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Barry Beach will spend the remainder of his life incarcerated for a crime he did not commit without the help of all of us. This page discloses ways in which normal citizens may provide the kind of support that may help reach the end goal: Get Barry Beach out of prison and incarcerate the real murderers. This case needs to be brought before a new jury. The original jury did not have a fair opportunity to weigh the evidence. As a system of justice, we owe Barry Beach a fair trial in accordance with the Constitutional principles this country was founded upon. As Montanans, we need to ensure this matter is handled within our own boarders. We are a great state. We are a great people. Let us show the rest of the nation that we will not tolerate this injustice. Let our politicians find a solution to this travesty so that all of the open wounds may heal.

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Send an anonymous tip to Barry's Attorney Send an e-mail to the Governor, Attorney General, Board of Pardons and Parole

Use our pre-written letter or write your own.

help icons Write To Your Government Officials Click this link for a list of officials to write to. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Write Letters To The Editor Click this link for a list of major newspapers in Montana to write Letters To The Editor.




Donate to Barry's defense fund

Send donations to:

Montanans For Justice
c/o Valley Bank
ATTN: John Anthony
3030 N. Montana Avenue
Helena MT 59601


Click here to donate using a PayPal account or credit card. Any donation, no matter how large or small, can help and would be greatly appreciated. Even $10 can make a difference.

How You Can Help Roster

Please take the time to submit your information showing your support for Barry. Your information will not be visible to others on the website. Let's work together to end this injustice and get Barry out of prison. We will send you e-mails with updates and may call upon your support for future activities. Thank you for your support.

Montanans For Justice is happy to highlight the hard work of the

Montana Innocence Project

a nonprofit organization dedicated to exonerating innocent Montana
inmates and preventing future wrongful convictions.