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Montanans for Justice is a group of Montanans from throughout the state who are concerned about this travesty in our justice system. We are deeply disturbed by the eminently demonstrable fact that we have an innocent man in prison, serving an extremely harsh sentence of 100 years without parole, for a crime he did not commit. We are current and former elected officials, professionals, business men and women, folks from all walks of life who, through various circumstances, have come to know about this case. After thorough and careful review, all of us have come to firmly believe Barry Beach is not guilty of this murder, leading to the inescapable conclusion that those responsible for the murder of Kim Nees have not been held accountable. Not only has Barry Beach been denied justice for his wrongful conviction, the Nees family has been denied the true justice they deserve. It is also an injustice for the community of Poplar and for Montanans everywhere.

To right this wrong, we're working with officials and Centurion Ministries, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exoneration of wrongly convicted citizens. We sincerely hope you'll join us in our efforts. For more on how you can help, click here.
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Bob Kolar


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