Model Prisoner

Behind The Walls

While serving time at the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, Barry Beach remained a model prisoner. Sure, Barry had tough times and life wasn’t great, but while serving time, Barry tried to make the most of it. Barry helped plant a prison garden, helped bring the Native American Sweat Lodge to the Religious Activities Center and recently helped remodel it, helped establish the MIA/POW group within the prison, served on a committee of 6 inmates who chartered the Vets group, worked with Legislators to bring about changes to the laws in the State, remained an advocate or the rights of all inmates and also remained active in the Christian Ultreya and Cursillo/Journey movement at the prison.

During his incarceration, due to overcrowding, Barry was transferred to other facilities including facilities out of State. Some of these include:

• Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge (MSP)

• Crossroads Correctional Facility in Shelby

• BRG Private Prison, Spur Texas

• Tennessee Prison

• Louisiana Pea Farm (min security prison)

• Louisiana jail in Monroe

• Minnesota – Appleton Prison