbotsford, British ColumbiaThey have no evidence at all. So he should have to stay in prison for something he didnt do.
993Lorna WaddellAbbotsford, CanadaThey had no hard evidence to prove he was there and if they were sure it was him why would they not investigate the three woman Free the poor msn
992Rhonda SwindenAbbotsford, BCIt is very upsetting that prosecutors would rather go to the grave having put a possibly innocent man away for life rather than admitting that "maybe" they are wrong. Disgusting! Barry definitely deserves another chance at life and definitely proved his worthiness in the community and world when he was out of prison.
991Dusti MosherEast Bethel, MnDetective corruption, witnesses to the truth, women confessing to the crime, and his uncanny ability reintegrate himself into the puplic, all while being an outstanding citizen and puplic figure... If that isn't innocence and if Barry Beach can't atleast have a fair trial, then all my faith in this country will be lost!
990Tara CastellaniHenderson, NVThere is evidence that provides reasonable doubt that was not presented.
989Steve MoselPlainview, NebraskaHe is an innocent person there is no doubt in my mind. Not only should he be freed he should also be given a very generous some of money for the years that have been taken from this poor man. This crime has been pushed on him by the terrible police work done by the Poplar Mt. police dept. Also the detectives in Louisiana should be ashamed of them selves for putting words into his mouth as well.
988Stefanie NellettSebring, FlI just watched Dateline and don't understand why the bloody handprint wasn't run through a database. There is just too much reasonable doubt and should never have been a conviction in the first place.
987Paul HenryStoneham, MassachusettsProsecutor's will always lie to protect themselves from wrongful prosecution. They want to ad chalk marks on their bed posts, not remove them.
986Ashly Johnsonboise, idAmong the MANY reasons..the one that stands out to me is why fight 30+ year for your innocence.
985Jaclynn SimonButte, Montana.
984Nicole AdamsCarol Stream, ILHe is innocent and was obviously tricked into a confession. It is disgusting that he is being kept in jail while the girls who actually did it are free. Why haven't they been investigated more? It's sickening.
983Shanon PorterPacific , MoLack of evidence.
982Joanna GuralnickBelgrade, MontanaThe only evidence against him is his confession. We all know that many police officers don't use ethical means to get such confessions. There is not a single other piece of evidence besides the confession that points to him as the murderer. Until they can come up with more solid evidence proving he did it he should be free.
981Katie SittnerCasper, WY
980D TiboldSelkirk, MBI believe in Barry's innocents. No doubt in my mind he should be set free. What a horrible injusdice. My heart aches for him and his family. My prayers are with them
979steve goodgercorona, caI have reviewed all of the evidence and it is very clear that he is not guilty.
978L Millerwinnipeg, MB
977Rosemary KonradHenderson, NvBecause he is INNOCENT it's that simple
976Blair BoudreauFramingham, MA If I understand what was presented on Dateline correctly, it seems that none of the evidence matches Mr. Barry Beach in any way. The fingerprints (and palm print) do not match. No DNA match. No footprint matches. I feel that the witness accounts were dismissed out of hand even though the lack of evidence against Mr. Beach suggests that witness testimony should be seriously considered.
975Sarah ForresterPortland, Oregon
974Lorna WingfieldCookeville, TNBarry Beach has been provin inneocent by witnesses and yet they keep going back to the confetion. There have been many people who confeted to a crime who were not guilt. Even in his confetion his recoile of the events does not match the evidence. There has been a gross misjustice. Even during his time out he was a productive citizen. We call upon the state of Montana to release this inneocent man.
973J. DaneMatheson, OntarioAs Montana Supreme Court Justices Brian Morris, Mike Wheat, Patricia Cotter sided with Honorable E. Wayne Phillips decision and thus, since this is a show of, a state of Beyond Reasonable Doubt, which is the standard of evidence required to validate a criminal conviction, Barry Beach should be set free.
972T. MirrorTimmins, OntarioThe only thing he is guilty of is being intimidated.
971josefina villarrealBakersfield, caBarry has proven to be innocent. a confession does not prove anything. Evidence shows the is reasonable doubt that he did not committ this crime. FREE BARRY BEACH
970M BohannonLa Verne, CAI would have said I had done it under extreme pressure........... to sign a statement of guilt when being bullied....... by those that are able to coerce an admission of guilt
969Robert OlsonWesthampton Beach, New YorkBased on the information I have seen, it not only appears that Barry Beach is innocent but there seems to be convincing evidence of who really murdered Kimberly Nees.
968Mike McKeenWoodland, CAI think its ridiculous that someone can be interrogated for so long until they hear what they want to hear and are itimidated and manipulated like that. This is a major injustice. I know our legal system works pretty well but this to be is so obvious and the fact that the prosecuters only care about getting a conviction is a travesty. This man should have never been convicted in the first place. I
967Melinda BlancheAnchorage, AkGrew up in the area.
966Maja KlapsicCelje, Idaho
965karina morenoSalt lake city, UTWhy? Only because more than 5 80% of real actual evidence does not point to him...of more than 50% of finger prints do not belong to him. could he have done it? Resounable doubt.......yes!!!!!!!
964Christian WimmerTempe , AzI feel that Barry Beach Should be released from prison Because no one should locked up for something that they did not do There has been 2 crimes committed in this situation the First one is Murder and the Second is Locking up someone who is innocent Let Barry go So he can live his Live I live in Tempe Az and I don't even know the Man or his Family But I know this The Justice System my Never fin
963Alice CruzBillings, MTJust the testimony of the witness alone is enought evidence to jave set him free. Made me to believe he is inocent of the crime. It had to be girls, because if it was a guy they would of raped her then killed her.
962Claudia RalstonHenderson, NVForced confession - no fingerprints -DNA - ANYTHING AT ALL!!! Ear and eye witness of the murder describing the "girls" committing this heinous crime. The woman running her mouth for years to different people that she got "away with the perfect crime". Barry needs to be freed NOW and NOT wait another few years. This is NOT justice being served!
961April Grahamedmonton, albertaBarry has been released once due to the evidence, its obvious there is no concrete evidence.
960Tara SwinsonFond du Lac, WisconsinAfter hearing the whole story and learning of the girls that could have been accused, I feel it is an injustice to Mr. Beach that they live their lives free while he is serving a life sentence which could very well be theirs' instead of his! I feel that the courts have let the accused killers free and do not want to deal with this again. That would be a very lazy thing to do!
959david stickelvictoria, British ColumbiaNew trial testimony.
958Cindy RookMarion, ArkansasThere was no evidence many people say Kim Nees was murdered in a field not to mention the fact that judge found reasonable doubt and set him free! Now he is back in prison! Wrong on every level! Free Barry!
957Lauren McKameyCalgary, AlbertaThis is a sad story of injustice. Everyone "rumoured" to be involved should be fingerprinted and thoroughly investigated so Barry's name can be cleared.
956James WebbSpringfield, oAfter seeing Dateline's story I believe if tried again in a court, judged by his peers, they would find doubt of his guilt and he should be given the chance. Confession or not, we do not know how he may have been coerced into the confession Jim Webb
955Lynette PremeauSauk city, Wi
954darlene PetersonBillings, MTBecause HE did NOT kill Kim Nees. The state of Montana knows this but they have to hide the corrpution that occured in putting Barry in prison.
953Sherry ThorneGenoa City, WII believe he is innocent because there were 2 dozen fingerprints that do not match his, a witness saw what really happened and gave great detail of what she saw and heard, an accomplice/contributor told many others of the beating death she was a part of, and the record of the sheriff's office was known to have supplied information to the interrogators pertaining to the evidence
952heather roweedmonton, AlbertaBarry Beach is innocent....he was bullied by police to confess....all police involved should be sued....
951Lisha PittsAustin , TexasWe have watched all the Dateline exposés on this case. It is truly a case of EXTREME INJUSTICE. Barry clearly is a good human being and a productive member in society. He has shown a tremendous amount of patience and composure through his ordeal. Louisiana COERCED him to make a confession. THE JUDGE WHO RELEASED HIM WAS VERY ACCURATE IN IN WHAT HE FOUND TO BE CREDIBLE EVIDENCE TO FREE HIM.
950Michelle SmithJacksonville, FLToo many confessions have later proved to be false. Unless Datelne missed something, I didn't see any other evidence.
949jessica kochbillings, mtI believe there is more than a reasonable amount of doubt that he is innocent.
948Suzana Brisenogrants pass, orThis story breaks my heart. So many people are out on the streets who shouldnt be and this man who has proven being out can be an active member of our society. I feel the justice system got this wrong and it definitely wouldn't be the first time.
947Barrington WhiteAmityville, NY
946Harley QuinLos Angeles , California
945Mark NoonLos Angeles, California
944Kimberly LaFountainPowell, WYI've served on a jury before. There IS reasonable doubt. He did not commit this crime. Question the woman that has had a lifetime riddled with drug abuse, for starters.
943Judy KnoteBillings, MontanaPlease free an innocent man.
942Scott VinchattleLongmont , ColoradoI believe the police lied to him to get a confession. He should of asked for a lawyer but he was young and did not know how the system worked.
941J HendersonBrea, CABarry Beach is innocent. NOTHING has been presented to suggest otherwise. The coerced confession of a scared 20 year-old misled by those entrusted to uphold the law is all the prosecution can come up with? Slim "evidence", especially since it contradicts known facts in the case. Admit your mistake, Montana. Give credence to testimony of actual witnesses in this case and free this gentleman.
940Caitlin Henderson Brea, CAI just watched his story on Dateline. His confession was so obviously coerced by law enforcement. His story does not match up with the evidence. In the name of "Justice for all," free Barry Beach! His only fault was believing the law would find the truth.
939Amy SchickStillwater, OklahomaI believe Barry Beach is innocent because there is no evidence what so ever. The American Justice System has made, yet another, unbelieveable mistake!!!! Barry should b set free!!!! May God bless him and his family. And the people who really took this young girls life out of jealousy, anger or whatever the unsensable reason, will one day apoligize to Barry in front of our maker, Jesus.
938Bill Coltonmemphis, tnThe evidence shows others committed the crime, and there is no evidence against Barry. He should have never been put on trial.
937Julie Lankinbowmanville, OntarioHe should never have been convicted on a confession with no proper evidence/dna to support it.
936Debra PooleVan Buren, ARThe Supreme Court should at least consider to hear the requests from the the judge and the people. What Judicial System??????.....
935Dawn SawatzkySaskatoon, SaskatchewanI believe the young witness who said she overheard what was going on. His testimony was forced out of him. What a shame.
934Cristina TorresBakersfield, CaliforniaThe court did not take in all the accounts of witnesses that heard the true story. He was a scared boy at the time of confession and he proved he can be a good citizen to our community.
933Patricia TechathuvananClaremore, OKKeeping an innocent man in prison is ludicrous!
932Richard BotzetMINNEAPOLIS, MNBecause of an incredible absence of evidence, lack of motive, a very specious confession, and overwhelming reasonable doubt, (and nearly three decades of time stolen! ... err.. served), Mr. Beach should be released.
931Dixie HalversonScobey, Montana
930megan chainredding, caNot enough evidence to convict this man of murder.
929Berdenia BroesWoodland Hills, CaliforniaWHY don't they give these women lie detector test. Barry did not do it, and after listening to the evidence, along with witnesses he did not do it...I absolutely believe in his innocence.....FRRE BARRY NOW!!!!
928Deanna AtsattBillings, MontanaI believe that Barry should be released because I do not believe that he is guilty. It is obvious to me that he is innocent especially with evidence that strongly supports that.
927Jovian Brown Ingram, Tx
926Cevi SullivanBillings, MtI just watched the Dateline show with 10 people. HE HAS NO MOTIVE. There was no rape. Several sets of footprints. Eye witness saying it was women. THIS IS REDICULOUS injustice. People are BLIND TO WHAT'S OBVIOUS. The ONLY motive discusses was the jealous girls. WHERE IS THE MOTIVE AND INTENTION OF BARRY. THIS IS HORRIBLE. OUR WHOLE MINISTRY WILL DO WHAT WE CAN TO HELP.
925Mary GieckJackson, WyI believe that Barry's confession was given under duress, and should not be allowed as evidence for that reason. I pray for Barry, his family and friends, and for his legal team - set Barry free! No matter what any earthly judge has to say, Barry and everyone else will face the ultimate and final judging in eternity, and I know he will be free then!
924Damilola EgbedeyiWindsor, OntarioI just watched a special on Dateline NBC about Mr. Beach and it is just shocking to me how the justice system can fail. Had Mr. Beach's DNA been found ANYWHERE on the crime scene, I would be convinced that he was simply a lying man trying to convince us all that he had become "good" again. However, that is not the case, and an innocent man is being wrongly persecuted. It is heartbreaking.
923FRED POGUESpring Branch, TexasAny person who has been confined for 30 years, and is still positive and has been a helpful person during his time deserves the opportunity to live a normal life. We all deserve a second chance. May God Bless the people who help this man to return to a normal life. Chaplain Fred
922Sarah FlanaganSan Francisco, CA
921Michael TaylorEast Bridgewater, MaI am a former Marine and a law abiding citizen. I am very well aware of how the law can minipulate words and in some cases evidence. I truly felt compelled to write this message on this petition after watching dateline. I've NEVER take the time after an episode of dateline to write something like this or even investigate an open case. He is more of a model citizen the most people who free.
920Gena KriegerFallston, MdThis man is true to his word. If he were guilty he wouldn't have turned himself back in. He is determined to get justice for Kim and himself.
919Helene MarraSeminole, Floridait is obvious that he is innocent and there is no evidence to prove he did it. There is a lot of reasonabledoubt
918Angelina SpharlerHenderson, NvI have watched all of the dateline interviews and read some of the court documents, and it is appalling that he would not be granted a new trial, if not pardoned fully of his conviction. There are too many witness with convincing testimony that someone else was responsible for the murder, that a jury would absolutely have reasonable doubt.
917Tyler RollinsGray, MaineSimilar to the West Memphis 3. Prime example of injustice represented here.
916Angela StobartKelowna, B.C.I understand the need to punish someone for Kimberly Ann Nees' death, but feel it would be a step in the right direction ... to punish the person responsible for the crime.
915Kindra GriffinColorado Springs, ColoradoThis poor man has lost most of his life for this unjust decision. It hurts my heart. Free him to be with his mother again.
914Vicki LocattoPort Barre, LAMs. Eagleboy was VERY believable.Something so graphic,you would NOT forget.She was 10 and I totally believe she heard every word she said she did.How awful for her to have to relive that night and those sounds and not have people believe that what you are saying is true.Some politicians are oh so quick to try to make a political statement that they forget about facts and truth.Free Barry Beach.
913Neil HesseHuachuca City, AZI think they should right the wrong that has been done here.
912Karla FeeneyOakland, TNThere is no true evidence that ties him to the crime. (DNA)
911Leticia ChanIrvine, caIts outrageous with the people that came forward confirming that different GROWN women confessed that they killed Kim Nees that Mr. Beach wasnt given the opportunity to get another trial. I am disappointed in our justice system. Do what is right and give this man a fair trial!
910Maureen BillingsWhitehouse, OhioBecause I believe he did NOT commit this crime and there's no evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I believe his confession was coerced by police and done after he was exhausted and promised by police that they would help clear him.
909Sandra LeeSacramento, CABarry's confession as a young man was only due to corrupt interrogation tactics. I truly believe the murder was at the hands of that group of girls. He has sadly served far too many years for a murder he did not commit, and I agree that it is unjust and unacceptable! While released on his own recognizance, Barry proved he was a law abiding citizen. He should spend the rest of his life free.
908deloris jacksonriviera beach, flNo justice for Tracvon at least allow someone else who truely deserve justice
907Linda ShepherdToluca, ILI have watched this case on dateline and was relieved that Barry was getting a new trial. It is obvious this case was handled incorrectly. Now he is back in prison and I just can't believe how this has turned out. It's a terrible injustice.
906Julie ShindleBarnegat, Nj
905Nancy RussoSunnyvale, CAThere was an eyewitness saying that she saw others doing the killing. Others have told people they did the killing. As a young man, it appears he could have been coerced into a confession. B
904Rodi McGillBelle Chasse, Louisiana I believe Barry is innocent because of the lack of evidence. I think his confession was not a legitimate one. Please let this good man go!
903Jill PeterkaForest River, ND
902Jana CartwrightMissoula, MtI have felt for a very long time this man was innocent. I have read the articles over the years and I truly feel that has been wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he never committed. I think there is a certain satisfaction with the prosecution that wanted to close the case and through pride or whatever else will not admit they were wrong. They probably never will. I cannot even imagine being in hi
901Juanita SullivanYarmouth, Nova ScotiaThis man was coerced into confessing and who knows how many others are in prison for the same reason. You try and take hours and hours or being drilled and see how you weather. Also the evidence and what speaks the loudest is the good he did with his time while he was out. He could have run.
900Barry BeaverBroken Arrow, OkThere is clearly doubt in the evidence and lack of evidence in this case. There are witnesses that have heard confessions of the ladies responsible for this horrific murder. The justice system cannot keep a man in prison when there is reasonable doubt in the case. I also find it convinient that the state "lost" the evidence that could free this man
899Virginia MooreLake Winnebago, MoI believe Berry is innocent because there is too many unanswered questions. Where is any of the DNA linking him and where is the her clothing? everything that she wore is now lost? Who's hand prints are on the truck? The detectives that interrogated him have already been found in a separate case of coercing the a person of interest in to a false confession. Could this not have been the case with
898Munisha KailleyRobert park, CA
897Mary SaruwatariFolsom, CAClearly, this man is innocent. Let him finally be free.
896Risa DuyDenver, Colorado
895erin ziegertorrance, caThere is absolutely no evidence that he commited any crime. I believe Barry Beach is innocent!
894Jessica PalmerLoveland, ColoradoThere is no evidence that ties this man to the murder. The finger prints and palm print do not match up. There is a witness whom says a group of girls killed her. Too many questions! He deserves a new trial!
893Isabel GarciaDollard des Ormeaux, QuebecHe is obviously innocent, no physical evidence points towards his guilt. He was a young man forced into a false confession. He should be set free and the real killer(s) pursued.
892Erica FreemanSevern, MDHe's innocent. Ive seen many cases and it disgusts me when it seems justice is not the goal but instead closing a case and being right is. There have been many confessions from innocent people and this is obviously one of them.
891Ana RuizDollard des Ormeaux, QuebecA grave injustice has been done to this man as to the victim, whose real killer(s) have remained free all these years. He is obviously a caring man, innocent, tricked in his 20's by the police into making a false confession. He has proven to be a functioning and productive member of society while he was set free.
890val glazeElsinore, CA
889Kelly MulliganBrighton, East Sussex, EnglandThe evidence doesn't prove his guilt.
888Jolynn HoltButte, MtThe evidence is overwhelming that beach is an innocent man. If it could happen to him, it could happen to any of our innocent sons. Montana, stand up and do what is right. Let Beach go home to his mother!
887beverly guzmanlansing, ilFor all the reasons below.
886Jana CrawfordArlee, MontanaI feel that he is an innocent man and no innocent person should be punished for something they did not do!
885julia huntclinton, montanaI believe Barry Beach is innocent.
884mary Baileymech`, va
883Carolyn DileskiSpring Lake, MIAt least give him another hearing to give him a chance to prove his innocence. Our country is based on truth and justice. How would you like this to happen to you. You would want the truth to be known. I think Montana prison is just afraid of that they made a big mistake and now don't want to admitt it.
882Kelly HurleyOttawa , OhioThe evidence is wrong,bloodly palm print not his. The shirt kim was wearing not plaid. How could he wipe just his fingerprints away?
881Linda FrederickSydney, Australia
880Melissa DabroskiFreehold, NJ
879DENNIS DAVISYork, SCThe person or persons that murdered this young girl are still free. An innocent man is in prison and has been for 30 years. Give him a new trial. This is not fair to the tax payer, the victim, or the innocent person in prison.
878Jeremiah MoogHavre, MTA confession that was forced to be given by interrogators who have been proven to act dishonorably is no grounds for a life sentence. That, backed with multiple witnesses and testaments that Barry is not guilty of this murder is enought for me to believe that he is innocent. I wish Barry the best in his fight!
877Sharon GomesGalt, Ca
876Steven ZilinskyCalgary, ABI just viewed the Dateline episode and I genuinely believe there has been a miscarriage of justice in this case for this poor man. For this man to be sitting in jail for a crime he did not commit is a tragedy.
875Ani BellLivingston, MTIt's obvious the confession was false. What other evidence is there? Let a jury decide. There's reasonable doubt.
874troy kidwellbatavia, ohioIf he were tried for that crime TODAY he would be found not guilty,there is NO evidence except for the False confession to show he had anything to do with the crime,also the confession was inaccurate and he just happened to describe the wrong shirt that was called in on the phone shows he was fed what to the very least with the new found evidence and the people that have come foward he desr
873Tom AdamsLos Angeles, Californiaisn't it obvious enough!
872Denise AdamsLos Angeles, CA 2o year old bamboozled into a false confession Prosecutor turn Governor .....he'll never admit a mistake! DNA mysteriously disappears! No finger prints, foot prints and to boot no physical evidence matched his false confession!! Release him with a HUGE settlement... least they can do ....shame on prosecution,,,,he's a fine example to all of us who take our freedoms for granted!!!!!! RELEA
871Peter JeffreyEpping, North DakotaI believe Barry was lied to and deceived by the Louisiana investigators, his confession was coerced by threats and intimidation; for that reason alone he should have never been convicted. He is a victim of a shameful cover up involving both law enforcement and civilians; they know the truth but selfishly hold onto their lies at the expense of an another mans life. Barry Beach is an innocent man.
870Carissa StewartLos Angeles, CaThere is no clear physical evidence or witness to place him at the scene of the crime. They should focus more on finding the person or people that committed the crime as well as the object used in the murder. Clearly someone on the police force has a daughter involved in the murder. Why else would a police car be at the scene of the crime?
869ROSEMARIE HARTNETTTiverton, RIHe does not deserve to spend another day in jail. The evidence (or lack thereof) points to his innocence. I definitely believe his confession was forced.
868Nancy KeeneIndependence, MOThere is no physical evidence that he committed the crime and I feel the confession was forced.
867D. SbisaLees Summit, MissouriI cannot believe that with the evidence out there, that this man is still in prison. Many sets of bloody finger and footprints with NONE of them matching his??? His testimony NOT matching the evidedence. Witness testimonies about girls and a police car being at the crime scene. Has anyone looked into the connection possibly between A GIRL the same age as the murder victim and the POLICE OFFICER?
866Josh SmithLittle Rock, ArkansasWatching this story closely for many years now, not only after all of the evidence do I know he is innocent but after testimony after testimony of the accounts that happened that night, it's obvious he is innocent. No evidence what so ever points his way except his lowly confession which came after hours of being interrogated. Which that has happened a lot in history, confessing to something you
865Catherine EstesSt Augustine, FlToo much reasonable doubt to keep this man in prison. How can you keep a man locked up if there is a chance of innocence? In regards to the confession, this man was more than likely railroaded into this confession. Like I said before, too much reasonable doubt.
864Judi Scott-WoodVancouver, B.C.all the people who said they heard the women confessing to it, but of course most compelling was the testimony of the woman who witnessed it first hand
863Demarr RutherfordCutbank, MTso much of the evidence clearly points to the ladies who have done this, the bloody hand print, there's not one single hand print that belongs to Barry, like so many others, he is falsely accused ..
862roger holtchehalis, wa.I watched the "Dateline" segment and looks like Mr. Beach should never have been convicted of the crime for which he has now served 30 years. The judge that let him out on appeal had it correct--- I think people are playing politics in Montana and can't admit they made a mistake.
861candy corrigallCalgary, Alberta Why can't the prosecutors and police admit they made a mistake; aren't they sworn to uphold justice?More than one of those women has bragged about this horrific homicide; Barry was interrogated for 2 days without a lawyer. He did not do this, he was the easy patsy; an innocent man is being punished; shame on Montana police and prosecutors, do your jobs and investigate professionally!
860Joshua KellerHavre, MTI grew up in Wolf Point, born and raised. I also heard rumors of this murder and how they got the wrong man. Seeing people on the stand on dateline NBC stating a "group of girls did it." The women who did this should be brought forth and charged for murder. Also might add its another rumor that the BIA covered it up since one of the "girls" involved was a daughter to a BIA officer.
859Judy YoestingAda, Ok.State of Montana did not do enough investigating of this crime. They got a co-hearsed confession & that made it easy. Not all evidence came out at trial. Whose handprint is on the truck? Was any prints Barry's? DNA? On & on
858Andy ShieAppleton, WIIt is quite clear from testimony and evidence at the scene of the crime that Barry did not commit this crime. The only thing they have on Barry is the false confession that he was coerced into by the "shady" detectives 30 years old, there is a clear pattern these detectives did this to others around the same time Barry gave this false confession. Give Barry a new trial to clear his name, and fin
857Michael RydzewskiLapeer, MiThe eye witness and lack of any physical evidence. And the fact that at least two women had told others including family that they were the ones who committed the murder.
856Barbara WrzesinskiSherman Oaks, CaliforniaSuch a blatant miscarriage of justice. There is clearly "reasonable doubt" present in the case. I am terribly shocked at the malfeasance of the legal system in Montana, a state where I would have expected better
855Deborah SharpRichmond, VirginiaI believe this man was given an unfair interrogation. He should be free.
854Nichole EspinozaArlee, MontanaBarry should be released because the evidence DOES NOT match the coerced confession he gave.
853Debi CarnishSun City, CaAfter watching dateline it seems that the powers that be at the time railroaded a poor scared kid into confessing to something he didn't do. They just can't admit they did the worng thing and this poor man is suffering because of someones mistake and the backwards system of "justice" in the state won't do the right thing. Please go after the right ones and let this man have the kife that wa
852Joyce Derrickthe Woodlands, TxI believe with all my heart that Barry Beach is innocent.
851TOM DERRICKthe Woodlands, TxI believe Barry Beach is innocent.
850Beth A CastleberryManvel, TexasAfter watching the Dateline episode,there is no doubt in my mind the man is innocent.He was coherced into making a false statement.SET THAT MAN FREE.
849MaryAnn MeyerSan Dimas, CA
848Brun DirkGreat Falls, MtFirst of all he spent 30 years in prison already, secondly I believe the man is innocent and was framed ! Now it's time to free him and let him lead a productive life.
847Lori FoleySaint John, New BrunswickAll the evidence points to the girls. His confession was not valid, he was mislead. There is no evidence.
846Carola EngelmannLeeds, NY
845Jeffrey EngelmannLeeds, NY
844Christie EngelmannLeeds, NY
843Caytie EngelmannLeeds, NY
842Krystal FlewellingDracut, MaBased on evidence provided on multiple episodes of Dateline, Barry should be released. At the least, a new trial ahould be held in order to present new evidence. Barry has served enough time as an innocent man and the real killer must be found.
841Samantha GarridoSumter, SC
840ma antonieta caballero cantumexico, nuevo leon
839MaryAnne McCroryBaton Rouge, LAI watched the Dateline episode of the Kimberly Nees' murder, and the injustice of imprisoning Barry Beach. I am shocked that our country's justice system works this way. It is so OBVIOUS that this man did not commit the crime. The women who DID commit the crime should be punished, and Barry Beach should be released, and pardoned, immediately!
837Susanne WiesnoskiRiedstadt, GermanyBarry Beach is an innocent man. It's obvious. it's totally unbelievable that he is still not free, free him NOW
836F Jurgen SikoraHouston, TXOne, I doubt the confession was obtained ethically. The entire ordeal in Louisiana doesn't sit well with me. Two, the amount of new evidence, especially the testimony of Ms. Eagleboy screams for a new trial. Three, Mr. Beach could've run when the state ordered him back to prison. He didn't. He turned himself in and stood by his word.
835Lori SmithChampaign, ILI have followed this case via numerous Dateline airings. It is obvious Barry did not commit this crime and there is more than sufficient evidence to prove it. The Montana Supreme Court is a disgrace to justice. God bless the district judge who was the first court official to stand up against this nonsense and try to set it right. I know Barry and his team will keep fighting...
834Vicki RyanOfallon , MoThere was NO evedince at the crime screen that Barry Beach was even there. It's shocking that he was even convicted for this at all.
833Kimberly ObremskiTopsfield, MAIt is obvious to me that Barry is innocent. The evidence (or I should say lack of) proves that he did not commit this murder. So many witnesses stating the same. A 20-year old boy under pressure to imagine if he had done it? Intense emotional pressure without an understanding of the system. I know oh too well how someone under those circumstances would confess wrongly.
832Ta'Leigha MartellPoplar, MontanaI know for a fact that Barry Beach is innocent. One day when I was at work at Frostees, Sissy Atkinson came in and was on the phone, she seemed happy and was joking around with her friend. I didn't think to much about it until she said "Well, I got away with murder! Beat that!" I became very disgusted with her and refused to help her. Many people have told me they have heard the same thing.
831Jake RiedigerPoplar, MontanaI have lived in Poplar, MT all of my 26 years of life. I've heard all the stories and even talked to one of the girls who done it. This whole thing is a cover up. Bobby Atkinson covered it up for his sister. Steve GrayHawk Sr covered it up for his daughter. Everyone knows all the stories, they're not stories. They are the truth. The state doesn't want to admit they made a mistake.
830Mary PetroAdel , IowaThis is an injustice to all concern to make him spend his life in prison for a crime he didn't do.
829Nita UnoMililani, HawaiiFrom what I've watched and read, I believe there is reasonable doubt, lots of it.
828Dawn Marie TrentYorba Linda, CAThe evidence supports his release or the "LACK OF" evidence, whichever way you look at it. Mr. Beach's confession is inaccurate and was made under duress, there is an actual EYEWITNESS of the crime who can testify to both visual and audio of the murder, others have now come forward with names of individuals who have admitted to them of being a participant of the murder.
827Kelly MacGregorHillsboro, OregonI believed the testimony of the Native American woman who came forward at his hearing. It was clear she has been haunted for 30 years by the screams she heard that night - and she had no reason to make that up. There is no physical evidence linking Barry Beach to the crime - continuing to incarcerate him is a CRIME. Set him free!
826Hilde TveitaneSan Antonio, TX
825Kathleen KilmarxLong beach,, CaI believe at the very minimum, he deserves another trial.
824Christy GallowayTravis AFB, CAI strongly believe that Mr. Barry Beach was forced into making a confession of a murder he did NOT commit! When I see a case such as this, I loose respect and trust for the system.
823Robin PierceBerne, NYThere is definitely compelling evidence that there were more than one murderer. How is the actual "evidence" not being looked at, as in no physical evidence of Mr. Beach's at the crime scene, but many *other* people's dna/fingerprints. And how can you not listen to the testimony of the woman who was 10 years old and heard it all happen??
822marilyn trissellspringfield, OregonI believe an injustice has been done and needs to be corrected as soon as possible..Barry Beach should be released from prison. Thirty years is lomg enough !
821Jessica ReevesKeene, NHPersuasive evidence of false confession.
820Susan WalshHillsborough, NCThis is a miscarriage of justice. A judge already released him based on evidence that he did not commit this crime. He deserves to be free and has already spent 30 years serving time for a crime he didn't do.
819Ron DobbsSelma, IndianaAfter watching the Dateline program and listening to new witnessing come forward it is obvious the Louisiana police lied about the confession given. Innocent people do not deserve to have their freedom taken away. Why Montana would not grant a new trial for this man is beyond imagination.
818Leslie HuffMilford, MAAfter watching Dateline NBC's coverage of Barry Beach's story, I am 100% convinced that he is an innocent man. His ongoing incarceration is outrageous. It is a disgrace to our judicial system. It is unspeakably cruel to Barry, not to mention a waste of tax dollars to incarcerate this innocent man who should be free. BARRY BEACH DESERVES A FAIR RE-TRIAL OR A PARDON FROM THE GOVERNOR!!
817Sue SearcyBillings, MTWe know there is no evidence in this case ~ with that let's at least, give Barry a new trial and see what happens ~~ MT you need to stand up and admit your errors and give Barry back his life
816Michelle ReidBessemer City, North CarolinaSaw the story on Dateline and feel based on the fact that Barry's confession was inconsistent with the evidence, there is reasonable doubt and under law he should be released and compensated for this injustice!
815Angie FisherBillings, Montana
814Jennifer JacobsAlbuquerque, NMThe only evidence against Mr. beach is a confession, which is not enough. Whether or not all of the witnesses (those who testified that there were others involved in the crime) are telling the truth, some of them may be, and the story of the groups of girls beating the victim to death has remained steadfast for over three decades. At minimum, there is reasonable doubt as to Mr. Beach's guilt.
813Sheryl Dierenfield Fort Collins , COBarry was young and pressured by officers he was taught to respect. Interrogation by these officers had a mission... To tie this innocent young guy to this murder. Restore faith in our justice system to Mr Beach and his mother by freeing this innocent productive man.
812Maria DianaMays Landing, NJAfter watching Dateline I believe he is innocent and can be a productive citizen.
811Karen HutchinsTwin Lake, MIBecause it clearly shows that he is innocent.
810Lauren BiddleMount Vernon, WAAs there are obvious substantial problems with the integrity of the evidence in this case, it is deeply disturbing that this man is still in prison. A reasonable person can only conclude there is overwhelming reasonable doubt, in which case he should be out.
809Suzy HedrickPekin, Illinoisif EVIDENCE clearly clears Barry Beach, c'mon free him!!!
808Christine MorrisseyAppleton, WIHe's spent more time in prison than people who have actually committed murder! Lies by police officers to a child should not condemn a person unjustly to life in prison!
807beth hickeyocean springs, msBecause he is innocent and sissy Atkinson and her friends should fry!!
806Scott NicholsHarrisburg, South Dakota
805agatha slaterlutz, flother than his confession as a frightened teen which he has recanted there is no proof of guilt and deserves a new trial or release
804Ralph and Janet VaughnSoddy Daisy, TNI watched the return to Poplar River and without a doubt there was REASONABLE DOUBT...sadly so many people are grilled until they give in for exhaustion...had the police done their job the truth would have come out years ago...Barry Beach is innocent .This case reeks Prosecutorial incompetence as so many times is the case...wasn't this prosecutor running for higher office. I wonder how prosecut
803Nicole KingFrankston, Victoria AustraliaI believe Barry should be released as there is no evidence, no fingerprints no nothing tying him to the murder of that young girl. Who's palm print is on the side of the truck? It is also not uncommon for people placed in high stress situations willing to say anything after hours and hours of interrogation which include physical and emotional torment. Also witness testimony of the ten yr old gi
802Christine D'AngeloBridgewater Corners, VermontConfessing to a crime does not make you guilty. Lots of innocent people confess to crimes they haven't committed because police hammer away at people in interrogations to the point where a person just wants the whole ordeal over with. There is no evidence at the crime scene, no finger prints, no DNA, no nothing of Barry was found there. This man needs to be freed!
801Cindy CoxGourds, NlI watched Dateline and I don' think he did it.
800Belinda DaughertyDelaware, OHHow can there be so many fingerprints on that truck & none belong to him...if he wiped them down how can so many others still blood? What are the odds that so many other people are lying about hearing confessions or hearing the actual crime which were GIRLS' voices? There is too much doubt about his innocence to make him spend ONE MORE DAY in jail. FREE HIM NOW and get to the TRUTH.
799janet hornbakerVictorville, CaliforniaI believe the police in LA forced him to give a false confession. LA has a horrible history of injustice. It seems clear the girls should be in prison not Barry.
798Sherry FischerWest Covina, CaliforniaLet the evidence stand for itself. He was a poor teen, persuaded to falsely admit to something he did not do. It appears he was bullied. No finger print, no DNA, no lie detector test, no eye witness, no motive? It is sad how much more we are discovering innocent "prisoners" If only Berry were Rich....Montana, needs to finally do the right thing and free an innocent man!
797Linda JonesPueblo, COThe evidence is unbelievably clear - his "confession" was a lie and a coercion. He had nothing to do with the murder. There is no reason he should have been held over 29 years, and no reason he should be held now.
796Michele NardiLakemoor, ILHe is innocent and Dateline did a fantastic job at showing that!! This is sad, please give him another trial because there has been so much stuff covered up and the wrong person is in jail.
795Lee RedbirdVancouver, British ColumbiaAn innocent man should not be held responsible for what others have done. Shame on the justice system and the police for not doing their jobs. He has displayed more honesty and dignity than those who have kept him locked up. They should be tried for incompetence.
794Bethany ShieldsMiddletown, PANew evidence clearly shows he is innocent
793Sandra KapalkaEdmonton, AlbertaI believe that Barry Beach is an innocent man. Sit any person down and interrogate them constantly for that many hours and of course they will be disoriented and confused. Combine that with big ego police and I believe you have created nothing better than a Nazi situation. Look at the evidence and forget the confession of a scared, tired, brutally mentally abused by police.
792Dr. John B. d'ArmandAuke Bay, AKHe is not guilty of the murder!
791KENNETH GILLUMVENTURA, CAThe evidence is clear, he didn't do it! Reasonable doubt has been shown!
790jaime kaleikiloventura, CaliforniaThe evidence is clear there is "beyond" reasonable doubt! This innocent man shouldn't spend another second in prison! PLEASE REVIEW THE FACTS AND RELEASE HIM!
789Tammy DavisYork, scAn innocent man is in prison. He has already served more time than most people do for murder. He did not commit this crime, this is not justice for him, the victim or the tax payers.
788Nicole HorsburghCoaldale, AlbertaI believe by looking at the facts of this case that Barry has not vomited a crime. I believe that the police know someone else did it as there are other handprints at the scene and not Barry's .that is more proof than a false statement made from fear. I know first hand how scary a police can be when being questioned they do not treat you fairly and it should have been recorded. Free him!
787Lelan PackLubbock, TXAs a kid, he was tricked into admitting guilt. Please undo this terrible injustice!
786Melinda DevineBend, Or
785Sheila BradwayWarrington, PAIt's a pretty sad day when our justice system can't see and admit that a mistake has been made. Other than the so-called "confession," made under some very questionable circumstances, there is really no proof of guilt. Barry has conducted himself honoraably and admirably. He deserves to have freedom restored to him.
784Emmanuelle CharpentierMontreal, QuebecThere's an obvious lack of evidence!!!!
783Vaughn GreenleeLas Vegas, NevadaI believe this is a total miscarriage of justice!! The fact that this young man had no attorney with him when he confessed should have been enough to grant him a new trial...I am SICK and TIRED of watching trials where detectives force false confessions out of young defendants without their attorney or parent present...There is absolutely NO evidence that Barry Beach was at that crime scene!!
782Chris JonesGoldsboro, North CarolinaBarry was a young unsuspecting male who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. In trusting law officials (which citizens often make the wrong decision to do so), he confessed to a crime. It is no secret that often in the rush for justice, many people commit injustices against unsuspecting targets. How sad for this man to be railroaded as a youth and then being denied his freedom.
781Heather KaylorTucson, AZI saw the follow up story on Dateline and believe in his innocence given the details.
780Daniel DunkinMorgan hill, Ca
779Courtney Dunkin Morgan hill, Ca
778James OtisCapitola, CaDetails concerning evidence of the crime obtained during an interrogation did not match actual evidence obtained during the investigation of the murder. There is no evidence linking Barry Beach to the murder. The confession of a frightened 20 year old gotten by law men thousands of miles away from the crime scene seems questionable.
777Peyton CocaMorgan hill, CaGod bless you Barry!
776Sheila BrooksRaleigh, North CarolinaSo many court decisions are upheld because to free an innocent person, is an admission of human error. If such were the case (e.g. police corruption), setting this man free, might also hold our justice agencies and agents financially accountable for such an error. Give the man back his life!!! Because the only evidence against him is a coerced confession obtained by misleading a troubled kid.
775Cherish KeelinMorgan hill, Ca
774Danielle BrooksMorgan hill, Ca
773Jeri MartinChristiansburg, VaThe fact of the matter is that someone killed that woman and that someone is still out there walking free. That's what needs to be thought about when we decide that convicting innocent people just to make an arrest- that's wrong. That is kangaroo justice and you know it.
772Vicki KahlerHenderson, NVWhy, oh, why, time and again, do we see these kinds of cases where those in position to do the right thing are still so invested in keeping the conviction "win?" Is there no place for compassion and empathy and understanding of how a person could possibly admit to doing something they didn't do? It's a proven phenomenon. Do the right thing, for god's sake!!
771Rick PittengerVermillion, SDThe reported evidence does not convict this innocent man!!!
770Cherie Priceholt, Michigan
769Trudy CosmeVancouver, WAHe's innocent!!! There is no evidence showing that he did it ....... the "girls theory" needs to be investigated.
768Ronald NelsonDiscovery Bay, CAIn the past 30 years we have come to know that many "confessions" of young and innocent people are not valid. No confession without corroborating evidence should be the basis for conviction. My understanding of this case is that there is no corroborating evidence and there is evidence that the crime was committedby someone else. The conviction does not meet the standards for due process.
767Janice McManemySan Francisco, CAAfter reviewing the FACTS available, it is clear that he is not guilty of this crime. If there are any questions about it, no matter what there is at minimum reasonable doubt.
766Kathryn MakepeaceMurrells Inlet, South Carolinanone of the evidence belongs to Barry Beach during the investigation the police know several people were involved this murder was pinned on Barry Beach by the police why has there not been an investigation of the police department as to why they have singled him out
765Genevieve RustCallaway, MdI do not feel the evidence supports his conviction. He was young , scared, tired and far from home when he made a confession to very intimidating police. Also the young girl, now a woman has evidence concerning the murder that does not support his conviction but rather the "mean girls" rumor. He has proven himself to be of value to his community while he was free.
764Marjorie ChoatCarrier Mills, IllinoisAfter watching Dateline NBC I feel there is not enough evidence to find Mr. Beach guilty of murder. Time and time again fear of the police forces young people into confessions.
763Ann Edwards Georgetown , Ky
762Kevin RexroatGeorgetown, KY
761Anne DonnellySan Antonio, TexasHe confessed to the murder because he was scared but I believe he didn't do it. It makes me realize how flawed the system is.
760Cheri FrayHemet, CaHe was badgered into that confession ! He's an innocent man!
759ellen godfreyclinton, ilNot enough solid evidence was presented.Other witness accounts do raise reasonable doubt of guilt.
758Charles BurrowsPalm Coast, FLAre you kidding me, no fiscal evidence and you can convict a man? He was a 20-year-old kid, with enough pressure any kid that age can be made to say anything an adult bully wants them to say. Shame on you Montana, this man needs to be freed now.
757Renita HalladayCantley, QuebecThe evidence is not conclusive to prove that Barry had any involvement. Also, the techniques of the police during his interrogation are not considered just. I believe strongly that this man should not be convicted for a murder that he did not do. Evidence shows that multiple people involved in the murder and no other people have ever been convicted on actual evidence of DNA.
756Carolyn ByrumLovington, New MexicoTonight on Datline NBC the entire nation now knows the entire story of Barry Beach. He is INNOCENT! There are monsters on the street who commited horrible crimes and were let out of prison.. Why is it the courts have singled out an obviously innocent man to spend so many years in prison for a crime witness's and evidence prove he did not commit.
755Tillman ByrumLovington, New MexicoBarry Beach is obviously an innocent man! To keep this innocent man lock up another day is unacceptable!
754Carol AllenMobile, ALToo many witnesses say murder was committed by girls. Barry Beach shoul have never confessed. I believe he confessed under duress, naively thinking he could prove his innocence. He proved he can lead a productive life and be an outstanding citizen. Please set Barry Beach free while his mother is still alive. I will be praying for justice in this case.
753Susan Cufley Lynwood, WaThe evidence does not suggest that Barry killed Kim Nees.. Please re examine what has been presented and realize he needs to be freed,
752mike costniles, Ohio HE is innocent and the real killers are still free. Give this man a new trail!! Please!!
751Amber KeisorBig Lake, AKMy gut feeling is that Barry didn't do it. If there is a large amount of people that have either been told or have heard that the group of young girls were responsible for the murder, you have to question why? There is a reason why Sissy Atkinson (sp?) confessed. There is also a reason why she became a hard core drug addict- to numb the pain/guilt of being a cold blooded killer.
750Buffy HergenraderCoronado, CAThis is ridiculous.....this man needs to be freed!
749Sherrie DivelbissSimi Valley, Californiathere is enough evidence to show that Mr. Beach's case showed reasonable doubt.
748Katherine AscroftClarkston, MichiganWhen such reasonable doubt exists creating gross injustice, our country must correct it. The true purpose of our judicial tier is for that very purpose. These are the kinds of cases in which our government must step in and right a wrong. Shame on Montana for turning it's back on what is probably an innocent man's life. Where is the sense in it? How can they sleep at night? It made me ill.
747Mario BeltranLondon , Ontario He is innocent
746Curtis Trinderchinook, MontanaAnyone can see that there is no evidence against him and the justice system has failed him in every way.
745christine schubfernandina beach, flHe's innocent.
744Shauna LeiningerSt Johns, FLCoerced confession by manipulative police officer.
743Kathleen KleinRockville, MarylandBecause he is. Innocent!!!
742Alissa MarottoEasthampton, MaAll the evidence points to other people and the interrogators pressured him into a confession
741Rane CamdenGlendale , azStephanie Eagleboy`s testimony and a false confession.
740Barry KrollRavenna, MIWhose bloody hand print was found on the car? There wasn't any prints or any sign he was there. He was very young, tired, scared, and impressionable when he confessed. Enough is enough - set Barry free!
739Jennifer KeasArlington, VAStrong reason for reasonable doubt - new evidence -- at very least deserves a new trial.
738Margaret CusellaNorth borough, MaFrom watching dateline I believe Barry is totally innocent!!! The mean girls did it !!!!
737Michele AllenWest Newfield , Maine
736Jo Ann SherwoodAptos, CaliforniaFree Barry Beach from prison or at the very least, listen to the evidence again. I believe a mistake has happen and our justice system must take responsibility for their wrong. There is enough evidence that needs to be looked at and may your conscience never have peace until true justice has been served for Barry Beach.
735kayla marshallgray, me
734Tammie BlackGALLOWAY, FRANKLINThis man is INNOCENT!!!! The Judge that set him knew it, I don't know, why the supreme court over turned his ruling, I'll never know. 4-3. He needs to be let out permanently or needs to be granted a new trial and those 3 girls need to be put in jail.
733Kerry WentworthGray, MeInnocent
732Michelle WentworhGray, MeHe deserves to be set free!
731Krissy SchultzHarrisonburg, VaThere is too much evidence pointing to someone else/others being the murderers. Additionally, there are many cases of false confessions, and it seems in his case he was persuaded to confess to something he did not do.
730Breanna LathamGray, MeHe is innocent! I truly believe this man did not commit his crime.
729Regina PepkeParma, OhioIf I was a member on his jury I would have to vote not guilty because there is overwhelming doubt that he committed this murder. In addition, there is also evidence that his confession is false.
728teresa bashormontpelier, ohiothe man is innocent, and is worth so much more to society on the outside!!! is the state of Montana blind???? a little girl had listened to the murder, which has haunted her life since she was 10, over 30 years ago!! FREE BARRY BEACH!!!!
727jenny douglasDecatur , ilnew witnesses, crooked cops getting false confession no evidence
726Blanca Mack
725Tessa Anne StedmanVictoria, British ColumbiaAnyone with intelligence knows that false confessions can and often are obtained by coersion. The is no forensic evidence linking him to the crime and therefore, Montana and it's justice system must right the wrong and release this obviously innocent man.
724Teresa PowellColorado Springs, COHe is innocent!
723Amy ZinkPeoria, AZI have followed this case and I am absolutely outraged at the Montana Supreme Court's decision. The evidence is more than clear that Mr. Beach had nothing to do with this murder.
722Elena ElliottAlbuquerque, New MexicoEVIDENCE WITNESSES OBVIOUS!!!
721Ruthann NewtonNewport News, VaJudge freed him. No prints or any evidence was found at crime scene.
720Karen Ciotticollingwood, ontarioAfter watching Dateline last night I am convinced that Barry did not kill this woman. He was severely interrogated and broke down. karen
719Thomas KuhnsKansas City, MissouriAs stated below, there was no evidence at the scene of the crime that put Barry there. Unfortunately, there are too many aggressive interrogators out there that just want a body to put in prison for a crime. When the evidence is ignored completely vs. an obviously coerced confession, we have a serious problem in this country.
718Sharon Johnsonmodesto, CaliforniaThis man was forced into a confection when he was still a minor. Plus DNA evidence has been lost to help prove his case and his finger prints was nowhere at the crime seen.What are law officials thinking?? How is this fair?? God bless Berry and all his supporters. FREE BERRY!
717Amy DaytonTraverse City, MichiganHaving followed this through Dateline and on the Internet I see no reason this man should be in prison. Nothing I have seen proves he is guilty and there are too many unanswered questions. Since he was out in society for awhile ,living and working an honest life I can't believe he is back in custody. This is costing the tax payers money,when he could be productive (as he was) and paying taxes.
716Lois MelchingHuron, OhioI've been following this story on Dateline. He did NOT kill Kim Nees. A group of girls did. He should be set free immediately. He should NOT stand trial again. He should be set free. Period.
715Lindy Lowepensacola, flbecause he is innocent...
714Suzanne MontagueKansas City, MissouriI am disgusted that an obvious CO-ERCED confession was given by Barry even though not a single piece of evidence was found at the scene (not fingerprints, DNA, even part of his confession was wrong which is obvious he just wanted to stop being grilled by the interrogator feeding him info so he could have someone to put away and further his own career. Our justice system is HUGELY FLAWED!!!
712Greg HarnachRaleigh, North Carolinaevidence against him doesn't make sense from seeing on dateline.
711Crystal DaleCorvallis, MontanaI am appauled with all the over welming evidence that this is going on. It's unbeleivable that he's not being given his freedom!
710Lisa RussellCordova, TNThis was a rerun and after watching the program the second time I still believe in Mr. Beach's innocence. There is not evidence he was at the murder scene. Yes, he made a confession but as we know have so many innocent people. The one that should have served time was the sheriff in LA., as he was not professional.
709Annie FergusonGlendora, CAThe evidence is clear that Barry is innocent.
708crystal usherw rutland, vtI've researched this story and found reasonable doubt in this guilty verdict. The women who heard the screams and beating when she was 10 was a witness to the murder and her voice should be heard! The cops were not helping the community in this situation, but forcing an innocent man to say he was guilty.
707Dorsey HarnachRaleigh, North CarolinaI know that many people, who have later been exonerated due to DNA evidence, have given FALSE confessions under extreme duress. The fact that there is a witness who actually HEARD the event, and said she heard GIRLS saying get her, get her. Why would this woman lie about that? I believe that she didn't come forward before, because she was scared. BARRY BEACH IS INNOCENT, AND SHOULD NOT BE BEHIN
706Colleen MertesdorfFaribault, MN
705KATHLEEN OHara-RaumLusby, MarylandEverything I have read or watched on Mr. Beach proves that someone else committed the murder. Please Free Barry!!!!!!!!
704Donna McFarlane JonesKnoxville, TNI grew up in Poplar MT and knew the Atkinson family (Tommy, Jack 'J.D.',Denver and Sissy.) I went to HS with Tommy and Jack, with Denver and Sissy being younger. I have followed this story for years and have always been stunned by the absolute stupidity, irresponsibility and the audacity of the police and detectives in Louisiana and Montana to put the total blame on Barry for Kim Nees's tragic
703Ronald BeasonUrbandale, IowaNo physical evidence and testimonies of new witnesses.
702Lana HannamanSouth Fulton, TNI believe that Barry Beach is innocent and should be released immediately. I believe he was bullied into a confession. I don't like bullies!!!
701Cindy LeachCary, North CarolinaIt seems to me that the only reason he is still in prison, as there is no physical evidence that he was even present at the scene of the crime, is that he "confessed". Many adults have confessed during interrogation to things that they did not do. Why wouldn't a scared teenager do the same? Where is the evidence? How hard can it be to admit that a mistake was made, fix it and move on?
700Barbara AcelloDenton, TexasKeeping this man serves no useful purpose. There is abundant evidence that he did not commit that crime. When is enough enough? He has already served more time than many murderers..........because he was a scared, immature kid.
699Amanda CottoneShorewood , ILMost people don't believe Barry committed this crime. Thirty years is long enough for an innocent man to suffer. Give him back his freedom!
698Johnnie GreeneRossville, GeorgiaIt has already been proven that Barry A Beach is an innocent man period! This is injustice and Justice is the release of Mr. Beach! It is unacceptable to keep Barry from living a life outside in this beautiful land that he deserves!
697Robert JonesSaint Ann, MOThe testimony shown on the Dateline program of the girl witness who was 10 years old (at the time of the murder) and heard the "girls" yelling that night places significant doubt in my mind that the girl was murdered by Mr Beach. Additionally, why were no fingerprints found from Mr. Beach at the crime scene?
696Liz LloydChicago, IL
695Kelly MartinJupiter, FloridaReasonable doubt!!!! I think in light of new evidence and lack of forensic or circumstantial evidence, and circumstantial evidence. With the existence of false confessions, and that being the only evidence that convicted him, I think he deserves a new trial at the very least. And the true killers should be identified. This is a crime as well. Taking a mans freedom.
694Deborah Gudis
693Dana Delph-Ruffner Bowling Green , OhioI think he was coerced into his confession. The woman who heard the screams from a group of women attacking the victim and the man who testified he heard the drug addict confess made me believe he is innocent.
692Sherrie PowersCypress Inn, tnObviously, after watching the case unfold on TV, Barry Beach should be freed. There is such a lack of confidence in our legal system. Doesn't it feel good to get a chance to right a wrong? Please stop spending time on this case. You are spending and wasting tax payer money. Shame on you.. Please step out of the way and allow this man to spend whatever time he has with his family and friend.
691Paula BagleyMedford, ORSaw the evidence on Dateline, don't bekieve there is enough evidence against him....quite the opposite in fact. I feel like law enforcement won't admitthe were wrong in their rush to judgement. & that is is more important to them to keep the mark in the win column....even at the expense of an innocent man.
690Jeanne LavettreTampa, FloridaThis is clearly an innocent man, and more honest and honorable than most. The state of Montana should be embarrassed at this most recent decision. Thanks to the judge who allowed Barry to be free pending the re-trial possibility, Barry was able to prove himself such an asset to his community, beloved by many people, and taking care of the people he's truly a travesty.
689Cristina FantinatoVan Nuys, CaHe's an innocent man, all the evidence points to other people did it. Free Barry Beach, now!!!
688Angela Prelesnikmason, michiganBarry Beach is innocent because all of the witnesses that have recently come forward to detail their accounts of what truly happened 1979. These accounts should not be overlooked and the person/persons who commited this crime should be serving time in prison, not Barry Beach. Best of luck to Barry Beach as he may be set free to continue spreading some greatness for this country!
687Patrice BeaucheneGreenfield, WisconsinHe is innocent. Period.
686Debra WilhelmSplendora, Tx.After watching Dateline on 8/2/2013, I am convinced Barry is innocent and the witnesses that came forward are credible. Barry is a remarkable man with a positive attitude, especially under his circumstances. I hope to see Barry freed and with God's grace ALL things are possible.
685Ruth Eastburn Highland, CaliforniaHe was coerced into the confession. This is clearly shown by confessing to two crimes that he could not have possibly committed. The courts do not seem to even consider that fact and continually refer to the confession as to why he should remain in prison. I sincerely believe that those other girls committed the murder.
684Kally PermannMonarch, MTtoo much reasonable doubt with the new evidence brought forward
683Rebecca AndersonWhitefish, MTAt the very least B. Beach should be granted a new trial. At the most, he has served his time-this is assuming he committed this crime, which I fully believe he did not. Where is motive? Where is actual hard evidence, or even circumstantial evidence. I don't mention the confession as I truly believe that it was something that was the product of a scared kid misled by investigators.
682Kathy BellStephenson, VirginiaI've watched Dateline's story each time on this case as well as reading on my own. I am no lawyer but it does not appear this man is guilty. I think it would be a crying shame to keep this man imprisioned for a crime he did not commit.
681Shaun FirthPort Colborne, Ontario CanadaIt is now commonly known that confessions are often false. Either given naively by young, scared kids, or coerced by overzealous police officers concerned only with convictions and arrest rates. Of convicted people in the US, later exonerated by DNA or other evidence, over %25 percent gave confessions. We can be virtually sure Beach's confession WAS COERCED and should be thrown out!
680Diane PiersonSpokane, WashingtonOur justice system completely dropped the ball on this innocent man. Releasing Barry is the only answer. Period.
679Gina LynnEl Centro, CaliforniaBarry Beach should be released for two very important reasons. First of all, there is absolutely no evidence that points the finger at Beach. None of the fingerprints found belonged to Beach, Nees, or any of the investigators. As for the interrogation, Beach's confession had several facts wrong, drawing to the conclusion that he was manipulated into confessing to a crime he did commit.
678CJ HillFort Collins, COHe is INNOCENT. Law enforcement can and DOES do awful things. See our town's story about Tim Masters, who was wrongfully convicted as well...and is now FREE!!!!
677Shirley LopinskiCary, IL I find it reprehensible to have sent this man back behind bars. Such a decision points to the fact that, although we in America have a legal system that far exceeds that of other countries, it is antiquated & sorely in need of revision. It's a travesty when the system fails so miserably. A small margin of select judges did not "right a wrong', but rather, have personified that which IS wron
676Gina EvansSan Antonio, TxReasonable doubt
675Linda WetzelBillings, MTI was living in a small rural community as a young wife and mother and remember following this story. Small town gossip of the wrong person was in jail frightened me that a killer/killers were loose. Rumors were plenty that the justice (?) system just wanted to close the case for the families sake, and wanted to make the system look good. That was terrifying since I traveled the Hi-Line.
674Herbert MockerSacramento, CAI feel this is a political conviction and not based on true and accurate facts.
673Sally MockerSacramento, CaThere is no physical evidence and many witnesses have come forward that states he was not involved.
672Beverly SteinkampFt Wayne, IndianaI've seen the original showing of his story on Dateline NBC and the follow-up on 8/2/13. I believe that he is innocent. He certainly deserves to be set free. I think a terrible injustice was done to him over 30 years ago and again in 2013.
671Whitnee SchwartzBoise , IDHe is a good man. His confession should never have been declared valid. This man deserves his freedom.
670Carrie PhelpsPenacook, NHIn light of the new evidence I believe Barry was wrongly accused. It's time to set him free so her may spend the remainder of his life with those he loves.
669Laurel FeeDaytona Beach, FLIf it is obvious to "regular" people like me, that he is innocent, then the only reason he is still in prison is because officials are protecting themselves from a wrongful conviction case. Montanans should be ashamed!
668Cheryl HobensackSparks, NVPreponderance of guilt is based upon a coerced confession. Other evidence does not support the confession; if anything, it points towards innocence -- as do all the new witness statements. Mr. Beach deserves to be re-tried, which most certainly will lead to reasonable doubt and eventual acquittal.
667Pam BrunoChelsea, MII watched Dateline aired on August 2, 2013. I believe Barry Beach should be set free until he can have a jury trial of his peers with the evidence and witnesses that spoke on his behalf. The judges should not have been able to make this decision to put him back in jail. They need to question the girls involed in this case the way they did Mr. Beach, I am sure they will find justice.
666Sarah ClaytonFremont, NEI believe Barry Beach should be released because the Louisiana investigators interrogated Barry for two days coersing Barry's confession. Many details in Barry's confession did not match the evidence from the crime scene. There is reasonable doubt that Barry Beach is the killer. Barry Beach is clearly innocent and should be freed!
665wanda harperFayetteville, North CarolinaThe state of Montana has it wrong..This man is innocent. There is alot of reasonable doubt..Montana. like most states hate to admit they are wrong..I don't see how people sleep at night knowing they could have saved someone's life but chose to continue to destroy it. He is an innocent man...Free Barry!!
664janice brandtAlbuquerque, NMThere is no evidence that he was at the crime scene. A witness heard the girls killing their classmate. At least two women had admitted to the crime - one saying that they committed the perfect crime! There is strong evidence that the so-called "confession" cannot be relied upon. It's shameful that the detectives did not follow up on the finger prints - or even on the bloody handprint! Also,
663Iris McKayPoplar, mtI have always believe he was innocent
662Thomas SamecWolf Creek, MTI believe he is innocent. Anyone during an interrogation who has endured sleep deprevation and a continuous badgering of questions will eventually break. Every man has a breaking point and Barry Beach reached his. I've been a republican all my life, this prosecutor and former Governor does not want to admit to this travesty of justice. This is all politically and egomaniacally driven.
661Ethel M. RamstedGreat Falls, MontanaWhat evidence do they have but a 20 year old making a confession under deress......Get real people.
660earlene rossoakland, cai don't believe he did this crime and even if he did he has done enough time he believe's in GOD who will see him through this hurdle
659diane devinejamison, pa.This case is a terrible tragedy,but Barry is not your murderer! The new evidence is overwhelming! This man is innocent. Police get false confessions from people all the time! Plus, he was a scared twenty year old kid at the time! Why not give him a lie detector test?And, why not give one to the girls who boosted - to people that have no reason to lie for Barry's sake-about the brutal attack!!
658Ashley WinkaMt. Pleasant, SCThis story really struck me as inconceivable that our justice system could be so rigid, narrow minded, and prideful as this man is clearly innocent. Where's his fingerprints, DNA, motive, etc? Other than a false confession- which clearly the LA law enforcement has a history of doing, there is nothing else that commits him. In the very least, he should be given a fairtrial with these new witnesses
657Carolyn PaivaSanta Cruz, CaliforniaIn a nutshell....HE IS INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!! I AM SHOCKED AND APPALLED THAT THERE ARE RELATIVELY INTELLIGENT (using that term loosely) people of "justice" who would STILL consider this man a murderer. The ones who should be serving time are the detectives and others who conspired to put this man away!!
656Crystal YoungmanPoplar, MtBecause I know in my heart that he is Innocent.
655Sheila MataBelen, NMWhen you look at all of the physical evidence (DNA, footprints and fingerprints) that were left at the scene that do not belong to Mr. Beach there is a conclusion of innocence. The confession should be taken with a grain og salt for many reasons. There was no recording of what was said, therefore we have no idea as to the coercion that could have taken place. Also, false confessions happen.
654Myrna DoernbergWinston Salem, NCI was so moved by the Dateline story that I saw 8/2/13. It is clear to me that this man has spent 30 years in prison for a crime he has not committed. I commend those who have been fighting for him over many years and want to see the day he is released. The so called evidence under which Mr. Beach has been convicted is in itself criminal.
653Linda CastroHartford, ConnecticutI think knowing the case that the evidence on the crime scene don't match with the "Confession" that the police wants to hear from Barry.. I think the justice should be served for real killers and not Barry Beach who I think is INNOCENT
652Bobby Ai sworthSimsboro, LaI know the corruct history of Ouachita Parish. The thumb print does not match. To much evidence in his favor.
651Patti BelgerWest Bend, WI
650Ann McCarthyGriswold, CTBecause he is an honest, innocent man who has had too much of his life taken away from him already. Please do the right thing and free Barry from this nightmare and find the person(s) who not only committed the murder but also let an undoubtedly innocent man do their time in prison,
649Dena FeraruDublin, OhioHe is innocent. The pressure that the police officials put on young kids can be overwhelming and can cause even the toughest skinned person to crack. It is completely obvious by the evidence there were multiple people at the crime scene and he was not one of them.
648Candace M StensonWolf Creek, MTI beieve Barry Beach is innocent and should be freed. I believe that Marc Raicot unjustly convicted him for selfish reasons and grandeur thoughts of power for his coming election. As a native Montanan, justice should be done for Barry.
647Daniel AbramsRound Rock, TexasThis man is clearly innocent and should be absolved from this situation immediately.
646Cami MacNamaraSeattle, WA
645Tracy CowartPearland, TexasHe deserves a new trial. Coerced false confessions are the reason for 25% of all wrongful convictions. How can our system of justice maintain the faith of the citizenry if it does not correct its errors against the innocent?
644Penny HindersLeague city, TxEvidence proves at the very least there would have been reasonable doubt. The statement that the judge who actually listened to the evidence knew that and wise enough to know that Barry's CONFESSION was a farce. They have misused their position to continue the travesty if justice started by police and da's willing to OVERLOOK the truth. You cannot ignore the truth! Is Montana so afraid to admit
643Scott ShieldsSturgis, KYGive the man a new, fair trial!
642Karen Battstacoma, WashingtonHe is innocent and this must stop!!!
641Liz hartshornFrisco, TXHe's Innocent !!!
640Tara ClarkLake mary, FlInnocent
639mick schnabeltacoma, WashingtonBECAUSE HE.DID.NOT.DO.IT!!!!!! no fingerprints.Period.
638Taylor GowWinnipeg , ManitobaHe is held for a crime he did not commit.
637Lindsay StrikerMinneapolis, MNHe is Innocent. Just watch the story. He has served his time. Let him go
636molly Schwarb valley center, CaliforniaI believe he was forced into a confession. evidence should count more than confessions, especially ones obtained under duress.
635Carol AverillBig Sandy, MontanaThere us NO physical evidence against him. He was force fed the confession. Information in that was WRONG. He was a scared 20 year old who wanted to go home. They were trying to get him on 3 other murders. Those that confessed to the 3 murders were innocent also. The Montana Supreme court ruling should be thrown out because some of the judges were appointed by the former prosecutor.
634Josh LannanCommerce City, COThere is so many witnesses who have come forward that a new jury properly instructed would clearly have had reasonable doubt. I am also convinced the Louisiana police officers had a proven track record of getting false confessions from suspects...proven by the false confessions the obtained for the Louisiana murders shortly after Beach's "confession".
633Barbara NightengaleMerced, CaI watched Dateline last night and I truly believe he is innocent. It is very obvious with all the proof. I know the scare tactic when men are arrested because I have a son in prison and he is innocent and never been in trouble, and was given 40 year and has been in prison 11 years. If I would have had the money I could have kept the pretrial Attorney that said he was very mad because my son is
632Shawn MintonLA , CaliforniaNot a valid confession with a un-honestest sheriff who got it "confession". That was the only reason the attorney had. Call me if you would like to talk further. 805.748.5819 Thank you, Shawn
631Jessica BergNew york, NyWith all the new witnesses testimonies, there is no waya jury could find beyond a reasonable doubt. Our judicial system is based on that. To keep a man behind bars knowing he could be innocent. In regards to confession, many are found to not be true. After hours of interrogation people mentally break and start believing they did something they didn't.
630Patricia BilottiCicero, New YorkHad bad police work and ideal he was forced into confession at a very very young age. I found the new witnesses were very convincing...he should gofree
629Eric RosegaySchiller Park, IllinoisI believe he is most likely innocent and believe at the very least he should be given a new trial to allow the evidence to be heard again by a jury of his peers. The Supreme Court overreached by denying him this chance.
628Sabra SemoStuart, FloridaThe Confession Was Coerced, Confession Inconsistent With Crime Scene Evidence, Evidence Was Mishandled, No Evidence Matches Barry Beach, Eyewitness Testimony Ignored, Widespread Belief That Barry Beach Is Innocent. This poor fellow has lost 30 years of his life already for a crime all indications dictate that he did NOT commit. New eye witness came forward that saw and heard the crime.
627Cynthia kellycincinnati, ohI believe Barry Beach should be released because he is innocent. There is not enough sufficient evidencto prove he is guilty. Just because he admitted to the crime does not mean he committed. There have been an abundance of cases proven that a false confession was given due to police misconduct. I just hope one day the truth is found out for the victim's family and Mr Beach
626Barbara ClarkeBrandon, ManitobaThere have been so many cases where false confessions have been overturned. If this is the only evidence they have in this case, Barry Beach should be released ans not persecuted any longer.
625Jean VuckelEverson, Wa
624Joe BonsignoreApopka, flit seems there's no evidence that he committed a crime there are plenty of witnesses stating that he do that was the women that had committed the crime
623Julie WalshLondon, OntarioBarry Beach is clearly innocent. You can see it in his eyes. He was obviously coerced into confessing to something he did not do. We all know what it is like to be a 20 year old, how vulnerable you are to manipulation, especially by authority figures. There is no evidence outside of his confession, in which he states things that are not true of the actual crime. It is a crime for someone to be wro
622Edward MillerFenton, MichiganThere is no way his confession should be used since it was cohoused by the Louisiana detectives and none of the details where a match.
621Kathie DarbyWest Haven , UtahAll the evidence points at the mean girls....Barry should be released and exonerated immediately! They were jealous and hateful and out of innocent man has paid long enough!!! Stopin injustice now....those grown woen who committed crime and the continued to commit another crime by letting Barry pay the price will one day suffer the consequences here in this life or.......
620Suzie TranSeattle, WAWhere is the evidence? A confession that's not even accurate? What happened to reasonable doubt? The people that came forward, their stories are basically disregarded, the justice system took the officials word/work at 100% and threw everybody else in the trash. 29 years is enough.
619Michael HartmannColorado Springs, Coloradoit's not just Barry, I beleive there are many people wrongfully charged for chrimes and once they get in the system the DOC does not want to even entertain the possibility that they may have made a mistake. I think people that are wronfully sent to prison should not only be releised they should be intitled to massive abounts of compensation, and that's not even enough. perhaps they'll be more
618Brandi LundegardLebanon, ORHE IS INNOCENT!!!!!
617Liz VickersSeatac, WaNO EVIDENCE. It was clearly police interrogation overkill. It should be against policy or law tointerogate so long. And promise things in a lie.
616Linda NilesWichita, Kansasthis is outrageously unfair that this miscarriage of justice was not corrected a long time ago. how else can I help to get him released?
615Michelle ScottFlorence, KentuckyBesides my gut instinct, all the evidence. SO MUCH evidence proving his innocence. Especially the testimonies from the people.
614Theresa KraskaDefiance, OhioI've listened to his story - and I see the love he has in his heart - I see it in his eyes.... not only for his mom..... but for the couple that has helped him put a life together - it's just what I really feel is true. I am an honest person - not easily taken in by a story. I keep to myself - and I've never reached out like this - I just feel it in my heart. I would be willing to contribute
613Katherine Kittrellcovington, kyAll the facts points of this case there is nothing pointing to him being guilty those girls know to much and there was no finger prints that was Barry
612Holly BartenfeldCypress, TexasAfter watching his story on Dateline, I believe Barry is innocent. In my opinion, the cops who originally claimed to have gotten the confession from him have some friends working on their side who put him back in jail so they wouldn't get in trouble. It is disgusting and sad. FREE BARRY!
611Walt Hacker London , KY Based on what I have seen the evidence shows there is definitely reasonable doubt and his confession was forced by law officers which were crooked.
610Cathy DelanoFairhaven, Ma
609Carolyn RaymondMuskegon, MII believe Barry! I believe he is innocent and to keep him in prison is a travesty of justice. And he proved he can be a productive and law-abiding citizen when briefly released, and he didn't run but turned himself in knowing he is innocent and running wouldn't give him a chance to prove that. Do the right thing and release this man!
608Maria PhillipsBoca Raton, FloridaI just think that although he confessed, there is no evidence to link him to this heinous crime. I feel that the police department don't want to look into the facts anymore because has been over 3 decades, and no one wants to bother taking those women to trial, even though the witnesses gave their compelling testimonies about what they saw and heard. And this man will remain in prison for life.!
607diana morsglendale, caWe are his voice
606Laurie WatsonHarrisville, NYThe Court system in Montana is almost as bad as the court system in New York State in that there is the "Blue Wall" and police can do no wrong. The sheriff's office and other entities obviously gave Barry no other option than to confess to something he did not do. The police will ALWAYS get the answer they want if they push hard and long enough.
605Elizabeth SterlingPoulsbo, WAI watched the dateline show, and I believe he should be released and given the chance of a fair trail. It appears that years ago they scared a 20 year old kid and got him to say what they wanted. It's not ok.
604Kelly MacdonaldHull, Ma
603Emjay LubyPhoenix, AZI've seen both Dateline episodes regarding Mr. Beach, and am convinced that the evidence does not support the verdict. When Mr. Beach was free for over a year and a half, he lived an exemplary life. There was nothing to indicate that he has a criminal nature. This is a man who can be an asset to a community. There is more than enough reasonable doubt to release him and allow him to live the rest
602Jennifer Tucker Browning, 59417Lack of hard evidence
601LYNDA LOBNERCardinal, OntarioThis man is innocent !!! There is no evidence that puts him at the crime scene !!! If someone would read the false confession,they would see all the incorrect information that was fed to him as a child !!! Wrong shirt description,wrong truck door,etc... Also,all the witness statements saying it was girls who killed her ! No fingerprints,no DNA,nothing at all puts him there !!
600Kurt McCombAlberton, MontanaHe is innocent.
599carolyn kelleyearly, texasRelease this innocent man
598Jeanine BassettPortland, ORFrom what I've read, it sounds like justice has been served and that Mr. Beach should no longer be held. Please, do the right thing.
597eldora bauerhavre, montanathe evidence!!! come on mark admit u made a mistake!! let this guy out of prison so he can live the rest of his life in piece, and lets get some justice for kim!! by getting the REAL!!! killers, this guy has paid a big price for a crime he did not do, and by keeping him locked up, the real killers go free, that is not JUSTICE!!!
595Tiffany GillisCorvallis, OR
594Holly HannanPeyton, COI believe that the evidence shows that Mr Beach did not commit this crime. He was coerced into making a confession by over zealous law enforcement. He has served enough. Free him.
593Gina Wolfordyork, paI watched the dateline news report on Mr Beach. As a person who is his pear & new nothing of his case being I am from another state I was able to watch it with an open mind. doing so in my opinion an injustice as been done to this man. He is not guilty.
592Patricia LeydenDoylestown, PAAfter watching the Dateline NBC report on the evidence against Barry Beach, or rather lack thereof, I believe he is innocent, that he was wrongly convicted in the first place, and should be released from prison to live out his life as a productive citizen.
591Pritts GaynellPueblo , CoThere is substantial evidence for a new trial.
590Joke MelvilleGrand Rapids, MI
589amber stoneburghlapeer, miThis is one of the most horrible tragic stories Ihave ever seen. This man is so innicent and this is not right there is clear proof that a group of girls did this and he is paying with his life for tyere crime. So tell me how that is fair to anyone most of all the family of the girl who has not had the real justice for there daughter. Since the wrong person is behind bars. Someone help free him
588Barbara CattWhitmore Lake, MINone of the evidence in the case leads to him. None of the fingerprints or other evidence found on the vehicle were his. There was a witness who heard the attack and testified that a group of females committed this crime. Even the coerced confession Barry made does not have the correct details of the murder. These are just a few of the reasons I am convinced that Barry is not guilty,
587Emily HoustonBillings , Mt
586Steve MelvilleGrand Rapids, MI
585Debra KlineCentennial, c
584Karen RussoSunderland, VTThere is no evidence to tie him to the murder, and his confession was clearly coerced without benefit of an attorney. There are also numerous people who have testified to the belief that young girls committed the murder. Set Barry Beach free.
583Lisa Harley Warrenville , SCHis 'confession' is not valid, & that's the only evidence they have against him. Witness heard (& there have been others to back up) a group of girls killing her. There are no fingerprints, or other physical evidence to support a guilty verdict.
581leisa quinterokeizer, orReasonable doubt... cohersted confessipn under diress .... wronginformation fed to berry .. no attorney present 48 hrs of questioning one one one with the one detective regeredto as the closer, .,, new witnesses denied testimony in new trial ,...
580susan curranrochester, nhI don't believe the confession. He was young and easily led to confess. So much reasonable doubt concerning the new evidence with the witnesses especially Eagleboy. This man should be released now and given a new trial.
579Darlene DinardoCharlestown, MassachusettsShould at least get a new trial
578Linda MessierAustin, Texas/ USAI believe the Justices have not clearly looked or listened to the new witnesses. Just as there are criminals who break the law there are also "dishonest" law enforcement individuals who will intimidate people, use drastic tactics to convince innocent people that they did commit a crime they are totally innocent of committing . The judge got the verdict right. Free Berry!
577susan tucknorthridge, caHe is innocent. No evidence places him at the scene. His confession was coerced.
576Danielle MillsSpanaway, WANo innocent man should be behind bars!
575Anne LillebergSan Diego, CAWhy would the Indian woman (sorry, cant remember her name) make up a tale like that, that she saw those girls attacking Kim Nees? What possible reason would she have for saying that, under oath, unless it was true? Also, the fact that there's not a single shred of evidence pointing to Barry as the killer certainly is a telling clue!!!
574AnThony LaPorteCarthage, Mo.after viewing the show that was put on by NBC, I myself feel that this man was a plus for society and not a drain nor burden to the taxpayers of this state,,in other words, he,s not running away from what he has been accused of and is willing to stick around for a "FAIR" hearing again from his own ,,He should be released ,and a new trial should take place.
573Anne CabibiPueblo, ColoradoI have been a public servant, in the Judicial system, for 20 yrs. I have done this job with integrity, pride and a deep belief that system should work for everyone. In this case, I think think was was failed by this system. If the Gov won't exonerate him, then at a minimum, listen to the lower Court and allow him a new trial with all of the evidence. Our job as public servants is to seek Justice.
572Jennifer Koppelpanama city, FloridaI believe he is innocent. I believe the witness Ms. Stephie Eagle boy. He did not do this and has served long enough.
571LINDA PEPEBONSALL, CaliforniaIt is so obvious that Barry is innocent. Those girls did this crime. Those cops lied & forced a confession from Barry. It is a travesty to keep Barry in prison. SET BARRY FREE!
570Marilyn BoursheskiSpringfield, MoI have watch and read about person for several years. This shows how corrupt government can be. They would rather be right than freeing an innocentvman. Shame on them. God Bless Barry and his Mother.
569Maria ChiantelloBelle isle , FlHis confession has pertinent errors in it...I.e. the plaid shirt. Their were witnesses who upheld his innocence. The prosecutor/governor is trying to save face. This is a man's it worth the embarrassment of admitting you we're wrong?
568Leslie CombsDover, TnHe is clearly innocent
567James DiffendalReading, PennsylvaniaHow this man has maintained his positive attitude is beyond imagination. Police are under pressure to close cases regardless of the coercion required and secure "confessions" and this is a perfect example.
566Radhika ChakravarthyEwing, NJAll evidence points to his innocence
565Suresh ChakravarthyEwing, NJBased on what i have learned, there is enough cause for reasonable doubt here.
564Heather WyattLas Vegas, NevadaIf ever their was reasonable doubt in a case this is it.
563Kristine WebbMalta, MTThe bloddy hand print on the pickup is not Barry Beach's nor Kim Knee's. Who's hand print is it? Figure that out and we might have the real killer. Also there was all kinds of finger prints none of these belong to Bsrry Beach.
562Lori FidlerVero beach, FloridaINNOCENT
561Paul GreenbergNew Orleans, LABeach is most likely completely innocent. But even if the courts believe he is not completely innocent, he is then the best example of prisoner rehabilitation I have ever seen. He should be allowed to contribute to society. Now.
560gary quinnbuffalo grove, ILThe evidence isn't there. The "girls" admitted killing her.
559gregg lanneybradenton, flI saw the dateline show abolut this matter and I do believe he is innocent, I do believe the woman who testified so what if its 30 years ago, this is something that a person will never forget.
558Kim LuhmanSurprise, AZAfter watching this program I am disgusted with our legal system. It is more important to just get someone so that the case can become SO CALLED SOLVED, rather than go after the real killers. It just means you can't rust the legal system which is suppose to be the best in the world. What happened to this court system anyway. The people who put him back in jail, need to be removed. SOON.
557Cheryl TurpenColumbus, OhioThe woman who said as a ten year old girl heard the victim and the other girls that night leaves doubt just as the judge said. I believe that Berry Beach was tormented until he confessed to something he didn't do. Why did a police officer drive up to the scene and leave. I believe this is a huge injustice to this man and his family.
556Terri GalbreathChesapeake, VAThere is an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports his innocence.
555Victoria KenewellFenton, MII have watched this story on television on two occasions and I beleive Barry Beach is sincere that he is innocent. For the short time he was out of prision he has proven himself to be an upstanding citizen. His faith and his Mother's faith in God is such and inspiration to me.
554Muriel WhiteWestbrook, MEI am convinced this man is innocent. I believe first of all, he was tricked into confessing to a crime he did not commit. Secondly, I believe the woman who heard the screaming and yelling the night of the murder is completely believable. I believe there is definitely reasonable doubt that he committed the murder, and this man deserves to be free. He has served many years for a crime he did not
553Wendi AbercrombieCalgary, AlbertaThe new witness's should be able to testify on trial. Mr. Beech deserves another trial after hearing the new testimonies.
552Lucy PaciusWest New York, New JerseyHe was wrongly convicted. He, at least, deserves a new trial that looks at all the evidence.
551Mark AbercrombieCalgary, AlbertaMontana justice system is unjust.
550amy weisconrad, mt.REALLY!! Look at the facts,evidence and there is your answer in few words!!!
549Stanaland stanbj@aol.comHouston, TexasHe was convicted on his confession alone. No other evidence supports his guilt; in fact, it points away from his guilt. While some mighht wonder why anyone would confess to a crime they did not commit, it has been well documented that it does happen and, unfortunately, way too often.
548Darleen MorrisFort, MyersListened to many Montana folks and read his story !! Sounds innocent to me !!! He paid his time. He came out and proved he was a TOP citizen better then75% of folks. Listen to those women!! Set Barry free!!!
547Shane StanleyAthens , AlabamaI believe this was a forced and transcribed confession and no human being should spend their life in prison without a shred of physical evidence against them.
546Glen MarshallSioux City , IowaThere was no evidence at the crime seen that Barry was even there. And to many other witness saying that the girls killed Kim.
545Cathy ClineVan Wert, OhioWatched Dateline last night...there was no evidence that proved he was guilty. He needs to be set free!!!! Those women need to be looked at again!
544Mike O'MalleyLaurel, MTBarry gave a confession under duress. He should have been given legal representation. There was evidence that was destroyed to prove others committed the crime.
543Brenda ScottSt. Louis, MOThe preponderance of the evidence shows that there is reasonable doubt as to whether he was involved.
542Katina CooperSyracuse, New YorkI believe he is innocent, based on all the evidence. It is a travesty of justice to continue to punish an innocent man. He should be fully and completely exonerated.
541Dorothy CrownGaithersburg, Maryland
540Mike SmithNew Bern, NCAfter watching and hearing all the evidence, it truly shows the "mean Girls' killed this girl. We here in NC feel the two arresting detectives 'bullied him' at a young age and he confessed. It appears Barry Beach is a laid back guy and not a fighter - so they could bully him!
539Jeanni Ralstonscobey
538Robin WilsonKingsport, TennesseePer Dateline on August 2, 2013, there was no forensic evidence that Barry Beach took part in the murder. If the police from Louisiana were going to try to convict him of the three murders that were there and 'promised' to see him "fry in the electric chair," I can totally understand why he would falsely confess to a murder in Montana just so he could be sent back to Montana. RELEASE HIM!
537Jack JonesBillings, Montanahe did not do it he was made to make a confession and the ones who did it are bragging about it but it seems the local goverment is very corrupt, to many things are wrong with this case and the Goverment dont want to admit they made a mistake
536Kay JoynerWilmington, NcHe is innocent. He was coerced into confessing by bullies who intimidated him with promises of death in the electric chair if he did not confess.
535Laura ChalebyMidland, Mi
534Mitch OakesVicksburg, MississippiThere is simply NO physical evidence that points to Barry Beach. His confession I believe was coerced at the time it was made. He was just a confused kid at the time and I believe would have said anything he thought would have sent him back home. Ultimately, with all the new witnesses that came forward and the total lack of physical evidence, I believe he is totally innocent and should be released
533William MarrinanSan Diego, CAEvidence obviously shows he is innocent. Cops pushed him into a false confession. Confession had wrong detail.
532Joan BlochNorth Delta, BCI watched the story on Dateline. And based on that and my gut feeling which is normally Spot on. I truly believe he's innocent.
531Tammy DenisonLos Angeles, CAAs much as i love & honor the good police out there, I also been a victim of strategic, deceitful police trickery. Numerous times have gone to them to report crimes to be met with complete complacency. Suffered blatant obstruction of justice by police when a victim of crime. I saw the broadcast on Dateline NBC. I believe in Barry Beach's complete innocence. He deserves this federal trial!
530Vickie JonesPortland, ORI watched the 20/20 special on this case, and I am extremely convinced that Barry is innocent. I have never signed a petition to free anyone, but I feel so strongly about this case that I felt compelled to get online & see if I could voice my opinion on the matter. Upon doing so I found this petition & decided to sign. Free Barry & lock up the girls who really did this!!!
529Nancy WilsonMobile, ALHe is innocent!
528Sue Miller Hemet, CaThe police bullied him into a confession, they only want to make themselves look good. The police refuse to admit they made a mistake, it's a man thing, pride and ego come before common sense and justice.. The Supreme Court are idiots. The real killers walked away with the cop that did the drive by, probably his kin.. It's a club, just like the drs, they all lie for each other!!
527Cathy DantzlerPfafftown, NCThe evidence proves he was not there...the police is just trying to save face... Do the right thing and free him and get the real killers!!!!
526Tim KelleherSan Antonio, TexasEvidence is so strong that he is innocent.
525Ron PhippsFort Worth, TexasI believe Mr. Beach is innocent because there was so many people that confirmed he didn't do it. This coupled withe the shady Lousiana police department that had a documented history of obtaining bad confessions.
524Jan KellCastle Rock, WANO evidence ! His confession came as a young man under duress.
523Kelan McGuireHonolulu, HII've researched all the evidence regarding this case and believe that he at least deserves a new trial. He needs to be released.
522Roger LaPlante Missoula, MTCoercion, a lack of evidence and the truth in his voice and eyes.
521Melissa NietoLaurel, Mt.Is no proof he is guilty without a reasonable doubt and deserves a chance to be released and be a productive member of society.
520Paula N KamiyaWaikoloa, HIHe is not guilty!
519Brenna SundbyPlentywood, MtHe already proved to be a good productive citizen. Let him continue to do so outside of prison.
518M CatoeJonesborough, TNI saw the Dateline show and also the 48 hours show. He told that confession when he was far fro home and scared of the abusive interogators in Louisianna. He told it to be sent home. There is absolutely no exidense to show his guilt. He should be free. Do the right thing Montana.
517Luella SwanBox Elder, MontanaI just think that what he says about how the police interrigated him is true. I also know that young people do crazy things and those girl might have beat her up in a jealous rage.
516Traci LongtreePoplar, MTBecause he's INNOCENT!!!
515Erin EdmistonStudio City, CaliforniaAfter watching the new Dateline episode, I believe it is clear the evidence presented points to reasonable doubt at the very least. I also feel that Barry Beach has more than shown by his actions that he is a productive, law-abiding citizen not only in his community, but in society in general.
514Carrie MountsierLaurel, MontanaI believe he's innocent.
513Natalie FraserVancouver, BCI fully believe that Barry Beach is innocent. From what has been shown to the public, there seems to be overwhelming evidence of at least reasonable doubt in the court's eyes. How, it was determined that he to be returned to prison without the fair trial he was initially deprived of, is beyond belief.
512ovanes` shaginyanlos angeles , california
511Helen CoolCypress, CaliforniaI watched "Dateline", frankly it makes me angry that so many witnesses etc had their testimony ignorned due to the one fact of the "confession". Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows how "confessions" can be and are extracted from totally innocent people. I wish all detectives were honorable and perhaps it's undue pressure placed upon them to close out cases quickly, this is wrong.
510BJ DrwenskiGreat Falls, MT.Because it is the right and moral thing to do.
509cheryl markleport saint lucie, Floridathe police lied to him, as they usually do, to get a confession. the law wants to win, no matter what, so they can move on to the next case and wins help to further careers.
508Molly JamesPowell Butte, ORNo physical evidence, coerced confession that lacks validity, and reasonable doubt of innocence.
507Jessica Johnsonknoxville, tn
506Sherrie HowardRedding, CaThis needs to be given another look their is much more than reasonable doubt
505Jay WrightSan Antonio, TxNew witness testimony suggests reasonable doubt as plausible. Coupled with interrogation integrity (or lack thereof) I believe a retrial is merited at minimum.
504Krystal HowardRedding, CaTo much evidence points in the other direction.
503Lisa RowleyPrescott Valley, Arizona
502Jan ThrondsonCorona Del Mar, CA
501Laurie DoveGrain valley , Mo
500Jackie EarlErie, PAWhen will this country start giving JUSTICE to the innocent? Why is it so hard for the Courts to admit when a wrong has been done, whether by their negligence or on purpose, WHEN?????
499Rose JenningsSacramento, CaliforniaThe case should be reopened, fingerprints evidence used to identify the real murderer, and Barry Beach granted a new trial if not released from wrongful conviction.
498Gale GuerraColton , CaliforniaI watched both Dateline Show on Barry Beach. I see the injustice. How can we as American's keep making the same mistake over and over. Our Country need to stop this once and for all.
497Amy SearsStockton, California
496Robert WilsonSan Pedro , CaEvidence doesn't add up... Plus he obeyed laws and was a productive member of society when he was released on his own recognance!
495Michael CrockettHermosa Beach, CA
494Nikki NorthChanhassen, MNIt's obvious he's innocent. The State of Montana is worried more about saving face then justice.
493tina pardeelewisburg, Tennessee Watched the story on dateline. You can tell he was a young kid that made a mistake by confessing but that doesn't make him a murderer. You could also tell the women that was supposed to been there the night she was murdered had something to hide. They also both said they were home in bed by 11:00 pm sounds like a let's get our story straight to me. Both girls are obviously lying.
492Whitney CaseSaliva, CaIt is very obvious by the dateline story that he is innocent. Plus the evidence shows that he is not guilty. Out legal system is a joke!!!
491Patricia Johnson Edmonds, WashingtonCome on Montana. Do the right thing. There are so many cases coming out of the woodwork of young people being goaded into "confessions" and years later they are found to be innocent. This is surely one of those cases. This is a travesty. Barry Beach should be freed or at the very least given a new trial.
490Nancy HaunSkanee, MichiganBarry is innocent!
489Rebecca ChambersRichland, WaThe confession he gave was inconsistent with the evidence. The finger prints did not match his. And I believe the testimonies of the witnesses that came spoke in the second trial.
488Wayne CurtisKirkland , WaNew witness testimony and a confession under duress
487Maral Meratiwest vancouver, B.C- there were other finger prints on the victim's vehicle - Barry's mom says he was in bed at the time of the murder - The witness reports- especially the woman who says she heard the inciden
486Lorraine Mullineaux DewsenGrass Valley, CaMr. Beach deserves to have a JURY OF HIS PEERS to hear the new evidence presented and have that jusry determine his guilt or innocence. This is the right of every American. New evidence not available at trial is always considered to be the basis for a new trial. Denying Mr. Beach a new trial is an infringement of his constitutional rights, as well as a breach of common human decency.
485Pam LaneCentral point, OREGONThis is ridiculous that the state of Montana is not doing the right thing by releasing him. Instead of being afraid that you made a mistake do the right thing and release him. Its proven fact coerced confessions happen up and down and all around the United States. What evidence is there other than what he confessed to and wrongfully so.
484Darci GarwoodCorvallis, ORBecause there is clearly resonable doubt.
483Alan SpringfieldFallon , NevadaBarry Beach was forced to confess and coached by evil men! In my opinion, the witness at the hearing that heard the crying and the scream of the victim was credible. Barry Beach is as credible ass they come! Barry very aptly described how he was forced through fear to confess!!!!! This is a very convincing report!
482Frances ShandroDelta, British Columbia He is Innocent and he proved to be a good citizen, when he had been released. Free Barry Beach he is innocent and does not belong in prison.
481jaime warrenhawthorne, ca The evidence shows there is reasonable doubt. Shouldn't that be enough. Looking at the evidence presented it is obvious he did not commit any crime.
480camille prevostvancouver, washingtonI viewed both Dateline programs; and where is the evidence that he committed this crime? We all know that people confess to crimes that they have not committed afters hours of interrogation by police. The fingerprints and hand print at the crime scene, hopefully, can be examined as forensic evidence. I am struck with the strength and integrity of this man. He needs to be a free man.
479William A. LaValleeHollywood, CAAfter watching the Dateline Shows featuring the story of Barry Beach,, I really believed in his innocence and there is just a gut level disbelief in the stories of the two women who were allegedly in the group of girls that killed the young woman. I am originally from Louisiana and there ARE mean girls like these are portrayed to be. He has also proved himself in the outside world, not running a
478Paul KilburnSpanaway, Wa.after listening to the dateline show I was completely shocked that Supreme Court did not offer Mr Beach a new trial. I am in full support of a new trial I am fully convinced that with the new testimony and of witnesses and evidence there will be no way they could find him guilty of the crime. I guess Montana does not support true justice for all of its citizens what a shame.
477Leslie AndersonSherman Oaks, CaThe evidence points to his innocence.
476Jennifer BrittainMill Creek, waThere is no evidence proving he commited this crime. His confession is obviously forced. Get it together Montana ...this is tragic
475Wendy McCaffreeColumbia Falls, MontanaAt minimum there should be a retrial.
474Anastasia LuciaLas Vegas, NevadaI believe the evidence showing the involvement of female classmates the killers is overwhelming and Barry's confession was given under duress and false statement. Those guilty girls, now guilty women, should be brought to justice and rot in Hell. The pigheaded pride of the Montana court proves there exists a major flaw in the judicial system. Justice for Kim and Barry!!
473KATHRYN LARSENSanta Monica, CaOverwhelming evidence from witnesses and a forced confession by the police. The screams a female witness heard from FEMALES that night. It is abominable not to release him and to uphold this ridiculous confession .
472Samantha BellKelowna , British Columbia
471Travis HaltinerKelowna, BC
470Richard KoebelVernon , British Columbia
469Janae MitchellSpokane Valley, WAI believe the "closer" in Louisiana bullied and frightened him into a false confession. I believe those "druggie" women from Montana were jealous of Ms Nees and that she was smart and going to be leaving them behind for college. They may have even been on drugs when THEY pulled her from the truck and beat her to death...otherwise I don't see why they'd ever have told others they did.
468Pam AlbinBoulder city, NvHe is innocent
467Steve HuntSan Diego, CAHe was coerced and frightened into his confession. The physical evidence did not match with his confession. And others admitted to and heard the murder.
466Lisa Campillowasilla, akAfter reviewing the facts of this case, I believe in his innocence.
465Tiffany RoadwayWest Hills, Ca
464Victoria ChristensenSa Diego, CaliforniaMr. Beach is one of many people harassed by the police into giving a false confession. Credible witnesses prove he is innocent of this crime.
463Richard Newcomb Pittburg , CANew evidence proves he is innocent. Old evidence just show he was young scared, under duress. Back then they broke the guy down untill they got what they wanted
462Kandyce LavinCovina, CAEven if he were guilty-and I do not believe he is-he has been imprisoned more than long enough. A guilty man would not have gone back after giving his word-a guilty man would not behave as if his word was his bond. And the fact that these witnesses came forward "too late"?? Pardon me? How is it too late? Ridiculous--and wrong. Fix this!
461suzanne irvingnapa, ca
460Toni WebbGrants Pass, OregonI am an expert in body language and group behavior; Barry is innocent. One of the women interviewed on Dateline was not telling the truth about what she knows about that night.
459Monica FernandesSan Diego, CASo instead of getting the girls that did the killing they just put an innocent person in prison. How hard can it be to check all the girls that were in the class/school and find the ones with the hand print and other prints???? a kid could do a much better job!!! they are obviously terrible at their job. The people that put him in prison will be in the same situation in another life!! FOR SURE.
458Lyndsey MasonRocklin, Ca
457Michael L SheaSanta Rosa, CaliforniaI watch the Dateline episode. Hard to believe he was sent back to prison because of his confession which to me was clearly coerced by the officers. No doubt in my mind he is innocent. It is hard to believe their is justice in this country when things like this happens. Sad..really sad. It makes it harder to believe in our system which I feel is broken. He is a citizen who only could do good for hi
456Sharon GoalderSylmar, CaThe evidence & testimonies. This is a politicsl injustice that I believe is a cover up due to the incompetence of a police department desperate to solve a case. Poor police work & a coerced confession that they are too embarrassed to admit.
455Patricia Baqueiro-Serafincypress, caPeople can and do change every day. He has served 30 years anave proven himself to be ale bidding citizen, so is he being denied the opportunity to price it?
454Jean ThorndikeLaguna Niguel, CaliforniaIt is unjust to keep an innocent man in prison. Justice demands his release
453Trisha KoebelKelowna , British columbiaI just finished watching the dateline episode showing Barry's story. This man has been locked away, while two sick women have been left to live their lives. The video shows them lying straight to the dateline reporter, you can see it in their eyes, when asked the question if they we're involved, they avoid any and all eye contact! Disgusting!
452Linda ChernoffGranada hills, CaHe us innicent plain and simple there is an obvious reasonable doubt and this unjustice is disgusting. I have no other reason to send this except I am 109 percent sure he did not commit this crime
451Kathy SymesVallejo, CaNo physical evidence! NONE!!!!
450Val McIvorKamloops, British ColumbiaThe Justice System and the law officers in this case, in the United States is deeply flawed. I cannot wrap my head around the injustice that was done to this man. SET HIM FREE, HE IS AN INNOCENT MAN.
449kimberly tashkinLong Beach, CaI just watched the Dateline special on this case and am convinced that he is an innocent man. There were numerous witnesses that recently testified that the victim's female classmates were the guilty party in this heinous crime. There is no DNA or motive that links Barry to this case. The confession that he gave was obviously given due to the manipulation of the ones questioning him.
448Laura AvilezLakeside, CaThe evidence does not point to Barry!
447Valerie HarrellNorth Edwards, CaliforniaThe lack of physical evidence against him. It's more than obvious that his confession was coerced. Hasn't that poor man gone through enough.
446sharon nelsonKirkland, waLack of evidence against AND all the witnesses that state evidence to the fact he didn't do it. A member of our family has experienced the flawed justice system and UNDERSTAND how he feels. Free him now!
445Rae Chapman-EskewEverett, WAI beleive Barry Beach is innocent. He proved himself to be a community minded, hardworking, and responsible person while he was released. The evidence did not add up, he at the least deserves a new trial.
444Carl BoklundSanta Clara , CaliforniaAfter reviewing Dateline's tv show, I strongly feel the witnesses that took time out of their life to appear in court, give their testimony and show genuine signs of truth and being traumatized, it became clear to me that Barry Beach did not commit this murder. It is a travesty and complete mis use of a few in justice.
443Marlene DrodyKelowna, BCAfter watching his story on dateline, I believe that he is innocent. I think he should be released from prison, I believe he is an innocent man.
442cris teena huntsan diego, caThis man at minimum deserved a new trial. at minimum! Our justice system and our police motives scare me. Those small town cops were clearly members of the "old boys club". This man has not been treated fairly.
441Karis MilesTacoma, Washington
440Sarah StierchOakland, CAPolice trying to cover their lies. A drug addict acting innocent despite babbling after a few drinks to locals around town. A judge who acted in good faith. A man freed, a man being a productive member of society in good faith, and put back in jail. Please make a change. Please allow Barry Beach a change to defend himself.
439Micah HudsonGalt, CaliforniaPlease look at the evidence again!! From what I have been Reading and what I have seen things just don't add up. You have a innocent man doing time for a crime he didn't Commit!!!
438Jennifer CurtisSanta Rosa, CaThere is more than sufficient evidence for, at the very least, a new trial.
437Matilde Lamasstockton, caThe only "evidence" of him being guilty is his "confession." None of the evidence points to him being guilty. The witnesses that came forward had more hat just a few confessions of what really happened.
436Alex Gaynor
435Caitlin HToronto, Ontario
434Lydia Corrall.a., ca.Lack of evidence.....bullied into a FALSE confession.
433Carole NorrisLa Canada, CaHe is innocent.
432jim sweetwoodel cajon, ca
431JINEEN JIROVECSHERMAN OAKS, CaliforniaAfter seeing his interview and reading the facts it is evident he is not a murderer.
430Denise FaheyBakersfield , Ca
429Kenneth RiceThe dalles, OregonHe is innocent and shoul never have been put on trial
428Cindy TerrazasSacramento, CaliforniaWatched the dateline story. I believe he is innocent.
427Lisa HallBeaverton, OregonI believe Barry Beach is completely innocent of the crime he has been charged with.
426Bridget BrookmanLos Angeles , CaThere is compelling evidence absolutely proving he had nothing to do with the murder. Police and detectives are notorious in persuading pressuring and almost insisting people admit to crimes they did not commit. There are thousands of stories like this the police know it so do the public. The court should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. How do you people sleep at night
425Pamela WiseFort Worth, TXThere is no evidence against him. He gave his confession because of pressure during his interrogation. He was young and scared and no telling what the officers said to him to coax him into admitting to the murder. It's appalling that he is in prison. No doubt in my mind he is an innocent man. Shame on the state Supreme Court for putting this law abiding innocent man back in prison!
424Jan EvansDayton, OHJust watched 8/2 Dateline episode. The reason I believe he should be released is because I happen to have a lot of common sense! A blind man should be able to see that, with all the new witnesses and known errors in his so-called "confession", he should at least be give a new trial, not just thrown back into prison to rot. He has proven his character during the time he was freed, which, in my
423Nan RiderburgSeminole, FloridaHe already served 30 years for a crime he did not commit. Time to let him go & let him become a productive member of society & get a job & not be "housed" any longer.
422Jason HeimbachOakland Mills , PaConfession was FRAUDULENT!! Let this innocent man be at home and continue to make his mark on his community as a law abiding citizen!
421Teresa DeboltBillings, MtThere evidence or lack there if, is extremely weak. There is so much I consistency In this case. It makes out justice system look ignorant!!
420Abby PateLawrenceburg, IndianaThere is no physical evidence against him. I am out raged that they have not tested the hand print on her truck to see if it matches the two girls who have bragged about getting away with murder.
419Shirley TownsendColumbia, SCThe fingerprints found on the truck were not his. The DNA was not able to be done because the materials disappeared. The fact that he also confessed to crimes in a state when he was not in that state. And the fact that the confession was made in Louisiana where we know it was not against police procedure to coerce confessions.
418Amanda EdwardsOakland Mills, PaLook at the evidence! That confession is FRAUDULENT!!
417Johnathan ArnoldGreenville, North CarolinaIt seems clear that the young woman murdered was in fact murdered by a group of women. How can this man not be given a retrial? Does a coerced confession mean that evidence doesn't have to be proven? Plus, him not running during his brief freedom proves he is innocent and wants to clear his name. Give him the trial he deserves with a jury of his peers.
416Tabitha RussellSunbury, NcI don't usually do the petetion thing BUT this is a sad story in desperate need of a happy ending!
415Bob MierowCaledonia, IlI think he is not a threat to society. And is likely innocent
414Sherrie SnowTulsa, USAThere is no proff he is guilty in any way. He was tricked into making statement of guilt. Very sad that someone would have to spend so many years locked up for something he obviously didn't do. He is not guilty. Set him free.
413Justin MoschelleBillings, MtHe didnt do it!!
412Kathleen McWilliamsCalgary, AlbertaI watched about this on Dateline. Barry Beach appears to be a very truthful and honest person, compared to the drug addict woman who was also interviewed. Many people are railroaded into falsely confessing after hours of police questioning. You need to check the research on false confessions that has been done by university researchers. I sincerely believe Barry Beach is innocent.
411Tomara MierowCaledonia, IlI believe his confession was coerced & he is an innocent man.
410Tracey BottClearfield, UtahThere is NO evidence against him other than his confession from PROVEN corrupt policeman! There IS however, evidence of the young lady being murdered by several girls, and witnesses of that! If this man spends the rest of his life in prison, there will be no justice being done for that young lady. Taking away his life, in that sense would be no better than the crime that started all this.
409Laura InzunzaMesa, AZIt is so obvious that the police coerced Barry into that confession. He was 21 and was totally tricked by some lazy police officers who wanted to pin this murder on someone. I have seen how those police work to get confessions. Those girls got way with killing a young girl and after all these years Barry is doing the time. What an INJUSTICE!!! FREE BARRY BEACH !!!
408Jennifer HayesGainesville, GAObviously he is innocent.
407Georgia DominickMobile, AL
406Janet MedinaLansing, MIThere is too much doubt. No physical evidence no DNA linking Barry to this murder. The testimony of the girl who was 10 years old who heard the murder is very compelling. Barry's behavior and success after being released after serving thirty years in prison proves to me that he is innocent.
405Kara NelsonLivingstonf, Montana
404Nicole AveryBillings, MTHe is innocent.
403Lindsey MilesBartlett, TNDue to all the evidence, it stands to reason that Barry Beach is innocent.
402Jennifer CollinsRed Lodge, MTScientific evidence cannot convict him; therefore, he should be released.
401Sylvia GuillenTucson, ArizonaBy perpondence of the evidence (various witnesses including an eye witness). I believe that the facts of the case are as Barry Beach and the witnesses that have come forth were valid and proved that Mr. Beach should have been set free and remained free. Cohersed confessions have been done time and time again. There was no physical evidence of Mr. Beach being there, and no DNA has been performed,
400Carol HartHouston, TexasBecause he is innocent and the same thing that happened when Amanda Knox confessed happened to him. I know how frightening and manipulative these officers can be. Please let me know how I can help. As a person who believes we are all one, I cannot bear this.
399Jacky CampbellCalgary, AlbertaFirst, I was born and raised in Havre, Montana. I have watched the Dateline repeated shows which I believe clearly show the innocence of Barry Beach. I am quite ashamed of my home State for their inability to admit when they have been wrong. How embarrassing that Dateline can show the obvious and the Montana justice system is still so blind. Please give Barry Beach his COMPLETE freedom.
398Dot GrimmerCambridge, ontario, CanadaI feel the justice system is deliberately ignoring the original evidence and want to save face.
397Rick JahnzTucson, ArizonaThree things stand out in the Dateline report. 1. Detectives ability to elicit false confessions from a young people through lies and false promises to help is a common story. 2. Even the details of the confession were not accurate and did not match the details of the crime scene. 3. There is absolutely no evidence that Barry was there that night but finally evidence that others were.
396Judy LudtkeGrand Forks, NDAfter having watched all of the Datline shows regarding this case, I firmly believe in his innocence! Having worked for 35 yrs in the education field, I've seen numerous instances of this type of behavior amongst young ladies who have this "mob-like mentality" when it comes to dealing with another female they are jealous of. I'm certainly not basing my decision on that fact alone.
395Holly Charshacolora, mdi watchedI watched dateline and believe he is innocent Someone needs to confess
394Pamela YoungIrvine, KYNo evidence to convict him. Witnesses have come forward. I believe Ms. Atkins (drug addict) is now lying. I believe she admitted to those people of her and others involvement. I am in disbelief that he wasn't even granted a new trial. I think he was bullied into a confession and lied to in order to get that confession. Also in my gut I know this man is innocent. What an injustice!
393Mariellen RittsGreat Falls, MontanaHe was young and questioned without a lawyer and was scared so agreed to whatever they wanted him to say. Even though it wasn't true. He did time and should be set free especially with the witness' testimony including the cousin of the one killed. He maintained his innocence all these years and is still innocent. Set him free for God's sake.
392Liz ChavezHouston, Texasthe detectives took advantage of a confession from a young man desperate to be released from questioning after several hours. Unfortunately so many detectives are just trying to see who can be the easiest target to pin a crime to instead of looking at the facts and investigating properly.
391Jennifer Johnsonchandler, azIt is unjust and unacceptable for an innocent Montana man who has recently proven himself as a law-abiding, productive citizen to spend the rest of his life in prison.
390leian hahnArlington, tx
389Lea GottryGilbert, Arizona Barry should receive a new trial.
388Diana D'Almascottsdale, azreasonable doubtdirty cops
387James Gottry Gilbery, Arizona At a minimum, he needs a new trial.
386Jason CraigDelburne , AnHe's innocent
385Debra OwensFestus, MoHe was coheared into the confession by the Mustang, Montana PD. He did not kill her. Take a look back at the recordings of the interrogation. If there are not any recordings than his rights have been broken. The Officers could have put anything into the report, however they did not put in the fact that they said they would try to help him. Also so many witnesses came forward about the girls.
384Tami ThompsonBecause he's Innocent and they have no evidence that he is guilty none period!!
383Donya Hethmiles city, mt
382Brian BrucePrairie Village, KansasHe's innocent.
381Heather DreskeElm Grove, WIToday we know much more about the ability for innocent people to "confess" to murder. A confession without evidence to support such confession should be examined and given the assumption of fear, coercion and unfortunately with malice intent. A young man away from home is interrogated for two days and threatened with "execution" he said, "i would have done anything to get home..."
380Lori ChapmanWoodstock, GAFrom the evidence presented, I believe Barry was pressured by police to admit he was guilty when clearly a group of young women were the guilty ones. How does a justice system allow a man to leave prison for 18 months and then decide to send him back with no hard evidence??
379Jennifer BrewerHarrisburg, PA
378Linda LaPortaMabank, TXBecause, other than his confession, containing much misinformation, taken when he was 20 years old, there is no other evidence to associate him with the murder of Kim Nees, and a great deal of evidence pointing to a group of females that perpetrated the crime. The Montana justice system has failed to exonerate an innocent citizen, and only appears stubbornly determined to keep him in prison.
377francisco lopeztyler, txhe is innocent of murder, and now it is time for the State of Montana to free him to be a productive citizen in the community
376grant doxtatorrio rancho, New MexicoWith numerous people now coming forward with absolute no reason to make up a story and with an eye witness who heard the victim being killed Barry is not guilty. He was tricked in to confessing was under direst at the time. Where is the evidence showing he committed murder. There is MAJOR reasonable doubt in this case that can not be ignored.
375Kari TingleyRidgeland, MSFrom all the evidence that I have seen and heard, Mr. Beach is an innocent man. Justice needs to be served and the only way for that to be done is to free him. Also put the real killers in jail. There is no evidence that shows Mr. Beach did this murder. NONE!!! Please make this right.
374Sena PereiraCharlotte, N.C.The evidence and first hand story of the then 10 year old girl who saw and heard it the night of the murder.
373carmel rueckertfargo, ndHe is innocent
372Rachel AndersonSaint louis, MoBecause he is clearly innocent!! Besides a false confession do to fear, there is no evidence convicting Barry of this crime!
371J. YoungArvada, CoThere is absolutely no physical evidence of Barry's anywhere at the murder sight. Also, his confession was false and extracted under extreme duress. The witness' that have come forward recently should have held some weight in the courts decision, especially Eagleboy's. Barry did not do it!
370Chris HaleFayetteville, ARThere is absolutely no evidence to convict him other than a coerced confession from a very young man!
369Danielle LambertSaint Louis, MoHe is innocent! Too many witnesses that heard others confess. Also a guilty man would have ran when they had the chance. This man has lost enough of his life already - free him!
368Rhona WebbBillings, MTI've know about Barry for the last 25 years and was privileged to meet him face to face shortly after his release. In all the years of following his fate I've truly believe (and still firmly do) that he was a victim of reservation police cover-up (the chiefs own daughter is involved) and political motivation. It is so sad that a wonderful man filled with faith has been sacrificed at the alter.
367carolyn mcclanahanslubbock, texasHe is innocent and the real killers need to be caught. What about the police car that was there right after? How can anyone believe that confession. He was a kid and scared to death. Where is the justice for him?
366Marcia HeydtMissoula, MontanaThe facts of the case against Barry Beach as I read them, clearly indicate to me Barry Beach is innocent of the murder of Kim Nees.
365mary ann vilimsan antonio, txplease look at the new witnesses that step up in a small town and the 18 hours grilling and closer coming in that offered support to fix something that was not real for other crimes in the area. No one should be grilled for 18 hours without an atourney on so little evidence with so many others on the suspicion list. they offered him help that was infatuated and felt his confession was not real.
364Rich BrazziCanton, OhioI believe the evidence is overwhelming that Barry is innocent.
363Krystal RossBaltimore, MdI truly believe his "confession" was coerced by the sheriff. He was a scared kid at that time so I can see why he gave a false confession.n. I believe those women killed Ms Nice. The witness testimony proves that. Release this innocent man!!!!!
362jule faustoogden, utahHe is a honest man, who has been wrongly convicted of a crime that he did not commit. Its right to free an innocent man.
361Patricia LietzLyles, TNI watched his story on dateline and I firmly believe in his innocence!!
360Jill WabaunseeMissoula, MTI do not know Barry Beach personally, however, it seems unjust to leave this man in prison. There is no evidence that he committed this murder. As a tax payer and voter, I ask that you free Barry Beach.
359Angela Randall
358David JohnsonLongmont, COThe police forced a confession from Barry
357Henry HuneyBlue Grass, IowaI believe reasonable doubt exists that he committed this crime and his confession was not given freely.
356Christie WilsonWest Memphis, ARThe pivitol piece of evidence for me is the details of false information in the confession that match the transcribed conversations between the two police departments. It's obvious his confession was coherced. Barry proved himself while out of prison for 18 months. This is unjustice at its finest!
355William CarltonLongmont, COThe police forced Barry to confess
354Rick KelloggBrady, MtThere is reasonable doubt that he is guilty. Is a human life worth less than getting a conviction and saving face.
353Judith HuneyBlue Grass, Iowa
352Kevin ConnorsRed Lodge, MTIn our system of justice one is only convicted when the evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt. How much more doubt do we need?
351Brenda BerryRiverview, FloridaThere are many cases where Detectives have frighten young boys and or men into confessing. For instance the Central Park 5 who was convicted and sent to prison for something they didn't do in 1989. They were coerced into a confession. Most were interrogated without parents and or Counsel. The conviction was vacated in 2002 whe a career criminal Matias Reyes serving a sentence for another cri
350Wilma AlexanderBillings, MT
349Paul LabelleToronto, OntarioHE IS INNOCENT - Plain and simple, any fool can see that. Who's guilty? The police, the prosecutor, the higher court that over ruled the judge. Why is Barry still in jail, simply put - politics. As for the police. It takes a real man to admit he made a mistake. With police it never happen.
348Trivette FogleTaylorsville, utahHe is INNOCENT!!!! I can see it why can't the judicial system see that he is a wrongly convicted man? A guilty person would run knowing that he could have been returning back to prison, but he did not!! He was honest and even turned himself back in!!! THAT IS NOT A GUILTY. PERSON. RELEASE. HIM!!!! The judicial system has failed this man and it needs to be corrected.
347Fredrik SanamonCalgary, AlbertaIt's obvious that Barry deserves a new and fair trial. He does not deserve to be in jail and the evidence of his guilt is pitiful and non existent.
346Barbara EvansSan Diego, CAThere's more evidence that those Louisiana "lawmen" specialize in false confessions than there is any evidence of Barry's guilt. Even if there was evidence, he's clearly been rehabilitated, which is the goal of punishment /imprisonment. I don't know how those involved in his conviction and ongoing imprisonment sleep at night. It is an obvious outrage. Why should the taxpayers pay for him in
345Mary GebertCarmel, MaineThis is one of the grossest miscarriages of justice I have EVER seen and the whole U.S.A. is watching to see how Montana will show real justice and right this wrong. If this miscarriage of justice is not rectified, then Montana will be seen as an unfriendly, back water, corrupt state with a corrupt justice system that has failed all humanity. Instead of just the few so far, all your judges, prosec
344Nicole BrysonBillings, MtThey need to focus on the evidence and the evidence proves he was not there. We know people who know him and they strongly believe he is innocent.
343Susan McGrail Idaho Falls, IDThere is no real evidence say ing he did it and I do believe that he felt he no other way our except to confess, I also in my opinion feel that its all politics of why he went back to prison. Maybe we should have the politicians do lie detector test.
342Teresa WarrenLeague City, TexasNO physical evidence.... there's so many things about this murder that make no sense. Why so many fingerprints while none belong to him? That group of girls should be investigated to the hilt.. lie detector tests, finger/ palm prints. If it was a group of girls; one of them is bound to have a conscience .... Her family should also "Step Up"... and demand true justice for all. been too l
341Chris IversonIndian Trail, NCAfter watching the Dateline episode featuring Barry's story.. listening the entire story, listening to the state's case, seeing all the evidence, listening to all the testimonies of the witnesses that have come forward, listening to the character witnesses, and mostly listening to Barry himself.. I feel within my entire being that he is an innocent man and should be set free.
340susan johnsonaugusta, gaBecause the evidence supports his innocence and I believe the police basically forced his confession.
339Richard HiblNashua, Mt I am convinced of his innocence Barry was young and very afraid in La. I believe that unethical methods were used to gain a confession. I was born and lived in Poplar Mt until July 2007 I still own a grain farm near Poplar Mt. Barry is not a murderer. YOURS TRUELY Richard Hibl
338Dawna BeaseckerKodak, Tn
337David DornbushMarion, KansasAfter the evidence that witnesses gave to seek a new trial, and the investigation that has been done since, it is clear that Mr. Beach did not commit this crime. It is clear this is yet another case of detectives coercing a false confession because they were too lazy to do their job, or they know exactly who did it and they are protecting them. A new trial was all he requested. Grant it.
336Ranae Johnsontooele, utahFingerprints did not match
335Courtney ManganNiagara, WI
334Devin JacksonBigfork, MontanaBarry's confession was obviously coerced by police in Louisiana who were later found to have coerced untrue confessions from other individuals. There is no physical evidence connecting Barry Beach to the murder of Kim Nees. Two different women were overheard talking about the murder. A witness told judge Phillips of her own account of the murder overhearing women's voices.
333Kathy BakerHeber, Utah
332Michael ManganNiagara, WI
331Karyn AugareBrowning, MtI honestly believe Barry is not the one who murdered Kim
330Lawrence KnollPeyton, ColoradoAfter watching Dateline, I feel that the evidence is overwhelming that he didn't commit the murder so long ago.
329Anne SuelAurora, ColoradoKeeping my message short and simple : It is plainly evident Barry is innocent while the real murderers were just bullying a girl and then it went too far ... His so called "confession " does not sound right . Please do something fast : Give him back his freedom , a freedom he should not have lost ...
328Philip ManganNiagara, WI
327Luke FrederickDundee, ILThere is no substantial evidence pointing towards Barry Beach guilt. Nothing matched in the confession and he even confessed to two other crimes he couldn't possibly have committed. I believe the confession was coerced. He was starved and who knows what else to get that confession. 3 sets of foot prints none his.......where is the evidence.
326Aharon WintersGrover, COClearly, during the initial questioning, investigators scared him into saying he was guilty. New witnesses have come forward, and just because time passes, the truth is the truth. This is what is wrong with our judicial system, get passed the legalistic scrutiny and seek the simple truth, even if that means the legal system was wrong. Barry has been so faithful and briefly one of the best memb
325L'Rae SharplesSaint Helena, CA
324Saverio CeresteCommack, NY
323ANGELA AUSTINGlasgow, MTThis man has served enough time...his life has been taken away from him for FAR TOO LONG! Makes me ashamed to live in Montana!
322Allie Walking EagleSpringville, UTI was born in Poplar. I know some of the people involved and I could not listen to what eye witnesses shared and not feel in my heart that Barry is innocent! I know that 2 of the girls involved had family in the police force, both tribal and city. What does that tell you. And then throw in the ego of the Attorney General who would have to, heaven forbid, change his tune! Ssshh
321kimberly fry-kutchgarden city , miDateline NBC said it all - let him go FREE... The USA justice system needs to be FIRED!!!
320serena wardellcheyenne, wybecause of the testimony of the ten year old girl and the determination of Barry. also, there is now and was originally a reasonable doubt, now more than ever with the introduction of new evidence
319Gayle StephensonLawton, OKHow can you convict someone without hard evidence? You are innocent until proven guilty and the evidence does not prove that Barry was the killer. The "mean girls" are the ones that the evidence points toward and that is where the evidence points. What an injustice for this man who has nearly 30 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.
318Tracy LandesRichards, tx
317Sherry SmithConway, Arkansas
316Jan WildeSalt Lake City, UTHow many "confessions" have been proven false? Way too many for the State of Montana to hold firm to a conviction which is more than potentially incorrect. Is the state afraid of the truth? Give it back to the people. Grant another trial. Old evidence is not necessarily any more valid than newer evidence. Give this man the chance HE DESERVES! "Justice for the people, by the people."
315Emily PalmerWarrenton, VaThis so called confession, I believe was given after at least 24 hours with no sleep, and quite a bit of Strong trained investigators. Barry was only 20 , everyone knows that these type of confessions are usually proved co-hersed. No food, no sleep and obvious unrelenting pressure. The Judge who aired tonight was 100% dead on. How could the ruling get reversed? One word POLITICS.
314Allen CoxLawton, OKHow can you convict someone without hard evidence? You are innocent until proven guilty and the evidence does not prove that Barry was the killer. The "mean girls" are the ones that the evidence points toward and that is where the evidence points. What an injustice for this man who has nearly 30 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.
313Jana MooreCLEBURNE, TexasThe new judge heard the new witness. He made decision and released Barry. Barry prove his true character while out of prison. If the state is so sure of their verdict let a new jury decide. The constitution is not a piece of paper in which the government should bully with. Allow him to fight for his freedom. What are you afraid of?
312Darcy MoffetBillings, Mt
311Jan WildeSalt Lake City, UTHow many "confessions" have been proven false? Way too many for the State of Montana to hold firm to a conviction which is more than potentially incorrect. Is the state afraid of the truth? Give it back to the people. Grant another trial. Old evidence is not necessarily any more valid than newer evidence. Give this man the chance HE DESERVES! "Justice for the people, by the people."
310Jordan RayLakewood, COI believe the girls did it! The evidence is overwhelming, and it looks like Barry was coerced into signing a confession by the investigators. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened!
309Taylor BrysonBillings, MTI strongly believe in false confessions. They need to focus strictly on the evidence and witnesses.
308Geri McCreaPowell, WYBody language
307Rita ManiatakisJacksonville, FloridaEvidence shows he didn't do it. His confession should be thrown out!; He confessed (and details were not accurate within the confession) because he believed he would be exonerated back home in Poplar. For me, the fact that the bloody palm print wasn't his, and all the footprints around the truck make believable the eyewitness's account. Seems like the prosecution just wanted to jail someone
306jeanette jonesbristol, paAll you have to do is look at those 2 "women" who other people have heard confessions from and see what guilt has done to them over the years. Barry Bond proved he can be a viable person on the outside. I think police confessions after over 2 days of questioning are crazy. I have seen over and over again on tv where when questioned for hours and hours will say anything to make it stop. Free him!
305shawn howlandBillings, MontanaI watched the Dateline Special tonight and i DO NOT believe he killed that girl! He should be freed! I have been keeping up with this and iam so sad for this man!Please lets free him!!
304John WillsLakewood, ColoradoNo Hard evidence linking Barry beach to the crime. Credible witness testimony that suggests Barry Beach is innocent and that others were involved in the killing. Certainly enough to justify a new trial for Barry.
303Evie HjartarsonMissoula, UsaI just think he got caught in red tape.
302Belinda Valdiviario rancho, nmGive a fair trail before putting him in jail. Seeing that if he had a fair trail to begin with he would have not been sentenced. He should be released.
301karen McMahon el paso, txIt is ridiculous that this innocent man soend one more day in prison. At the very least, grant him a new trial.
300Elizabeth CaldwellRaeford, NCBecause he is innocent!
299Amy LoedingBillings, Mt
298Mary RayLakewood, COI believe the evidence presented to the court to the second judge was sufficient to exonerate him! The men who questioned a 20 year old Barry were over zealous, and had been involved in that type of behavior befores!
297Scott Nicholas