Tough Times

Tough Times for Barry Beach

As with many teenagers, life for Barry Beach wasn’t exactly easy. Alcohol, marijuana, police, girls, parents and step-parents, siblings and all the other normal teenager issues were present. Life was a whirlwind and growing up in Poplar, Montana on a Native American Reservation didn’t help matters much. Poplar is a very small town and as with most small towns, there are wonderful features and dark, troubling secrets. Adding to all of this was the separation of his parents and his father moving to Louisiana. Barry struggled with step-parents and siblings, but not unlike most kids do.

After Barry was arrested in Louisiana and things progressed (as described in The Interrogation), Barry was eventually returned to Montana and delivered to the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. Life was not easy for Barry in prison as a very young man. It never is. Barry had been taken away from those that love him and mean the most to him. He was stripped of his freedom and left to fend for himself, all the while knowing that he was doing time for something he didn’t do.