Overview of the case

In 1979 in the small town of Poplar, Montana, someone brutally beat and killed 17-year-old Kim Nees. In doing so, they also destroyed the life of Barry Beach. Barry was convicted of the Nees murder, despite there being no physical evidence, motive or witness that tied him to the crime. A coerced confession extracted three and a half years after the murder by overzealous Louisiana lawmen and riddled with inconsistencies was the prosecution's only evidence. It landed Beach a 100-year sentence without parole.

This conviction is, in fact, such an injustice that a group of Montanans is seeking a new trial for Beach. Our hope? That new evidence seen in new light will exonerate this innocent man and free him from prison. We are not alone in our belief in Barry's innocence. Centurion Ministries, a leading nonprofit organization specializing in freeing victims of wrongful convictions, after an exhaustive seven-year investigation has accepted the case. Dateline NBC aired a two hour special about Beach's plight on April 4, 2008.