Louisiana Authorities

Monroe Louisiana Homicide Task Force

During the early 1980’s, there were at least three unsolved Homicides in the Monroe, Louisiana area. This led to the development of a Homicide Task Force to investigate and solve the cases. The task force was made up of the best detectives from three Law Enforcement Agencies in Monroe.

Jay Via: Led Interrogator from the Ouachita Parrish Sheriff Department.
Alfred Calhoun: Senior Homicide Detective and Interrogator for the Ouachita Parrish Sheriff Department. AKA… “The Closer”
Richard Medarias: He was the head Homicide Detective for the Monroe City Police Department.
Joe Cummings: Homicide Detective from the West Monroe City Police Department, and Monroe City Police.

It has now been discovered and proven that these detectives had a history of obtaining False Confessions to their homicide cases. They obtained at least three false confessions from other people to the murders in Monroe.

Based on information provided to them by Barry Beach’s step mother and father Bob, they began to investigate Barry on January 4, 1983. Three days later, after several days of short interrogations, they obtained a lengthy confession from Barry Beach to all four homicides. Though these confessions were supposedly recorded, the tapes have since been erased, (prior to Barry’s trial).

Also of interest is the fact that there exist no record at all of the alleged confessions to the three Louisiana Homicides. During the commission of two of the three homicides in Louisiana, Barry was not even in the State of Louisiana. All three homicides in Monroe were committed with the same weapon, and definitely connected.