What does it mean to be a Montanan? Some may believe that we still ride horse-drawn buggies, have our mail delivered by the Pony Express, light our homes by candlelight since we lack electricity and even hang a man for stealing a horse. Well, even though the last may still reside on the law books, we do have modern technology (even cell service in many areas), modern law, and modern thinking. We believe that Montanans are self-sufficient. For the most part, we like things the way they are and are resistant to change. We enjoy our grand blue skies, open ranges, rugged mountains and freedom to be the way God intended us to be. We like Montana. That is why we are here despite months of sub-zero temperatures and snow that keeps our country fresh and citizens sparse. It takes a certain kind of person to love Montana. We can be strong in our opinions and soft-spoken with our words. We like to open doors for our ladies and help those less fortunate than ourselves. When we see an injustice, we become outraged and rise to the occasion. This is why Montanans For Justice exists.

Injustices come in many forms and from many sources. It isn’t all that often we see the injustice handed down by our elected officials and State government, but it does happen. We understand that these men and women are human and occasionally make mistakes. We also understand that the justice system in this State (or any other for that matter) is imperfect. Yet, as Montanans, when we learn of mistakes, we take ownership, make corrections and move on with our wonderful lifestyle.

In the case of Barry Beach, and injustice has been handed down by the State of Montana and we are here to speak for those who feel outraged as well as Barry Beach himself. We are Montanans. Some born and raised. Some transplants. Regardless, we call upon the State of Montana and our elected officials to make right this egregious injustice. Barry Beach does not stand alone; we stand right beside Barry seeking justice not only for himself, but for the Nees family as well.

As Montanans, we stand firm and tall. We are here for as long as it takes. That is what we mean by Montana Grassroots.