Letters To BOPP

Centurion Ministries and Montanans For Justice are seeking the help of Barry Beach supporters, concerned individuals and anyone who can help Barry return to his rightful freedom. This request is made as of August 2, 2013 and remains in force until August 30, 2013. Here is how you can help:

How You Can Help Barry Return to His Rightful Freedom

Write a letter addressed to the Montana Board of Pardons and Parole:

Montana Board of Pardons and Parole
1002 Hollenbeck Road
Deer Lodge, MT 59722
  1. Briefly explain who you are and why you are interested. We ask that you not write form letters.
  2. Ask the board to consider commutation of Barry’s sentence (commutation is a reduction of sentence, not a pardon)
  3. Express your thoughts on why Barry’s sentence should be commuted
  4. Express your thoughts on Barry’s suitability for life in the community
  5. Please send your letter by August 30th
IMPORTANT:  Mail your letter to Barry’s attorney (NOT the MT Board of Pardons and Parole):
Peter Camiel
In Re:  Barry Beach
710 Cherry Street
Seattle, WA  98104