Attorney General’s Office

Called in as Special Prosecutor in the Barry Beach Case

In 1983, Barry A. Beach was arrested in Monroe Louisiana based on a report to authorities from his Step-Mother. This lead to an established Louisiana Homicide Task Force who were currently investigating a serial killer in the Monroe Louisiana area to research Barry Beach.

When Barry Beach gave a false confession to these Louisiana Authorities, the Roosevelt County Attorney asked the Attorney General’s office to step in and handle the prosecution of the case. This opened the door for many political offenses to occur following that moment.

The selected Prosecutor out of the Attorney General’s Office was Marc Racicot, who later became the Attorney General, then Governor of Montana, and later the Chairman of the National Republican Committee under George W. Bush.

In reality, the Roosevelt County Attorney who had responsibility of the Kim Nees murder trial knew of the political results by seeking the assistance of Marc Racicot. It was the beginning of many years of political influence upon the life and legal efforts of Barry Beach.