Nov. 20, 2015 — Barry Beach released

Shortly after noon on Friday, November 20, 2015, Barry Beach left the grounds of Montana State Prison, accompanied by Centurion Ministries founder, Jim McCloskey, and attorney Peter Camiel.  Governor Steve Bullock’s Executive Order 19-2015 granting clemency to Barry.  To view the order online, visit and search for “Barry Beach”.  The sentence was commuted to time served, plus an additional 10 years which are suspended.  Barry will serve the 10 years suspended on probation.


  1. Mark and Donna Black says:

    Finally freedom! Congratulations Barry! We believe your innocents, and always have. Bad things happen to good people. The Lord is with you. May you succeed in all that you do. You have our support, always have and always will.

  2. Congrats to Barry and I’m very happy for his mother and friends

  3. Finally

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