Evidentiary Hearing

Stephie Eagleboy, (Tr. 113-152), testified that when she was 10 years old, she and her cousin were sitting up on the bluff and heard Kim screaming, “Don’t, please don’t!” She heard the voices of the other girls yelling, “Get her!” “Get the bitch!” She heard high pitch, angry screaming. “Something I will never forget.” Soon after she heard all of the screaming, she seen a police car with lights on, pull down to the scene. She did not go to authorities because she didn’t know who she could trust.

Two nurses aides that worked with Joann Jackson testified that Joann told both of them that she was involved in a murder in Poplar.

Michael McIntire, (Tr. 24-28), from Great Falls, Montana, testified that he lived next door to Sissy Atkinson and that on one particular evening he asked Sissy to be quiet as he had a small child who was trying to sleep and that Sissy threatened him

Janice White Eagle Johnson, (Tr. 73-76), testified that she worked with Maude and when the investigator, Richard Hepburn, stopped by to talk to Maude, she told Janice to tell him “I’m not here.” After Richard left Maude told Janice that “the girls had my truck down there.”

Judy Grayhawk, (Tr. 38-39), testified again that Maude told her that she kicked Kim in the head.