Our Members

Montanans For Justice is a group of individuals comprised of men and women of all walks of life. We neither hide our identities nor proclaim them. As a group, we speak as one voice with one purpose. Our individual personalities do not matter in the grand scheme of things and the task we have before us.

MFJ does have the following members:

• Business men and women

• Attorneys

• Former public officials

• Doctors

• Former inmates

As we said, we come from all walks of life. Some of us have nothing more in common than the issue of Barry Beach and we are okay with that. We have Republicans, Democrats and even Tea Party members. We have various educational backgrounds ranging from high school drop-outs to advanced degrees. We have a variety of religious backgrounds, not representing any particular faith or denomination. Some are involved in prison ministry, others have never seen the inside of a prison (not any desire to). Some have families, others do not.

What we are is a group of individuals who believe that Barry Beach is innocent of the murder of Kimberly Nees in 1979 and firmly believe that those responsible for her murder have not been held accountable, and that justice has not been done in this matter. We stand together, as one voice, to proclaim this message. Our identity IS Montanans For Justice because we believe that an injustice to one is an outrage to all.