Montana Board of Pardons & Parole

Judy Grayhawk, (Tr. 555-370), testified that her sister-in-law, Maude Grayhawk Kirn, told her that she “kicked Kim in the head”

Carl Fourstar, (Tr. 521-555), testified that he worked with Sissy Atkinson at A&S Industries in Poplar, MT and that Sissy told him “we got away with the perfect crime” (July 1985)

Richard Holen, (Tr. 316-355), testified that he saw Kim driving the pick up truck with several people inside the cab of the truck that night

Dun O’Connor, (Tr. 355-365), testified that Sissy Atkinson telephoned him at 5:15am. and told him that Kim had been murdered, however the body had not been found until after 7:00am.

Barbara (Beach) Salinda, Barry’s sister, (Tr. 626-627, 640-642), testified that she had told law enforcement at the time of the murder that she saw Barry sleeping in his bedroom, however she was not able to testify at the original hearing because she was a family member and would be discredited.

Marie Jansen, (Tr, 609-615), testified that she worked as a dispatcher in Wolf Point and that there was more than one phone call between Jay Via and Dean Mahlum. At least 8-10 calls between the two departments.

Maria Decker, (Tr. 597-607), Dana Kirn’s sister, (Dana Kirn was married to Maude Grayhawk), testified that her brother told her that while married to Maude, she told him about Kim’s jewelry, and also that Eddy Vandover was in the back end of the pick-up truck. Dana Kirn was killed by Maude’s then boyfriend, Tracy McGowan on a Saturday night, just two days before Dana Kirn was going to go to authorities and tell all.

Vonnie Brown, (Tr. 301-315), testified that she lived with Sissy Atkinson and Sissy confessed to her about her involvement in the murder. She told her that it was just a fight and someone grabbed a weapon.

J.D. Atkinson, (Tr. 274-300), Sissy admitted to her brother that she was involved in the murder

Bobbie Ryan, (Tr. 261-263), worked at the bar and had to kick those girls out right up until closing, around 1:oo or 2:00am. So the girls were not home and in bed by 11:oopm. as they said.