• These photographs show Barry at various points in his life, from childhood to the present. (Note: Persons photographed with Barry have been disguised to protect their identity until such time as they authorize use of their photograph.

    Photographs of Barry Beach:

  • Photograph of the crime scene showing Kim Nees truck and law enforcement of the opposite bank with the deceased body of Kim Nees floating in the river below.

    Crime Scene Photo:

  • Photograph of the bloody palm print left on the passenger side of Kim Nee's truck. This palm print neither matches Barry Beach or Kim Nees.

    Bloody Palm Print On Truck Photo:

  • Photographs of the crime scene, taken by law enforcement, showing footprints. None of these footprints match Barry Beach's feet.

    Footprint Photos:

  • Barry Beach, on the verge of tears, gives an emotional testimony to the Montana Board of Pardon and Parole, stating that he did not kill Kim Nees in 1979.

    Barry Beach Testifies In Front Of BOPP: