Freedom… At last!

On the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 2011, Barry Beach came before the Honorable Judge E. Wayne Phillips in Lewistown, Montana for a bail hearing. As a District Court Judge in Fergus County, Judge Phillips heard the evidence that was offered on Barry Beach’s behalf several months prior. Having been convinced that the jury in the original trial, if they had heard this same testimony, would not have convicted Barry, Judge Phillips ordered a new trial. This bail hearing consisted of strong objections from the Attorney General’s office and testimony from individuals concerning Barry’s character and things that had been set in place in Billings that would help Barry to be a productive and law-abiding citizen. After several hours, Judge Phillips ordered that Barry be release on his own recognizance, with stipulations and conditions, to Billings where he lived with Ziggy and Stella Zeigler. A party began at the Yogo Inn in Lewistown that afternoon and evening. Numerous supporters, Barry’s legal team, Centurion ministries and Montanans For Justice, as well as numerous family members celebrated with Barry, freedom (overdue by 30 years).

Barry proved to be a very productive member of society. He held two jobs where he proved resourceful and hard working. Barry displayed honest character, and trustworthy traits. Barry was well received in Billings and his release was considered by most to be a huge success.