Montanans for Justice: “Still Seeking Justice”

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On November 20th, 2015, Barry Beach was released from Montana State Prison by Governor Steve Bullock. However, he remains on probation for a period of 10 years with the Montana Department of Corrections. We still work towards a full exoneration based on forensic evidence.

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  1. 1. Show me 1 (one) piece of factual evidence that proves that Beach was at the murder scene that night Kim was killed.

    2. Where is Off. Greyhawk & why did he get away with breaking into the evidence shed nights after the murder? Where is the “wrench” that was marked “GREYHAWK”?

    3. Off. Calhoon & Rosco need to submit to a lie detector test about the coerced confession from Beach.

    4. Beach had 34 witnesses and the state had ZERO evidence, please explain that one.

    5. Beach has NEVER been found to be a threat to anyone.

    6. If the state claims that this is a perfect crime that Beach committed, show me that perfect evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

    7. Beach was 17 when this murder took place, a minor. While being charged as an adult, isn’t he supposed to be released at the age of 21?

    8. Why do Beach’s witnesses keep getting beat up for testifying?

    9. And Beach did have an alibi, but his sister was never heard. Why didn’t anyone from Popular see Beach that night out and about?

    10. What the hell happened to PEOPLE being INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY???

    Finally, let us just say that Beach was at the crime scene that night. Where is that proof?

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